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All my ebooks are currently free. Smashwords holds a great many works for free and for sale by many aspiring indie authors.Smashwords provides various formats for download, while the stories may also be read online.

Paperback editions on some of my stories are available here, as are some free ebooks.

My Twitter realm. Including this blog’s post previews, there is also NSFW content unique to the site. Consider this the new tumblr.

The Social Realm of Mr. Potestas
My Facebook realm. Including post previews from the blog, there is also content unique to the site. [Updates to this page can be irregular]

Mr. Potestas at EMCSA — Archive Home Page
The EMCSA or MC Archive. There are many, many erotic short stories within the Mind Control genre. All stories are free, and the site is updated weekly by default. It is run by the tireless Simon bar Sinister.
This site now holds previews of Journeys into Passion eBooks. There are also my early works, and early editions of many Passions Multiverse stories.

EMCSA via Svengali
Svengali is a search utility for the MC Archive. The system is user generated. Though supported by Simon, it is unaffiliated with the MC Archive.

The Mind Control Forum
The forum, which requires registration, is a central location for Mind Control ideas. Its major focus is on MC stories. It is a major location for discussing stories either to be published or are published on the unaffiliated MC Archive.

The Tumblr of Mr. Potestas
The tumblr realm is officially forced into retirement thanks to the inconsistently applied censorship.

Other Related Sites

Antjack: Antjack’s Female Possession and Mind Control
A purveyor of the weirdly erotic in TV and film. The blog contains a variety of MC videos, often edited in very unusual ways by the site’s author.

Black Pharaoh Comix
Primarily erotic fan fiction of DC Comics. Heavy on the erotic horror, mind control and transformation. Easily some of the best erotic 3D art and serial recruitment out there.

Chewtoy: Gently Bitten
A healthy array of MC erotica, particularly with a hypnotic slant. Other free stuff to choose from as well.

Chrystal Wynd (aka Dark Wynd): Chrystal Heights
Erotic mind control author, who often focuses on bimbo transformations. Other shades of mind control erotica are explored as well. NSFW Blog

Daphne’s Fantasies
A large selection of mind control themed videos and comics. The content is mostly written by Daphne Rosen, who is of no relation to their performer of the same name. The stories can be quite fun, even if the viewer isn’t interested in mind control. The site is also hosts the EMCSA.

Ian Cooke Tapia
An array of art and stories from the author, often with erotic or experimental themes.

Jukebox: Hypnosis Blog
One of the most prolific MC erotica authors. The work spans genres, while always working to churn out more.

Mary Brooks (aka Robot Unit 8): The Thoughts of a Wannabe Robot
Sci-fi erotica author, who often concentrates on transformations from human to robot. Prolific reviewer of stories on the MC Archive as well.

Tera: A Succubi’s Tale
A strong mix of stories involving Succubi and Incubi. The author often reviews stories, TV shows, costumes, and other media involving Succubi. The blog is also connected with a WikiGalleryForum, and soon Stories

Thrall: The Queen’s Thrall
MC erotica with latex, robots, and tentacles, usually concentrating on women controlling other women.

The list is far from complete! So …

Stay Mesmerized!