Blog Unbound: Lamia

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A Supernatural Tale. Liza awakes from a nightmare filled with snakes and familiar music, and soon learns the true meaning of its all … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook


The hapless woman lay in a dark place surrounded by snakes. Music that can only redescribed as hot, sexy, orgasmic played from everywhere. The snakes slithered all around her, occasionally biting. She felt a mix of emotions: fear, amazement, horniness, confusion, and even comfort. She tried to put some rational thought into her inexplicable situation, but before there were any conclusions, a large snake resembling a boa barreled toward her. It jumped into her mouth in her total amazement, flowing into her very being. All higher level thought became impossible, feeling, tasting the scaly thing invade through her mouth and down her throat. Soon, there was no Human thought at all. In the distance a rumbling and ringing suddenly began …

Liza slapped her phone alarm to silence like most mornings. She didn’t have a serious problem with mornings, but the university’s workload was draining at times. Sitting up, she halted herself for a moment. Her dream suddenly focused. What truly amazed her was how the apparent nightmare had no lingering fear. It wasn’t like she ever had any real fear of snakes. At the same time, she realized the new tone for her alarm was the same one of her dream, music she downloaded from her recently passed grandmother’s computer …

* * * *

Three days later …

Jennifer examined the bloodstained body in the morgue. It definitely had two puncture wounds on the neck resembling a snake bite, bit somewhat wide set, suggesting a mouth closer to that of a Human than actual snake. Then there was the fact that there were no known venomous snakes in the area. There wasn’t even a local Zoo! The local sheriff theorized that it was a possibly illegal exotic pet, which escaped or was abandoned. As good a guess as any for the less wizened mind. Jennifer was a Hunter, and the reported death caught her attention. She and her compatriots were masters at finding something different.

“Hey, Jack,” he said through her cell. “Got the pictures?”

Jack, a fellow Hunter, often worked with Jennifer. He was wrapping up his last case one state over. The degree Hunters worked together varied wildly.

“Yeah … Like you suggested, it looks like a Vampire. The thing is we both know they don’t like to be so wasteful …”

“And you know they avoid killing Humans nowadays,” Jack interjected. With the somewhat recent reappearance of their foremother, Lilith, Vampires were somewhat quickly becoming a very peaceful as a race. Jack was one of the best Vampire Hunters, but that recent pacification of the race put him into welcomed semi-retirement. There just really weren’t many vampiric beings anymore out to suck all Humans dry. That’s not to say there weren’t still murderous Vampires.

“Yeah, I’ll be amazed forever on that!

Jack began his observations. “As you also observed, the shape of the wounds aren’t quite right for the average Vampire, Jen. Much more circular, suggesting more tubular fangs. Vampire fangs are more ovoid, and the lower fangs usually leave and impression, too, even if they don’t penetrate. There’s no sign of lower fangs here, but pinpricks from other teeth are visible … Hmm … Actually, is there a toxicology report, Jennifer?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll ask around …”

* * * *

Three days before …

Walking into her apartment, Liza just felt odd. The whole day she felt strange. The dream kept flashing through her mind, while it seemed as if her nose was clogged, not able to smell much of anything. She simply felt different. All she wanted to do was listen to her grandmother’s music.

“Hey, you OK Liza?” her roommate asked on the couch.

“Must be coming down with something, Linda …” she answered shaking her head, standing before Linda. Liza switched on that special music on her phone, which quickly flowed through her. Tiny hairs stood under her clothes.

Looking at her roommate sprawled out on the couch, reading off her tablet, Liza felt another difference. The woman was rather tall and slim with healthily tanned skin and green eyes. She truly was a beautiful woman …

“You spacin’ out on me?” she teased, trying to read for a class.

“Wanna take a break?” Liza asked breathily.

She smirked with her full lips, and shrugged. Putting her tablet aside, Linda answered, “OK. What do ya have in mind?”

“I’d bet …” Liza began, not fully in control of herself, gliding on impulse. “I can seduce you.”

Linda looked at her roommate skeptically. “Right!” She was actually bored out of her mind, studying for the crappy mandatory course, so doing something stupid with her friend was a welcome respite. “So … what are the terms?”

