Blog Unbound: Multiverse Unbound

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Unbound Edition: eBook

Author’s Note: More than a Supernatural Tale. In the not too distant future, Allie, a Succubus-Vampire Hybrid, awakens from a dream that was no dream, and soon finds herself on a dark path largely beyond her control … Enjoy!

Multiverse Unbound


“Tension, great dread is inevitable at the and of everything,” an inhuman yet passion filled voice whispered in the distance …

“You knew this was gonna be a one way ticket, even for you, demigod.” Robert Sundry stated bluntly to the quiet Jack.

“Perhaps, Human, but there are always … possibilities,” Jack respond with equal bluntness. “Regardless, you know our time is over. All we can do now is insure a future for our successors,” he continued wisely. “We’re no angels, but we have the final Idea.”

“… This was to be the final stand of humanity. I had manipulated so much indirectly and directly to prepare them for the coming of the Parasites we never intended to create. This was to be an act of sacrifice that was to lead to an act of selflessness my race and I never truly saw coming …”

Sundry immediately rose the holographic image on his console on Jack’s touch, and activated the ancient city’s remarkable Defense Matrix. The center console instantly reflecting, Sundry saw an image of the shielded city to his left, with a list of defense commands in a swirling dead language his mind translated to the right. In the center, an apparent inventory of all that could threaten the city on Earth and across the Sol System was displayed. All artificial dangers were shown to be activating, while there were several possibly threatening asteroids. For such a complacent civilization by their end, even they once knew the indifferent universe could destroy them without even a first thought.

Moments later, the first bombardment commenced with powerful atomic weaponry. The whole city shook, but held firm. With several manipulations, Sundry was able to neutralize many of the strikes. Many still found their way past, putting more stress on the Matrix than its long dead designers ever anticipated. Their was no way for the Possessed to know why the Megacity reawakened, but they clearly assumed correctly the awakening would be a threat.

“… No matter how much I ensured the inevitability of this moment, I never predicted its vulnerability …”

While the city’s power faded from the blowing substations, Sundry’s console became harder and harder to manipulate. The light in the room violently flickered. “SHIELDS AT TEN PERCENT. MANUAL DEFENSE NEARLY INOPERABLE!” Sundry’s resolve hardened, knowing the weight and of the fate Multiverse rested on their actions.

“Hang in there, Sundry!” Jack called. “I now have access to the matrix of humanoid souls. I just need a few more moments!”

“… This was to be the future of the Edge Realm, a future that cascaded across the Multiverse. Homo aethereus was to be a positive force beyond the physical form my race could never be. A race whose subsequent choices brought my kind to our knees. Yet, already something was wrong …”

Sundry put every ounce of his being into what little was left of the manual defenses. The system soon crashed from lack of power and corrupted data, images garbled beyond recognition. “JESSICA!” he called out, hand out high.

The city shook violently, while the last of the power substations gave way. “No… This cannot be …” Jack said quietly toward Sundry in utter dread. “Thank you, Robert Sundry … the last Human … but we have failed … ”

Jack looked upward, hands and eyes open wide, and called to my race, “My Great One! … I can feel another influence! The Multiverse is becoming unbou …”

A final bombardment came with lasers, nuclear missiles, Energy corrupting missiles, and everything else. The combined vision of terror made the Multiverse tremble. I could not pull out Jack in time. The city was soon erased from the planet in a blindingly bright blast, but not from time …

“I, the Great Zalatoth, speak to you from the not too distant future, far enough past the discontinuity of those events to not yet be affected by it. The Aetherei, your successors, have made this possible, seeing the discontinuity before we could. The history of the Edge Realm is already written, and I cannot, must not touch it. We have little power over the past. Yet you, Hybrid, in your own distant realm, may have a chance to uncover that other influence …”

Allie suddenly shot up in my bed in a cold sweat. “What the fuck was that?” She breathed to herself. I dreamed, yes, but never like that. Great sexual hunger washed over her, and I looked over to the very Human Tess. Eyes affixed on her subtly pulling neck vein, She felt down Tess’ warm body. Tess quietly awoke with an inviting sight, Allie feeling past her perfectly shaped A-cup breasts. They made out hungrily, even before Allie groped her dripping pussy. Allie suddenly mounted her, nibbling and slobbering over her neck vein.

“OOOOH! What’s gotten into you? Been a while since you tasted my blood Allie … Oh, fuck, feast on me …”

Allie’s venom dripping fangs were not long like a pure Vampire, but they were more than sharp enough to break the skin. Allie thrust hard, almost forcing a delicious orgasm. She thrust harder and faster, starving more than she ever starved before. Almost the moment Tess wetly exploded in amazed orgasm, Allie plunged her small fangs into her lover’s neck. Allie’s orgasmic Venom flowed into Tess, as Allie drank and absorbed the bloody and orgasmic passion.

“Oh, Gods, oh fuck, Allie. You’ve never … FEELS SO FUCKIN’ GOOD!

