Blog Unbound: The Academy of Lust

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A Supernatural Tale. The story follows Hannah Harker, who completed her investigation of the Academy of Nevada Escorts. The academy of which transformed her into a Demon of Lust. Now a fully licensed escort, she and the lust of her life, Liza, work toward their final transformation … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Academy of Lust

The Nevada Assistant Director of Licensing Review, Stan Jameson, looked over Agent Hannah Harker’s report on the unprecedented Academy of Nevada Escorts with mixed emotions. He really saw her as the best, in spite of being the newest, but her well detailed report was tendered with her resignation.

He deeply sighed, “She learned and didn’t care you were investigating them …”

“Well,” Hannah began with a seductive, knowing smile, “yeah, sir, she just didn’t care. What I iterated in the report was something I learned working in retail hell: if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Headmistress Alexandria knew she was doing nothing wrong, so my ‘secret’ investigation didn’t bother her. And of course, she truly was doing nothing wrong within the confines of the law.”

Jameson looked over his soon to be former Agent. “The experience changed you dramatically …”

She smirked and rose and eyebrow. “Yes, it did, dramatically.”

Hannah never looked so, well, radiant, Jameson observed. Yet, it wasn’t that she was all that different physically. Hannah was still five feet and seven inches, with auburn hair, blue eyes, light complexion (as light as one can get in the desert), C-cup breasts, and about size eight feet. He “sized her up” more than any Human Resources would want to know, but he was a happily married man with a zero tolerance for workplace harassment.  Yet, she was still different. She was so different in fact that Jameson could not deny how hypocritically aroused he was by her lustful presence.

“To sum up what they do there,” Hannah began, breaking his obvious chain of thought, “Alexandria does indeed change her students, but that is the point of any place of education. I really don’t think Brainwashing is an infraction we have purview over, as this office lacks a definition of such. I went in there with the same level of curiosity as every other student, even if mine had an ulterior motive. I learned a lot about Human sexuality, and even was given a stronger understanding of our prostitution laws! They are fully acceptable within the regulations this agency enforces.”

Jameson nodded, and cleared his through. “You mention what you learned of their more advanced prostitution training also being fully legal, but have not gone through it personally or go into great detail.”

“Yes …” she focused her words carefully, “as I say in the report, the advanced certificate is not as structured as the main program. Basically, we are a breezy cross between intern and licensed escort for the Academy until Alexandria is satisfied with our work as professional escorts. Assuming this agency does not revoke their provisional status as a brothel — and ultimately allows true brothel status, they are fully in compliance with the law.”

“OK … I know you would like to resign immediately, but I would like to request that you stay on to better report on the advanced training.”

She shook her head. “I really can’t, Jameson. I’m a fully licensed escort now with the Academy. It would be a conflict of interest. I am willing to be interviewed as a private citizen afterwards.” She stood, and extended her silken hand. “It was a pleasure working for you, sir, and I will find time if you ever call on me.”

He nodded, resigned to her decision, and stood to shake her hand.

* * * *

Hannah, a Living Demon of Lust, drove to meet with her classmate and lust of her life, Liza, who was perhaps more lust-filled.

Brainwashing,’ Hannah thought to herself. She was legitimately not sure if what happened to her and those other students counted as that. Not everyone stays for the full course, allowing them to leave before becoming Demon; none of them were forced into anything; and even Hannah found herself wanting to learn from the start. High school graduates can be quite a bit different if they find themselves with an advanced degree a decade later!

Hannah wasn’t exactly Human anymore, but again, she did not have to come even this far. She and Liza were given a choice, as the other students, just before they completed their training, just before lust consumed their very being. They chose to become Living Demons of Lust together, and now to transform themselves into Succubi (the advanced training). That very night all was revealed, to Mistress Alexandria’s joy, they destroyed the love left within them with pure lust, and “graduated” the regular program with their licenses soon after. That was only a week ago.

Today was the day they chose to begin their transformation into Demonic Succubi. It was really quite simple a ritual on paper. It entailed fucking Humans only for lust, and to fuck them all until they have nothing left to give (recommended to have fun with it, too). They must eat nothing, except for pleasure and lust excretions like cum, sweat, etc. Ultimately, the were to force themselves to feed on the lust using the same power that can transform them physically into just about anything. The ritual can vary on how many fucks it takes.

