Blog Unbound: The Return

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s note: The following story has related plot threads to Cosmic Passions: The Return, but is largely unrelated. This story concerns Joanna, who disappeared not long ago. The police never found her body, let alone car. No one was officially implicated in her disappearance and assumed death. Her fiancé desperately sought closure, and stumbled upon a Witch willing to help … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Return

“Are you sure this is what you want, Mr. James? We don’t even know where she went,” the graying Witch asked with sincerity.

“Even if you can’t bring her back, I need the closure. I told you she was just never found,” I stated with certainty.

“OK … Like is said, we don’t know where she went; we don’t know if she is still alive. That means contact with a place beyond this realm is possible. Such otherworldly contact can be unpredictable.”

“Doesn’t matter. I just have to know!” I cried.

With slow deep breaths, the Witch began, “Watchers of the crossroads … St. Christopher of the Christians … Hermes and Khansu of the West … Xaman Ek of the Far West … Lam Lha and Chun Kuei of the East … we seek knowledge of the lost Joanna. Of the many crossroads between life and death, has she crossed your gaze?”

Joanna, Anna, Anne was the love of James’ life. She had a rough past of which she told him little right away out of shame he forgave. The healthy, dark haired woman was once a prostitute. She began as such while in college to help pay for college. The worst mistake of her life, she told him. She had sex with numerous men and women, only to barely achieve a degree in history. In simple terms, she was bisexual, but the better description was sexual openness. As she related, thanks to a tanked economy some years back, she was unable to do anything with her degree, finding herself continuing with the prostitution briefly. Luck, as she put it, brought her to work as a stripper in the local club, which was hated by the same residents that frequented it. Always telling James she should have become an accountant, she quickly moved away from that pole to do more work with the club’s administration. She even learned how to bartend to occasionally cover for some of her coworkers in a way that didn’t have her back on stage.

Ironically, James first “met” her while she was still stripping. It was during a bachelor’s party for an old friend, but the club wasn’t his idea. Her dark eyes and light skin were the best thing about that night for him. No stripper should be that beautiful, he though to myself. He later learned how gloriously dark her skin became during the summer, taking after her Latin father.

A year later, he found himself back at that club one afternoon. Between noon and six, they functioned as only a bar thanks to some local law. He was just laid off from the job he came to hate. The emotions flying through him at that lonely moment spanned the spectrum: no longer needed to quit the terrible job, but no longer had a job. The month long severance and whatever other pay he was entitled allowed for a good freak out period.

“Not sure if I’ve got something strong enough for you!” the woman said curiously.

“Home’s a five minute walk. How ‘bout something to shut me off for a couple hours?” he requested, slowly looking up to the pretty bartender.

“Sure, I think I’ll whip up something good for you,” she said with a very sweet smile. She wore a form fitting blouse that exposed her cleavage and stomach, along with tight and shiny black pants.

“I’ve seen you before …” he observed.

She smiled back, mixing. “You wouldn’t be the first!”

Though the words did not seem that way, her tone was more than empathetic.

“Worked here for a while; mostly business admin now. Kinda the head secretary that doesn’t mind talking to the socially lubricated!”

She handed over the scotch glass. The liquid was a dark brown color, and smelled mostly of brandy.

“Something I invented just now for a customer in need,” she said very sweetly.

He sipped with a smile. It was mostly the brandy he smelled, with other elements he didn’t care to figure out. “Thanks …”

“I’m Joanna” she greeted, hand extended.

He shook it somewhat lightly. “I remember you now!”

“I did make some good shit!”

Joanna Allure. You were stripping here a year ago. We escorted a friend here for his bachelor party.”

“How’s his marriage?” she asked, not denying my memory.

“They’re fine, last I heard … Don’t wanna sound like a creep, but … I was really taken by you!”

“Not enough to remember me right away!” she retorted lightly. “My real full name is Joanna Keelson. Call me Anna. Showed some ambition here, and got rewarded!”

He sipped at the strong, sweet beverage. “James. Not hiring are you?”

“I can ask the boss if we’re looking for a male stripper!”

They both laughed. “Not that athletic, Anna! Must be quite the exercise up there.”

“You have no idea, James! I’m pretty fit, but you become a fucking athlete up there.”