Allie drank more than two pints of her lover’s passion-filled blood, before pulling herself away. For the first time, she subtly glowed from a feed. She lay back, breathless.
“Horny, fuck, Allie! You’ve never been so lascivious before. I love it, but fuck … No more blood for you for a month!”

Tess was right: Allie never acted like that. She was a Pleasure Vampire-Succubus Hybrid, but even though she technically still lived on sex, she was not normally as sex loving as the crossed nature would suggest. Indeed, she very rarely had Human blood, preferring just sex, while that was only the second time she ever tasted Tess’ blood.

She leaned over, and tasting for the third time, she licked and kissed the remaining blood on her lover’s neck. They kissed passionately.

“Didn’t take too much, did I, Tess? I don’t know what came over me either!”

“I should be fine. You know I dated a perma-starved Domoriosian back in college. Damn, you know I had to tell him to stop sometimes. That’s wasn’t his record for drinking.”

“All the same, Tess.”

They smooched lovingly.

Allie was as smart as she was lithe and beautiful. She was tall at five feet and eleven inches, had small breasts, athletic dancing figure, and size nine and a half feet. Yet, she never really came off as imposing. In some ways, she was more interested in exercising her mind than expanding her knowledge of sex and blood. She had finished her PhD in Molecular Biology earlier in the year, 2180, and started her new job at the Biological Services Department (ad-hoc Psionic Research Group) of the Federated Police as a Chief Researcher (it went from General, Chief, to Senior under the overseeing Captain). She had already worked with the Federated Police on and off.

It was all rather on-the-nose, she knew, but all she wanted to do was understand herself better. Like all the Hybrids, the population of which rapidly increasing, she was as much like her parents as she wasn’t. The first humanoid Incubus, Andrew, and his one Human love, Laura, Allie’s grandparents, were remarkably fruitful, having twenty-two children (seven Succubi and fifteen Incubi). The next two generations, which appear to be technically just about fifteen years, were not quite as prolific, but still more so than average for humanoid species. The Hybrid population was still growing rapidly. Allie, indeed, could and wanted to have many children with Tess. By the second generation, it was learned that Hybrids might as well be capable of mating with anything. As Incubi and male Hybrids in general have ridiculously high sperm counts, female Hybrids passively and slowly transform their lover male or female into perfectly compatible mates, usually through their Venom if one parent was a Vampire. That meant that Tess would soon produce sperm in her squirt sooner that later, having already ingested small amounts through wet kisses prior.

Like all Hybrids, Allie physically matured in her early teens. Her Incubus father and Vampire mother did their best to help her, but even second generation Hybrids were filled with unknowns and variability. Allie already had notable telepathy, but was not sure if that could be expanded, even is she wanted to. She could feed on sex and passion filled blood, but was not the sex fiends of even her parents. She did not even know she could glow after a good feed!

And now, here she was, basically starting a life of learning about Hybrids. To her surprise, she was assigned to the Task Force on making the Psionic Research Group a full fledged Department. It was practically functioning as such for the last decade, but going from “ad-hoc” to a “Branch” or “Department” was rare. The Federated Police, as an organization, was a bit flat by nature compared to its predecessor organizations, so adding more was difficult.

Allie was given a lot to do at the start, essentially having two assignments as both a Psionic Researcher and Task Force Member. She expected her fast mind would allow her to settle into her updated life with some ease. After the stress of a PhD program, she felt she could handle just about anything.

She sat at her new desk tentatively organizing notes on her paper-tablet for a meeting with representatives from the Titan Union and Demoniac Hegemony. The two organizations of powerful humanoids worked closely together since the War of the Harbingers in the early twenty-first century brought all humanoids together to fight with and against alien forces. Her long lived contacts had direct connections to that war.

All that was not really on Allie’s mind, though. She slowly moved her tongue around her sharp, small, non-retractable fangs. She could not stop thinking about fucking and feeding on her lover as she did earlier. Allie had never been so libidinous before, never having drank blood and passion at the same time. It was the best fuck and feed of her life! She could all but taste the blood on her fangs still; feel her body almost tingle from absorbing orgasm. Fuck, Allie wanted more …

A door chime broke Allie’s hungry chain on thought. Allie found herself in a surprise meeting with Biological Services Department Head, the only Department non-civilian, Captain Jack Lake. She knew him well enough, and while the gruff, middle-aged man was known to be hard to please, she handled herself well enough with him prior. The trick was simply to ask him for more details he would give without issue, something many could not figure out before being chewed out or worse by him. He intentionally structured his mind and facial expressions so no one could read him well. Allie often wondered why he was not a military general on the front lines of some epic battle off the shoulder of Orion, but there never seemed a right time to ask.

The immaculate man sat before Allie. “I hope your first day of your promotion is going well, Allie. I must apologize, but I am assigning you another task.”


This Captain always worked to push those under his command in ways that normally were difficult but worthwhile. So, Allie was not really surprised.

He explained, “We do not expect your involvement to last more than a day or two, and this should not have a significant affect on your timetable. The assignment, Allie, is to meet with two Cosmic Crimes Detectives in Toronto. They are investigating several murders that might be Hybrid related.”


