Blog Unbound: A Surprising Escort

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is set in the Escorts (Contemporary Drama) Mythos. The story follows Jason, who came home drunk and listless from his graduation party. Nothing happened but drinking, but he found himself to drunk to care. He hazily wondered into his sister’s room to make a life changing discovery … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

A Surprising Escort

I looked at the sexy woman underneath me, taking my cock with her perfect pussy. This was a woman I sexually fantasized about, but never thought such fantasy could become real …

Our designated driver dropped me off at home. I was more than a little drunk after the high school graduation party. We all secretly wanted to find some girl for the night, but that was just drunken jokes. It wasn’t some climax of a classic teen movie. All we were really doing was celebrating. Sure, we were eighteen with libidos in overdrive, but that just seemed to be satisfied through the internet. I was the only single one of the group of five. In spite of that libido, we were surprisingly honorable with relationships.

Anyway, I was indeed horny, and ready to drunkenly jerk off to some porn I download the other night. After an amusing struggle with the door lock, I walked inside to an empty house. I had the family dinner earlier with the parents, who then ran off to an unfortunately timed cruise for the next week.

I stumbled up the steps to the bedrooms. Not functioning rationally, I found myself in my sister’s bedroom, switching on the light. I don’t remember where she was right then, but she was at the family dinner earlier. Nicky was only two years older than me, and enjoying college. As smart as she was sexy. Indeed, she became more physically active in college, developing an athletic physique. She was about five feet and eight inches in hight, chestnut brown hair with a wide red highlight, turquoise eyes, C-cup breasts, long legs, and size nine feet.

Fine, I admit it! I was sexually attracted to my own sister. Seriously, she was fucking hot! I only, finally, admitted to this after seeing her home from college for the summer, though. Not that I expected even the possibility of doing anything more than secretly admiring her athletic figure. I obviously learned every curve of her body, orgasmically lusting how she just recently developed that athletic physique. Last month, I finally caught a glimpse of her naked perfection, triggering multiple wet dreams. I loved her as a sister, but lusted over her as a woman. I now actively worked to be close to her, without any delusions of sex beyond fantasy. Besides, I had no idea how she would react to her own loving brother secretly wanting to fuck her!

Through my drunken haze, I suddenly noticed what looked like an ID card on her bed. I picked it up, and went wide eyed. Excitement countered my drunkenness surprisingly well.

The front of the card stated: “State of Nevada Escort License … Professional Name: Red Jewel … Brothel: Trixy’s Ranch, Nettington, Clark Co.”

The back stated: “Client must where condom … Licensee may end relations with client at any time. If client does not break off relations on licensee’s request, client may face fine and/or jail time …”

It continued with a quick array off “interests” and “disinterests”: “Red Jewel is willing to be sexually submissive or dominant, but will not participate in BDSM encounters without prior consent. Enjoys fetishistic clothing elements like latex, stockings, pantyhose, etc, and physical elements like foot fetish. Willing to role play. Prefers to discuss what activities will occur prior to sexual activity.”

My cock instantly grew at a possibility I never thought possible. I was not sober enough to think anything through, while incoherent ideas flowed through me. So, I whipped out my phone, and took a picture of the card on the bed. Something more coherent will come to me tomorrow. I shut off the light, and stumbled into my bed, passing out …

I slowly woke up the next morning with that expected headache. Not as bad as I expected, though. I may be eighteen, but was wise enough to occasionally drink water while drinking!

Still, everything was a haze. I remembered plenty of drinking, coming home at some point, taking a picture of my sister’s license for some reason, and wondering to what was clearly my bed. Why did I take a picture of her driver’s license?