“Didn’t like it much?”

She shrugged cutely. “I like talking with customers, and no one said stripping was a career. Not every guy or gal here for the strippers is as nice as you. Ever wonder why most places, including here, have the stripper back some feet?”

“Men are pigs!” he said lightly, starting to feel the strong drink.

“And women are bitches!” she added lightly. “Seriously, women can be just as crazy as men in here. You’d be surprised at how close the male-female ratio is. There’s usually more men, but its closer to half on some nights.”

Like a year ago, he was taken by her, if not more so now. Who can really explain attraction beyond sexual? “Guess you found the better job, Anna.”

She smiled in a way that was almost regretful. “Yeah, I did. Feels like I cheated sometimes, James …”

“What do you mean?”

Even through the tipsiness, he could tell she was talking more about herself than she normally would. “Well, you know what the economy was like a few years ago. A history degree is useless in that environment! Stumbled into this place, forced my way into almost running the place. There’s a cheat in that somewhere!”

Was she glazing over something? Probably. But, who doesn’t glaze over some things when giving their life story?

They talked for who knows how long. If time could be counted in drinks, it was three. Sure, there were breaks — she was working, but they really talked like it was some first date. James let out the woes of his old job, and she, oh so quietly, let out the woes of hers. She was forward, smart, funny, gorgeous. He thought he was too shy for and undeserving of such a person.

“Hey,” she suddenly forwarded quietly. “I never do this with customers, but, err, I’m off in ten minuets apparently. Maybe we can grab something to eat …?”

His heart skipped a beat before racing. All he could do was nod …

The aging Witch broke my trip down memory boulevard with a bewildered look.

“What’s wrong?”

“I cannot say completely,” she answered breathlessly. “What I do know with certainty is not my right to say.”


“She will tell you herself. She is returning, and will likely beat you back to your home …”

The moment I jumped out of the creaky Victorian chair, she grabbed my wrist.

“Be cautious with her, Mr. James. What has happened today is far from common. I can say no more, as what is to happen is to be the choices of you and she …”

I was in such a confused daze driving back home. What just happened? What is going to happen? Will she really be home waiting for me?

Now presumed dead, James’ fiancee went missing over a year ago. One morning she went to work as the assistant manager of that strip club, but never came home. Her boss claimed she left work around 5:30pm, which was normal for her, and was “normal” all day. Indeed, the parking lot cameras showed her leaving at exactly at 5:33. Then, there was no trace of her. Even her cell phone could not be reached or found. There wasn’t even a bridge on her commute to drive off. All the usual motions were followed by the police, not that the overwhelmed James would strongly remember any of it.

Both terror and anticipation flew through me at my front door. I turned the knob, under the inexplicable belief she left it unlocked, if she was really there.

It was unlocked … and there she was, as promised! She looked deathly pale, and more bewildered than myself. She was wearing the same light red dress she wore the night she disappeared. The difference was that the dress looked curiously soiled, in contrast to the rest of her.

“Anna?” I breathed.

She looked over to me with a confused look I couldn’t understand, before oddly smiling, “Hi …”

“What happened to your car?” That was all I could make myself say in my overjoyed bewilderment. It certainly was not in the driveway.

“I don’t remember …” she said. Also answering what I meant to ask, “I … remember meeting with my boss. Then, blank … Then a voice I didn’t recognize. Or was it voices? I think I remember following them. Then, I was unlocking a door, our door. You came in a few minutes later …”

I honestly tried to just sit next to the oddly distant woman, but found myself lovingly hugging her instead. She responded in kind, always the hugger between the two of us.

We soon kissed deeply, lovingly. Well, I quickly realized great want and need on her end. If that meant anything different, I didn’t care! The love of my life came back to me.

We quickly removed our clothes as if she had not had sex with me in decades. And soon, we were naked, with her humping me on her knees above. She was often on top, but her aggressiveness was as different as it was pleasurable. While I loved her with every ounce of my being, every motion, every coo from her seemed more like lust compared to mine. At the same time, the pleasure was greater than it ever was, while it was normally good. She suddenly came wildly long before I did, yet still thrust herself into me like a wild beast. It felt as much like Joanna as much as it didn’t.

