Blog Unbound: Multiverse’s End

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Unbound Edition: eBook

Author’s Note: This is the final story in the Unbound Mythos and overall Passions Multiverse. It was a fun ride, but needed a true end. This final story follows Allie after she awoke in the body of her grandmother, Jennifer, succeeding in traveling to the past. Yet, how she would prevent the end of the Multiverse alluded her … Enjoy!


Multiverse’s End


Allie exploded in a mind shattering orgasm, breathing life into her once dying soul. In the afterglow, her new reality slowly came into focus. It was, perhaps unsurprisingly, as if she was somehow out of sync with the world around her. It almost felt as if she was processing everything backwards, with the quickly growing sense of slowing.

“ynneJ, ko uoy erA,” Allie heard.

“What?” she muttered, feeling everything somehow come to a stop before quickly shifting to a more forward direction.

“ … You ok, Jenny?” A familiar, naked, fair haired main asked next to her in bed. “You’re usually the one to fuck my brains out!”

“I’m, uh, I’m fine …” she muttered. The bright, sun filled room around her finally came into focus. A breeze quietly brushed the off-white curtains. ‘Jenny?’ she thought to herself. That was her grandmother’s name. Her mind began to focus. If she was “Jenny” or Jennifer, that would make the man her human grandfather, Max or “Maxie.” It was surreal to see a man in the flesh she only ever saw in some old digitized photo. In spite of her mission to save the Multiverse from a future where Chaos wins, she inexplicably found herself wondering if it was incestuous to have sexual relations with her grandfather in her grandmother’s body. She was finding him quite sexually attractive, wanting him inside her, technically again, and feeling a deep love toward him.

“You really look off, Jenny,” he observed concerned. “A you feeling OK?”

“You know, Max, I do think I might be coming down with something …”

He lovingly placed his hand on her cheek, “Need anything?”

“Just, uh, make some breakfast or something …” she requested, sensing it was morning, as she felt how deeply he loved her.

“Comin’ right up,” he smiled.

They smooched lovingly, he quickly dressed, and he walked out of the room.

Allie (Jenny?) saw a cellphone on the end table. The screen flashed on automatically. She smirked at being her own grandmother while holding the grandparent of paper-tablets. “9:05am / Saturday April 28, 2017,” it read, along with what seemed to be various notifications from the phone’s apps.

She placed the phone down, and almost cautiously slid out of bed naked. Allie felt quite different while she moved, as different as she felt as a kind of semi-zombie in 2180. She was certainly not a zombie anymore, yet she was also certainly not a Succubus-Vampire Hybrid. There was again her great want of sexual passion, but there was no true hunger in it. The world was still quiet, her grandmother not having telepathy, yet the blatant Active Empathy she experienced with Max all but made up for that loss. Yet, it was all unsurprising. Her grandmother, after all, was supposed to be an  Erotic Witch.

The image in the tall mirror almost completely weirded her out. Like with seeing Max, it was like looking at an old picture, but stranger from how the body reflecting back at her was so familiar and different at the same time. Allie was most certainly in her grandmother’s body. She had jet black and straight hair, green eyes, flawless and light skin, perfectly shaped A-cup breasts, size nine feet, and subtly athletic physique. What struck Allie most was how she never realized her grandmother’s face looked so much like hers, as it was so beautifully framed in nearly identical yet much longer hair. Well, maybe this was to be her body now, it being unclear if an how she could return to her time.

Looking into green eyes, a confusing thought began to move through her. Where was her grandmother? Allie once read a paper about how humanoid brains work during possession and astral projection. The body or home of the consciousness actively stayed connected, forming memories there and not in the host (if a possession, its possible for the host to retain indistinct “echo” memories). It is not unlike seeing a live transmission of someone. The consciousness of the possessed typically stays in its home, likely in a dream-like state, because it would likely have required a physical transference of brain matter for anything considered a “swap.”