“Yes. To be blunt, my experience tells me any species is capable of a darker path, no matter how new. We are not yet sure, Allie, if this indeed a Hybrid. They only really know it is not a Human, so they requested aid from Biological Services. You are our freshest expert on the subject, and I want you to aid on this case.”

“OK, Captain, when do I leave?”

“Right now, Allie, if you are able! Hybrid or no, you know this is of interest to the Department, and such data may prevent more murders. You may of course charge all necessary expenses to the Department.”

“Underwear?” she asked as more of a tease than expected.

“Of course!” he smiled. He seemed to like seeing the Succubus side of her, but tried not to show it fully.

On the private plane ride over, Allie was talking with her lover Tess.

“You’re OK, right, Tess? Never drank so much before!”

“I told you, baby, I’m fine! That was the best sex we ever had. I loved having your fangs inside me. I can still feel your Venom inside me. Never felt so close to you.”

“Yeah, you know what its doing to you. Another bite or two, some wet kisses, you’ll be making sperm just for me.”

“I’m happy about that. I love you more than anything, Allie.”

“I love you even more, Tess …”

Allie surprised Tess at the nameless hotel in Canada. This was the only thing Allie wanted anymore, as this was the only thing Tess wanted. This was it. There was no stoping their love making. Their clothes were already long gone by the time their quivering naked body fell onto the firm bed. They ground their dripping pussies together slowly passionately, eyes locked. Allie brandished her short yet sharp fangs, while dripping spit and Venom all over her lover’s face and into her mouth.

The two lovers kissed passionately, almost orgasmically from all the erotically charged Venom. Allie then turned her attention to Tess’ pulsing neck vein, and plunged her dripping fangs into it. Blood of her lover poured down Allie’s throat, but only for a few moments. Allie’s venom pumped so excitedly into Tess that the wound practically closed around the fangs. Tess came over and over again, as Allie orgasmically absorbed it all in her deep glow.

Allie pulled away and kissed down her heaving lover’s body, giving yet more Venom onto Tess, whose pores sucked it all in. She soon made out with Tess’ wet pussy, before hearing, seeing, and smelling the nearby vein. She suddenly pulled back, and then plunged her slick fangs into that plump vein. Like with the neck, blood did not flow into Allie for long before Allie only pumped venom in.

Tess began to orgasm one after the other, squirting more every time. The squirt grew thick and semen filled. Now on pure instinct — and covered with her lover’s healthy cum, Allie brought Tess into a wild scissor. Their thrusts were passionate and true, both tasting the transformed orgasmic juiced hungrily. And soon, Tess exploded in a yet more massive orgasm, spewing her now fertile cum into her ovulating Hybrid lover. Her pussy just sucked it all in, as she absorbed every ounce of Tess’ orgasmic energy …


Allie suddenly woke up in a breathless sweat, and slowly gained composure. She was still in the plane, and would be so for at least another twenty minutes. A hell of a dream, but it was all based on truth …

Allie soon met with the two Cosmic Detectives at the second Precinct building of the local police. The Unit was sometimes seen as a natural evolution of the so-called “Monster Hunters” prior to the Cosmic Revelation in the early twenty-second century. It was not unheard of for two such detectives to work together (or two Hunters prior), but Detectives of the Unit normally worked alone in an advisory capacity to local authorities. Indeed, asking for further aid the Federated Police database could not offer was unheard of.

The senior ranked Detective Captain John Barrows first greeted her. He was gruff, and just starting to gray. Allie did not need to read his mind to know he has seen some of the worst humanoids. According to the bio she glazed over earlier, he was an expert in mutagenic actors (radiation, Erotic Cosmic Energy), and skilled in Krav Maga and Jujutsu.

The much younger and bright eyed Detective Sergeant Jennifer Smith followed. Her bio stated she was a cultural anthropologist by education, and published papers on how the long deprecated Brood Life of non-Passion Vampires still affects their relations today before enlisting into the Federated Police. She was fit, well figured, and had blood that smelled as delicious as her feet were sexy. The last surprised Allie, who never really sized someone up quite like that before.

“Are you both sure this is a Hybrid?” Allie asked concerned.

Jennifer opened the file on the large table screen. The holographic image flew up to display images from the murders.

“As you can see,” Jennifer began, “Their are some marks suggestive of Vampire bites, but the bites seem messy, almost animalistic. There are no animals in the area that have a bite like that.”

“But, a Hybrid?” Allie again forwarded. “Perhaps this is just some little known Vampire species.”

“Perhaps,” John began. “However, that seems largely ruled out already, because we talked with many of the Vampires in the area. They want this person found before one of them turns into a scapegoat. Even the ones of the more private Vampire breeds know of no one that could be doing this.”

“There’s also this.” Jennifer swiped up on another floating file. It displayed an analysis of a chemical compound.

Allie looked at it confused. “I’ve never seen Vampire Venom quite like that before. My venom is very similar to my mother’s, a pure Vampire … It’s like it is inactive somehow. As far as I know, the only possible reason why the Venom would be inactive is if it was extracted from a dead subject.”

