Blog Unbound: Dirty Minds

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is set in the Escorts (Contemporary Drama) Mythos. It follows Kylie, who found herself growing closer to her mother after they both learned they were bisexual. The admission on Kylie’s part was based on an incestuous love triangle built by her cousin where she individually had sex with her parents. Kylie did not want any lies between her and her parents, while the chain of though was to become more profound … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

Dirty Minds

Kylie had just come out as bisexual to her family, as part of her twentieth birthday. To her surprise, her mother, Laura, admitted she was, too. Even though they looked very much alike, about five feet and eight inches, blonde hair, and blue eyes, the two were never all that close. Now, that was suddenly changing. They had something to share all along, and now were growing close for the first time in their lives.

What prompted the admission wasn’t just the new decade mark in her Kylie’s life. Jackie, Kylie’s cousin of the same age, secretly had sex with her own mother, and to make matters more bizarre, Jackie also secretly had sex with her own father. The revelation, which her mother only just heard about from her sister, is the truth behind her aunt and uncle’s divorce this year even the divorce lawyer didn’t know. Jackie was in college and well past the age of consent, so there was no real issue of custody. However, it was still not clear where Jackie fit into whatever was left of that family unit now.

The chain of thought for Kylie was out of only her parents didn’t know she had a secret. If Jackie had not secretly had sex with her parents, then the family might not have fallen apart. Beyond the question of incest, the point was that Jackie kept serious secrets about her sexuality and interests in the worst possible ways. Kylie didn’t want to suddenly walk in the door with girlfriend, as Jackie apparently walked into the room with her naked mother to greet her father in a ill-conceived attempt to reveal the truth to everyone. So, Kylie pushed herself to tell everyone about her bisexuality before there were any surprises.

While her father was at work, Kylie was sitting on the couch with her mother. They were just talking; no boundaries existed between them any more.

“Mom, I’ve been avoiding it, but what do you think about what’s going on with your sister?”

“I don’t know, Kay,” she sighed, now regularly using the nickname her daughter’s friends use. “I’m open to crazy shit, but incest? … I have to admit my sister was always more open than me on alternative sexualities. If your father wanted me to fuck him up the ass with a strap-on, I’d buy the lube and dildo myself! I’ve given your father footjobs; we fucked while watching lesbian porn. Fuck, if we lived in Nevada, their unbound escort laws would open up more possibilities! What happened between you niece and them was more than a few steps beyond any of that, Kay. Jackie secretly convincing her parents to have an affair with her. Based on what my sister told me, she was OK with bringing their father into the bad, but she didn’t know her daughter was already fucking her father. I don’t know. It’s just so wild. What do you think about it?”

“I’m not sure if I’m against incest for pleasure, mom, but the secrets were the problem. Jackie really fucked with her parents in more ways than one! I always thought Jackie was bit … off. I mean, you can be great friends with her, but you never know what she’s really thinking. I guess we have a better idea now …”

“Yeah, Kay, I think I feel the same. The secrets were the problem. Honestly, what two consenting adults do for fun, whether they are related, is not a problem with me.”

“So, you’re OK with incest, mom?”

“Uh, Kylie …” she started awkwardly. “Yes, I guess so. Just for good old fashioned pleasure …”

“Well then, mommy,” she said teasingly, while placing her hand on her mother’s bare inner thigh. “We’re both bi, and not against some incestuous fun.” Kylie, overacting, leaned toward, mouth open wide, tongue flailing widely.

At first Laura was shocked, before she realized her daughter wasn’t serious. She playfully nudged her daughter back. “That’s a sick joke, Kay. I should ground you!” she said lightly.

“Hey, mom, don’t worry,” she continued joking, “you can’t get me pregnant. I’m on the pill!”

They laughed loudly, not consciously realizing the joke aroused them both a little …

Kylie was just finishing up with her pre-bed routine. For reasons she could not fully understand, her incestuous joke with her mother kept flying through her mind. ‘How much of a joke was it when we both are seriously OK with incest?’ she kept thinking to herself. Objectively, her mom was still a very attractive woman. Her mom had her young, so she was still her late thirties. They both ate healthily, more or less, while they both exercised, her mother much more so.

‘Do I, could I fuck my own mother like my cousin?’ she thought, looking at herself in her room’s tall mirror. She looked so much like her mother, and that made it very easy to convert the image into her mother with her mind. She found herself stripping naked, further converting the image into her mother with some ease. Never seeing her mother naked before, there was some guesswork. Her mom’s boobs were actually a notch larger, while definitely more muscular, which helped the larger breasts stay firm.