That paper created more questions in her now, because her home body might as well either no longer exist or has yet to. Time travel through consciousness is clearly possible. So, this kind of possession must be fundamentally different. Was her grandmother simply “sleeping” inside herself now? Allie could feel a distinct familiarity and comfort with her surroundings, which she had otherwise never been before. Was that sense from her grandmother’s sleeping consciousness? It was not clear, but there was an odd sense suggesting a lack of concern.

“Hey!” Max called into the room. “Feeling better?”

“Yeah, I think I’m OK, Maxie. I’ll join you in a few minutes.”

“Great! … Oh, Molly just sent me a text. She won’t be able to make it home next weekend after all, and will come home after her semester ends on the fifth.”

“All right. Will miss her until then!”

He nodded with a quiet smile, which she somehow knew was his way of saying that was what he already told Molly.”

Molly she knew and felt was Jennifer’s Human daughter and Allie’s Vampire mother, which meant Allie was somewhat relieved to not have to deal with that potential weirdness right way.

That kind of avoidance of awkwardness sort of ran in the family. If the parents were Witch and Human, the offspring was often born Human, but any Human could transform into a Witch anyway. Yet, Allie long knew that Molly chose to not become a Witch. She had a change of heart in college, it by strange coincidence when she met a Vampire of Passion around this time. Molly decided she wanted more in life that was not exactly like what her mother had. Within a year from now, Molly would be a college educated Vampire! There was an odd sense of pride in Allie about all that …

Allie had forgotten that her grandmother was an independent Witch of the Great Zalatoth. This was a coincidence as much as it was not. A plurality of Erotic Witches were always of that persuasion, while most independent Witches tended to be of the Great Zalatoth. Allie was sure her ancestry played a role in everything up to this point, at least tangentially.

Sitting in the bandstand at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island, Allie found herself wanting to just breath. She may be a different species now, but she was alive again. So much of her wanted to just forget about horrific events that had yet to come and simply live. Yet, something deep within her — probably her unconscious grandmother — passively nudged Allie to not forget why she came to the past.

“I see now why you called me … Allie,” an alluring Avatar Succubus greeted with a fascinated smirk. “A fascinating coincidence that the first time traveler I meet shares my name.” She had dark hair with natural red streaks and hypnotically blue eyes. She wore a conservative yet striking red dress, which highlighted her full bodied physique.

She deeply sighed, teary eyed, toward the woman she felt she knew well, “You know, I don’t really know what to do. I thought, maybe …”

“My Gods …” the Succubus breathed in her interruption. “I can sense something horrible …”

“It’s almost a relief habitually to not read other’s minds,” she mused to herself. “Yes, I ushered the end of the Multiverse. I was … killed and then resurrected by this Avatar of Chaos. I broke free because of my … former nature as a Hybrid, but I might as well have still been dead … I felt almost nothing, in a way. There was no reasoning behind my choice to kill Jonas Triegg, who was trying to create someone to destroy him.”

“You had no way of knowing what destruction your act would unleash …”

“It doesn’t fucking matter … All I know is that I must find a way to stop Triegg now, assuming he already is here. I presumed that calculations were done, but connecting two points in time seems uncertain at best.”

“Now would be the perfect time for a beings of Chaos. I don’t know how well you know your history, but there is a growing geopolitical storm. Who knows how long the new US President will last in office, while the Gods are predicting a coming intergalactic war within the next year or so. We are all being advised to lay low, but help were we can. Any revelation of the Gods of Passion for Humans is a long way away.”

“I think … I need you to speak with the Gods. Maybe they can help me find Triegg.”

“And do what?” the concerned Succubus forwarded. “You know the Gods don’t really do unplanned calls, and they are certainly mum toward your arrival. They see time differently, but they might as well be linear … You’ve met Triegg. He can’t be that different here than in the future.”

She thought for a few moments. “Was, will be in Toronto. He’s probably laying low like everyone else. He hides. He hides so well that you might not even realize he’s in the next room, in spite of being of Chaos. But, I don’t think he is one to do nothing. Through the chaos of this time, there must be something that seems uniquely off.”