“Well,” she said with an odd casualness, “if I seduce you, we fuck. If I don’t, I’ll take care of the dishes tonight.”

Linda swung her long legs to the floor, crossed them, and said. “Let’s do this, roomie!”

Liza felt incredibly giddy and excited. She placed her phone on the coffee table. Not being in control of herself was not quite the right description, feeling the music slither through her. She was fully aware of what she was doing. What was confusing was that she wanted to do this. The perplexing nature of it all faded quickly, and instinct took over, the music too over.

Liza sensually held her arms above her head, while distinctly slithering to the music. She began to move her whole body in a slow, sensual dance, inching toward the amazed Linda. She slowly pealed off her shirt and pants like she was shedding skin. Shoes and socks practically disappeared.

“Holy, shit, Liza, you’re really gettin’ into this!”

In only her black bra and panties, Liza slithered over to the amazed and slightly aroused woman, her flowing black hair and dark eyes mesmerizing Linda.

“You smell really good …” Linda breathed, feeling overwhelmed by the most enticing of scents.

Liza then seductively rose her leg and foot toward Linda’s open mouth, and inserted it. She hungrily sucked it off like a dick, before the clearly pleased Liza pulled it way. Liza pealed away her bra and panties, before straddling Linda’s lap. They made out hungrily, before Linda’s clothes were shed.

They lay on the couch naked with the hungry Liza above. Liza ground her wet crotch on Linda’s with a powerful sexy slither.

“You smell, feel so fucking gooooood …” Linda barely muttered.

Liza soon found herself licking Linda’s plump nick, before impulsively flicking her tongue at it. She flicked again and again, finding her sense of smell inexplicably stronger through her tongue. Smelling the tasty woman, Liza almost violently bit Linda’s willing neck. Liza moaned, while Linda yelped through her pleasure. The skin wasn’t broken, but a serious hickey was already forming. Her mouth and teeth would not, could not leave the hapless woman’s neck.

They both slithered into each other now, while Linda was merely imitating in the instinctual hope of increasing the pleasure. Bitting even harder, they both soon exploded in the best orgasm of their lives.

After bathing in the afterglow, Linda pulled herself out from her friend. Acting very confused, Linda finally said quietly, “I’m … gonna go take a shower …”

Liza feeling no confusion, watched Linda’s full ass leave the room, flicking her tongue toward it to smell more than she ever smelled before. The music had long ended. It was in that moment that all that growing strangeness Liza was feeling was starting to feel normal

* * * *

Four days later …

“You said five deaths in how many days?” Jack asked right after putting in his cheeseburger order in that diner. He was desperately trying not to scan the vary fit and attractive woman before him, as was often the case. Fit and healthy with high protein diets was a major part of the Hunter lifestyle. However, gray hairs often weren’t, and highlighted how legendary a Hunter Jack really was.

Three, more or less … and what looks like another this morning,” Jen stated somberly. Of the two Hunters she called on for aid on the unusual case, Jack was the available one. Though, the other was quite helpful remotely. “Our favorite Wraith, Jessica, suggested we are dealing with a Lamia. She said there’s a lot of unknowns with this species, as they don’t normally go on killing sprees. Those that survive their venom, if they survive being fed on, can become one. They can mate with each other and Humans. If the latter’s the case, the Lamia genes might be dormant for generations, activating for reasons Jessica didn’t know. That toxicology report with the snake venom from an unidentified species confirms at least one Lamia.”

“Humph! Never dealt with that vampiric monster,” he said with a hint of sarcasm, not learning too much more about the species than he already knew.

Vampiric is why I called you, Jack! Jessica didn’t have time to give me a full lecture, but knowing you were to be here, opted to save time. She’s dealing with a particularly sadistic Witch!”

“From what I know about them, Lamiae have vary similar behaviors to at least the old Vampire Brood paradigm. The difference is that their attitudes toward Humans may be hardcoded in their DNA. Vampires merely lacked positive guidance — even now, goddess-like Lilith isn’t really their leader, and the more powerful of them were unfortunately kinda nuts early on. Lamiae may not even have the ability to choose how they act toward Humans, however. They are the only species I could think of that challenges the now common belief that being a monster is a choice. All love to just fuck and eat, even though they can be highly intelligent and wise.”