“Our thoughts exactly, Allie,” John stated grimly. “There’s also this …”

On the swipe, the image showed an analysis of spit, skin, and hair confirmed to not be the victim’s.

Necrotic!?” Allie realized.

John shook his head in equal amazement. “Worse, the different victims show foreign necrotic samples with different DNA. There is likely more than one murderer here. All that is why we forwarded the possibility of a previously unknown type of Hybrid. We all know that Vampires don’t show much in the way of vital signs unless feeding. So, it might be that somehow the assailants appear more dead when obviously alive … I have been forming another theory here. There are no real rules to hybridization, as the concept bends the definition of ‘species.’ What if this is something artificial, Allie?”

“I never really put much thought into the possibility,” Allie pondered. “I read an old article about the possibility of creating an artificial Vampire using a nano-tech retrovirus proposed by a Dr. Cornelia Reynolds in the early twenty-first century. The point of the article was to suggest grander uses of nano-tech, and how easy it could be to utilize. It seems to me not all that far removed from how one can transform into an Erotic Witch or Werewolf with the help of Erotic Cosmic Energies …” She sighed. “I am not sure how we could test for a retrovirus if it wasn’t already found. The virus itself is gone once the transformation is complete, not counting the Venom the subject later creates.”

“And we haven’t found any tell-tale traces of any retrovirus in the Venom, which suggests Hybrid Venom.”

It did fascinate Allie how her Venom lacked a Vampire retrovirus, while still holding everything else. Of course, her Venom did have properties that could make any lover compatible for mating.

The screen blinked, and a lab technician appeared. “We may have found a match for the DNA of one of the assailants  …”

“Go on …” Jennifer nudged.

“It makes somehow less sense than this whole thing … The DNA appears to match a Lucas Trio. He was a Vampire of Power.”

Was?” John nudged.

“Yes … he died a month ago in a space shuttle accident, 603 years old. His remains were recovered and subsequently cremated. His next of kin, his husband, reportedly was given those ashes …”

The three of them walked up to the front door of the widowed Trio’s small house. They were expecting just about anything, as not much about the case made much sense. According to the file, Lucas, the husband, was Human, and married the deceased ten years ago.

The tall, stocky man opened the door. “Yes?”

He flashed his badge. “Hello, I am Detective Captain Barrows, and these are my associates Detective Sergeant Smith, and Ms Neworth. May we come in?”

“I guess,” he answered awkwardly. “What’s this all about?”

They began to walk inside the rather shabby house.

“We would like to discuss your past husband, if possible, sir,” Smith stated.

The guests sat on the couch, and Lucas sat on the chair next to them.

“Err … did they find something new about the crash?” he asked uncomfortably.

“Not exactly. Did you see his remains prior?” Barrows asked.

“I … I did,” he shuffled. “I identified him …”

Allie sensed something was very off about Trio and his answers. Out of habbit, she did not actively read other’s minds, but that did not stop her from automatically sensing feelings from others.

“I can sense how it felt for you,” Allie began. “I’m so attached to my love now … it hurts to not even be with her.”

“Yes …” Trio breathed.

Allie felt something from him that gave her shivers, on the edge of peering into his mind to learn what was happening inside him. “You know, I see her every time I close my eyes. I dreamed of her on the way here. Do you still see him?”

His eyes became teary, but not truly out of sadness. A bizarre mix of sadness, anxiety, and even relief poured out of him. The two Detectives read much of it through his body language, and let Allie continue.

“Is he with you, in a way?”

“I … I’m not sure how to answer that …” He put his face into his hands. “Those little fangs … There’s no lying to you … I don’t understand what’s going on. I thought it was him. It was impossible, but he just showed up here. I later found that his ashes had been stolen. It was him, but he had changed. He wants to be here with me, but his new nature made him … ravenous …”

“Does your husband still come here?” Smith quickly asked.

“Not consistently. Every time he comes to see me, he’s less of what he was. He’s trying to protect me by staying way, but all that is left of what he was still wants to be with me.”

“Do you know where he is now?” Barrows asked.

“I’m not really sure. Never told me, but he left something here last time …” He walked to another room, and returned, object in hand. “I think he wants to be found, but not by me. Here …”

Barrows took the object. “It’s an old keycard for a defunct cruise liner.”

“Yeah, I figured. It’s not something he ever had before. I think it means he’s at least been to the old dry-dock company. I vaguely remember something about some museum ocean liner over there there for repair until the end of the summer.”

Smith did a quick search on her small paper tablet. “They presently do have a casino ship converted into a floating museum, according to the local news. It looks like that keycard might very well be one of the objects they’d exhibit.

“Thank you, Mr. Trio,” Barrows stated. “I know this must be hard for you.”

Tears flowed freely “I suspected he was connected to those murders …” He slowly sighed. “Do what you have to do. He isn’t what he once was …”

Clouds flowed freely in the brisk air of fall. There was a kind of grayness to the weather by the time they arrived at the city’s old dry-dock company.

“Is this what your world is like, Detectives?” Allie asked with more disquiet than she ever knew. “Dread …”

“More than usual, Allie,” Barrows said quietly, flatly.

