Blog Unbound: A Taboo Tease

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is structurally experimental on my part. Though I love the style I applied and have experimented with perspective, I never wrote in first person epistolary before. The plan is to use this more in the future! A contemporary drama. The story follows Siblings Jason and Nicole, who never had the closest relationship while growing up. Now young adults, life gave them an excuse to become closer. That new closeness became more than their young selves ever would have thought possible … Enjoy!

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A Taboo Tease

Jason’s Private Journal May 15, 2003

I have such crazy thoughts sometimes. Crazy, in that they’re not in-the-norm, not my-dog-talks-to-me. I just want to get them out of my head into a place I can figure them out. That is why I decided to actually have a journal again. I tried a long time ago, but never kept up with it and lost it. On the day of my sister’s thirteenth birthday, today was an epiphany!

As have done, I jerked off in the shower after seeing something that blew my mind. What was crazy was that I had seen it before, but not before hair started to grow all over me. The epiphany was all so obvious that I don’t know why it never came to me before. Since, middle school, I always loved it when the girls at school came in with those short jean-shorts and flip flops. I just stared below those torsos completely hypnotized. I remember even jerking off after school one day to a girl I barely knew scratching her legs! Last year, now in high school, I remember looking over to that book rack under the desk to catch of glimpse of that smooth, dark bare leg and flip-flopped foot hanging off that rack. OK, like I said, it’s all so obvious, but my juvenile brain still hadn’t caught up with with hard-wired desires trying to assert themselves.

OK, the movie I watched the other night was From Dusk Till Dawn with Selma Hayek. It was one big tease in the film and for the audience. She came walking out with that snake all leggy and voluptuous. She danced and move like the sake coiling around her. Her and that snake made love with the room, but all I really cared about was that definition of seductress. Seeing her walk along that table made the blood rush downward. She walked right up to Quentin Tarantino, the guy that also wrote the movie. As I remembered her do from the time I watched it several years ago, she lifted her leg and poured tequila down her leg and foot, right into you Quentin’s mouth. He sucked Selma’s toes dry like he was making love with them, completely mesmerizing him. Then, she lifted her foot away, entire leg and sole in full view, licked some alcohol off her thigh, poured the bottle into her mouth, and then sort of made out with him through the tequila. She finished making love to the room with her snake-dance (minus snake). She was a snake.

That night in the shower, my thoughts were not of that entire dance. It was of her legs and feet, especially her feet being sucked off lustfully. I didn’t last long, but that image of Selma’s feet stuck in my mind. It consumed my thoughts.

I looked up the movie the next day, and learned all sorts of things. Selma built herself up to look even more voluptuous than she already was. She danced without lessons, feeling the music in character as her vampire-snake self. Most significantly, I learned that Tarantino was assumed to have an unconfirmed foot fetish, or at least a deep appreciation of feet. Alone, I then Googled “foot fetish.” Everything clicked. I have a foot fetish! I like feet like most love boobs and ass. Though kinda taboo, it was incredibly satisfying to learn that truth of myself.

Nicole’s Journal November 12, 2003

I wanted to start a journal! Thinking about starting this for a while. What happened today was amazing! A journal is about getting down the amazing moments, right?

So, yeah, I rubbed my vagina today, and had an orgasm! That’s what it’s called right? Not sure which came first, my friends telling me I could do that to myself or dreaming of doing it. I got TWO fingers inside me at one point. Was so weird, but felt too good to stop after a while. I think one of my friends once told me that me doing gymnastics a long time ago meant I was probably all opened up already down there. Not really sure what that meant, but there certainly was no splitting.

What weirded me out a little after was that I also told my brother about what I learned in health class about my boobs. So there’s, like, more than one stage of growth. I’m part A, or something, so they will grow more. I think I weirded him out, too. Just a coincidence, I think, but it all happened on the same day. Why did I want to tell by brother about my boobs? I dunno. All I know is I’m gonna have sex with myself again after writing this!