“So you’re suggesting we are dealing with a Brood of Lamiae?”

“Maybe, maybe not,” he shrugged. “Lamiae can be vary independent minded, if I remember the lore. They are more comparable to cats, in terms of relationships. Cats can function in groups and live amongst Humans, especially if its a family of them, but their often aloof nature may prevent that. And, what healthy cat won’t go after that mouse?”

“Anything else?”

“A bit. They live for much longer than Humans —  probably stay youthful for even longer, but not long lived like Vampires. Once fully Lamia, which obviously varies depending on if they were born with the genes or if those genes were dormant, they can shift to their snakelike form at will. Kinda like a snake with arms and legs and a more or less humanoid head. To look Human again, they will shed like a snake, but they will shed every three months regardless, whatever skin they’re in. Over time, it’s harder for them to change back to Human skin. So, a middle aged Lamia may not even bother to force themselves to look Human anymore.”

“Why would they go on a killing spree, Jack? Sounds like unusual behavior.”

“It is, Jen. The lore is vague and contradictory on that. Regardless, we need to find this Lamia …”

* * * *

Two days before …

Liza woke up the next morning feeling more normal, yet it was the definitely the strange feeling from before. She could remember fucking her roommate like it just happened, as she remembered eating a raw steak with the blood to wash it down for dinner. It all just felt too right to worry. A moment after hopping off the bed, she caught her naked body in the tall door mirror. Her jaw dropped. Liza looked stronger, more athletic, feeling superhuman in strength, and at the same time, straighter. That’s not to say that her figure was a perfect hourglass before, but she was more banana now. It was different, but she loved it.

She then realized how different her mouth and tongue felt. She opened, and extended her now long, black, slimmer tongue, resisting the urge to flick. It was definitely forked, but easily held together at the tip for normal speech. Her tongue, she somehow knew, would not change anymore. She then noticed how her gums covered her teeth a bit more, before realizing her teeth were also a touch smaller, knowing that the smaller teeth allow for new ones to more easily develop continuously underneath. They were also sharper, but most were unlikely to notice, even in a deep kiss.

Looking closer, she then noticed that her incisors had lost width, leaving slight gaps between the teeth. She felt the gaps with her tongue, before seeing and feeling how here teeth there could pivot slightly. But why? She found herself sliding her sleek black tongue upwards from the teeth toward the roof of her mouth. To her surprise and implausible comfort, long tubular fangs were now recessed along the roof of her mouth. She just knew now that they were connected to large venom sacks lining the area above her soft pallet.

On apparent impulse, Liza flung down the new fangs, seeing the teeth pivot appropriately. Feeling and tasting her long fangs with her changed tongue, the euphoria of normality flowed through her.

“What the fuck isss happening to me!?” she subtly lisped. Something had to be horribly wrong. She was becoming an apparent snake-woman for reasons she didn’t know. And she fucked her roommate! She had to do something, call someone. But who?

“Hey, Liza, you up? I think we should talk about last night …” Linda called.

Liza found herself flicking her tongue through her long fangs. She could just smell her delicious roommate through the door. The euphoria returning, she pulled back her fangs, and answered clearly, “Be right out, Linda.” She threw on her kimono, and walked out.

Linda sat uncomfortably on the couch, lightly feeling the serious hickey on her neck. “Uh, hey …”

Liza smiled, and sat next to her.

“Last night was amazing and weird. I … I really don’t know what to make of it, Liza …”

Liza could tell her pheromones were stronger than last night, and now knew that this second dose was permanently changing Linda’s sexuality and demeanor toward Liza. “Hey, you can’t deny that was the best sex ever!”

“No …” Linda originally planned to say that was a one time thing, but now found herself wanting more!

Liza then began to make out with the willing Linda. While they both wanted to fuck, Liza wanted, needed to feed. Generic mammal blood could only bring her to this point, and Human blood would fuel her transformation to completion. There was no longer any way to question her changes. She kissed her way down to Linda’s plump neck.

“Fuck, Liza! I didn’t know a tongue could move like that …”

Liza flicked her tongue over the Human flesh, locating every flowing passageway of blood. This was partly above instinct, because not only did she need to fill her stomach with blood, but also did not want to kill Linda. Liza wanted Linda to be with her, to fuck and hunt with her. Liza was falling in love with Linda. They were to be mates.