“Holly fuck, Anna! I’m cuming! FUCK!”

Joanna slowed her motions, and looked down to me at first with a hungry smile. That bewildered look again washed over her. It was as if something did not happen as expected. She soon lay on top of me and said, “I missed you … Feels like I’ve been away forever …”

Still in each other’s arms a half an hour later, I finally asked, “We gotta tell others you’re back, Anne …”

She looked at me with a confused and worried look. “We … We have to wait, James …”


“I don’t know …” she answered honestly. “Transition? How long have I been gone?”

“Over a year.”

A year!? Feels liked I’ve been gone for … No … I don’t know …”

I hugged her warmly, not wanting to let her go ever again. “It’s all right. I get it, Anna. l’ll get you up to speed. Jog that memory. Get you back to the rest of the world. OK?”

She nodded with a smile, and kissed me deeply …

She didn’t join me in bed right away. She just wasn’t tired. Though, I did wake up to her quietly sleeping next to me. I could not bring myself to wake her, lest that irrational fear of making her disappear would come true …

I came home from a strange day at work. Strange, in that everyone still thought Joanna was missing, while everyone noticed how I was visibly more upbeat. They clearly assumed I was starting to move on, but that was obviously far from the truth.

“UMMMM … Oh, wow!” I heard Joanna coo from the bottom of the steps. A part of me still feared she would again gone, so I was overjoyed to hear her.

I walked over to a truly unexpected site! Clothes on the floor before her, Joanna was licking, rubbing, and sucking her feet. It looked as if she was fucking her own feet. She was always a bit flexible, but I never saw her do such a thing.

“Joanna?” I called breathlessly, barely noticing how she looked much lass pale than last night.

She pulled a spit soaked foot from her stretched mouth, and answered wide eyed, “Oh! I, uh, had an itch on the sole of my foot …”


She looked at her dripping foot hungrily, lustfully, before looking back to me. “Yeah, I sat down here, took the flip flop off, and scratched. And then, I felt my foot’s softness and sensitivity.” She began to rub both feet hungrily, pleasurably, and continued, “Feels like rubbing my pussy! They taste and feel so fucking good in my mouth, James!”

I was utterly amazed and surprisingly aroused. Sure, I had no revulsion toward feet, but I never thought of them as sexual.

Drool connecting her lips to her bug toe, she offered deeply, “I got two, join me!”

Finding no reason to say no, I tool the soft, rather sexy offered foot into my hands. The more I rubbed the silken, long toed thing, the more I liked it. Combined, Joanna sounded almost orgasmic from all the attention to her aparentally very sensitive feet.

“I wanna feel your dick between my soles,” she stated in a deep, hungry voice alien to me.

I was so aroused by it all that all I did was push down my pants and underwear. Seeing my full dick, she quickly clamped her fleshy, spit-lubed soles around it. She stroked me like a wild pro. The warm, moist cavern between her arches almost felt like her pussy, as she reacted in loud coos as I was. Soon we both exploded in a massive orgasm.

Sitting next to the steps out if breath, Joanna did something yet more surprising than even the footjob. She licked my plentiful cum off her legs and feet. I wanted to say the look was of love and joy, but there was something else with that joyous hunger. Something else I was not sure even she understood …

We were quietly eating dinner a while later. She was more picking at the food, though, but then a gain, she was never a big eater.

“I kinda want to talk about what we did at the stairs, Anne …”

She looked over to me with an odd smile. “I thought you liked it, too?”

“Uh, yeah, I loved it! It’s just we never did anything like that before. You’ve never … eaten my cum before …”

That bewildered look washed over her again. “I guess not … I’ve just been feeling different since I’ve been back, I guess. Maybe I’m just trying to ignore whatever the hell I’m not remembering.”

“What do you mean by different?”

“Became a shrink over the past year, James?” she teased like the woman I always knew. “Something is different, but those aren’t the right words … It’s like I only feel different because I don’t remember what’s changed, and whatever’s changed is something that was a fact for a long time.”

“You’re saying it’s like if you lost all your teenage memories?”

“Something like that …” she shook her head. “The world really hasn’t changed — only me, and I can’t remember why …”

“I really think we need to call someone, Anne. Something obviously happened to you. Maybe there is someone that can help …?”