I did my habitual glance at the cellphone. It opened to a picture that instantly answered my trick question. I took a picture of my sister’s escort license! My sister is a licensed escort! Amazement and excitement and arousal overrode the distinct hangover. Coherent ideas flowed through me. We were close, so she would probably talk about it if I asked. I wanted to do more than talk about it. This was my chance to fuck the hottest woman I knew. I wanted a good mix of love and lust. Yes, I knew what I was going to do …

I walked downstairs to the kitchen to see my sexy sister sipping on some coffee. She wore a form fitting, black blouse, high cut white skirt, and flip flops. As was often the case when I saw her now, it took a lot of effort to prevent a full blown erection.

“Morning, Jason!” she greeted nicely. “Saw you passed out drunk when I got home. Hangover?”

“Nothing serious, Nicky …” I poured some coffee for myself, and sat across the table from her. “You know, you haven’t been around as much as I expected …”

She looked subtly awkward at the observation. “Well … Just resetting myself, I guess …”

‘Fuck it,’ I thought. I started a gambit to move things along. “I barely remember taking it, but I took this interesting picture last night, Nicky! I’ll text it to you …”

Nicky soon opened the text on her phone, and her eyes widened. “Shit …”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were an escort, sis?”

“Uh … It started fall semester,” she said quietly, but with a subtle smirk. “I was doing a paper for one of my business courses on the growing brothel business. Went to the somewhat controversial Academy of Nevada Escorts eventually. You can get training and a license at any brothel, but they’re changing the game with prostitute training. Wasn’t an active participant originally, but I really liked it …”

Liked it?”

She started to act excited. “It’s a well put together business! The regulations are just right now to ensure good health and money for the escorts and prostitutes, while profits are generally strong. The laws are set up very well to protect them …”

“So, you joined them?” I asked amazed.

“Yeah, I enrolled in that academy officially, and later opted for the advanced training course after graduating with the license. Don’t tell mom and dad, just yet … Um, turned out it kinda turned me on … Weird to tell you, but I learned I have a thing for linking money and sex.”

“You like getting paid to have sex?”

Yeah …” she confirmed with an odd smile. While we never advertised it, we weren’t exactly in dire need for money. “Sure, I love sex like anyone, Jason, but fuck, I love getting paid to do it! Pays for college. That academy changed me, opened me up to a great career, life.”


“Yeah! I totally wanna start my own brothel when I graduate with my real degree. It’s totally fine if I’m still an escort, too.”

“So … How’s it work, Nicky? Do I call up the brothel, or do I call you?”

“You wanna pay your big sister to fuck you?” she asked teasingly with an odd hint of curiosity.

Actually, that was a big yes — almost saying that truth, but I thought it best to keep her thinking otherwise. “Seriously, Nicky, how’s it work?”

She laughed quietly. “I have control over my schedule. Didn’t have to be, but that was how I wanted it. A client can call either me or the brothel, but I get final say. My schedule’s online, so it’s easy to set everything up. There’s a new security thing, too, with me calling in. Kinda loose, though. Not mandatory with regular clients, or clients I already know. That’s where I was last night. A couple hired me for a threesome!”

“Shit!” I exclaimed. “Hypothetically, assuming I don’t ask you to do anything you’re against, could I just pay you to do stuff?”

“Hypothetical games?” she smiled. “I really do like getting money. Hypothetically, sure, I’d do stuff if you’d pay me.”

“OK. Hypothetically, would you put me on your schedule if I pay you?”

“Sure, hypothetically, but paying me to put you on my schedule is not the same as becoming your escort!”

“How much?”

“To get on my schedule? Usually, I don’t have anyone pay to get on my schedule, and I’m 300 bucks flat for the night.”

“Come on, Nicky, play along! I’ll give you a twenty, and you put me on the schedule for tonight. You free?”

“Free for 300!” she laughed.

I scurried to my wallet upstairs, grabbed a twenty, and ran back down. I handed over the twenty, and said, “I’m callin’ the bluff!”

She went wide eyed. We played this game before, but it didn’t always lead to this. She took the bill, and said, “OK … You know, I’d say it was weird, but sometimes an escort is just an escort. I’ll spend time with you tonight!” She put on a sultry smile, essentially saying she’s was still playing. “With my usual fee, Jason”

“No problem!”