At the same time, the two were actively working essentially to become two sides of the same demonic being. They shared their minds whenever home, while sharing the same dreams. Mistress Alexandria was sure this extreme degree of intimacy would not prevent their goal of becoming glorious Succubi; though, she was utterly fascinated how the merging might affect the ultimate transformation.

Liza, who had become the more aggressive Demon of the two, was with, well, had a client first. Seeing Liza walk to the car with a pleased smile, Hannah could tell she was in her usual aggressive mood. In spite of sharing everything, Hannah also could really see the real difference between them right then. Hannah still liked how she looked, and made no significant changes beyond removing some blemishes. The raven haired Liza, while still lithe at the core, now had fuller breasts and athletic physique. She even dressed more seductively, preferring to be more overtly sexual than Hannah’s teasing subtlety. Liza, as was often the case now, wore a mix of red and black, exemplified by her shimmering black latex stockings and red strapped heels. Still, their personalities were starting to equalize.

Liza hopped into the car, and began to greet her lust. She made out with the surprised yet always receptive Hannah aggressively, while they buried their hands in one another’s wet pussies. The feel and taste of rubber drove Hannah wild. They came quickly in their great lust.

“I see you’re on top today, my lust!” Hannah exclaimed, driving.

“Fuck yeah, Hannah! When I ate that guy’s cum earlier, I really felt alive. Not a Succubus yet, sexy, but I got a taste of it.”

“I see you got a taste for latex!”

“Yeah! That client really wanted to try something different, so I morphed my skin into latex, and fucked him up the ass. Everything you don’t see is shiny black and fucking hot, my lust! I can change the tone between ‘flesh,’ black, and red at will. It feels like this change’ll be the last as we put all our energies into our true transformation.”

Hannah smiled lustfully at her, and turned down the road to their house. “Goin’ for extra credit, Liza?”


They soon walked into Hannah’s house, and pooled their minds. Memories of Liza’s aggressive latex pegging flooded into Hannah’s mind, as memories of Hannah’s report and resignation flooded Liza’s. Their demonic nature was the only thing that kept their personalities separate at all. Indeed, even now, Hannah individually found herself amazed at how she felt no love for this woman, but wanted to spend eternity with her.

Horny and starving, they stripped naked. Hannah’s sexy body was almost normal compared to Liza’s now. Liza forced Hannah onto the gushy carpet, and stood stood before her lust to show off what will be her final outward changes. Her legs, feet, and waist were hypnotically shimmering black latex, and the rest was momentarily flesh-like (there was a subtle shimmer). She then shifted all the flesh-tone to a vibrant red, arousing Hannah to no end.

Fuck …” Hannah breathed, drooling.

“Just what I was thinkin’!” Liza said hungrily, before leaping onto the expectant Hannah.

Hannah was tightly held down on the floor by aggressive, grunting Liza. They, more or less took turns, but both practically alphas now, it all came down to who started the fucking. There wasn’t much that could stop Liza now from using Hannah as her sex toy. However, Hannah would have her moment to turn the tide soon.

Liza ground her rubbery, moist crotch on Hannah, while sucking and biting her fully aroused nipples. She all but bit a nipple off at one point, but as expected, it healed almost instantly. This difference what that Liza consumed the leaked blood in her hunger, blood saturated with lust.

“You taste good!” Liza exclaimed.

“Wait till … uhguh, you get to my teeth!”

They were in such lust with each other. They fully embraced that. In the end, that pure lust allowed them to do truly inhuman things to each other for the sake of their own pleasure. They will now forever be beings of loveless pleasures.

Liza then grabbed her lust’s head tightly, and forced a deep kiss with her now long tongue. She finished by biting Hannah’s lower lips, and pull back until it broke, sucking down the lust-filled juices before it healed. She then chewed and groped downward like Hannah was a piece of sexual meat. This “hungry” behavior was a change for them in this transition to Succubus, but they liked it equally.

“Harder!” Hannah growled.

The hungry Demon Liza moved her way down the quivering Demon Hannah, biting and groping harder the further down she went. Liza then began to practically consume Hannah’s feet, while tenderizing them with her hands.