She shook her head like she was remembering something. “No … not yet, James. I know you understand. I need to reset myself in familiar surroundings, convince myself I’m really home.”

“Just tell me the moment you remember anything, OK? I’m here for you, Joanna. I love you.” I reached out to her hand.

She grasped it, and said almost out of barely remembered habit, “I love you, too …”

I walked into my bedroom that night to a sight that would have stopped the heart of an older man! Joanna was sitting on the bed naked apparently waiting for me. What surprised me was how I could not stop looking at her feet! It was as if she implanted a foot fetish into me, and seeing those beauties naked again rooted it even deeper.

“Anna?” I breathed, highly aroused by her amazing body lit by the blue moonlight.

She spoke toward my crotch, “I see a part of you has the right idea!”

There was no resistance toward the gorgeous woman, who I loved beyond anything. I stripped quickly, and crawled onto the bed of the woman opening her legs wide. Lovingly making out with her, I thrust myself into her warm snatch. In that moment, she was truly back home to me.

Suddenly, I found myself lying on my back with Joanna almost lustfully thrusting into me on her knees. The pleasure was mind numbing for me, while she almost growled in her hungry coos. Sure, she always was a bit more, well, active than me in bed, but this was more: She was in total control. At the same time, I saw her rubbing her mouth watering soles, clearly deriving the same orgasmic pleasure from them as before. My eyes were glued to the site. How I did not cum prematurely in the ecstasy was impossible to fathom right them.

In a nimble motion I never knew she could do while thrusting, Joanna swung her right leg and foot toward my mouth. All I could do was open wide to receive the delicious thing. I’m not sure if the resulting image was understandable to the outside observer. Sensitive dick inside her and sensitive foot inside me: we were inside each other. She suddenly exploded in a dark ecstasy beyond my understanding in my mushy mind.

“CUM, JAMES!” she ordered darkly while still in orgasm. I did so a moment later, harder that I ever had in my life.

The next thing I knew I was on the edge of passing out with Joanna laying on her side, facing away from me.

“What did that feel like to you?” she asked just above a whisper.

I rolled to my side, and placed my hand on her shoulder. “What?” I barely breathed.

“Did it feel like we made love?”

“I, uh …” I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that at first. “It felt intense … I love you, Anna …”

“It didn’t feel like love to me, James …”

“It was very different … Are you OK?”

She rolled around to me, teary eyed. “I’m filled with such lustful thoughts …” She continued with an an almost dark growl. “I wanna shove a strapless dildo in my ass, and dry hump your ass with it until we cum.”

I was taken aback. It seemed many steps beyond fetishistic acts with feet. Given the right mood, I could be open to many things sexually. Yet, such deviant an act was never something either of us ever uttered. “I … don’t know what to say to that …”

“Just fucking hold me …”

We soon fell asleep in each other’s arms …

I woke up the next morning, Saturday, to an empty bed. Before any irrational fear overwhelmed me, I saw a note on my end table: “Seeing my old boss. Didn’t want to wake you. Sorry I’ve been so off since I’ve been back. Anna.”

Not long after I had my breakfast, she texted me that she was coming back home with some news. Interestingly, the text came from her bosses phone. I guessed her cellphone was still lost!

I casually walked down to the living room after a shower to see how overloaded my DVR was. My heart suddenly skipped a beat. Joanna was sitting up on the couch with a seductive smile. She was wearing form fitting sweat pants and tube top. Something had changed in her demeanor, or perhaps something more was understood. At the same time, her skin color was it’s deep, natural tan unlike the other day. Her top flew off just as seductively. On her hands and knees, ass and feet in full view, she slowly, painfully rolled off her pants and almost see through panties.

There was no love in any of this, while I was utterly lost in the eroticism.

Now fully naked, Joanna lay on the couch, wanting to be fucked. I walked over, while she went to her hands and knees. A thought not my own entered my mind: fuck in the ass. I wanted to enact it like I was the one that came up with it.

I soon found myself dry humping her tight asshole. The pleasure was glorious! One of her feet lifted, and my hand automatically groped it. Then, somehow not of my own free will, my hand moved to my own asshole. In less than one thrust later, I was massaging my own prostate with my ring and index finger. The dark pleasure almost doubled.