We officially set up the time for tonight at eight. After some minor convincing, she agreed to just have the location be at home. She was able to be truthful with the scheduling: Someone she knew well found out she was an escort and convinced her to become her client. Nicky said this was not that unusual, and wondered how many happened to be related …

* * * *

Night couldn’t come soon enough. I already withdrew the cash for my sister, we agreeing someone may notice our more than similar last names. We really didn’t have to do anything, but such a check normally meant sex in her profession. Nicky took my 300 a little awkwardly, yet it was an almost sarcastic awkwardness. “So, what do you wanna do, Jason?”

“Just think of this as me me teasing you! Just here to spend time with me and have fun.”

“OK …?”

“Let’s joke around a bit. Your card said you can be submissive, so just do what I say!”

“Sure,” she shrugged.

She didn’t yet know I wanted to fuck her brains out, I thought! “Be relaxed. Take those pants and flip flops off, and slap those feet on my lap. We’re gonna talk about your job!”

For her client, she did as instructed. Her casualness toward it all was really surprising to me.

Seeing her long legs, shapely feet, deep blue panties, and matching toenails, I thought I was very lucky she didn’t realize my cock was growing happily! Hastening my stealthy growth, I began to happily massage her sexy feet

“Really, Jason?” she asked amused, enjoying the attention.

“Just teasing you!” I began to lightly, casually tickling her sole. It took all my effort to not let it seem like more. Her feet were even better than I imagined.

She was totally fine with the attention, but the context of it seemed to amaze her.  Plus, her expression said she really did enjoy the rub, paid or no. “What do’ya wanna know?”

“So, what’s it like to fuck someone for money, Nicky? I’m really curious.”

“Well, I wish at least one of them is as good at massaging as you. Fuck! …”

“Thanks!” I’ve been studying massage therapy as a hobby, inspired by wanting to fuck my sister. Luckily, pure study was just good enough to make a positive impression.

“It does feel pretty good, Jason,” she finally answered breathily, “fucking someone for money. Like I’m consuming something they are fully willing to give … It’s not like I’m walking the streets, or have some brutal pimp. I chose to do this. A bit of a fetish, I guess …”

“Nothing wrong with fetishes!”

“Yup! My best clients are fetishists: feet, stockings, whatever. Taboo is kinda tasty fun!”

My heart jumped at that statement; though, I did not think she wasn’t directly referencing incest.

I began to rub more deeply, loosening every muscle beneath my hands.

“Oh, wow, Jason … You’re awesome,” she cooed, licking her subtly drooling lips.

“Thanks …” I licked my lips as well, and ordered, “Just lay back, close your eyes. Let your brother make you feel really good.”

She deeply sighed, nodding her head with a goofy grin and closing her eyes.

I began to work her ankles, before working her shins and calves. Breathing deeply and moaning in compliment, she shifted herself toward me to ensure I had easy access. Her legs were so damn smooth!

“Oh-umm, feels so good,” she muttered. “Delicious …”

I then moved to her knees, before deeply working her thighs. Her pussy and ass were so tantalizingly close. She was more than literally in the palm of my hands.

“You’re so damn good, Jason …” she breathed. Nicky was falling unconscious and semi-mesmerized.

‘Fuck it!’ I thought to myself. In a kind of gambit, I slowly moved my nimble hands toward her crotch. Her shaved pussy looked warm, inviting, mouth watering.

“Oh … ummm …” she moaned. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing …” I moved my hands

“Do whatever the fuck you want, Jason,” she requested hungrily. “Just a massage, right?”

“OK …” I carefully pushed the panties aside, and tenderly rubbed her slowly moistening snatch.