“Fuck, mommy, you are hot!” Kylie breathed, while she uncontrollably began to rub her moistening crotch …

While in the shower, Laura could not stop thinking about the conversation she had earlier with her daughter. Well, she could not stop thinking about the part on incest. They are bisexual; they both are not against incestuous pleasure. Like her sister, she had quite the dirty mind, and was usually the one to suggest new and different things with her husband.

Her pussy grew warm, while the hot water ran down it. Beyond her control, she found herself rubbing her wanting pussy. “My slim daughter is kinda sexy …” she breathed to herself. Laura suddenly forced herself to stop. Such incestuous desires destroyed her sister’s family. She learned long ago that the true definition of a “platonic relationship” was that one or both parties may have felt a sexual attraction to the other, but chose not to pursue them, wanting the friendship more. That was how it had to be with her and Kylie …

Squatting with her fingers deep in her pussy, Kylie heard the shower shut off. In the sexual excitement, she forgot her mother was in there, her gloriously naked mother. Kylie peaked through the crack in her door, breathing deeply. She knew it was unlikely her mother would walk out naked, but it was a chance all the same. After a few endless moments, her mother walked out in her gushy white robe. She just caught a glimpse of areola, while she was really hot even in that robe. It was tight enough to show the outline of a full, tight ass, while her calves and feet were fully exposed. Kylie’s pussy twitched, looking at her mother sexually for the first time.

Her mother walked into the bedroom, leaving the door ajar as she normally did. Silently, shaking in her aroused excitement, she scurried over to door to peek into the room …

“Humph, that was a long day!” Jack sighed, watching his wife strip off her robe.

Laura smiled …

Kylie’s jaw dropped at the sight of her naked mother. She was sexier than Kylie imagined! She was tight with a more athletic figure than Kylie thought, especially her quite apparent abs. Her boobs were the best Kylie ever saw, but the reality was that she was sexy from head to black painted toes …

Laura slipped into bed naked, a rare occurrence, suggesting something obvious to Jack.

“Whoah, Laura …” he smiled largely.

She kissed from his mouth to neck, while her hand travelled down his chest. “I’m really horny tonight,” she purred into his ear. She knew it was created out of incestuous thoughts toward her daughter, but she would not be able to sleep if she did not sate her horniness. He began to suck on her luscious boob, while she hastened his cock awakening with her hand …

Kylie almost couldn’t believe it! Her parents were about to fuck before her very eyes. If Kylie was going to further explore incestuous desires, what better way to do that than watching her parents fuck? She leaned on the doorframe, and began to rub her now wet pussy.

Laura threw off the blanket, exposing Jack’s solid member, her hand stroking actively. She then inserted it into her mouth, giving it several primal sucks.

‘Fuck, dad has a big dick!’ Kylie thought excitedly, rubbing herself even harder.

Laura then straddled her excited husband’s mouth, which instantly began to make out with Laura’s moist pussy, and leaned down to suck and stroke Jack’s throbbing member. They both moaned happily with their mouth’s full.

Laura and Kylie’s eyes suddenly met, Kylie unintentionally nudged the door open in her active motions. A part of her was shocked to see her naked daughter blatantly masturbating to her parents fucking, but another, truer part was happy and excited to see her daughter there.

Kylie had no idea what to expect next, ready to bolt back to her room before her father also saw her. To her amazement and joy, her mother smiled welcomingly at her, and resumed the wild actions on the happy dick. In fact, her mother started to moan and coo even more.

Laura could not help but look toward her masturbating daughter with a look of great craving, while hungrily sucking off her husband’s dick. Kylie could not help but return an equally as hungry look. Laura then knew what she needed to do. This was a chance for her daughter to learn more about sex than whatever those last two assholes thought they provided. She then lifted her mouth off the dick, and with the hand still wrapped around that dick, she quickly beckoned her daughter with her index finger.

Feeling shy for the first time in this whole experience, Kylie cautiously, questioningly leaned into the room. Her mother smiled with both welcoming and hunger, while beckoning again with her finger.

The shyness melting away thanks to her sexy mother, Kylie silently yet excitedly moved into the room, and toward the bed. She stared at her father’s dick and then to her horny mother, who nodded. She never sucked a dick before, but after seeing her mother do it so expertly, she felt ready to at least give it a try.