Jason’s Private Journal November 12, 2003

My sister told be about how her boobs will be growing to today. OK? Just, why? I don’t find my sister icky or anything, but it was kinda strange. I can’t stop thinking about it, though. I mean, she is a girl. I’ve been jerking off to adult girls. How big will her boobs get? Well, I’m not a boob guy anyway. I snuck that Vicky’s Secret catalogue in my room, and know I’m gonna enjoy that Adriana Lima in a bikini and with nothing on her feet but sand!

OK. That was the weirdest jerk-off session of my life. I was enjoying Adriana’s sandy toes while I found myself imagining my sister’s head on that model’s. I first remembered reading Lima had B-cups, and then thought about if my sister’s will get that big or bigger. The thought passed quickly, as I continued. Not a boob guy! Then, I focused on Lima’s sexy face. But my sister’s face popped into my head and onto the page! Instead of stopping, I squeezed and stroked harder. Sister’s blue-green eyes to Lima’s sandy, size nine feet. Then, it was no longer Adriana Lima, but my adult sister. My younger sister looked so fucking hot as a woman! I screamed my sister’s name as I pumped blobs of cum, overloading the tissue. I’m so lucky I’m home alone tonight.

Nicole’s Journal May 15, 2006

I’m sixteen today, but my parents won’t let me get a tattoo for my birthday! One of my friends got one, and a cute guy had one at school, and I fucked myself with thoughts of it. The guy not the girl! I think I have a tattoo fetish. I don’t think that’s taboo or anything.

Tattoo’s not really what I want, though. I wanna fuck a guy! I’ve practiced, and that tattoo guy, John, seems to like me. I think he’s shy. I am, too. My friend Nicky knows him a little, and says she’ll try to introduce me.

The crazy thing I wanna get down, too, is I think I caught my brother masturbating today. He let me use his pencil sharpener in his room, but I don’t think he wanted me there. He was lying on his hands and stomach, glaring at me. I know I saw his old VCR was paused on something, but his TV was off. I can’t really say it was gross. I masturbate, too! He certainly wasn’t dry-humping himself when I was in there, so none of it was that weird.

Jason’s Private Journal May 15, 2006

My sister caught be masturbating today. I was home for the weekend from college. I was kinda dry-humping my blanket to some old VHS porn I found, probably my dad’s. No real foot stuff, but there was a great scene with a bunch of barefoot lesbians fucking each other! I was so close when they were in this ring of pleasure, all of them fingering and licking their pussies, when my sister knocked on my door!

I didn’t wanna scream for her to go away, because that would’ve been suspicious. Why would I yell for someone to go away? Drugs, masturbating? So I held my position (still suspicious in hindsight), paused the tape, and shut off the TV. I let her in. She used my sharpener and quickly left. I’m sure she knew what I was doing, but didn’t say a word to me.

I resumed everything. When I started to really enjoy myself again, when everything started to get all sapphically orgasmic, my mind strangely wondered to my sister. Now sixteen, she was all but a woman now, and her body reflected that. Her boobs were all but a B-cup (probably still growing), her body was slim, and had long legs. She wasn’t tall, but could definitely be considered “leggy.” Of course, I do love legs. Her tight jeans showed them off gloriously. More significantly, she liked to go around the house barefoot. I got a good but brief view of her feet. Her shoe size was maybe a six or seven, with long toes and somewhat wrinkly soles. I’m not that particular with feet. My sister’s feet were just as good as many of the pairs I enjoyed online or real life.

Yes, I kept pleasuring myself the whole time I thought about my sister’s all but adult body. It was as wrong as it felt good. Then again, liking feet was already a taboo, if only a minor one, so the door to taboo things was already open. I already came to love things like stockings and latex! I did draw the line at BDSM, though. The thought of my sister prancing around in sheer black stocking threw me over the edge!

That was the second time I came thinking about my sister, I think. Had mixed feelings about it, but could not bring words to it. At the very least, it was only about pleasure. I was certainly not in love with her or wanted to get her pregnant!

