Blog Unbound: She-Wolf

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A Supernatural Tale. The aimless Lena awakens in a hospital after a horrible moment she did not yet understand. She is soon greeted by a man with answers to questions she did not want to ask …

Unbound Edition: eBook


Lena slowly pulled herself to consciousness, a steady beeping echoed somewhere. The last thing she remembered was drinking more than usual with her friends at some dance club. She was not really much of a partier, but the phone app she created with her engineer friend, Janice, took off more than they imagined, and Janice convinced her to celebrate. Lena must of made herself blackout drunk …

No … it was barely coming back to her. It was still more than hazy, but she was realizing that haze wasn’t just the alcohol. She met a man, whose face was not clear just yet. For reasons only drunkenness can explain, she left with the stranger. Time was remembered as a blur, before she found herself being fucked wildly in bed on all fours. No one ever fucked her like that before, but she loved it! She of course loveb the playful biting, being a bit of a biter herself.

Then, it wasn’t playful. What felt like sharp fangs were tearing though her neck. Pain, terror, alcohol, and adrenaline mixed within her in a way she did not fully understand but knew was her only hope. With strength she didn’t know she had, Lena threw the sharp toothed man off of her. There was a look of surprise for a moment in the transforming man’s face. His nose and jaw jutted outward into a distinct snout, and his green eyes became more canine. It was all still blurred from pain and drink, but the man was impossibly becoming a massive wolf with ever so subtle humanoid attributes!

Lena could only hold her bleeding neck, unsure if she could find that impossible strength again from the massive blood loss. Instead of instantly attacking, the wolf-man seemed to study her for a moment, as if still bewildered at his ejection.

Suddenly, someone bashed through the bedroom door. No, there were several, and only one of which not an apparent massive wolf. The one clear Human had a shimmering pistol in hand. Even through the growing haze, Lena could see an almost military air about him. She just barely caught sight of her inhuman assailant smashing through the window before blackness …

“She’s coming around …” a voice said distantly.

A few moments later, Lena could see an older woman in a white coat walking up to her. Lena was finally aware of being in a hospital. Not exactly any more shocking than being attacking by some Werewolf!

The doctor explained that she was in a coma for nearly a week, and under full life support for the first forty-eight hours of her admittance. Her neck injury and blood loss was so severe the the doctors didn’t expect her to survive, let alone be on track for a full recovery. The doctor was at a loss for how well she was healing, but was pleased nonetheless. Whenever Lena was ready, the doctor would perform some tests so they would better see the progress. She eventually asked Lena if she would be willing to speak to the detective on her case, and she agreed.

Soon after, a gruff, thirty-something man walked into the room. A pistol, which did not look standard police issue, shimmered in its holster.

“I … know you,” Lena observed quietly, bandaged neck a little sore.

“We haven’t formally met, Lena. I’m Jason Summers.” They shook.

“Last time I was pulled over, the cop didn’t have a gun like that.”

Jason pulled up a chair, and sat with an almost sly smile. “Well, people like me do policing in our own way. A Hunter is as good a description as any … You were attacked by a Werewolf, as I suppose you’ve gathered. Most Werewolves, Lycans, live peacefully amongst Humans and themselves. The males especially have a short temper, but they rarely attack Humans, except in self defense. Some think Humans don’t even taste good!”

“One did …”

“Yes,” he confirmed apologetically. “We all go a little mad sometimes, and some madder than others. Something snapped in the Wolf that attacked you. Stereotypically worships the Demon General Marchosias, a Demon with an affinity for wolves. Don’t ask me why; I don’t do psychiatry. All I know is, with the help of his old Pack, Jonas will be brought to justice for those he’s killed.”

“What about me?” she asked sensing something different within her, if only just.

“This part may be better discussed with Pack Leader Juliana. She’s busy at the moment planning our next move against our favorite rogue Wolf … I did promise her that I would help you in any way I can.”

“OK …?”

“I have some questions, if you’re ready. First, did you throw Jonas off of you, and if you did, at what point did that occur?”

“It’s so hazy,” she shook her head more at the directness. “Yes … I threw him off me after he bit into my neck.”

Interesting,” he said ponderously. “What did you feel at that moment?”

“… Strength. Strength I didn’t know I had … Fight or flight, right?”

“Perhaps … Now, be honest, Lena — I know this can be hard for some — are you Human?”