“Don’t wonder off,” Smith said in a commanding tone.

Allie’s dread was enhanced by the suppressed fear of the Detectives. They were not lying. Somehow, this whole thing was starting to bother them more than any case for them both.

The whole facility looked still and dead from the outside, in spite of the quiet breeze from the water. An exoskeleton covered the administration building for an apparent renovation, unwittingly matching with the ships in their care. They still did sea faring vessels, but space faring vessels with water landing capabilities also were visible in their docks. Even without the dread, it was an odd sight of new and old. Nostalgia has always been a profitable thing.

They quietly walked up to the door of the administration building. It was slightly ajar, and they walked inside. Their online page stated they were closed for regular business by the time they arrived, but ship repair was on its own schedule. So, they did assume someone would be there, but no one did answer their call on the way.

“Don’t you guys have a scanner now to see if someone’s here?” Allie said quietly. All the lights were on in reception, but no one seemed home. Too blackened hallways flanked the main desk.

“We’re of a United States investigative service, Allie, we should count ourselves lucky the Canadian authorities only allow Cosmic Crimes and only Cosmic Crimes into their territory.” Barrows growled quietly.

Something horrifying crashed into Allie’s senses through the lingering dread. “Fuck your scanners, we’re surrounded!”

“WHAT!?” Barrows called.

The door behind them suddenly slammed closed. Barrows and Smith quickly unholstered their pulsearms. “We are Cosmic Crimes Detectives of the Federated Police here under the authority of the Toronto Police Service,” Barrows called into the black hallways.

“I am here under the authority of the Nameless Masters, who have called upon me to be their vessel of total Chaos …” A dark voice pierced through the void, and almost making the three collapse in unexplained horror and pain. Allie quickly noticed blood trickling from her nostril.

People started to willfully appear into the room from the apparent void behind reception. The Detectives quickly wielded their pulsearms.

“Guns blazing, Smith!” Barrows called.

Allie instantly sensed that was something he said, even when alone, when he wasn’t sure if he would see the next day.

“Stay close to me, Allie!” Smith ordered.

They quickly moved to one side of the room, before noticing the resurrected Trio amongst the army apparent chaos.

Smith and Barrows suddenly started firing. Whole parts of body were blown off, but it barely slowed them down.

The horde reached them a moment later. Barrows gallantly fought off several, clearly stronger. Smith was no slouch either, incapacitating others. Allie began to fight as well, but in spite of being far stronger than any Human, she lacked any serious combat training. Regardless, they just kept coming, and even the incapacitated kept moving onto them.

Fangs suddenly plunged into Allie’s neck, searing pain flowing through her. Smith shot and threw off the attacker, before they witnessed at least eight of the mindless begin to overwhelm Barrows. Fangs and claws beginning to tear at his flesh. “TAKE COVER!” he screamed, with a visible tear.

They saw him set his pistol to overload, and barely made their way to the corner before a loud blast sounded. Blood, guts, body part went flying. It wasn’t enough. Smith and Allie were soon overwhelmed, and the pistol now lacked the energy for an overload. Before the mindless things covered all light around them, Allie caught sight of something different at the now open door. It was a man of swirling chaos …

* * * *

Nothingness surrounded Allie. She could not comprehend how long she had been there, nor much of anything.

“I am sorry, Allie. I failed to predict …” a sorrowful voice of passion said quietly through the darkness. “Jonas Triegg, Avatar of Chaos, will resurrect you like the rest. You will be different, but there should be enough of yourself for long enough to still continue this fight.”

“What can I do …” Allie barely uttered, feeling a flicker of consciousness emerge.

“I am not sure … Allie, know this: you are a Hybrid. You are a being your world created in spite of us. You are a true product of evolution … Accept all that you are to become more than what you are … Break the chains that bind you to him!”

“Awaken, Allie,” a dark voice suddenly echoed.

Allie slowly opened her eyes. A man whose very stillness could bring others to their knees stood before her. A thirst she never knew existed permeated her very being. Triegg handed her a jar of warm blood, which she drank down like an addict. For a brief moment, she wanted to scream for more, but broke through the feeling by throwing the glass at him.

“Amazing!” Triegg complimented, catching the glass and placing on her table. “You Hybrids are so remarkable that I almost feel sorry for what I must do for our Nameless Masters.”

“You are Jonas Triegg?” Allie croaked. She felt infinitely different.

He smirked subtly. “Speaking with the Great Zalatoth, have we? He does like Hybrids, too. I’m sure even he already admitted to failing to predict your demise.

“What is it you want Triegg!?”

“When nothing else matters, then you will understand … I have used Chaos itself to weave together stories that should never be, and made them real. Well, real for us in this reality … Rise, my reborn Hybrid.”

Allie did so slowly, cautiously. She was amazed at how there was not a mark on her.

“I recovered your body before it was beyond repair. It’s a faster, less unpleasant resurrection that way. We can remake from one’s very ashes, but that is a … tricky process. Not that it matters much in the long run.”