“OOOO … that tongue tickles …”

Instinct now telling her exactly what to do, Liza flung down her tubular fangs, and plunged them into Linda’s neck, piercing but not eviscerating the jugular.

“Holy FUCK, LIZA!” she grunted at the brief moment of pain, before the venom dulled her nerves … Oh … Oh, Gah … Oh, yeah …”

Lamia venom pumped into Linda, as blood flowed into Liza. Even though the blood was the best thing she ever tasted, Liza was methodical in this bite, actively injecting more venom than she would normally. Felling the blood flow start to lesson, Liza pulled back.

Linda lay back on the couch drowsily, holding her wounded neck. She could feel Liza’s venom pumping through her, changing her, as Liza could feel Linda’s blood changing her. Linda’s body visibly morphed, becoming yet stronger, more athletic, more superhuman. Her sense of smell shifted completely to her forking, flicking tongue, as her teeth slightly shrank. Venom sacks and connected fangs began to from, before the fangs fell proudly.

Their transformation now synced, Linda now caught up to Liza. Their eyes became golden with ovoid black dots slits, while their skin began to form distinct shimmering scales from head to toes. While Liza was a more or less continuous gold color, Linda became darker with an elaborate camouflage pattern. They both felt utterly different yet completely normal. And then, the transformation was complete.

Breathlessly, Liza slithered up her quivering mate. They flicked their tongues toward one another, reintroducing themselves to the other. Their black tongues touched, mixing taste and scent in a sign of true intimacy. Sure, they could communicate as they did as Humans, but there was no need. They were lovers, mates, and there was no need to communicate that verbally. What was to happen next would not be like the average snake, neither truly snakes. Indeed, they were still warm blooded!

Linda opened her shimmering legs wide, indicating she was ready to mate, to receive Liza’s seed. Linda flexed her full hips to the sides, and placed her humid pussy on top of Linda’s. Their moist, scaly pussy lips formed a tight seal, while Liza ground forcibly. Liza began to finger a new organ not unlike her G-spot through her asshole, stimulating seed production and a very special pheromone that makes her lover ovulate. Linda could do the same, but Liza was in control from the very beginning.

The pleasure was mind destroying, while it deepened their love. They moaned and growled loudly like the animals they were. The pleasure grew and grew within the perfectly in sync mates. And then … they exploded in orgasm, Liza spewing her massive load into the ovulating Linda.

Liza protectively lay on top of Linda. Soon, they would go out to hunt and kill for food, for Linda already needs great sustenance from both the transformation and impregnation. But for now, they basked into the afterglow of the successful mating …

* * * *

Five days later

“So, two Lamiae …” Jennifer said quietly, unhappily.

Jack sighed. “Yeah, two Lamiae gone …” They surmised that students Liza and Linda were the monsters they hunted, if only because they disappeared just before killings suddenly started and stopped.

“I just don’t know what this all means. A rare and sudden Lamia killing spree. Two young women that showed no signs of being snake-like now long gone Lamia.”

“I think … Liza might’ve been one all along, whether or not she knew until recently.” He presented his tablet. “Liza’s recently passed grandmother appears to have no birthdate, and outlived her husband and children.”

“I can’t say it all helps much now, Jack …”

He shrugged. “Perhaps it does, Jen. Perhaps it suggests the killing spree is indeed over. Assuming Liza transformed and then transformed Linda into her mate, that could explain the sudden killings: substance for post-transformation and mating. That’s a lot of needed food for young Lamiae!”

“But … the fucking monsters got away! There will be no justice for the ones they killed.”

“Well, they do get away sometimes, Jennifer. Could you have lived with yourself if you killed a pregnant mother? Do you even think we could have survived such an encounter?”

She had no answer.

“What’s a monster these days anyway, Jen? I thought all Vampires were just killing machines for so long, but that reality became unbound and came crashing down … Don’t let this get under your skin that much, Jennifer. If they’re stupid, we’ll find them, like all true monsters.”

Before shaking hands and parting ways, Jennifer asked ponderously, “What does that say about us, Jack …?”


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