After helping me remove her panties, Nicky placed her hand on mine, and pressed it deeper into her lust. “Oh, my God …” she breathed. “I can’t believe this is happening … Feels so good …”

Furthering the implausibly successful gambit, I quickly shifted myself, and for the first time in my life, I began to make out with a juicy pussy.

“Uh-ahhh,” she breathed in true pleasure. “Uh … Oh, my God, bro …” She lay back, chest heaving, and closed her eyes.

Her juices dripping down my throat, I pulled back overwhelmed by the delicious passion of it.

“What’s that matter, Jason?” she asked breathlessly.

“Are you really OK with this, Nicky?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah!” she answered excitedly. “Fuck it, we’ve already crossed the line. Just fuckin’ make me cum, Jason!” She then removed her shirt and braw, revealing well proportioned breasts, as she then removed my remaining clothes.

Nicky suddenly grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me back down to her delicious pussy. Her hands held me tightly between her thighs.

“Oh, yeah, Jason!” she cooed. “You’re so good! Make me cum … Ahhh-YES! …UMMM-yes … Errr … Uh … Oh, my fuck, make me cum … YES! Yeah, use those fingers … I’m gonna CUM! Uh-HAH … YEAHHHH, JASON!”

I slowly pulled back, looking at the glowing woman, amazed at what just happened, the incest that just happened. I felt like my breath was literally taken away. She lay back, eyes closed, in the afterglow. I was so horny, possessed by arousal, my dick was painfully pressing against my jeans. In a quick motion I pushed down my pants and underwear, and lustfully shoved my throbbing dick into my sister’s hungry pussy.

“Oh, my God, Jason! Holy fuck!” she cooed in hungry pleasure and surprise.

I thrust passionately into her, making us both coo in time.

“Oh, fuck,” she pushed though the pleasure with amazing discipline, “put on a fucking condom, Jason …”

Smirking, I pulled out, and reached into my already discarded pants. I may have doubted this would come this far, but I was ready in case it did. I rolled on the latex, and presented my protected, healthy sized dick to my wide eyed sister. “Better?”

Amazed, she nodded with a hungry smile.

I quickly resumed my assault on her tight pussy, occasionally making out with her with equal lust. It was already glorious pleasure. I looked at the sexy woman underneath me, taking my cock with her perfect pussy. This was a woman I sexually fantasized about, but never thought such fantasy could become real.

I could tell neither of us would last long. We stared deep into each other’s eyes. There was true hunger there, while the pleasure was pure lust. She was just like me all along, I assumed. Yet, it seemed she never realized the incestuous desires as I did. We soon exploded in powerful orgasm almost at the same time.

I slowly pulled out of her, feeling utterly drained. Seeing how impressively full the condom was, Nicky teased, “Shit! Are you in love with your sister?”

“Oh, there’s no love in this!” I exclaimed, catching my breath. I removed the stuffed condom, and tossed it into the can. I lay back and ordered, “Get on those hands and knees.”

“OK …” she did so on the floor, suspecting what was about to happen.

I then began to spank her tight ass, sending waves of passion up her body.

“SHIT!” she exclaimed. “This is crazy AND awesome!”

Cock back to life, I began to spit into her asshole for lube, as I spread my spit over my cock. She relaxed her muscles in clear anticipation, and I thrust into her super-tight hole without hesitation.

“HOOO! FUCK!” she screamed in pleasure. “This is wild!”

I thrust joyously, making her growl and coo louder than myself. It was so good, I was sure I would cum long before her. Not that it mattered, she was ahead by one orgasm! I soon exploded into her ass with a massive load.

Breathlessly, she rolled over onto her back, while a drop of cum leaked from her ass. She captured the cum with her fingers, and slowly sucked it off. What happened to the rest? “Shit, Jason. So delicious. Should’ve had you put another condom on!”

“I won’t tell!” I teased, and lay back. “Wake up your new friend, and suck it off, Nicky.”

She shrugged with an excited chuckle, “Sure!”