“Oh, fuck!” Hannah growled inhumanly. “Your rubbery hands feel so good on my feet!”

Liza began to deepthroat of the tasty Demon feet. As their bodies were infinitely flexible, Liza almost looked like a snake consuming her prey. Like it was a large dick, Liza pumped it in and out of her pussy-like mouth, feeling toes tickle the back of her throat. All Hannah could to was moan in the all consuming lust. Soon, the entire foot disappeared down Liza’s visibly expanded throat.

Wide eyed, Liza grabbed the free foot, and forcibly shoved it down her dripping, rubber crotch. It, too, disappeared down the dark hole like its twin. Liza seesawed wildly, growling like a hellhound in lustful heat. Hannah fisted her ass and pussy to the site. After what felt like nearly an eternity of pleasure, Liza exploded in the purest of lust, and fell back.

Hannah was amused and aroused by the Demonic juices smothering her feet and below. All she could do was lick them clean for the sustenance.

Seeing her moment, Hannah leapt onto the woman in the orgasmic afterglow. She looked deep into Liza’s expectant and hungry eyes, and took total control of her mind. Technically, Liza could fight this, but Hannah always flooded her body with extreme pleasure whenever in total control. Liza moaned and growled wildly on impulse, no active control over herself. Hannah turned out to be a savant at controlling herself and another at the same time, while Liza was still but an apprentice at the art.

All four feet then began to worship each other in a fetishistic tease of black rubber and flesh. Liza’s body lay back, feet rubbing their way of Hannah tingling body. Hannah had them passionately rub her aroused breasts, making sure the toes play with her erect nipples.

“Oh, oh yeah …” The cooed in perfect unison. “Yeah …”

After having them aggressively slap her tits, Hannah then moved the feet down to her her twitching crotch. They were soon pleasuring that pussy inside and out, Hannah convulsing from the glorious feel of the rubberized feet, causing Liza to do the same. At the same time, Hannah had Liza fist her own mouth and pleasure her own g-spot, exponentially increasing the pleasure.

Having one foot thrusting deep inside her, Hannah moving the other back to her drooling mouth. She deepthroated the delicious rubbery thing well past the arch. She then moved the foot back to her crotch to join its twin. Soon, both feet were moving deeply in and out of Hannah’s crotch, spit and juices dripping all over. Pleasure was building dramatically in both bodies, but only really for Hannah’s own lustful desires. And finally, both bodies exploded wetly in orgasm.

Instead of relinquishing control of Liza’s body, Hannah kept her docile so she could consume every lust filled drop of sweat and cum. The hungry tongue-bath was so damn good.

“You taste so fucking good, Liza. I lust you forever.”

“As I lust over you with all my being …” she said quietly but truly.

They linked their minds fully and equally, and soon had the wettest of shared dreams …

* * * *

Liza was driving to her next escort appointment that morning, when she felt it. The self-latexified Living Demon of Lust was teasingly close to her ultimate transformation. This client might just give her enough lust.

The thirty-something businessman opened the door in his white undershirt and charcoal slacks, jaw dropping. Liza had her “skin” her once natural tone, so she looked “normal” in spite of the rubbery nature.

“Uh …” he breathed. “You must be Liza?”

“Yup!” she confirmed with a cheery smile, walking into the hotel suite.

The escort almost excitedly walked past the more than pleased man, who closed the door behind her.

“So, Jason, any plans for the night?” Liza asked lightly, turning around.

“Oh, thinking of something rather primal now!”

Liza turned around with a raised eyebrow. The lust he was ready to give was to be quite plentiful. Looking to the wedding ring, she teased, “Speak like that to your wife?”

“Oh, she doesn’t have to know about this, Liza. Strictly business.”

“Indeed,” she smirked hungrily toward his protuberance. If he really cared about his marriage, that ring would either have been well hidden or she might not have even been called. Liza was almost drooling at the dark-lust potential.

Jason followed the woman into the bedroom. “You know, I have this … fantasy …”

“I’m all yours!” she encouraged happily. Quite literally, the Academy, as her brothel, was already paid. She could still encourage tips, though.

