Supernatural/Escorts (Volume III)

Volume III

Supernatural Unbound

The Vampire’s Heart
(Mind control, lesbian sex, male female sex, vampires)

The Return
(Mind control, male-female sex, foot fetish, transformation)

The Academy of Lust
(Mind control, succubus transformation, male-female sex, lesbian sex, anal, latex, lust, prostitution)

(Mind control, lesbian sex, transformation)

She Wolf
(Lesbian Sex, Transformation, Werewolf)

Multiverse Unbound
(Mind control, lesbian sex, succubus, vampire)

Multiverse’s End
(Mind Control, Male-Female Sex, Foot Fetish, Anal Sex)

Escorts Unbound (Contemporary Dramas)*

A Very Personal Assistant
(Business, lesbian sex)

(Prostitution, marriage, male/female sex, anal sex)

Sex Toy
(Prostitution, male-female sex, masturbation, lesbian sex, foot fetish, latex fetish, spanking, anal sex)

Dirty Minds
(Incest, lesbian sex, male-female sex)

A Surprising Escort
(Incest, male-female sex, prostitution)

(Male-female sex, foot fetish, anal)

A Taboo Tease
(Male-female sex, incest)

The Academy of Escorts
(Lesbian sex, male-female sex, prostitution)