Leaning downward toward the dick, she opened her mouth wide to not only accept the meat from which she partly came, but also to cross that incest line with a sexual act she never did before. A look of wild excitement and joy bled through Kylie. It happened so quickly, but processed in her horny mind slowly. The dick passed her soft lips and into her humid mouth. It definitely slid into her throat a touch, but the urge to gag was minimal, passing quickly. The flavor, especially of the slick pre-cum was wondrous. With her mother stroking her silken hair, she began to bob up and down, while naturalistically finding her own groove. “Ummmm, UMMMM!” she muttered with her mouth full. The sight of Laura’s own daughter sucking on her father’s dick while her father hungrily ate out her dripping pussy made Laura moan and coo.

“Oh, nice, Laura!” Jack cooed, thinking his wife with still sucking him off. “Love it when you change things up a little!”

Jack resumed eating out his wife’s delicious pussy with yet more zeal, and playfully gave her a couple good spanks, unknowingly making his wife yet more excited at the wondrously deviant sight before her. Kylie began to be a little more playful, occasionally sucking and playing with just the helmet. She even spit out large blobs of drool to lube her now stroking hand. Kylie loved how dirty her daughter was with their favorite cock.

Laura then lightly nudged her daughter to make her share the cock. Kylie obeyed without question, and Laura sucked it off for a few moments before giving it back for a few moments to her now masturbating daughter. They began to trade back and forth joyously. At one point, a string of drool and pre-cum connected Kylie’s lips to her father’s cock. Laura hungrily broke the string with her tongue, licking her daughters soft, full lips in a kind of primal kiss. The three moaned and cooed wildly.

Playfully, Laura then had her daughter duck down next to the bed, not yet wanting to reveal what was really happening. She flipped around, and said deeply, “Your cock tastes so fucking good, Jacky!”

Like they had done a thousand times, Laura let the spit laden cock slip into her wet pussy, and began to thrust as a cowgirl. She humped Jack hard and fast, thinking about her masturbating daughter on the floor next to the bed. Kylie loved how her mother was giving her a bit of a show at that moment.

When her mother was completely blocking her father’s vision with a deeply erotic kiss, Kylie could not help but sneak up onto the bed. Laura assumed her daughter would do as such, so she released Jack’s cock from her hungry pussy to give to her daughter, who she trusted to know what to do next. Laura blocked her husband’s view completely with her chest, while Kylie carefully straddled her father’s dick.

It was an explosion of pleasure, letting her father’s dick slide into her. All Kylie could do was moan and thrust in time with her mother, loving the feel of her mother’s ass rubbing against her.

“Like the way I ride you?” Laura cooed in a subtle laugh, smiling deviously.

“Fuck, that feels so good!” he cooed, thinking it was his wife’s.

“Like when we were younger, right!” she exclaimed. At this point was torn between revealing it all and teasing further. She was somewhat surprised he did not realized another was on the bed, but he never exactly thought clearly in the middle of sex.

“Fuck, Laura, feels so fucking tight tonight!” he almost growled. “Love that fucking pussy. Keep fucking riddin’ me lie that, yeah.”

Kylie groped her mother’s muscular back, while she rode her father’s member better and more joyously than either of her two ex’s. Her father was thrusting a bit himself! She simply loved her father’s dick inside her!

“Haven’t been this wild in years!” Laura further teased.

“So fucking good!” he growled.

“You really love it don’t you?” Laura asked breathlessly, also teasing her daughter behind her.

“Oh, fuck yeah! You’re doin’ a great job fucking me, baby.”

“You love it?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ love it!”


“Oh, yeah! … So fuckin’ … good …

Kylie began to moan and coo more loudly, and finally slipped, “Oh … yeah … Oh, daddy … Feels so good, daddy!”

“What the fuck!?” Jack breathed in shock, slightly adjusting himself and nudging his wife aside to see it was really his daughter humping his dick.

“Daddy!” she cooed, starting to hump more wildly, primally now that her father knew she was fucking him.

“Fuck!” he exclaimed in shock

“Let her learn, let her learn!” Laura cooed lovingly, before passionately kissing her shock husband.

YEAH!” Kylie cooed.

“No, this is …” he called in a failing protest.

“She’s already learned more from us than she did from those last two assholes,” Laura offered lovingly.

“Oh fuck …” Jack both protested and cooed.