“I’m, ah, I’m kinda ordering people around all day. I want someone on top, for lack of better words. I’m not really interested in BDSM, just someone else in charge … I discretely bought a strap-on today, too,” he said with a subtle awkwardness, taking the thing out of the paper bag on the bureau. “It’s called pegging …”

“Oh, I know how that works, Jason!” she said disarmingly. “I’ve been surprised how common a request Pegging has been, and I haven’t been doing this for long!”

“Great!” he said, trying not to explode with excitement.

“The other part shall be a much more interesting request to fulfill for the both of us. Many want one way or the other.” She put on a much more commanding posture and tone with her hungry, toothy smile. “I’ll take care of you. Now, I think it’s time you remove those clothes, and lay on this bed.”

The demeanor was clearly the sweet spot for Jason, who excitedly did as requested. Liza sensually stripped off her red dress, and slipped out of her revealing black heals. She strapped on the dildo without a second thought.

“Any lube?” she asked.

“Oh, yeah, Liza, some in the bag. Supposed to be edible.”

“Humph!” she teased, taking out the bottle. She then lubed up her hand, and stated, “I’m gonna play with your dick now.”

Liza sat before the visibly excited client, and began to stroke his cock and balls like they were always hers.

“Holy, fuck! That’s great, Liza,” he exclaimed.

“You’ve got a nice dick and balls,” Liza complimented.

“Good DNA, I guess … uhguh.”

They were genuinely what she liked: balls not terribly large, with a well rounded dick a bit over seven and a half inches. Sure, she could take anything now, but them being just about perfect for her tastes made this lust just what she wanted.

“Fuck, Liza! How do you do that? I feel like I can last forever …” he breathed.

She put on an honest, hungry smile, adding some spit to the already lubed stroking. At the same time, the dildo kept brushing up against his ass and balls.

Liza then leaned over to suck and nibble his nipples.

“Whoah! No one’s ever done that to me before … I don’t know if …”

Liza put her slimy finger on his lips, and stated, “Just take it. Nipples are so awesome!” Liza exclaimed into his chest.

She resumed her nipple worship, all but eating them in her biting. He did as ordered, taking the attention as Liza intended. Liza then began to bite hard and suck his nipples — and around them — like he was the piece of meet she was beginning to see him as.

“Like me me chewing on you, Jason.”

“Yeah!” he said in amazement, not realizing her comment was more order than question.

Liza aggressively chewed her way down to his solid member, and began to suck it off, teeth occasionally brushing the shaft. All they both did was moan happily. The lust of the blowjob always drove the Living Demon wild! Of course, a blowjob wasn’t the main thing this client lusted for.

Looking up almost deviously, Liza crawled possessively on top of the man. She presented the long rubber member, and ordered, “Open you mouth, and relax your throat, Jason.”

To his amazement, he did so. The rubber dick slid into his mouth, and down his throat with surprising ease.

“Good job!” Liza complimented, before thrusting a few more times.

“Ohguh … Got a good teacher.”

“Really?” Liza smirked. “Lets see these burgeoning skills in action, Jason!”

Liza flipped onto her back, and Jason simply followed the request for the thing he never imagined doing. Just as Liza had done, Jason held the dildo and sucked off the shaft.

“Oh, good boy! Such a good job,” Liza complimented.

She grabbed his head.

“Take it all, Jason!”

He did so like it was his lustful duty, not even gagging.

“Oh, yeah, that’s so hot! Play with my balls, too … Amazing! Ready for me to take your ass?”

“Oh, yeah!” he confirmed with drool everywhere.

“Lay back, Jason, relax.”

He did so, while she liberally lubed his asshole and her dildo. She worked finger after finger into the hole, preparing it for ultimate. She thrust her fingers in and out, while the hole opened for her.

“Really impressed you can take this so well!” Liza exclaimed honestly. She could have physically altered him, but all her efforts had now been put toward becoming a Succubus.

“Feels really fuckin’ good, Liza!” he moaned.

“Here we go! Hold your legs back.”

He did so, keeping himself relaxed.

She slowly thrust the the dildo into the prepared hole. “Oh, there we go. You take it like a good boy, Jason.”

Liza thrust the whole girth into him, in and out, making them both moan. The pressure on her pussy genuinely felt good on every thrust. She quickly decided to start with a slow passion, before building up to an extreme, delicious lust. The moaning was of true lust.