Allie was not sure if her lack of thought was of confusion or the connection to Triegg she now felt overwhelmingly

“Come, Allie, you have people to eat, and a Multiverse to destroy.”

“Where is Smith and Barrows!” Allie forced, feeling everything within her want to follow his commands.

Triegg turned surprised. “They will be resurrected in time. Their bodies were quite banged up. Barrows turned himself into quite the puzzle!”

Allie saw the three dimensional tugboat logo of the dry-dock company. She could not have been far from where she … died. Allie so desperately wanted to cry, feeling and knowing she might never see Tess again. Why could she not cry?

“Tears are a waste of good suffering, my dear! Now, come with me.”

“No …”

“Hanging on to the thread of your old existence destroyed Trio and the one he loved. I literally just put him back together.”

Allie breathed deeply and closed her eyes. Was she still “Allie”? …

Yes, for the moment. It really did not matter if she thirsted for the flesh of passion or blood. Zalatoth was right, she was so much more, deep down.

“Fascinating,” Triegg mused.

Smashing through a nature implanted within her, Allie quickly grabbed the glass and hit Triegg at the side of the head. He fell over unconscious. She quickly found her way out, the resurrected legion passive from Triegg’s temporary unconsciousness …

Deus Ex Machina

Allie was not sure where to go or what to do. Triegg and his army of shadows would find her soon enough, if they did not cause more chaos first. Her new thirst was still there, as her throat felt of sandpaper. She could see the blood pulsing through people’s veins when she passed them on the street. It was late, and people seemed to not notice how disheveled she really was. The worst of is was the silence. No matter how much she opted not to listen to anyone’s thoughts without permission, the sound of it was always there. It was a part of who she was. The loss of it was almost as painful as the possibility if never seeing Tess again.

“Deus Ex Machina,” a serious voice called from behind.

She quickly turned in surprise, not used to not sensing those around her.

“Why dance around what this is, Allie?”

“Who are you?” she croaked through her sandy throat. It took almost too much effort to not jump on him to feast on his supple flesh.

“I am Dr. Samuel Jacks; I am a theoretical physicist; and I am also a follower of the Great Ulia’athos of Technology and the Digital Domain. The Great Zalatoth is not the only Cosmic God of Passion with manipulative sway anymore. My God thinks I can help you. I don’t know how yet, except maybe get you something before you eat me …”

Allie sucked a blood bag dry in moments, feeling marginally less starved.

“Better?” he asked kindly. They sat in the scientist’s living room. “That bag was the strangest favor I ever had to ask!”

“Does resurrection always feel like this? I don’t really fell alive anymore … All I want to do is cry …”

“I don’t know, Allie, I’m sorry. Myself, the Gods would rather not to fight against the Gods of Chaos, but you know of the uneven balance of all things.”

“What is Triegg? I never sensed anything like him before.”

“He is the Avatar of Chaos. All gods have their avatars, mystical or no, Avatar Succubus or no. From what I gathered from the Great Ulia’athos is that Jonas Triegg and a few Gods of Chaos fled the Edge Realm once the majority of those Gods were subdued by the Passion Pantheon decades ago, our perspective. Triegg oversaw the beginnings of a cosmic cataclysm there induced by the Chaotic Ones, whose power likely stems from the matter repelling force known as Dark Energy. To save the Multiverse from the cascading destruction, the Gods of Passion decided to empower the once lesser Ulia’athos, for that is the God of pure science. All the Cosmic Gods, of Chaos, Passion, or otherwise are essentially of science, but the now Great Ulia’athos was the only one with the scientific wit to outmaneuver beings of chaos …

“It would seem that Triegg’s Nameless Masters enabled him to transcend time itself. There is evidence to suggest that he was in this Realm on Earth as far back as 2017. Still, Triegg cannot touch or manipulate the history of another realm in any conventional sense, but it is clear that he is still working to end the Multiverse.”

“He said that he ‘wove’ stories into our reality. What does that mean? What’s the point of trying to change the future when we can’t really change it?”

Samuel pondered for a moment. “It is not really impossible to change the past. Small things, an extra pebble, a missing leaf is unlikely to make substantial changes. Yet, a major reason for the Multiverse is free will. It would be infinite if that was the only reason. Regardless, the Great Ulia’athos stated that things are different here. Every universe certainly has its uniqueness, but this reality has almost too much uniqueness.”

“What is … different?”

“Well, that is hard to say, but it seems we have a preponderance of superhuman beings like the Titans, Demoniacs, and even straight up Demons! I have always rationalized the last — Heaven, Hell — as simply places for our consciousness after the end of physical experience. Still, it would seem that might be unique to us.”

“Fire with fire, doctor? Maybe we can stop Triegg here with the things that now make this Realm different … I need to make a communication. I’m sure they correctly think I’m dead, but Cosmic Crimes at least has likely heard stranger things …”

Dark Energy

Allie’s superiors were glad she was alive, but saddened and apologetic about the rest. She found herself rather numb to their sentiments, as she was finding herself more and more numb to everything. She indirectly contacted Tess, not knowing how to face her now. Yet, Allie found herself growing numb to that, too. The only thing that mattered anymore was stopping Triegg and his Nameless Masters …

After chugging five pints of blood, the barely stabilized Allie met with new allies she hoped would not die this time. They were people she or others had communicated with prior, as part of her task of reforming her Task Force into a full Department.