“Probably not in the president’s Cabinet!” she mused. “Now that you mention it, the most unusual thing I can think of is a start-up software company in Washington, DC, SubCerebral Technologies. They controversially create software for subliminal messaging, for porn, video games, military, and who knows what else. The prototype technology is supposedly so good that it can seemingly control or enhance what the user is experiencing. It was in the news recently, because of the mind control implications. They have some funding from the Department of Defense, Advanced Research Projects, which seems to shield them from legal inquiry.”

“Mind controlled army?”

“I guess that is an implication … There is no coincidence in the life of an Avatar Succubus. The Gods are always with us in some way. The Gods guided me already in a way that ensured a future with full knowledge of this Passions Multiverse. And now, I’ve glimpse a possible end. Something is different about SubCerebral. Even if your Triegg is not there, that path may lead you to him. We have our numbers. If the Gods directly give me anything more, I will contract you immediately …”

Causal Static

Allie Whinds, the Avatar of Ulia’athos the Great Cosmic God of Technology and the Digital Domain, the Digital Avatar, slowly opened her deep green eyes. The world, not unexpectedly felt as if it was moving backwards. Everything, sounds, imagery, came at her backwards. That motion began to slow, coming to a dead halt, before quickly moving forwards at an expected rate. A hot sun heated her light skin and fit body. Her raven hair glistened hypnotically. A sense of immediacy pulsed through her, stemming from future events she was tasked to change.

She quickly assessed her surroundings. She stood in a park of what looked like a sprawling metropolitan city. A smirk crossed her cheek, thinking of how some films into the twenty-first century had nudist time travelers for some techno-babbled reason. Well, technically, Allie was nude, but her digitally projected deep green, form fitting dress suggested otherwise. She still stuck out amongst the populace, but no one, besides those interested in her sexually, seemed to care. Probably just a tourist, she assumed they thought.

Allie soon found herself a newspaper, The Sunday Sowatan. It read, “7 August 2016” at the top. That date seemed early, but early was part of the plan. Plus, that was pretty good calculating on her boss’ part, considering it needed to calculate this Earth’s location in both time and space under the educated guess that Triegg was stealthily causing havoc for about 160 years by 2180. The chaos of this Earth’s late 2010s would have attracted beings of Primal Chaos, while they might have had a hand it it. Timeline irregularities and curiosities also seemed to be all but normal prior to 2017.

Regardless, Allie’s main goal at this point was to provide more detailed spacetime data to the future, so that the other Allie would arrive within Jennifer at a more opportune moment. She still needed to be sure that Triegg was even on Earth, before calling that carpet cleaning company’s online voicemail that Dr. Jacks can find in the future (he might only have a couple minutes to apply the data beforehand). The two Allies will then need to work together, because Avatar Allie was technically disconnected from the Great Ulia-athos, who was still a lesser God of Passion during Earth’s twenty-first century. She still had power over technology and vast intellect, but it was all greatly diminished.

Seeing the newspaper already reporting on Donald Trump already being president in the United States caught her off-guard for a moment, before reminding herself that even common events across the Multiverse could happen at slightly different times. Still, that could be seen a Chaos-created discontinuity, suggesting that Triegg was already on this Earth …

* * * *

Dr. Jacks ended the communication with the resurrected Allie in abject terror. He could already hear and feel the world around him beginning to change. Any moment now the presumed communication with officials would lead to utterly panicked evacuation that might be all for naught.

“Can I initiate time travel!?” he said out loud, racing to his paper-tablet. As if it was the real thing, the digitized Book of Passions opened to the exact page he needed. Yet, he knew right away that alone was not enough. The calculations, even if just for consciousness, needed more information than he had, whether or not he had the time to calculate. The ground began to shake bizarrely around him, with a sound he did not want to comprehend.

An ancient USB thumb-drive fell onto the floor at another quake. Jacks let out an amazed and nervous laugh. “The Gods are paying close attention today!”