“All right. Time to get on all fours, Jason. Let’s really do this!”

He did as requested without a second thought.

“Fuck yeah. I’m gonna blow you mind.”

Liza tweaked his positioning, and began to reinsert her member. It slipped right in! She began to thrust wildly, finding herself starving for his cum.

“HOLY FUCK!” Jason exclaimed in the lust Liza created.

“GOOD BOY!” Liza tightly grabbed his hips, and went completely wild, while he stroked his dick. “Yeee-yeah! You like that?”


“You’re gonna cum?”

“Oh yeah!”


“Uhah …”

Liza removed herself from his ass, and flipped him over like tissue paper.“I WANT TO TO CUM IN MY MOUTH, JASON! I FUCKING NEED IT!”

He was speechless, but had no reason to deny her.

The starved Liza grabbed his dick and stroked him wildly. “Yes, GIVE IT TO ME! Down my throat! ALL OF IT” she growled inhumanly, before sucking the tip like and addict. Jason suddenly exploded down the wild escort’s throat, just as she ordered. Steams and streams of cum, more than he ever came, flew into Liza.

Liza then leaned back. “YES!” she growled joyously. Her soul was already consumed by pure lust, and now her very physical form was yielding to it in darkly glorious ways. She moaned and cooed in demonic orgasm, feeling the transformation beyond all transformation. The lust grew and grew until she exploded in an orgasmic birth-cry. She fell to the floor, breathless, indulging in the lust of finally being a Succubus.

As her headmistress told her, Liza retained most of her telepathic powers, but feeling her quivering body, Liza could tell she achieved some uniqueness. Her skin was still latex, as its coloring could still change by her will. She felt that such changes would be fueled solely by lust now.

“Are you OK?” he barely asked on the bed.

The Demonic Succubus Liza rose to her feet, looking down upon the Human. “Yes, Jason,” she echoed into his mind. “I just made a decision.”

“OK …?”

“I’m going to reward you, Jason, for giving me the fuel to complete my transformation into a Succubus. I’m going to make you mine now. I’m going to Ensnare your body and soul.”

“What!?” What scared Jason was how he impossibly believed her.

Liza pushed him down onto the bed, and quickly reawakened his member. Humping him wildly, she flooded his mind with thought of pure lust on for her. This required most of the lust-energy left in her after the transformation. So, she ensured he would feed her as continuously as possible, using her Succubus pussy to make him cum hard. His cum tasted so good in her pussy!

All Jason could do was let himself be consumed by lust more powerful than he knew existed. The more times he came, the more he thought about Liza, the more he found there was not much else. The fact that her pussy felt rather rubbery was not lost on him, but made him think about her more. “Liza,” he breathed. There was only Liza. He was Liza’s. He was to feed her whenever she wished. Nothing else but Liza mattered …

Liza looked over to the semi-conscious Jason, who was now hers. She would have to deal with his wife, but certainly looked forward to feeding off her in the process …

* * * *

Hannah was with her best friend from college, Briana, who was in the kitchen, when Hannah got a text from Liza. “Way ahead of you, Lust! You won’t believe how good this feels!”

She smirked at her phone, and put it back in her purse. Hannah did indeed feel close to her goal. The hunger was almost unbearable, and there was little doubt she was gonna fuck Brianna. She was already working her friend on the subconscious level, wanting a bit of a slow seduction and change. Hannah was actively corrupting Brianna’s subconscious with pure lust. She wanted Brianna to consciously come to her.

Briana finally walked back into the living room. She had wavy dark brown hair, dark eyes, an average hight, and slim build. All told, Briana was the quintessential girl-next-door. She sat next to Hannah with two glasses of wine.

“I still can’t believe you’re a full-time prostitute now!” Briana exclaimed.

“Humph! Maybe I can’t either, Bri. Maybe I never really wanted to be a government regulator. That Academy really is great, and just liked what the training offered me. Sex is sex. Of course I like it, but it really is a viable career now.”

“Well, all right! Uh, what are the clients like, Hannah?” she asked, barely hiding unexplained arousal.

“No real surprises so far. Safety has always been a big issue for escorts, but the system works well enough. You can look up what I offer and don’t, and my ID card says all that, too. I can schedule anyone I want, even you, but most of that is done on the brothel end. We got an app. Light background checks now if done through the brothel, schedule at least two days ahead, decent health care.”