“Cum inside me!” she suddenly growled with a distinct resonance.

A moment later, I came harder and longer than I ever had in my life. Flashes of intense pleasure flew through me in what must have been multiple orgasms. My balls started to hurt from the almost continuous load.

A moment after I finally finished, I somehow was on my back with Joanna on top of me. Terror inexplicably filled my senses. Though somewhat hazy from the fever dream of sex, all my will was mine again. The love of my life suddenly had bright yellow eyes and multiple fangs. She hungrily licked my neck. I thought she was going bite and kill me, while I realized the horrifying look was of purely sexual lust.

“What the fuck?!”

“I finally remember everything, James! I remember what happened to me, and what I became … I became a Demon of Lust in Hell,” she said with a hungry growl. “The taste of Human blood filled with lust finally brought it all back!”

I was utterly speechless. There was no reason not to believe her — given her appearance, but I was utterly overwhelmed.

“I never lied to you in life, my lust, but there are things I could never tell you. Thanks to your love, I forced myself to forget a terrible and wonderful moment … I told you I made myself into a prostitute in college, and continued as such after. What I never told you is that a pimp forced me into his employ, leading to the worst months of my life. I fucked him as a client, and he blackmailed me to be one of his fucking whores …”

I shook my head in disbelief, finding myself not wanting to know.

“But, you have to know, James,” she said seriously. “Yes, mind reading is a power now … Anyway, my path eventually crossed with a man I now know was a Demon. I don’t know why he came to me specifically, and I don’t think I ever saw him again. He offered the door to a new life, while I would need to actively work for it. The payment was my soul. What else? Since he claimed to like me, he did not attach a certain number of years. Instead, he said that my debt will be paid at the time of my death, whenever that occurs. In my depressed state, he sounded like some motivational seminar speaker, and might as well have been. Desperate for escape, I agreed. The next day, that pimp died from a drug overdose — even though rarely did drugs, and by the end of the week, I was having a drink at that strip club, which just happened to be looking for a new stripper. You know the rest.”

“The rest until you disappeared …” I blurted.

She smirked oddly, fangs glistening. “The day was perfectly normal, until my boss decided to kill me.”

“The Demon used Bob to collect your soul?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she said with wide eyes. “I stumbled upon evidence for his very recent ties to organized crime. I think I could have remained quiet, but that wasn’t enough for him. Everything happened quickly. He told his ‘new’ boss, who told him to just kill me. Objectively impressive cover up from both Bob’s altered parking lot video to the dirty cops.”

“Then, you went to Hell?”

“Yes …” she confirmed with a distinct moroseness. “Does it surprise you that I still remember what it felt like to be Human? To remember what love felt like?”

“What happened to you there?”

“Nothing good,” she said with a sarcastic smirk. “When a Human goes to Hell, they often find themselves in a ‘place’ inspired by their life. As such, my handler was a Demon of Lust, personally transformed by the lost Demon Master Asmodeus … In what amounted to decades from my perspective, I found myself raped daily, as I was constantly subjected to every possible form of lust with a good emphasis on sexual lust. ‘Rape’ might be the wrong word there, because I was only ever fucked. It was all training really. A kind of incentive. Lustful pleasure in Hell is more intense than any Human can imagine. Me taking control was the idea, and I fucking did! The love in me was already fading from the daily fucking. For that is a Demon at its core: a human soul without love. The more I happily fucked, the less love I felt, until I felt no love. The loss of love, replaced by demonic lust, came with a longing for what was lost. Then again, what options was I given from my demonic teacher, who grew so proud of me? It is so easy to demonize a Human in Hell when you know how to alter another’s perception of time. I converted several in mere minutes, while they felt decades. In time, making others Demon may have made me forget what love felt like.”

“Were you becoming some kind of Succubus? Are you a Succubus?”

She lustfully smirked. “I was open to becoming one. A Demon of Lust often takes that tiny leap. Then, that Witch opened a path back to life. How could I resist with all that longing? Already being a Demon, none stopped me from leaving. The path to my old body was one that led to great power! It made me a Living Demon, ready to do and become almost whatever I wished. Still, was a bit jumbled at first, as you remember …”

“What about Bob?” I asked in terror and even expectation.