Lena was almost shocked at the question. “Yes, why?”

“Like I said, you don’t have to be Human to live peacefully amongst Humans … With your answer, tell me, how do you feel now?”

“I feel … I feel different. It’s like that burst of strength is still with me, but changed. It’s something else … The doctor said the wounds looked fatal. What happening to me, Jason?”

“Juliana will confirm and help, Lena … You were fatally bitten by a Werewolf, briefly overcame that Wolf, given a transfusion of Human blood, and are healing rapidly. Lena, I am sorry, but you are a very lucky woman …”

All Lena wanted to do was leave the hospital and just run; run away from what she did not want to believe was real. At the same time, she was always smarter than that. She was always among the smartest in school, but even into college, she lacked serious focus on what she wanted. A dual major in history and computer science had no real combined application in her mind. For the first time in her life, Lena felt focus.

She left the hospital the next day, already having received Juliana’s phone number from Jason. Her doctor recommended she stay longer, but all the testing and exams showed she was fine, to her doctor’s continued amazement. Juliana sounded both exited and apologetic over the phone, saying that she will send someone to drive her.

Watching the world go by was strange. It was the same yet different. It wasn’t that she was more aware of her surroundings; it was that she was aware in ways she did not yet fully understand. Lena eventually removed the large bandage around her neck, it starting to itch. The wound turned out to be almost fully healed, and no longer need to be covered.

They eventually drove up to a large house just outside of the city. Lena lived near the town, and vaguely remembered seeing the house in the local newspaper. It turned out to not be a true Victorian, in spite of the overzealous pointedness of its design, and was built practically as folly in the 1950s by an eccentric architect for some wealthy matriarch, who willed it to her niece decades back. It finally hit Lena then that the niece was indeed Juliana Barlow, as did her curious weariness.

Lena thanked the driver, who told her to just let herself into the building and find Juliana in the first room to the left. “Young Julie isn’t much for pleasantries!” he explained with a distinct respect for his boss.

Young?’ Lena kept circulating in her mind. Juliana was born in the 1930s, according to that half-remembered article, and it was definitely 2018. When she walked into the sitting room, that curiosity only grew.

A fully bodied, athletic brunette with a distinct air of authority casually sat on the old couch. She didn’t look more than thirty, and was quite taken by her beauty. At the same time, Lena caught the scent of something utterly delicious on the table in front of the woman.

“Have a seat, Lena. I’m Juliana. Call me Julie. I had a meal prepared for us.”

No matter how much authority Juliana excreted, which was a lot, she was remarkably gracious in her own way. Lena took the spot next to breathtaking Juliana, and began to realize that it felt as if she was exercising nonstop. Her muscles felt sore and worked.

Juliana studied Lena, and offered, “Go right ahead, Lena. I can tell you’re starving!”

With a very subtle grunt, Lena removed the shiny dome, revealing a very red and meaty dish. It smelled so amazing, but … “What is it?”

“Venison, flash heated,” she answered. “You thought it was Human?”

Lena laughed lightly. “Yeah …”

She smiled pleasantly with her full lips. “We only eat Human flesh under extreme circumstances, like when you needed a blood transfusion. Last time I had Human was ten years ago after a bad car accident. Shit, it was the most disgusting stuff I ever had! Had to switch to an old fashioned blood bag IV.”

“OK …” Lena said awkwardly, before digging into a bowl of meat like she never ate before. She was not exactly a vegetarian before, but definitely loved the meat more now. Lena resisted using her hands — opting for the supplied fork, but Juliana unceremoniously omitted silverware.

“The first thing you need to know is that you will transform fully into your Wolf Form under the full moon next week, and after, you should have control and understanding of yourself, with proper guidance. The moon shall have no control over you, as nothing will control you ever again. But to something more important … How are you feeling, Lena?” Juliana eventually asked.

“Confused, worn out, tired … Somehow even more alive and aroused than I’ve been in my life,” she answered, not bothering to filter her thoughts as she used to do.

Juliana smirked. “You are definitely an Alpha, like me, but that over simplifies it. You will transform more than most in your situation, but what you will become is something that was already within you. You will be you, but awake.”

“What do you mean?”

