Blog Unbound: A Very Personal Assistant

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: Unlike the majority of my erotic works, this story is purely contemporary without anything fantastical. It is an unrelated sequel to the story Roleplaying, being set it the same fictional universe where Nevada made it legal for escorts to be official prostitutes under license. The story follows a personal assistant of a chief operating officer at a private investment firm in Nevada. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

A Very Personal Assistant

I rubbed my bosses stockinged feet tenderly in the spacious limo. Jessie moaned happily in compliment. I was her very Personal Assistant. This was as mundane as keeping her schedule straight compared to the rest of my job’s sexual escapades with her.

“You really gotta wear better shoes to those events, Jess,” I recommended seriously.

“If it’ll always get this foot rub … OOOO yeah … I’m going to keep wearin’ them, Jessie!” She brushed back her long brown hair. Her dark eyes were as lustful as ever.

I almost couldn’t believe it had been five years since we first met. My life was all but going nowhere. The economy just tanked, and I was forced to take a sabbatical from college to build up funds. It wasn’t exactly glorious …

The expensive hotel suite door opened moments after I knocked. A beautiful, athletic, class filled woman with rich brown hair opened the door. She could not have been more than a couple years older than me at twenty!

“Jessie Drummond?” I asked professionally. I was fresh out of training, and a bit nervous.

“Yes,” she smiled largely. “I’m Jen Red.”

“Not the most inventive professional name!” she teased. “Come on in!”

We sat. “Would you like to see my license?”

She nodded.

I handed it over, and she read, “Brothel: Hopedale Ranch … Issued six weeks ago. Am I your first client?”

“Yeah, they decided to ease me in slow.”

“No BDSM? We have something in common!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah … Err, my base fee is eleven-hundred for the night. Then, there’s an extra one-fifty for any fetish stuff. Then, there’s the tip.”

“Well, I guess I’ll be paying you at least 1,250 dollars!” she smiled largely, removing her low healed shoes.

She placed her bare size eights on my lap. I could see they were a bit reddened from walking and standing, while definitely quite attractive. My heart raced, though. Sure, I was willing to do some fetish stuff, but I didn’t have much hands on experience in it. One-fifty was an intentionally steep price for the alternative act!

“Well?” she teased.

I carefully took a foot in hands, and began to tenderly rub from heel to big toe.

“UMMMM, that’s really great!” she breathed. “Don’t let the other get lonely!”

Per request, I took the other, and calculatedly alternated. Glad I read that book on therapeutic massage! I was so glad she was truly attractive, too. Even if I wasn’t bi, that fact made this job much easier in a shallow kind of way.

Jessie unzipped her pants, and began to forcibly rub her blatantly moist pussy. At the same time, she reached under her blouse to massage her lovely breasts. In her blatant ecstasy, she requested, “Taste my feet, baby, put them in your mouth …”

I shook my head amazed, and slowly licked one from heal to second toe, slowly sucking on it. She moaned happily. They were a little salty, but I rather liked how they tasted. She took good care of her body.

“Tell me you love my feet,” she cooed lustfully.

“Actually, yeah! You take good care of yourself.” I then decided to go all out, and suck off a whole foot.

She moaned and cooed happily, while pleasuring herself. I was rather excited myself!

“Hey, you know how to scissor, right?” she asked playfully.

I nodded with a pleasant smile.

Shedding our clothes, well, Jessie shedding our clothes, we made our way to the queen size bed with bright white coverings. Jessie leading, we fell onto the squishy bed, crisscrossed our smooth legs, and slammed our humid, sleek pussies together. We happily sucked off our feet at the same time. I never had anyone worship my feet before, and I loved it!

Jessie’s well toned muscles visibly flexed, while sweat bubbled on our skin. We were coming so close to the point of true ecstasy. On orgasm, I was taught an important saying at my brothel: A convincing fake orgasm will make customer, but a real one will make a regular. Feeling a great uproar of passion fly to the surface, I exploded in orgasm just barely in time with the passionate Jessie.

We lay next to each other, and laughed happily. Jessie clearly had great stamina, because only I was out of breath.

“Wow, if you want more, you’re gonna have to wait a minute!” I breathed.

Jessie positioned herself on her side, holding her head up, and faced me with a pleasant smile. “You’re good, but you can’t tell me this is your calling. College student?”

“Uh, yeah, more or less,” I answered quietly. “Taking a semester off to build up funds. Student loans only pay for tuition, barely …”

“I thought so,” she smiled. “Graduated myself not too long ago. You have a major?”

“Yeah … Business Administration, but I’m not sure what I’m gonna do with it … I don’t mean to sound rude, but why do you ask?”

She smiled almost out of relief. “Doing a lot of interviews lately. In that mode!”

“Well, what do you do?”

“I guess you don’t follow investment firms! I’m the Chief Operating Officer of my father’s company JonaGold Drummond Capital. I often go to board meetings for him, too. It’s all an extended interview for him. If I do well, the company’s mine once he retires.”