He grabbed the drive, and placed it on his tablet. It held a quirky array of recovered voice recordings from the early twenty-first century. Many of which were of the scams prevalent of the time, but one quickly struck him as different from the others, in relation to the present dire situation. It was a set of four distinct bursts of static just before a message to cancel a carpet cleaning appointment. Spacetime coordinates, at its simplest, required four pieces of data: X, Y, and Z for location, and one piece for time. The last was technically the most unreliable, because it was actually subjective. However, knowing the relative flow of subjective time at the stated location could make the coordinates viable for travel through the spacetime continuum, assuming there was a possible mode of travel.

Assuming the bursts of static were in the order of X, Y, Z, and T, he quickly discerned how each burst had individual elements, which fit the numbers he required. Ultimately, each burst, when slowed, contained the raw numbers necessary to calculate the relative spacetime location of the sender, adjusting with his knowledge of time’s relative flow at his moving point in his universe. He then quickly calculated the data for his point in spacetime, to the best of his knowledge. Then, he charted it all three-dimensionally on his tablet, as the Book understandably required such a charting to even begin its time-travel incantations. His scientific high was quickly subdued by the fact that he knew there was no time to ensure even the hope of precision in discerning two distinct points in in the spacetime continuum. Yet, someone in the past knew to give him this data. What confused him was that he did not think the Allie of this time could create such pristine raw data through seemingly simple bursts of static. Before he could put any further thought into the matter, he then noticed Allie and the others arriving, as he noticed tall buildings crumble into nothing …


She did not know where the DVD came from, but remembered the need to play it. “SubCerbral: Inducer Test C,” the handwritten label stated. Perhaps there was something familiar about it. Well, something inside her suggested how that notion did not matter. What did matter was satisfying her curiosity. She placed the shimmering thing into her laptop’s little used slot, and the computer obediently spun the disc, playing only the video.

The computer started the film automatically, her eyes glued to the screen. “Woman on Top,” the title card read. She sensed something very different about the images before her, while sounds of pleasure echoed out. Soon, her eyes starred forward, unblinking, as her lips stayed slightly apart. Her mind went blank, and that void was filled by only the video.

A woman lay joyously on a hammock, while a man mindlessly worshiped her ample breasts. The in-charge woman had dark eyes, black hair, and light skin. The woman watching the porno could feel the pornstar’s pleasure. Both women mirrored the pleasure in their movements. The woman matched the video by rubbing her own pussy, as the man strongly groped the pornstar’s of what was only the video.

Then, something changed. The video was now at the pornstar’s soft feet. Her smooth, alabaster skin suddenly seemed to have a slight gold tan. Through the orgasmic feel and sounds, the image panned up familiar, longer legs. The pussy was now close cropped instead of clean shaven, with a tiny heart tattoo at the waist. The camera panned up further to now perfectly shaped, A-cup breasts. And then, the head head and face had light green eyes, long dirty blond hair. The viewer was now identical to the pornstar of what was only the video.

The woman then felt a hand not her own rubbing her twitching pussy, and realized she was sitting on a ceiling mounted hammock. She almost put thought into the impossible situation, before the man resumed worshipping her perfectly shaped tits.

Just before she came in glorious orgasm, she stopped the silent man, and had him follow her to the bedroom. He would do anything she asked, and the thought of that nearly made her cum. She had him kiss her in their lust-freeing love, and had him go down on his knees. He worshiped her feet, as ordered. The pleasure flew up her body, making her moan.

It was now time for orgasmic reward. She picked up the double sided strap-on on the end table, and had her love and lust affix it to her body. The feel of the rubber deep inside her made her tingle in pleasure and anticipation. He crawled onto the bed on all fours, as she stood on her knees from behind. She knowledgeably lubed up her dildo and his asshole.