“Some Humans have what is often called the ‘Mimic Gene,’ a holdover from the earliest Humans if not even earlier. It became more or less dormant since the advent of civilization. It turns out that the first Vampire Lilith has this gene, and the most recent genetic research suggests that this gene is what’s responsible for the origin of vampiric and lycanthropic traits. Probably others we don’t know about, too. The legends suggest that the first Werewolves were a kind of intermediary for the first tamed wolves, but no matter how very long lived we are, eternity is not in our blood. For Vampires, who have some nuanced bat-like traits, the only Mimic Gene that mattered was Lilith’s, because a Vampire bite implants a copy of that gene via some retrovirus that activates if you drink some blood soon after, if I remember.”

“And I was bitten by a Werewolf …”

“It’s more complicated with us. We have no means of transferring Lycanthropy to Humans. In fact, both my parents were Lycan! For a Werewolf bite to do what it did to you, the Mimic Gene must already be within you, passively influencing who you are, and have a wolflike analogue on an etherial level I don’t understand. You remember how shocked Jonas was? The likelihood of a Human reacting as you did is very small. I am sorry that you were so lucky.”

“All my life, I just could not focus myself, and I feel that changing …” She was overwhelmed but felt the truth of the conversation. “Humph! Always liked wolves, and my boyfriends and girlfriends always complained I was a bit of a biter! … You said I was an Alpha?”

“Yes, you are. I smell it, I see it, I hear it. Omnisexuality is common amongst us Alpha-girls. People must have followed you blindly, no matter how much focus you lacked. Historically, we would be rivals, but I’m not that kind of Wolf. I sense you don’t even want to embrace a path like mine.”

Lena shook her head. “No. I don’t know what I want to do, yet, but I do know I don’t want to be a leader. I need to find my own way, and … yes, I want you to help me, Julie.”

“Of course, Lena … Come with me to the window.”

They walked over to the window, and Juliana opened it.

Almost tenderly touching Lena, Juliana breathed into her ear, “Look out there, into that sparse woods. Look as far as you think you can, and then go further. Don’t hold back, Lena …”

She did so. At first, she only focused to the distant tree line, but quickly realized she could go further, not quite sure how. Suddenly, Lena caught a curious scent. No, it was more than curiosity. Past the tree line, she saw a squirrel munching on something. She could not perceive it well whenever it moved, but its district scent enabled her to keep track of it. “This is fantastic …” Lena breathed.

“You’ve only just begun, Lena,” Juliana stated airily, now actively caressing. “Though you’ll remember little of your first transformation into your Wolf Form, all will be clear afterwards.”

“Oh … you have magic paws …”

Juliana then began to actively massage Lena, knowledgeably lessoning the strain of the tightest muscles. “Your Human Form is changing, improving so fast, Lena. Even your hair is lightening.”

It was an oddly happy feeling Lena started to feel at Juliana’s words and touch. Lena flipped herself around, never leaving Juliana’s caress. “I guess I always wanted my hair lighter,” she breathed, feeling powerful arousal. “Hair dye is kinda a lie.”

“Now, use those transforming senses, and sense me, Lena,” Juliana requested, with clear equal arousal.

Lena found herself actively sniffing the Lycan before her, gathering so much. She then used her eyes differently, processing her observations just as actively as scent. She could hear the strong heart, as she could hear her breathing in an unmistakable way. She moved her hands all over Juliana’s muscular body, unabashedly spending more time at the breasts and ass. With all her thoughts processing the mass of information, Lena found herself slowly licking, tasting her from neck to cheek.

“Wow …” Juliana breathed. “You may now know me better than any in my Pack …”

“Yes … You’re a kind yet neutral judge of character. Strong yet tender. Charismatic with a dry whit you’re easing for me out of sensitivity. You only want what’s best for your Pack and me … Your will is the collective will of the entire Pack, and have no true will of your own …”

“The curse of the Alpha with a Pack. I am nothing without my Pack, Lena … Go on. I can tell you know the last. The part I cannot hide from you.”

Pain … You feel responsible for Jonas’ insanity, and worse, you don’t know the how or why of it. You were always there for him and his family, but he’s lost to all of you by his own will. A part of your Pack, a part of your will is gone. You feel utter shame, and you’re not sure if I will make that better or worse. This pain is consuming you. You know that your Pack can aid you in healing this wound, but there is just enough pride in you to not ask for that.”