“Yeah, yeah …” Kylie cooed and growled in her mad humping.

“Fuck, feels so good,” Jack admitted, finding his hand feeling up her daughter’s soft side as his daughter felt down his arm.

“I know … Her tight little pussy,” Laura exclaimed. “Just like when we just got married, isn’t it?”

“Oh, my God, yeah …” he agreed and cooed, finding himself feeling his daughter’s firm breasts. He then began to lightly pulled down his daughter too him, her boobs just falling into his mouth.

“Suck those sexy tits!” Laura exclaimed, while Jack hungrily did so.

“Yeah, daddy, the feels so-oh …”

Jack began the thrust his hips hard into his daughter, now fully embracing the joy and pleasure of the moment.

“Yeah, daddy … errrah!” Kylie leaned to make out with her father.

“You’re gonna make your baby cum?” Laura asked.

“Yeah!” Jack exclaimed. “Yeah, of fuck, baby!”

Kylie and her father smooched hungrily.

“Oh, yeah, your pussy’s so tight, baby!”

“Fuck him hard,” Laura told her daughter. “That’s what he likes.”

They thrust hard, fast, and wildly into each other, the pleasure making them moan and growl like animals.

“You’re gonna give your baby an orgasm?” Laura asked Jack hungrily.

“Oh yeah … DADDY … yeah …” Kylie good from the intense pleasure.

“Make her cum hard!” Laura ordered.

“Yeah, daddy, yeah!”

Jack uncontrollably spanked her daughter’s ass, like he sometimes did with her mother.

Groping daughter’s ass, Laura exclaimed, “I love watchin’ you ride his big cock!”

“Oh, err, YEAH!” Kylie cooed.

“Is that good, baby?” she asked her daughter.

“Kiss mom, kiss mom!” Jack quickly requested.

The mother and daughter began to make out hungrily, almost lustfully.

“Let me rub your pussy for you,” Laura stated, after licking her fingers.

“Thanks, mommy!”

“Gonna cum on your daddy’s cock?”

“Yeah …” she said with a subtle growl. “Yeah, daddy!”

“He’s got a great cock, doesn’t he?”

“YEAH!” Kylie happily agreed.

Jack suddenly sat up to suck on the tits before him. First his daughters, and then his wife’s. The wild women smashed their boobs into the man’s head.

“Fuck, this is awesome!” Jack exclaimed.

“Yeah!” the mother and daughter said at the same time, staring into each other’s horning and loving eyes, before giving each other a deep smooch.

Jack laid back down, and the two woman smooched him in turn.

“Thank you, mommy! I love you, mommy,” she blurted.

“Would you like me to suck your titties, baby?”


Laura began to suck on and grope her daughters firm breasts.

“Oh, oh, yeah!” Kylie cooed, almost amazed at how much her mother slobbered all over her chest, before moving toward her ass. “I love you, daddy!” she cooed in a mini-orgasm.

They were all now in perfect tune. Jack needed a moment to catch his breath, and Kylie let his cock slip out. Laura quickly filled the pleasure void by licking and sucking her daughter’s ass and crotch.

“Ohhhh,” Kylie cooed breathlessly. “Yeah, mommy … Ah, ummm, oh … Mommy, I want you to teach me how to do more.”

“Turn around and sit your ass on your daddy.”

“Yeah …” she breathed.

“Sit on his big cock.”

Jack cock just slipped right into the tight pussy, making his daughter moan excitedly. He held his daughter up, occasionally kissing her back.

Laura went down on her daughter’s filled pussy, concentrating on to top of it.

The pleasure drew Kylie wild, while she and her father thrust in the reverse cowgirl. Her mother rubbed the top of her dripping pussy, as groped her father’s balls.

“Your daddy’s fuckin’ you good?”

All Kylie could do was coo loudly in confirmation.

“Can I spit on it for you?”

“Yeah …” she barely answered through the pleasure, her mother spitting on her pussy for lube almost immediately.

Jack began to intensify his thrusts into his daughter, hips slapping onto ass.

“Such a pretty little pussy,” Laura complimented, rubbing it.

“Thank you, mommy … errr … I got it from you …”

“My thumb feel good on your pussy, Kay?”

“ERR-yeah, mommy …”

Laura began to indiscriminately lick her husband’s exposed dick and her daughter’s pussy, causing both to moan even more loudly.

“You like this, don’t you, baby?”

“Yeah,” she cooed. “You’re the best parents ever!”