Nicky crawled up to my limp dick, and picked it up with her soft hands. She lapped up a rogue drop of cum, before expertly bringing my dick back to life with her humid mouth. “UMMM!” she cooed, bobbing up and down.

“UUU-oh wow …” I breathed.

Her timing was beyond expert. I felt the back of her throat with my tip; then played with the tip with her tongue; then she hungrily licked up and down the shaft. Yet, it was the bobbing that was beyond anything I ever imagined. Her mouth felt just as good as her pussy and ass. She was just a master of the blowing art.

“Oh, my God … Oh, FUCK!” I exclaimed through the blinding pleasure. “ERRRRRRGUHHH.” Loads of cum squirted down her swallowing throat.

Nicky then crawled up to me, my cum leaking from her mouth. We soon lustfully made out, the salty, musky taste of my cum permeating our senses. She then teased, “You’re so fucked up, Jason!”

“Seems it runs in the family, Nicky …” I teased back breathlessly. “Just one more …”

“I must really turn you on!”

“I’ve wanted to fuck you for a while, but always left that as fantasy …”

She smiled deviously with an odd glimmer in her eyes. “Got a confession to make, bro. I saw you looking at me. I knew you wanted to fuck me, and I hungered for some paid incest. That academy made me live on sex! So, I decided to have some fun with you. The card you saw, I intentionally left it on my bed for you to find. You were gonna sniff my sex-covered panties eventually. Just a copy of the real thing. You didn’t pick up on how I said I was out working? We gotta have the card with us. So, we’re now having a delicious time with each other!”

“… Wow …” I couldn’t believe what she was saying! My own sister manipulated me to pay and fuck her? Fuck! I should be pissed, but I did want to fuck her. I looked at the erotically charged woman, and felt my dick reinflate. This was so awesome. I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to fuck another woman if she wasn’t there. I was … happy she made this happen. “Give me a foot job, Nicky. Best for last. Then we’ll lick the cum off your feet.”

“Sure! Foot stuff is tasty.”

She lay back, and passionately began to rub my hardening cock with her soft soles. Like with her mouth, she just knew what to do, and my cock ballooned joyously to heights I did not know possible. I stretched, expanded almost painfully to easily more than an inch more than it ever had, the greater girth leading to more pleasure than ever. Her foot-pussy, too, felt impossibly as her pussy. So warm, so soft. It was as if my sister was now built for sex.

“Fuck! You’re so awesome Nicky,” I complimented through my moans.

“So are you, Jason! If I knew incest felt this delicious, I would’ve seduced you long ago,” she agreed in her drooling joy, and began to rub her wet pussy.

She passionately moved her warm arches up and down my throbbing member, occasionally teasing with her tasty toes. I lay back, letting my mind turn to mush. Out of everything we already did, her foot-pussy was the best. My sister was a sex professional, and her feet may well be the best she had to offer for me.

Suddenly stroking my feet and rubbing her pussy harder, Nicky lustfully growled, “I want your cum all over my feet, bro. I wanna feel your cum drip down my leg.”

“Oh, yeah!” I growled back. “I’m gonna cum all over you, sis!”

Loudly, cuming in near perfect time, massive blobs of cum spewed out of me. A pleasurable feeling of utter emptiness soon overwhelmed my crotch and being. I was hers now; no other could compare unless she had another join us.

Licking her lips, Nicky grabbed a cum covered foot, and happily ate my thick globs. I sat up, and grabbed the other equally as messy foot. I can’t say I loved the taste of my own cum as she did, but the combined taste of her foot made that not matter.

Feet clean, Nicky crawled back on top me for a lustful make out.

“Wow …” I breathed. “That was wild, Nicky. Do I have to pay you every time I want that? I don’t wanna fuck anyone else …”

She put on a large, hungry smile. “Humph! Nah … just practice! Besides, fucking you has been the most satisfying of all my lustful meals …”


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