A tear escaped Juliana’s eye. “Now you know. Only you can know …”

Lena kissed her at the tear, and lovingly pressed her full lips onto hers. They quickly found themselves giving into pure instinct toward each other, almost ripping their clothes away. Instinct guiding them to fuck in a way neither experienced, knowing their similar Alpha natures would be incompatible with anything either had done. They were soon on their knees facing and holding each other tightly, breathing almost wildly, and intertwined their legs. They forcibly, passionately ground on their thighs, and they loving made out, tongues swirling within each other’s mouths. They moaned and growled in the intense passion. They wanted to help each other, make each other feel better, but they felt so much more in that moment. They soon came loudly, while starring deeply into their eyes.

The Alphas let themselves fall onto the floor, bodies still twisted together. They knew how they felt for each other. Saying they loved each other would be redundant. They needed each other. They silently vowed always to be there for be there for the other …

A phone started to buzz, and Juliana let out a distinct growl. “Shit … Tell me it’s you …” she said lightly to Lena.

She smirked not realizing it wasn’t returned to her when she discharged herself. “Police must still have mine!”

Juliana did a remarkably cute role in Lena’s eyes, and answered. “Yeah, what do you have for me, Jason? [He’s skipped town, Julie, and we’ve found no evidence he killed or attacked anyone since Lena.] Ah, shit. [Yeah …] OK, we’ll meet up in an hour at your motel to plan our next move.” She ended the call.

“Either my hearing’s getting better, or yours is terrible!” Lena said, sensing Juliana needed some kind of distraction, no matter how slight.

She rolled herself over, lacking the playfulness of a few moments ago, and smiled morosely, not really trying to hide anything from Lena anymore. She deeply sighed. “Let’s get dressed, and I’ll drive use over there, Lena. I think you’ll like applying that sharpening mind of yours … Don’t make this revenge for what he did to you, to us, Lena. It’ll destroy us and my Pack …”

The three of them were soon sitting at the motel room table looking over notes, maps and pictures. Lena instantly noticed how Jason acted around Juliana. Clearly he was very much an “in charge” person, someone hardened by a rougher life than Lena could ever imagine. Yet, Juliana, and now to a growing extent Lena, almost made him look uncomfortable and broken down. Lena was fascinated by his demeanor, as Juliana was unsurprised by it. It was as if Lena was looking at a man who fearlessly killed Demons, but was crippled at the sight of a clown. To anyone else, Jason’s mask of true grit was fully opaque, but to an Alpha Wolf, it was a mask of clear glass.

“At this point,” he sighed, “he’s off my radar, Julie. You both know I don’t want it to come to it, but I may not find him until he attacks someone again …”

“Could he be running on almost pure instinct?” Lena forwarded. “He certainly goes after whoever he likes.”

“Not pure instinct, Lena,” Juliana forwarded. “Growing up in a Pack and not being an Alpha would push him to instinctually come back and face my judgement. Of course, a Werewolf’s thought processes, like any Human’s, are not purely instinctual, Lena. If Jason here went on pure instinct, he might be cowering at my tasty feet, and I would tell him to cut it out. No offense …”

“None taken …” he said awkwardly, knowing how true that was.

“Jason is quite strong willed, and has more than enough experience to not always act on instinct. That reality is similar to Alphas: we don’t want cowering, but we are instinctual leaders. Jonas was always strong willed like many in any Pack, and he certainly never cowered at my feet.”

“Is it really not a possible that he’s and Alpha, Julie?” Lena asked.

“That might account for his individualistic behavior …” Jason added.

“Under the Alpha, none in a Pack is ever truly an Alpha,” she started ponderously, the possibly slowly churning in her mind since Jonas went wrong. “Now, to be clear to both of you, most Pack-leading Alphas are females. A lot of debate on why that is! However, there’s no reason why a male Alpha can’t lead a Pack, and I have positive relations with two such Packs …” She sighed. “This is where it gets complicated. An old, waning Alpha is always able to find and groom a new Alpha from within the Pack. If there’s more than one, all are groomed, but only one is chosen to lead. The others may build their own Pack, with the help of theirs. That might suggest an Alpha could rise long before, but I know of no instance when that occurred. Jonas, however, was born in 1976, five years after I took my aunt’s place at only thirty-six. The very presence of a strong Alpha prevents others from appearing. Quite an evolutionary advantage for us Alphas!”