There was alien-human Hybrid Tirana Jackson, the powerful daughter of the long lived Elizabeth Jackson. Elizabeth broke the chains of would-be alien invaders, and helped to win the war against the so-called Harbingers. The alien ancestry granted her super-fast cognition, incredible physical strength in a compact form, and nearly unbreakable rubber-like skin. Brianna was a spitting image of her mother: shimmering skin, tall, athletic, and eyes like blue ice.

There was the technically young Titan Jennifer Winthrop, who did not look a day older than thirty-five. She was born in 1985, and could live another century before seeing more than the one gray hair. Like all Titans, she had a profound yet specific power, next to being imposing: empathetic charisma. Jennifer was often compared to the billionaire superheroes in old comic books, thanks to her essentially being a billionaire superhero. She indeed had her share of others trying to best her, corporate or otherwise. Yet, she survived, even if she was not always happy about how those battles needed to end. Her still existing scientific research company, Future Dynamic, was integral to beating the Harbingers and to many present day technologies.

There was the powerful Demoniac Brianna, who helped to unite the Titans and Demoniacs to fight the Harbingers by selflessly becoming a Demoniac. Brianna was the beautiful daughter of fabled Titan Glooskap, who was more of an antihero than some legends of him suggested. Like all Demoniacs, Brianna could hypnotically induce a facade to mask her otherwise striking appearance. Her “Human” form was of a raven haired, athletic woman, and that was how she looked before as a Titan. Yet, she had no reason to hide her true self right then. Her “true” appearance had dark and catlike eyes, skin of a chaotic alien ocean of shimmering red and pink, a hight of well over six feet tall, a voluptuously athletic figure, a thick tail, pointed ears, silken horns, hypnotically shiny black hair. She indeed looked like some kind of Demon of Lust.

Yet, the title of true demonic lust was once held by last, Rachel Locke. She was once the Demon Master Asmodeus of Lust, who sought to find the humanity she lost eons ago. She technically failed in the early twenty-first century, but her selfless and selfish act of self-resurrection enabled her to shed her demonism, becoming something still unique. With now burning gold eyes, she retained her vast psionic powers and inhuman strength. She became an odd cross of a sex hungry, non-demonic Succubus and Titan. She laid low for a century before Jennifer came across her in a struggle against an alien crime lord. The two worked together regularly now, and were on and off lovers.

And here they all were, representing the apparent uniqueness of their Realm. They were a quickly assembled team that all but came from nowhere, but they all knew how to fight monsters in their own way, including Allie now.

As if time was repeating itself, the door to the dry-dock company was silently ajar.

“Are you sure walking into Triegg’s trap again is a good idea, Allie?” Tirana stated quietly. “Our chances of survival are better, based on your first encounter, but we cannot be sure what will happen a second time.

“She may be right, Allie,” Brianna stated. “We are not quite an army.”

“I don’t think it will matter how we attack,” Rachel stated. “There is no fooling those that truly do not care.”

They cautiously walked forward, large pulse rifles in hands. Behind the ajar door, was an eerily clean reception area. It was as if nothing had happened there three days ago. Indeed, the owner of the company, who was vacationing in Hong Kong, was shocked to learn what was happening.

They moved forward, past the right hand doorway. The hallway was darkened like before, but they encountered nothing. Allie retraced her steps from her earlier escape, and they eventually found the entrance to the basement area.

And there they were: the pulsing horde of the mindless resurrected apparently just waiting for them. Allie started shooting without a second thought, only feeling fury for what had happened to her. The other’s followed suit, the zombies launching themselves at them.

The battle was not a loosing one this time. The pseudo-avengers Allie hastily assembled handled the situation, albeit with clear difficulty. Weapons were quickly useless against beings that were now barely alive in the traditional sense. Hand-to-hand combat was often the only option for the all but endless swaths of the resurrected. Allie found herself having far less trouble than before, and that was because she could not feel much at all in her resurrected state anymore. Cutting her way to Triegg was all she cared about now.

And there he was, standing at the far and with subtly open arms.

“Allie, wait!” Rachel screamed. “I sense this is exactly what he wants!”

Allie barely even acknowledged the former Demon. In her mounting furry — more than should have been rational, Allie sprinted to still man, as she let loose a horrid primal scream. She switched the rifle to a charged shot, and the moment the view was clear, she fired at him. Triegg fell over with a hole right through his gut.

“Congratulations, Allie, you were finally the one …” Triegg sputtered.

“What are you talking about, Triegg?”