“What’s the job you’ve been interviewing for?” I wasn’t really asking for a job — didn’t have my degree, yet, so it was more curiosity.

“A personal assistant. That’s just the title. The job opening asks for more than a few skills, some of which cannot be official.”

“Like what?”

“Sex,” she said bluntly. “I’m kinda a nympho. I got all this energy in me, and too much of it is directly toward sexual hunger.”

It all clicked in my head, and my heart raced. “You’re interviewing me …”

“Yes,” she confirmed, lightly dragging her red nail down my cleavage. “I do need someone to keep my business affairs straight, but I also need someone willing to fuck all the time. So, I’ve been going through both professional assistant applicants and licensed escorts. The latter is much more fun, and where I hope to find my new employee.”

I was speechless for a moment. “Sounds like an … interesting position.”

“OOO! I like a good pun!” she cooed. “I’m gonna say right now you’ve hit a few check marks for what I’m looking for. I’d prefer a bachelors, so you would be an investment … Come by my office tomorrow at noon, and we’ll have a more businesslike interview. We’ll do lunch after. I’ll give you my card if you give me your real name.”

I sighed nervously. I really didn’t know if she was telling the truth, but it was an opportunity I never expected. It wasn’t like she could do anything to me with my real name, though. Plus, she clearly had a strong bank account to hire a licensed Nevada Escort! “Laura Lane.”

“Much prettier than your working name!” she completed. “Now, this part of the interview isn’t over. Your tongue was a savant on my feet. I wanna see what it can do for my lower lips, Ms Lane.”

Jessie lay back, and opened her firm legs wide. Instinctually licking my lips, I crawled over to her wet crotch. I pressed my lips onto hers, and lovingly made out …

Jessie and I walked out of the limo to her slightly modest but definitely large private beach house. She was already in far more comfortable sandals.

“I know it’s late, Jessie,” she started, “but, you know, I’m in the mood …”

“As always,” I smiled, and grabbed her tight ass. “Good. It came.” I said, seeing the package on the doorstep. “Great timing!”

“HOHH!” she breathed. “You devious little slut!”

“Little?” I stated with false anger. To be honest, I came to handle our constant sexual activities perhaps better than simple business planning. It wasn’t really a control thing, but I definitely called the sexual shots now. “Just relax on the couch ahead of me. Let me do my job,” I smirked lustfully …

A tall bluish building of glass stood before me. It was as intimidating as it was inspiring. The sign above the door stated “JonaGold Drummond Capital.” I smirked, and said under my breath, “Apples … Oh, I hope I know what I’m doing …”

I soon found myself sitting outside Jessie Drummond’s office. The seating was tasteful and comfortable, while the walls had golden landscapes from who I assumed to be a local artist. A secretary was nonchalantly clicking away at the flat-screened computer. She was a dark haired and rather attractive thirty something. I knew the behavior too well. She was a temp, someone in and out, and sometimes careless. That kind of work was a trap in my eyes. I tried it once, and ran away from it.

The opaque, glass green door suddenly opened next to the secretary. It was Jessie in a conservative though form fitting dress with matching low heeled shoes. Her hair was tied back, while the makeup on her face was light and enhancing. She really was beautiful.

“Nervous? Don’t worry, Ms Lane, I don’t bite …” She smirked, and concluded, “… interviewees.”

She led me inside, and I handed her my resume. I sat on the chair before the desk, while she sat on the desk before me, and scanned my resume. Her very smooth legs were crossed pleasantly. I was too distracted by her to even notice what was obviously and impressive desert view through her massive widows behind.

“Good university,” she muttered. “A short but sweet resume … Now, you do plan on going back to your school, correct?”

“Oh, yeah. It, it’s a good school, but my friends there are what I really wanna get back to.”

“Of course.” She looked me over inquisitively yet happily. “From what I’m reading, you do have enough courses on your back to have an idea what you would be doing here on the official side of the job. You would certainly do better than Jackie out there! But first, lets talk about the unofficial side of the job …”

“Yeah … I gotta admit, it’s nothing like I expected for an opportunity, but I can make it work.” It was a little awkward to talk about that during a job interview. “It was pretty much licensed escort or temp for jobs. I’m sure you don’t wanna think about the economy! I tried temp, but you know there’s not always much incentive there. There weren’t many contracts out there either. But, those brothels are still hiring from the reform bill. I haven’t gotten to test myself on how much work I can get out of it, to be honest. Obviously, I’m willing to do that, with at least those with a nice bed. I don’t currently have a boy or girlfriend. I guess I do like sex more than most, but that’s hard to gauge.”

“Hard only until you can get someone else to critique.”

“The, err, more intimate side of the job doesn’t have to be all that unofficial. I could stay connected with my brothel to keep the escort license.”

“I wouldn’t recommend that,” she said seriously. “I understand they tend to take a high percentage of your earnings. I want you to hold onto as much as possible.”

“Yeah, it is kinda high,” I agreed.

“Like I said, taking you on would be an investment,” she stated businesslike. “I doubt I can find a better candidate, in the short term at least. However, I need you to have a full education, which will take time. Do they have an accelerated program at your school?”