“But, others can appear long before an Alpha’s influence wanes …?” Lena forwarded.

“In your case, Lena, we never met until today, so your Alpha nature was always free to exist, albeit dormant.”

“There’s never been an answer for rogue werewolves …” Jason said quietly.

Gears Lena never knew existed began to churn in her mind, and everything became clearer. “In some ways, I was always an Alpha, but a mix of my own choices and society prevented that aspect of myself from forming until the Wolf I am was forced awake. I do not want power, and never have. What I was as a Human will always steer what I will be. I am a Lone Wolf. … Something woke up Jonas’ naturally suppressed Alpha nature. But, how could he be an Alpha when Juliana is still so young and breathtaking? He twisted on the inside, and snapped. None of this is Julie’s fault. She had no reason to seek out an Alpha. Nature is far from perfect, but if Julie died unexpectedly, perhaps it would be an advantage for the dormant Alpha to step in. Jonas must have felt lost, and found a purpose he created for himself. Unlike me, he needed to taste power. Killing gives him the sense of power he never could have in your Pack, but I doubt he truly likes the taste of Human flesh.”

Juliana looked at Lena lovingly, and touched Lena’s soft cheek. “Lone Wolves always see the world in such a wonderfully different way.”

Jason cleared his throat, the site of two powerful women in harmony overpowering. “So, assuming he’s a Lone Alpha Wolf, what does that mean? Where does such a Wolf go?”

Lena took his tablet, and brought up a map of the area. “Now, I’m not him, but I always liked long private walks outside. There’s a trail system one town over I’ve always gone to alone whenever I needed to center myself. If you know the area well enough or have really good senses, you can find an eighteenth century structure built right into the hillside. An old root cellar, later used as a secret location to store arms during the Revolution, if I remember. I know I freaked him out, and it may be a good place to center himself. I’d be surprised if he’s still there, but it should be a good start in finding him.”

The three of them were moving through the woods toward the old structure, Lena in the lead. It was cloudy, but somewhat warm that early fall day. Juliana partially shifted into her Wolf Form to sharpen her sense of smell. Her nose and jawline were slightly pushed forward into a pseudo-snout, as her teeth were sharper with distinct fangs.

Lena suddenly stopped, feeling out of breath. Utter exhaustion took her in that moment. A fraction of a second after she started to collapse Juliana caught her.

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked them both, hurrying over.

“She’s becoming a Werewolf, you fucking idiot!” Juliana growled with a distinct lisp.

“Oh, shit, she’s transforming into Wolf now?” he asked, barely keeping himself from crawling behind a tree from the snap. He still recoiled considerably!

“No, Jason,” Juliana said more calmly, and forced, “Sorry …”

“I’ll be fine,” Lena said calmly, tiredly. “You can let go of me now, Julie.”

“Her Human form is rapidly transforming,” Juliana explained, letting Lena go. “You could say it’s preparing itself to handle the real transformation next week. This could have been much more relaxed for Lena if she was bitten earlier in the lunar cycle.”

“It’s … It’s not far now,” Lena stated, beating through the exhaustion.

They soon reached the overgrown structure. The exceedingly light scent of Jonas told Juliana that he was long gone, so she reverted fully to Human form. Lena quickly found a flip phone laying in the stone structure, and picked it up to show to Juliana.

“It’s mine … ?” Lena observed bewildered.

“I don’t understand,” Jason stated.

Lena opened the phone, which Jonas apparently charged, and found a number in the call log she did not recognize. Curious, Lena initiated a call.

“It’s you, isn’t it?” Jonas greeted in his unmistakeable growling tones.

“Yes … It’s Lena …” She switched to speaker.

Lena …” he repeated breathlessly. “I changed you, didn’t I?”

“Oh, I’m not done changing yet! … What happened to you?”

“You already know, Lena. I took control, and lost it by creating you! Felt something so different about you, and when you threw me across the room … You’re just like me … Oh, to mate with you …”

Lena glanced at the concerned Juliana and Jason. “Has it been worth it, Jonas? All the killing, the blood?”

“The joy of the kill …”

“You ran, you killed, and then, you stopped, Jonas. You stopped after you woke me up, and you ran again …” Lena then said honestly, “You’re afraid, Jonas. You’re afraid, just like me …”

Juliana looked at Lena with a look of surprise, especially in how Juliana did not sense Lena’s fear.

