Sci-Fi (Volume II)

Sci-Fi Unbound
Volume II

Print Edition*

The Demoniac Method
(Sci-Fi/near future, succubus transformation, male/female sex, gang bang, film industry)

(Mind control, transformation, lesbian sex, male/female sex, anal sex, halloween)

(Mind control, lesbian sex, incest)

Cosmic Glow
(Mind control, lesbian sex, male-female sex, transformation, halloween)

Alien Rogue
(Mind control, male-female sex, transformation)

Madam Necromancer
(Mind control, male-female sex)

(Male-female sex, mind control, transformation)

theLatex Machines
(Mind control, latex, transformation, lesbian sex, male-female sex)

Harbinger of Darkness
(Mind Control, transformation, male-female sex)

The Return of the Titans
(Mind Control, transformation, demonic, lesbians sex, male-female sex)

The Shimmering Black Chaos of the Harbingers
(Mind Control, transformation, male-female sex)

*Standalone Sci-Fi stories are separate from the Unbound Mythos of Volume II, and are not included in the paperback conglomeration.