“Not for a bachelors in business,” I shook my head. “At my university and many others, it is possible to do the program a half step faster than normal with an extra class a semester. That should allow me to finish in only another three semesters instead of four. So, year and a half instead of two. That would also allow me to graduate when I was expected to.”

Jessie sighed, processing all the data. “This is how the job would work for you and me. I would hire you as a full time hourly Personal Assistant. You would move to part time while in school, and go back to full during summer break. I will not give you a free college ride, but your salary would more than pay for your expenses past your federal loans. You may make money, if you’re careful. The real catch is you would have to do your studies and sex well, to prove I made the right choice. The regular full time position would be there for you the day after you graduate. Are you willing to sign that contract, Laura?”

It was a lot to take in, she knew. This woman was offering me a future, because she needed me or something close. Not counting the inevitable sex, it was the job I never knew I wanted. It would give me something to work toward. I never had that before, and I realized in that moment how that was a major reason why I took a semester off. Yes, I needed to find money, but I was on the verge of giving up college from my lack of motivation. “Let’s do it …”

I opened the package in the foyer. It held exactly what I ordered: a strapless dildo. My pussy tingled at the possibilities. Dildo in hand, I looked at my wonderful employer quietly laying on the black leather couch with her eyes closed, already in the nude. I owed this wonderful woman everything. Yes, I was madly in love with her, as she was with me. We had yet to admit that to each other, though. A part of us just wanted to keep some degree of professionalism, if that made any sense …

About a year after I graduated with my degree in business administration, she and I had dinner at my parent’s house. This was the first time this event occurred, not counting the graduation dinner. My insatiable Jessie less than secretly wanted me all to herself, but she wanted me to be happy, ensuring I had a personal life.

“It’s great to see you again, Jessie!” my gray haired father said shaking her hand. He had a bit of a crush on her, and his smile around her sometimes deepened his wrinkles too much.

“I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we met you at the graduation,” my mother said happily. Though dulled, her strawberry blonde hair was still apparent, while she kept herself up quite well for a woman in her early sixties.

“I guess I can’t either!” Jessie confirmed. “Laura’s the best investment I ever made, Jack, Linda.”

The roast chicken dinner came and went. Our conversation wasn’t all that deep: company activities; my positive job performance. It was just one step up from small talk. Then again, I never knew my parents to be remarkable conversationalists.

Jessie’s phone buzzed. It was her father, and she excused herself to the other room. He had some major heart surgery not long ago, and was slowly recovering. He didn’t quit smoking early enough, was what he always said.

“Is there something you wanna tell us about you and your boss, Laura?” my father asked knowingly.


“Come on, Laura,” my father continued. “The last two you brought home for dinner — umm, Bobby and Linda — you were dating …” He was quite surprised with the latter!

“I saw how you look at her, Laura,” my mother added. “That’s how I still look at your father when I think he’s not looking.”

“Well, umm,” I muttered. “We have slept together …” Why didn’t I see it before?

“She’s wonderful. She’s given you everything,” my mother observed. “You should tell her how you feel.”

Jessie walked back into the dining room. “I miss something?” she asked awkwardly.

“Just family stuff,” I stated barely.

“Oh …”

“How’s you father?” I asked.

“He’s fine. He’ll be back to work next week …”

“I really should tell her …” I muttered, looking at the most wonderful woman in the world through the door. I couldn’t tell if she was asleep on that couch, but she was at least deserving of a break after the community event.

I slowly, quietly slipped off my clothes. I then lubed up my end of the dildo, and shoved it into my hungry snatch. It stayed in better than advertised! Felt amazing, too. Naked, I walked over to the resting goddess.

“Jessie …” I called huskily, lightly rubbing the dildo in her lips.

“OOOO, yum!” she said deeply, before sucking it off more than happily.

I happily nudged Jessie onto her stomach, she receiving part of my idea with a joyous smile. On all fours on top of the squishy couch, I happily lubed her inviting asshole.

“Been a while!” she proclaimed. It was very rare that we did anal, but when we did, it was always rough!

Thrusting my hips hard, I rammed the dildo into her. We both grunted loudly, primally. I humped her hard and wild, propelling the dildo deeper into both of us. It was utter bliss. The wild motions melted our brains, as it was my job to melt her brain with awe inspiring sex. Our muscles flexed and stretched, while I kneaded her sides and breasts. It was all for her, while my pleasure was all the payment I needed anymore. We soon came hard and loud.

Breathless, we happily pulled ourselves next to each other on the couch. The prior events of the night took enough out of us so we were naturally just relaxing for the moment. It didn’t stop us from lovingly kissing and feeling, though.

“I love you,” I said quietly through her eyes.

After a subtle moment of surprise, she nodded with a quiet smile. “Yeah … I know. I love you, too, Laura.” She sighed. “I didn’t want to fall in love. Didn’t think I could fall in love! But, I knew I couldn’t find someone better five years ago. Maybe I loved you from the moment we met …”

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