“Did you not wonder why I was building a legion of resurrected monsters? It was an experiment, a test bed, you see! I have been dead for a long time, in a way. My former self was spiritually ripped apart even before meeting my Nameless Masters. They brought me back. Yes, I pulled myself back together in their prison Realm, but meeting them, even as a soul, was death. I am held together, Allie, by a dark Tentacle of Chaos, which is all but indestructible. When I came to this Realm it all became clear to me what had to be done. Chaos does not have a single plan, my dear. Even the readers beyond must have understood that by now! Any suture, any band-aid can be ripped away with the skin of the Multiverse along with it. The one thing left I can do for my Nameless Masters, the final thing I finally know I was reconstructed to do … I had thought Trio would finally be the one to end me, but I always suspected only a Hybrid could finally break my chain. And with my last breath, which you ensured, that Tentacle of Chaos — the very Dark Energy that seeks to push all matter outward when uncontrolled — shall be the final seed of total destruction …” Tregg’s army fell to the ground in a single instant. “And thus, there shall be nothing …”

They could just barely perceive the tentacle unwrap itself from the now truly dying Triegg. It manifested as a kind of shadowed distortion. All around it seemed to just disintegrate at a slowly accelerating rate.

“Run!” Brianna screamed.

They all rushed to the outside before the building collapsed. Yet, of course, the push of Dark Energy is tireless, and with there being just that much more freed onto the universe, a slow but steady acceleration of destruction no seemed inevitable.

As they made their escape at full speed in their vehicle, they were on a frantic call with the local authorities to have the city and perhaps world evacuated. Allie felt more distant than before, and it was more than the fact the she was one of the resurrected. She had unwittingly caused the end of everything. It was not just manipulation. After breaking her connection, she ultimately wanted to kill Triegg out of vengeance for destroying her and who knows how many others. Where were the tears of sorrow for her cataclysmic tactical errors?

Small tremors and inexplicable noises soon became audible from the accelerating destruction. Through the near empty numbness, something clicked in her mind.

“Allie? What’s happening?” Dr. Jacks asked concerned through Allies communicator.

“I was wrong, Jacks! Triegg wanted to die. The army of the resurrected was an overly elaborate means of finding the one to kill him.”

“My Gods, Allie, what have you done!?”

“On his death he released just that much more Dark Energy into this universe. The destruction is accelerating, and it seems more than likely the heat death of this universe will spread to all others.”

“I suppose it would …” Jacks breathed. “Great Ulia’athos might have a solution to an excess of Dark Energy, but I don’t know if there is time to save the planet …”

“That is not quite what I have in mind. Triegg physically traveled through time and space.”

“A more than difficult task, and physical travel to the past is impossible with our present state of technology. But … Consciousness does not have to be bound to physical reality. The Liber Lubidinum does discuss time travel in that way.”

“That is what I am proposing, doctor.” Allie stated sternly.

“You might not change anything for us now, Allie. You could find yourself in a time loop, create a whole new reality, or simply find fate too strong a factor.”

“I have to try. I have ensured the destruction of this universe and perhaps the whole of the Multiverse. I can’t leave that legacy on my dying soul.”

“Come to me. I’ll make preparations as quickly as I can, and pray to the Gods there is still time for even this …”

They made it to Dr. Jacks’, who quickly ushered them inside. Shuttles were already flying people out of the city and already planet. The ground shook randomly, and what they could only describe as the death-cry of their universe slowly grew louder.

“I calculate this city will be completely destroyed in no more than ten minutes, the Earth in thirty, and then … it will no longer matter for us,” Tirana stated almost coldly.

“There’s the fabled chill of the Queens I was waiting for!” Rachel said almost darkly.

Jack’s began, “There seems to be no time left for any precision, Allie. I would prefer to send multiple people back; I only have time for the one. I’m not even sure if you will be sent back.”

“What must I do?” Allie said desperately. Objects audibly shattered in the other room from the growing quakes.

“Lay on the couch and close your eyes. I will attempt to propel your consciousness toward the early twenty-first century, hopefully around the time Triegg first arrived on this world. Your consciousness should follow your bloodline backwards.”

Tall buildings visibly began to collapse and dissolve in succession.

“Eight minutes,” Tirana stated uncomfortably teary eyed.

“Do it now!” Brianna screamed deeply.

“Pay close attention to my voice, Allie,” Jacks stated unsteadily. He took his paper tablet, and read the digitized pages from the Book out loud. The scientist steadied himself enough to smooth the intentionally hypnotic words. Arousal flew through them all, as such incantations always did.

Allie began to hear the growing chaos less and less, seeing familiar darkness more. At the same time her growing arousal brought her closer and closer to cosmic orgasm. She soon saw a light at the far and of the darkness, and the closer she willed herself toward it, the greater the pleasures became around her. The peak of ultimate pleasure lay beyond that brightness. It was more than that, though; it was life. She had not felt truly alive since Triegg resurrected her. Most of what she felt was memory, and what lay beyond was real. An echo of a familiar voice behind furthered her growing desire to fly through that light of everything she lost.

She reached out in desperation, fearing she would not make it, and fail to achieve a near impossible redemption. And then, contact. Pleasure flowed through her more than she thought possible. Her entire body writhed in pleasure beyond pleasure, feeding her in profoundly different ways than she knew as a Succubus-Vampire Hybrid. In a final super-orgasm, she felt the pleasure of breathing …

To be concluded …


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