She then unabashedly shoved the member into the man’s relaxed anal cavity, as she passionately rubbed his cock. She thrust and thrust, relishing how he could not cum until she told him to. They both moaned and cooed loudly in epic pleasure. The pleasure grew and grew, until she wetly exploded, and screamed for him to do the same. She captured all his ample cum in the palm of her hand, and had him slurp it all down like a horse with a food bag. They passionately made out, happily tasting the musky cum, and felt free through their lust …

“As you can see, Mr. Triegg, to her, there was only ever the video,” Dr. Les Straum stated to the research firm’s owner. “She is not only in an orgasmic hallucinatory state, but also in the video itself. ‘Inducer Test B’ of course had her filmed in a recreation of the porno she watched in Test A, which she also watched just prior to filming. Based on responses from other subjects, we can confirm that she only perceived the video from Test A, before the hallucinatory state sucked her, from her perspective, into the porno.”

“Interesting,” Jonas Triegg stated in a kind of silent yawn.

Straum was never comfortable around Triegg, as was the case with just about every other employee. In some ways, he was not really that comfortable with the project. In and of itself, he did not have a problem with it: better enhancing hallucinatory states for applications such as military and entertainment. His problem was Triegg. He seemed to be a man that had some other agenda, and did not care much about the project he was behind. Indeed, Straum had the growing impression that Triegg’s goals here were nothing more than mild distraction.

“Would you say, Dr. Straum, that we are nearing the end of Human trials?”

“Perhaps. None of the present subjects are experiencing any obvious ill affects, other than personality changes.” The last was probably the unethical aspect of the project. There had to be some rule somewhere that stated changing someone so dramatically was wrong. The subjects knew they were a part of a next-gen virtual reality experiment, but none of them knew that they would come out of it as rather different people. Well, that was why he and the others were hired: they had a rather carefree attitude toward morality. Still, Triegg just did not seem to really care one way or the other.

“How much more time would you say you and the others need to complete this phase of the project, doctor?”

“Well, maybe a month at the most, Mr. Triegg. We only have a couple more subjects to go through this final Inducer Test, and then we just need to go through the data.”

“OK, I’ll be in my office.” He walked out of the room.

Feeling relief that his bizarre boss was gone, Straum went back to observing the forever changed woman essentially masturbating to herself …

Allie in Jennifer’s body walked off the plane into the terminal at Washington, DC. Not wholly lying, she told Max this trip was a “Witch” thing, which turned out to not be that unusual. It turned out he just compared it to the occasional business trip he needed to take sometimes.

“Hello, Allie,” someone suddenly said to her. She quickly turned to a striking woman with almost electric eyes.

“I am Allie Whinds, the Digital Avatar.”

“You don’t exists yet,” she said with a awkward smirk.

“Nor should you!”

They shook.

“I was sent here by my God to aid you, even though my God is not sure if this plan is even crazy enough to work.”

“So, it is only desperation then? I see …”

Yes the Avatar answered grimly.

“How long have you been here. About eight months, waiting for you, thinking of the love I left behind …” she held back tears. “I need to know as precisely as possible when and where you arrived, so Dr. Jacks will have received enough data to ensure your arrival in this time.”

She held back tears for the one she left behind as well. “Just after nine in the morning on April 28th, two days ago now. I, Jennifer was in Providence, Rhode Island. My phone probably has more exact location data you can use.”

The Avatar took the phone, closed her eyes, and said, “this has to be enough!”

The erotic energy used to communicate with the cellphone made her pussy twitch. “Doesn’t all this tell us we’re in a some kind of time-loop?”

She smirked defiantly, “Then we must break it!”

* * * *

The two time travelers looked over all the obtained information on SubCerbral. They were not sure if this was indeed a program run by Jonas Triegg, but he often liked to tinker with various technologies to ultimately create chaos. It was not even an assumption that SubCerbral could be used to control others as if they were robots. The name of the company’s owner was indeed not listed. At the same time, they discussed how they could defeat Triegg, because his death would inevitably release the Chaos Tentacle.