“I didn’t kill Bob. I paid my diabolical dues, and Bob unintentionally ensured I did so earlier than later. So, I let him live with the horror and remorse by revealing I live with no way to change that …”

Joanna? What the fuck!?” Bob asked in horror at the woman he shot with the gun sleeping in his desk. Sweat beaded on the balding middle-aged man’s brow.

“I was hoping you could tell me? … My memory isn’t quite what it was. I apparently disappeared for reasons I now feel comes back to you, and it feels like I’ve been away for decades!”

“I … killed you …” he said, eyes tearing.

“Yes, that makes some sense …” she said ponderously, the memory of her death awakening in the distance. “If I died, I would have went to Hell. It’s only a matter of time before I remember what that really means, I’m sure … What I can’t remember, I seem to now feel … Should I enact my vengeance or thank you, Bob?”

He was as bewildered as terrified. Her words made less sense than her apparent resurrection. The murder was slowly destroying him on the inside, and he could not bring himself to even consider shooting her again. Indeed, he looked at that small revolver every day, wondering if he should use it on himself or confess his horrid act.

“Perhaps both to help jog the memory?”

She dropped her red dress to reveal her perfect, naked body. Hungrily, she walked to him, kicking off her shoes.

“Unzip for me,” she ordered, almost with a resonance.

He did so.

She went to her knees, as she opened his. By mere touch, she awakened his terrified member, and began so suck it off. Up and down she relentlessly bobbed. The man grunted loudly, as the reborn woman groaned. He soon came prematurely, massively down her throat. She swallowed the lust filled juice, stirring her very essence.

“I’m still hungry!” she growled, now with a distinct resonance. The moment of her death was now clear to her. Yet, the sense of the still out of reach memories somehow prevented vengefulness.

Joanna looked up to him. Bob almost screamed seeing her eyes awash themselves in a powerful yellow, while distinct fangs grew. She then grabbed his limp wrist, and plunged her virgin fangs into the flesh. He grunted loudly. The passion filled blood forced the memories of Hell from her demonized soul into her living mind. Everything became clear …

“I run the club now, James, but I wanted to keep him as owner so we get to see each other often …  There’s one thing I need you to help me with, James.”

“Anything!” No matter what she became, all I wanted to do was help her.

“There are so many little known loopholes and exits the realms science does not yet understand … There is no love left in me, James, but my power as a Living Demon and the love you feel may fix that. I don’t think I can ever be Human again, but you can help me become a Succubus that may not be demonic. I know the ritual of becoming a Demonic Succubus by heart, and if I syphon even a dash of love from you, I may be able to cultivate it in myself to at least no longer be demonic.”

“OK …” I agreed overwhelmed.

Good. Now, you make love to me. I know you felt lust toward me since I’ve been back, but suppress that. When I drink your blood when you cum, I need it be filled with more love than lust. I don’t know for sure if it will work as intended. I will do and say things that will be out of lust, for I am a Living Demon of Lust. I will loose control the moment I feel pleasure. Don’t think of it as a battle, or think ill of me. This should be more like an erotic discussion: I tell you to slobber all over my feet, but you instead prefer to show how much you still love me. If I just become a Demonic Succubus, you can love for the both of us.”

My demonic lover laid back, forcing herself to be passive. She wasn’t any less naturally seductive, though. I looked at the waiting Joanna. Sure, I could easily feel lust toward this Living Demon, but I could still see, feel the love of my life.

“I love you, Joanna,” I said truly.

I then crawled on top of her. There was no love in her yellow eyes, but that did not matter to me. I was saving the woman I love from a living Hell. I slowly, lovingly led my full member into her perfect, moist pussy. She tightly wrapped her strong legs around me while I thrust with all the love in me.

“Enjoying my pussy, James?” she growled lustfully. “My ass is also nice and warm and sensitive just for you!”

“I love your pussy more,” I stated honestly.

“I have great power. Living Demons can almost to whatever the FUCK they want,” she darkly resonated. “I can turn you into a woman, so we can fuck as lesbians. I can  … make your dick massive and my pussy deep and tight. Then you can really be inside me!”