“Got it all nice and wet for you two,” Laura stated.

“HUmph … Thank you, mommy …”

Her father thrust wildly into her daughter, all moaning joyously.

“ERRRR … Feels so good!” she cooed through clenched teeth.

“Look how hard you make him. You like that, don’t you, Kay?”

“Yeah!” she answered happily.

“I want you to learn how to eat my pussy, Kay.”

“Oh, yeah! I wanna do that.”

“Lie down while I ride your face, Kay.”

Kylie unmounted, and lay on the other side of the bed. Her mother crawled on top of her, and briefly made out with her. Jack took the opportunity to spank and kiss and grope is wife’s ass.

“Have you ever eaten pussy before? You haven’t, have you?”

“No!” she answered excitedly.

Laura straddled her daughter mouth, which quickly started to pleasurably consume that which she once emerged.

Jack positioned himself before his daughter’s pussy.

“Want daddy to fuck you while you eat mommy?”

“Yeah,” she answered through her mother’s pussy lips.

“Tell your mommy how her pussy tastes,” Jack breathed.

“Ummm, so good, mommy!” Her tongue swirled while her lips rubbed.

Jack then thrust his cock wildly into his daughter, causing her to coo loudly through her mother’s soaked pussy.

“I can feel you fucking her on my pussy, Jack!” she cooed. “Yeah, let that toungue out, Kay; let your daddy fuck you …”

The pleasure flew through all three, making them scream in their pleasure, happily nudging each other on and complimenting.

“Make mommy cum!” Jack ordered. “Make her cum.”

“You gonna cum, mommy?”

“Yes! Don’t stop, baby!”

Laura came loudly, Kylie happily lapping up her mother’s cum.

“Wow, I think she eats pussy better than you, Jack!”

Laura unmounted, and helped open her legs wide to better accept her father’s cock.

“Open those legs for daddy,” Laura chimed.

“Oh, daddy, yeah!”

This was it, Kylie’s father was going to make good on the promise of making her daughter cum, none of them counting the mini-orgasm earlier. He thrust hard and true, concentrating as hard as he could to not cum himself.

“Ha, ho, ah, oh yeah,” Kylie cooed. “Oh, huh, huh, I’m gonna cum! Oh uhhh. AUUHOOOOOO!” she exploded in orgasm all over her father’s dick.

He pulled out, and offered, “Taste it!”

“I’ll hold your hair, Kay,” Laura said.

Like a hungry, breathless animal, Kylie sat up, and began to sucked the dick covered with her cum.

Laura and Jack lovingly made out while their daughter happily deepthroated Jack’s ready to burst member.

“Grope his balls,” Laura suggested. “That’s what he likes.”

Kylie did so, wanting to make him cum in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, groping the balls. She was a savant, shoving it all the way down her throat. At the same time, her mother playfully groped her ass.

“You like our daughter’s little ass?” he teased his wife.


Kylie loved how her parents passively rocked her back and forth, taking away some of the work on herself.

“Wanna taste your daddy’s cum, Kay?” Laura asked.

“Uh-ha,” she affirmed with her mouth full.

“Wanna share it?”

She pulled back, “Yeah, mommy!” Kaylie resumed her wilded sucking and ball groping.

Her father soon exploded into Kylie’s hungry mouth. She automatically swallowed the massive amount that blew down her throat.

“You like the way it tastes, don’t you?” Laura said hungrily. “Give it to mommy.”

They licked each other’s fleshy tongues in a kind of external make out, Laura lapping up the cum her daughter didn’t swallow. They did play a bit with the cum with their nimble tongues, though. 

“Umm, thank you, daddy.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie,” he replied.

“You like watching your little girl share your cum with your wife?”

“I fucking love it!” Jack then happily made out with both in turn, lightly tasting his own cum on their spit. He lovingly kissed he daughter in the same, passionate way he always kissed Laura. It was the threesome he fantasized about, albeit not involving his daughter, but resigned the fantasy to being just a fantasy.

The three of them, with Kylie tightly sandwiched in between, basked in the sexual afterglow, lightly petting. Their family would never be the same again, but that was OK. There were no secrets between them. It was far from the last time they all has sex, sometimes together, sometimes individually. It became a kind of incestuous open relationship, and improbably an evolution of the close friendship Kylie and Laura worked to develop that brief time before they all made love. Now, they love each other deeply as a family, and love the regular educative sex even more …


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