“What if we treat Triegg like a bomb?” Allie forwarded.

“Go on …” the Avatar answered.

“Is it possible to negate Dark Energy in some way? Dr. Jacks suggested that Great Ulia’athos might have the ability calculate what it would take to save a universe from an excess of Dark Energy.”

“Well, the Ulia’athos of this time does not have to power or resources for such calculations, and as I technically still stem from its future self, I do not know if we could remake Ulia’athos at this earlier time.”

“It would change the timeline …”

“Yes. The problem is that the Cosmic Gods do not really want to make changes directly. I’m not sure if they can … The one thing most have yet to learn is that the Cosmic Revelation enhanced the Gods in subtle ways, making it easier for them to promote Ulia’athos almost on a whim. We are a long way from that.”

“But … What about you. You might as well be a part of the Great Ulia’athos.”

“Yes,” she confirmed ponderously. “Yet, I am disconnected here. I’m not even sure if the Ulia’athos of this time even knows I am here … You are right, though. A part of the Great Ulia’athos is before you now.” She sighed ponderously. “I might be able to … diffuse Triegg. Dark Energy is not exactly under the purview of the Gods of Passion, but it is a knowable part of the finite Multiverse … It is functionally the same no matter what universe, but resonates differently from universe to universe, for lack of more descriptive words. It is the same within us: Everything might as well have a signature resonance at the subatomic level, Dark Energy or no. Everything will only ever resonate like that of its origin at that subatomic level, including time travelers and universe hoppers like us. The fact that it can be sensed by anyone with Triegg — his swirling chaos — is significant, and probably stems from that tentacle … It might be possible to eject the essence of it from this universe. It might eject him as well. We would need to create more contradictions, let’s say. Every mechanism is passive until it isn’t. The first thing that comes to mind is awakening Jennifer within you.”


“Give me your phone.”

The Avatar held the phone, and closed her eyes. It took an annoying amount of effort to do anything with technology now. “Deus Ex Machina! It should do what we need it do do now. Take it and look at the screen”

She did so. Swirling, psychedelic imagery appeared on the screen, arousing her. She found herself uncontrollably masturbating burying her hand into her dripping crotch. Her phone fell to the floor, and she began to grope her apparently already naked body. The pleasure was stinging, powerful, flowing through her. It was as if her entire body was screaming with pleasure! She soon felt more. She began to feel as if another was rubbing her crotch. No, it was never Allie’s crotch; it was always Jennifer’s. And now, for the first time, she truly felt Jennifer with her. Jennifer was coming back to reality, now truly understanding what was happening to her through the mind awakening pleasure: being possessed by her own descendent. Well, she might never truly understand time travel, but she understood what needed to be done.

Allie from the future and Jennifer from the present saw each other through an orgasmic darkness.

“I never dreamed of glimpsing the future,” Jennifer stated quietly.

“I am so sorry …” Allie forwarded.

“Don’t be, Allie. The future might still be rewritten. Like all in our family, we’ve only ever tried to grasp the meaning of what we are in this world. Together we can try to save existence itself …”

They embraced each other in an epic orgasm to manipulate the present for the hope of a better future …

Avatar Allie and Jennifer-Allie stood before the large glass doors of SubCerbral Technologies.

“Ever have de-ja-vu, Avatar?”

“It’s rarely a good thing.”

Through the Avatar’s abilities, they were easily made into VIP guests that may receive a grand tour. Neither were particularly interested in a touring time-waster, so they simply requested to see the company’s owner. It was apparently an unusual request, but Jennifer, as a life-long Erotic Witch, knew how to speak in stealthily manipulative ways Allie from the future never could.

They were ushered into the elevator, and brought to the top floor. A mindless secretary welcomed them. There really seemed to be nothing behind her eyes! At the same time, she was visibly athletic through her pantsuit, coming off more as a sexy, robotic bodyguard than traditional secretary. After buzzing her boss, she went back to staring blankly at her computer screen.