“I guess I hid it even from Julie … We didn’t know what we were, and we barely even know what we’re becoming.”

Monsters … once hidden under flesh …”

“No … to be a monster is a choice. You chose to kill, but you can still choose to stop.”

“If I stop, the Hunter will kill me if Juliana doesn’t first.”

Lena looked into Juliana’s tearful eyes, and knew Jonas was wrong. “You have caused a lot of pain, but we know Julie better than that. The Hunter will only kill you if Julie and me let him. None of us know what to do, but you can help up with that.”

There was a long pause. They all looked at each other knowing the hard truth of indecision Jonas had caused. Of course, a Hunter would kill the murderous monster without second thought, but his unusual advisory mode next to Alpha Female Werewolves overrode his usual methods. Plus, Juliana, who was breaking down, was not really capable of killing anyone. Jonas represented an near impossible situation Werewolf Packs and Hunters occasionally encountered. Werewolves were much more pacifistic as a whole than popular entertainment suggested.

“I …” Jonas finally answered. “I’ll see under the full moon …” He ended the call.

Fuck …” Juliana growled loudly, before collapsing onto the ground in tears.

Lena hurried over to comfort her, and they embraced tightly.

Jason was truly amazed at perhaps even more at a loss than they were on the next steps. He was glad Juliana was releasing her emotions, observant enough in his own right to see how she bottled it all within her. Even better, Juliana had Lena to help her with that release. He took a deep breath, and sat next to them. “You know …” he finally forwarded. “I can have a friend check the phone records. We might find out were he called from. Pretty easy data to get …”

Lena handed Jason her phone …


The rogue Wolf laid low for the next several days. Jason was unable to track him down, so there was only one real possibility left. At the same time, Juliana was teaching Lena everything she needed to know and expect. Though, as an Alpha, Lena’s first lycanthropic transformation might be a bit unpredictable, starting as Human. She might remember some of this initial experience, when the average Wolf would not. The transformation also might be less painful, based on Juliana’s observations of her faster than normal changes in her Human form. Regardless, Juliana’s Pack welcomed their new addition without any real friction. Lena was not going to be in charge, nor did she want to be. Yet, she was still an Alpha in love with their Alpha. It was an unusual relationship, but it seems masked by the crisis Jonas created. The real “friction” lay in Lena’s old life. There was no abandonment of it — she had no plans of never talking with her old friends and family again, but they all could see how the attack changed her. The awakened Alpha nature allowed Lena to keep to herself about being a Werewolf without needing to lie to them.

“So you’re saying Lena is just going to be bait?” Juliana growled at the stoic Jason.

“You got any better ideas, Lassie?” he asked flatly.

Juliana growled at him loudly with almost instantly sharp teeth, but she got the better of herself. This is what Jason did sometimes, when he could get away with it: poke at the raw nerve to make the other think in a kind of retaliation.

“You both know I’m going to change anyway …” Lena said quietly. She had noticeable physical differences in her “Human” form now and forever. Outwardly, she was easily a full inch taller, naturally light blonde hair, sexily athletic build. Inwardly, her body was all but primed for transformation into her Wolf form.

Jason glanced at his watch. “Moon’s rising in less than an hour.”

Lena quietly laughed. “All those movies show the full moon at night, and here I am about to truly become a Werewolf at dusk!”

Jason quietly stood watch outside with others in Juliana’s Pack, while Juliana led Lena to the basement room. Though not built for an Alpha, the room was for a Werewolf’s first, normally chaotic transformation.

“I expected chains …” Lena forced, feeling the final transformation about to begin.

Juliana cocked an eyebrow and smirked, “Kinky! … No, your body’s going to change so much, that wouldn’t help. Just a cinderblock room with a heavy metal door.”

Lena quietly sat on the floor in her easy to throw off robe. She fully understood was about to happen, was happening to her. Anything related to the moon would initiate the final phase of her transformation: light particles, gravity. Even the psychology of it played a role.

Time passed quickly, slowly realizing that she was only thinking about the moon. She wished she could see it right then, yet could somehow see it in her mind’s eye.