“So, if I wanna schedule time with you, I need to wait a couple days?” she asked with a sexy awkwardness.

Hannah smirked. “If I schedule you, it’s only as long as it takes to put you on my schedule. You can pay ahead, or within twenty-four hours. Brothel’s can get quite serious about past-due payments! Plus, I always accept tips.”

“Yeah …” she muttered, looking over Hannah with a look of confusion and arousal.

Hannah could practically taste the lust bleeding into her conscious mind. It was truly remarkable how little effort it to took for Hannah to corrupt her friend with demonic lust.

“So, hypothetically, I could, err, pay you now, and we could to whatever I want …?”

“Well, maybe not ‘whatever,’ but yeah, you’d have me for the night.” Hannah continued with a teasing smile, “I mean, you could just have me do your dishes theoretically, but that might put all my new skills to waste!”

Brianna laughed awkwardly, looking at her friend with a lust she never knew she had. “I never payed anyone for sex before …”

“If I personally schedule you, I won’t charge you more than 150 bucks. I can be well over 350 if you scheduled through the brothel. The Academy likes to pay their prostitutes a regular salary while working, so you’d just be paying to get on my schedule. A lot of brothels do commission, though.”

“You … really would let your friend become a client, Hannah?” she asked breathily.

“Why not?” she shrugged. “I know you. You’re not exactly into snuff porn! I’d be happy to have you as a client, Bri.”

“150 …”

“Like I said, as long as you pay by tomorrow.”

“You know, this is a crazy thought …” Her awkwardness was almost completely subsumed by arousal now. “… But I’m actually kinda sore from the gym earlier. Kinda over did it. Um, any good at massages, Hannah?”

“Sure, Bri. A lot of clients like that. I got the basics, even if we don’t have any lotion.”

“Wanna schedule me then?” she asked rather cutely.

“Definitely!” Hannah grabbed her phone, and put her friend into her calendar. “All set. All yours for the night. Massage and whatever you want, Brianna!”

About ten minutes later, Hannah walked into Brianna’s bedroom. She tastily lay naked on her stomach, sheet over her firm ass.

“All set for me, Bri?”

“Yeah, whenever you’re ready, Hannah,” she breathed.

Hannah drooled over how much more than a massage Brianna wanted. She slipped off her pumps, and crawled onto the bed.

“Just start with my legs, I guess.”

“No problem, I’ll take care of you, Brianna.”

“WOW! Fucking magic fingers …”

“Thank you.”

“UMMM …”

Hannah kneaded her way down to Brianna’s feet, making the moaning woman putty in her hands.

“Oh, Hannah … No one’s ever rubbed my feet before …”

“You have really nice feet, Brianna. They should be worshipped.”

“Not arguing … wow … get my back, Hannah.”

“Of course, Bri.”

Hannah straddled Brianna’s legs and began to sexually work the woman’s wanting back from soldiers to just above the ass.

“Can I have you do that every night …?”

“Well, I’ll have to check my schedule, Brianna,” she said lightly.

Feeling the tension melt away from Brianna’ back, Hannah almost too casually moved to the ass cheeks.


“You don’t like that, Bri?”

“Oh, it’s fine, Hannah … Just, didn’t expect you to rub my ass …”

“Every muscle can be soothed by a good massage.”

“Oh yeah?” Brianna asked aroused.

Hannah rubbed dangerously close to Brianna’s very humid pussy. Indeed, she moved closer with every squeeze, and then contact.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Brianna cooed.

“You like that?” She savored the juices on her fingers, now finding it very difficult to not see Brianna as her food.

“Don’t stop.”

Hannah resumed the knowledgeable fingering, making Brianna coo wildly. The Demon knew her way around an aroused pussy!

“OH God, ah-huh!”

Hannah then began to lick and suck hungrily Brianna’s twitching ass as she massaged the clit.

“EER, uh …” Brianna cooed in the lust.

Hannah began to increase her attention, starving for Brianna’s cum.

“Oh my God! OH, fuck! You’re gonna make me cum!”

The drooling Hannah then went down on Brianna’s clit, licking and sucking her meal. Her face was practically buried in Brianna’s ass.