“Send them in,” a dark voice echoed through the intercom. The robotic secretary ushered them through the large, dark, subtly green door, which promptly closed behind them.

A man sat on the far site of the room behind a desk, casually looking upon the small capital city. “Who do I owe this random pleasure?”

“Yourself, perhaps,” Jennifer-Allie stated quietly.

The dark man of swirling chaos slowly turned to see his visitors with a sly smirk. Though he held nothing, he might as well have been petting a big white cat. It was all a show, they sensed. The man was merely amusing himself, pretending to be some cliched supervillain out to conquer the world somehow, while observing their reactions.

He smiled darkly. “Myself? … I think I know at least who one of you is; though, we have never met in the flesh. You must be Allie Whinds, the Avatar of the eventually Great Ulia’athos. Assuming that you are both time travelers in your own ways, I can assume that I will have already won. And by I, of course, Chaos …”

“Then you know why we are here?” Jennifer-Allie forwarded.

“Obviously.” He gestured dismissively. “How many ideas do you think are left at this late juncture? Regardless, you two do realize the further chaos you have caused by twisting continuity? It simply confirms what will happen … Ever look back upon your life at random moments? Ever find how they can lack continuity even when logically strung together? Those strange moments, those random typos of existence can build up, you know. All I and my Nameless Masters are doing now is feeding upon the natural chaos of this moment to create a grander chaos, such as time travelers that might have, will have ended my existence and Multiverse’s.”

“It won’t stop us from trying to stop you, Triegg,” the Avatar stated defiantly.

“We aren’t really in a loop, not completely,” Jennifer-Allie realized. “Triegg of the future did not know me …”

“Then you two better hope the old timeline is not still running in its original universe,” Triegg stated harshly. He stood, and slowly began to move towards them. “But … what is hope in the all consuming darkness of Chaos, true primal Chaos?”

The Avatar quickly took out Jennifer’s phone, and tossed it on the floor.

“And what sorcery is this?” he said with almost a chuckle.

“It is the spark that can reignite the flame of hope! The chaos of time travel!” the Avatar exclaimed. The phone’s screen awoke, flashing an odd array of colors it should never have had. “Everything has a subatomic resonance equalling that of their time and place. The presence of us spacetime travelers all together makes silent waves at the subatomic level here, as I can tell you already know. Thus, the fabric of this reality is prime for something no one has ever seen or will see again!”

The wild colors began to permeate the space around the smoking phone. It soon exploded in large electric crackles, the expelled energy of which making the colors swirl in multiple physical dimensions. The room itself began to visibly warp almost in inexplicable time with core vortex. The air in the room seemed to fly in all directions at once, making breathing strange and erratic.

Allie Whinds and Jennifer-Allie felt hazy, and fell onto the floor. They both felt a growing suction toward the vortex, not being of this world’s natural resonance. “HANG ON!” the Avatar screamed. “THE VORTEX SHOULD ONLY HAVE THE ENERGY TO LAST THIRTY SECONDS!”

Jonas Triegg let out a primal scream, suddenly floating in mid air among the growing chaos. He visibly became hazy, distorted, before that haze began to to unwrap itself from the body. Anything that flew through distorted haze quickly dissolved into nothing. This time, the Chaos Tentacle did not casually move outward and expand. Instead, it slowly twisted its way toward the center of the vortex. It visibly accelerated on contact, being sucked into it.

And suddenly, the chaos ceased, and Triegg fell to the floor.

The two slowly stood, and walked over to the slowly dying Triegg.

Triegg sputtered, “Perhaps you will never know if my defeat saved your future. Perhaps it doesn’t matter. One can never truly banish the primal darkness. So, do not worry, my dears, our finite reality may be at its end, but there will be more journeys into passion free of us!”

In the end, Jonas Triegg was horrifyingly right: neither might never know if they truly succeeded. They could not return to their native time. Indeed, if their native time still existed, they will have failed. But perhaps, it did not matter; fate and choice may always be at odds. All they could do now was live.


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