She suddenly fell over, growling loudly at her entire body screaming at her. It was not painful in the truest sense, but she could feel it all happening quite uncomfortably. She squired in jerky, odd ways, as her body began to shift unevenly. Upper and lower fangs began to jut out, as her pupils became doglike slits. The once dim room became crisper, with every motion of dust sharp and enticing. She found herself practically hearing that dust move, as her ears shifted and grew curved and pointed.

Suddenly, she set up, finding herself looking at her transforming hands. Her hands quickly morphed into distinct paws, as long black claws jutted outward. Dark pads forms at the fingertips and around the palms. Her feet similarly followed suit: they grew longer, pointing downward, with darker pads and extending claws. Her legs morphed to the changing feet.

Now naturally on all fours, growling loudly, her jawline stretched forward, as her nose became a distinct snout. A long, fleshy tail suddenly forced its way out from the bottom of her spine. Her mind was leaving her. Drool dripped onto the floor and onto her growing, golden fur. The equally blonde hair on her head soon lengthened, and beautifully flowed into the fur. The whole of her body had transformed into a large yet still somehow feminine beast. And soon, nothing …

Clawing at the walls. Screaming howling …

… Hunger for flesh … Disgusting meat flowed down her ample gullet …

“She’s quite the screamer!” Jason observed outside. The transformed Werewolves next to him gave an amazed look, and sneered.

A large raven colored paw touched his shoulder. He turned slighted to see the leader Juliana in her breathtaking Wolf-form on hind legs. She was larger than all of them (he suspected Lena was slightly larger), as her black fur shimmered hypnotically in the failing sunlight. He never understood how a She-wolf could still look so feminine and beautiful in that form. The image was rivaled by the one time he saw her as the Wolf in the moonlight, which he was sure he would see again this nigh. OK, yes, he had a serious crush on her, but Juliana was not the dating type, until Lena came along.

And then, Jonas appeared through the trees in his massive, brown-furred Wolf-form. His embrace of his Alpha nature actually allowed him to grow much larger than even Juliana. He struck terror down the spine of all of them, even Juliana, who cautiously walked over to him.

No language was needed. They all knew who he was there for …

Suddenly, a flicker of consciousness at a familiar scent. Yes, Lena felt her mind return to her, yet was still in her Wolf-form. Not expected, but she was an Alpha. The scent was Jonas. She almost instantly knew what she had to do to save Juliana and people she barely knew.

She bashed at the door she already damaged in her mindless state. Again, and again, until the door yielded to her surprising strength. Her shoulder and collar bone were painfully broken now, but she’ll live with the pain, knowing they should heal quickly via her transformative powers.

Lena quickly ran up the stairs on all fours, amazed at how natural she was at all this, and soon exploded to the outside, to the great amazement of all out there.

Juliana stood aside in awe and amazement at her love. Lena stood on her hind legs, all but equalling the hight of the massive Jonas.

“No more,” she barely iterated through sharp teeth.

He suddenly came at her, massive fifteen inch dick ready to explode his seed. Lena quickly grasped at him moments before he penetrated, and threw him aside. Her primal howl was of both her shoulder’s pain and domination.

Lena stood over the overpowered beast, and this time growled into his mind, “No more!”

She put her right golden paw onto the forehead of still defiant Jonas, and forced his body to transform into its now permanent Human-form as punishment, shrinking and deflating into a sweaty fetal position. Not an unheard of ability for an Alpha, but none there ever saw it before. Indeed, Juliana was not sure if she could do such a thing. She now knew there was nothing she could teach Lena that instinct and intuition did not already provide.

“No more …” Jonas said quietly with a tear.

Lena walked over to Juliana, who was ever so subtly bowing. All the others there, including Jason, unabashedly bowed to this powerful Alpha. Juliana and Lena’s eyes met, and what turned out to be harder than anticipated, Lena bent the knee to Juliana. This was Juliana’s pack, and Lena could not deny her that. Lena was an unorthodox Lone Wolf after all …

A man of swirling chaos stood impossibly unnoticed not far into the shadowed forest. “A happily ever after? I suppose that isn’t always a bad thing in the short term,” Jonas Triegg stated to you, caring little about the coincidence of sharing a name with a practically neutered Werewolf. “Chaos is in place. Nothing can stop that now, dear reader; not even a just ending with furry people … Now, we come to the nigh end. I shall be your shepherd. It shall come in the not too distant future, literally and figuratively. In a linear existence, all things must end …”


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