“Holy SHIT, yeah!” She lifted her as and crotch into Hannah’s face. “Oh, fuck yesss! OH MY MY GOD, OH MY GOD … OH, SHIT YEAH!” Brianna came wetly.

The starved Hannah consumed every last drop, feeling teasingly close to her goal.

“Holy fuck, Hannah!” Brianna exclaimed, flipping to her back. “Never came like that before.”

“You’re welcome. Would you like to keep going, Brianna? You know I’m yours tonight.”

“Fuck yeah!” Brianna exclaimed in her amazement. “But, you only just popped my lesbian cherry …”

“Don’t worry, Brianna. I told you already, I’ll take care of you.” Hannah stripped naked before the horny and fascinated Brianna.

“Wow, you look fucking amazing!”

“Thank you, Bri. Us escorts gotta take good care of ourselves.” She did indeed ensure a subtly more muscular physique with her demonic powers.

Hannah guided the receptive Brianna into a scissor, and began to passionately have their wet pussies make out. At the same time, Hannah took Brianna’s foot, and began to worship the shapely member with her drooling mouth.

“Holy shit! You make me feel so good, Hannah!”

Hannah then presented her own foot to Brianna. “Take it. Just follow my lead.”

Brianna did as ordered, tasting a foot for the first time. “UMMM. Can’t fuckin’ believe how good your foot tastes and feels!”

Soon, they were all but unhinging their jaws to suck off their feet, wildly grinding their pussies. Then, Hannah knew it; she could feel it within her very being. She just needed to make Brianna cum again to have the lust-filled fuel to warp her genetic code in just the right way.

“Wanna cum again, Bri?” Hannah asked in a teasing beg.

“Make me cum, Hannah!”

“Wanna cum to pure lesbian lust?”

“Oh, fuck yeah!”

Pussies locked in lustful combat, feet deep in drooling mouths, wanting eyes staring in contest, they increased their motions exponentially. They moaned and cooed and writhed wildly in the growling lust. There was no stopping them. This was all either wanted now, regardless of the true reason. The lust grew and grew until they exploded in pure dark lust.

Hannah absorbed every drop, pussy literally sucking in the escaped juices. Her body, her soul took the fuel, and forced demonic lust into every possibly corner of her body, her bing. Through tightly clenched teeth, Hannah screamed, “OH FUCK IT’S HAPPENING. ITS EVERYWHERE. OH GAH … AHHHHHHHH …”

The Demonic Succubus fell to her back, reveling in her success.

“Hannah?” Brianna called, realizing in that moment how she almost only felt lust toward Brianna.

With a surprised smirk, she responded, “It appears you were quite susceptible to the corruption of a Living Demon.”

“What?” She somehow felt her words were true.

“You helped me become a Succubus. Thank you, Brianna. I’m going to truly feed on you now. And in return for what you helped me achieve, I’m going to subsume your dwindling humanity, and turn you into Living Demon.”

“Wha …!?”

Before Brianna could finish the word, Hannah leapt onto the shocked yet horny woman. She ground her pussy wildly on Brianna’s, licking and sucking and feeling Brianna like a piece of meat.

Feel the lust in you, Brianna … ERRR-Guh, let the pleasure of it take you.”

“HOLY FUCK, this feel so damn good!” Brianna growled, letting herself embrace the pleasure of it all.

Good, good, Brianna … oh, yeah … Let the lust flow through you!” she exclaimed in a harsh growl.

“Oh, God, OH FUCK … Feel so strange, so good … Oh, FUCK, Hannah, I want it!” she screamed. “Yeah, YEAH … YEAHA!!!” Brianna screamed in pure lust …

“I can’t fuckin’ believe you corrupted me with lust, Hannah!” Brianna exclaimed, as they aggressively stoked one another’s bodies.

“You can be whatever you want now, take whatever you want.”

“I can become a Succubus like you, Hannah?”

“Of course, or whatever you want to be. Living Demons are the most powerful beings on this world. Lust just happens to be what made you.”

“Interesting. I think I’ll have some fun first …”

* * * *

Hannah walked into her living room to greet the lust of her life, Liza. Now as Succubi, they embraced their bodies and souls in the purest of lust, finally merging their demonic souls …


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