“All the better to love you,” I stated, before lovingly kissing her full lips.

“Excellent!” she cooed.

I then felt strange. I had to halt thrusting for a moment. The feeling wasn’t painful, just too strange to concentrate on much else. My chest suddenly began to grow into massive DDs with erect nipples, my skin softened and became hairless, my lips became fuller, my figure morphed into that perfect hourglass, the hair on my head became long and silken, the hips broadened yet slightly shrank, the calves shrank noticeably, and feet morphed in the most subtle and sexy of ways. At the same time, my grunts and coos from feeling the changes became higher pitched. I could almost feel the testosterone evaporating from my body, being replaced by estrogen. Not counting my still extant cock and balls, I no longer felt like a man!

“Do you like the feeling of being a woman, James?” she asked with a dark resonance.

“I still have my dick, my love,” I said softly with my new voice. I leaned down to give her a deep, loving kiss, embracing how good and different my new mouth felt on hers.

“Right, of course!”

Suddenly, the strangeness returned, but now fully concentrated on my cock and balls. Like I was being aroused, I could feel my dick starting to grow. The difference was that it was already fully erect. It was growing into her, as my balls were growing proportionally to a lesser extent. I could not deny how good it felt to move into her so much more deeply. By the time I must have been well over a foot long, I realized I should have been past her vaginal canal.

“Amazed?” she cooed lustfully. “I said I could do almost anything. As your dick grows inside me, I grew my cunt. The tight hole goes from my crotch to mouth!”

My dick pleasurably grew several feet into her in my amazement. When it finally grew into her throat, I could visibly see her throat subtly expand to accommodate the girth. The growth slowly came to a stop, all by reaching the top of her throat. Obviously, she could no longer breath or speak in any normal way, but as a Living Demon, she altered her living self accordingly. I assumed she altered her skin to breath more, while I’m sure she could already speak directly into my mind.

Feeling so much of her inside and out, I quickly realized she made an error in her lusting. It could have been intentional. My assumption that feeling more of her meant loving her more, while all the estrogen in me now made myself more attuned to her as a woman.

“Thank you, Joanna. I really can now love you even more!”

The look on her face was of both amazement and relief, suggesting she may have indeed forced an error of lust on her part. She moaned and grunted with almost gagging sounds, while I thrust with all the love I had. The pleasure was excruciatingly powerful from my now massive pleasure center. Yet, making love was supposed to be pleasurable. Every glorious thrust made more love than I ever thought I could feel.

Joanna moaned and grunted loudly, as did I. We were so close. There was soon no way or reason to hold back an longer. I suddenly exploded in a blindingly powerful orgasm, as did she, cum spewing through her wide open mouth. Before passing out from the almost fatal orgasm, Joanna plunged her fangs into my neck. Darkness washed over me …

“Hey!” Joanna chimed to the drunk man patiently waiting next to the club’s entrance.

“I feel like I should buy you a drink!” James said in almost a mumble.

“You’re drunk enough for the both of us! Let’s have a real date, James …”

I slowly awoke at the first rays of light through the window. Considering the prior escapades, I should have slept through that. What really surprised me, though, was that I was back to normal: no massive dick or any femininity. Could all of that been a dream?

“No, it was no dream, James,” I heard Joanna say, while she was looking out the window naked.

I could not bring myself to say anything in that moment. The all too real exhaustion was overwhelming.

“Sorry to wake you, James,” she said in almost a whisper, “but I needed you to know what I just realized.”

“What?” I barely asked.

“I saw many sunsets as a Human, but don’t remember one sunrise … Watching one for the first time made me truly understand the results of last night’s ritual.”

She slowly turned to me. Her eyes now back to their normal dark selves.

“I felt the sunrise. I am a Succubus now; I’m no longer demonic. The love you made last night grafted into me. It’s not strong yet, but it is slowly growing. I still have total control over my physical form — definitely some psionic abilities, but most of my vast power was used up to remake me. I guess that explains why you changed back: I can’t alter your form any more.”

“What’s next for us?”

Joanna smiled at me lovingly for the first time since she returned, and seductively crawled back onto the bed with me. “I feed on both love and lust now. We can even have children now; they might hold my new Succubus genes. The future is ours, as was the past …”


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