Nicole’s Journal June 3, 2006

It happened today! No longer a virgin. I heard some of the crazier girls at school claim a condom makes it not count, but I think it makes it all worth it. I was sleeping over at John’s place last night. Yeah, I lied to my parents that his parents would be home, and John did not tell his parents that he would have his hot girlfriend over.

We were so ready. He even paid for my first tattoo earlier yesterday (don’t tell the parents!). We teased each other for so long that I think he wanted blue balls! Well, every teen would hump the kitchen floor if it glistened just the right way.

We watched a movie, while he “secretly” had a condom on the end table next to us. It was all so simple and real. Neither of us wanted something that elaborate. We were both going forward in the right way for so long that it was surprising that we finally went all the way now.

It was so natural, too. The end credits rolled, we were already in each other’s arms, and we began to lovingly make out. The condom was kinda awkward, but we both chuckled at the application moments before we got serious. He went in. It was so big, so filling. It was so much more than I ever put up there, even though I ironically always wanted it inside me. It did hurt a bit at first, but nature was clearly helping. We eventually got into a groove. That was when it became good for the both of us. We thrust into each other we more love than I thought possible. Somehow, any lacking in pleasure was overridden by the potential of it all. We began to learn each other’s wants and needs, as we knew the intimate learning would make it all the more pleasurable in the future. I soon came, albeit quietly, a few moments after John. I. LOVED. IT.

Jason’s Private Journal July 1, 2006.

It finally all hit a peak today. In some ways quite literally. This was not really about my virginity, which would probably be taken soon enough. This was about my incestuous lust toward my sister.

It was all a bit inglorious, though. I was home for the weekend. For whatever reason, a sleeping bag was out on the couch. I lay under it. My sister was sitting in the chair ahead of me, back toward me. We quietly watched TV. It being summer, my sister was wearing short-shorts and flip-flops. Well, she had slipped out of them, quietly showing off her arousing legs and soles to world!

I was so turned on that I started to quietly masturbate inside the sleeping bag and my pants. This was the first time I jerked off to her with her actually being there. I stroked harder and harder while staring at her shimmering soles and legs. This felt so good that it was a miracle I made little to no noise! I came so hard.

Nicole’s Journal June 3, 2009

It has been so long since I wrote in this thing. Almost decided to give up on it, but changed my mind today. So much has happened!

I started college. Though I wanted to go into medicine or something. I just found myself hating it, even though I still wanted to help people in some way. So, just last month, I decided to try physical therapy at another college. Well, don’t know if I’ll go past an associates degree, but it looks so my better than the program I was in.

What’s more important is that John and I decided to move in together in the spring. It was a mutual thing. We were both going to college, albeit not far from each other, and just weren’t seeing much of each other. The place we found was a doable commute for us both.

We got pretty crazy sexually. I caught him jerking off to some lesbian porn one day. I wanted to be mad, was a little, but I just could not bring myself to yell at him about it. The almost ironic reality was that I occasionally watch porn, too. It was just that he apparently watched more regularly than me. I am just not a hypocrite!

That was a flood gate for us sexually. I am now sexually awakened and more! Not sure how to put it into words. I am both different and the same. Twice a month, we choose a porno, watch it, and reenact it (on top of near daily sex). John got competitive in a way, and lets just say I now love eating cum. More graphically, enjoyably, I surprised him one night with a pegging video and a strap-on. Well, a bottle of lube later, he now loves being fucked up the ass. John is utterly devoted to me now.

One moment that amazed me last week was a full-length incest porno I found by accident online. It was so well done, in its taboo way. The scenes between the brother and sister turned me on, to my (not so) great surprise! They even looked like each other. They kinda seduced each other. Not intentional at first. The attraction sort of just happened. It looked so right and natural for those two adults to fuck each other for pleasure, regardless of being siblings. At the same time, I thought of my own brother: when I talked to him about my growing boobs (very full B-cup now), the time I caught him dry humping his bed, and even the time I though he might have been staring at my feet while behind me! I came three times, each so hard I squirt.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about incestuous thoughts while watching incest porn at first. It felt so good and right, though, the taboo of it. I already fucked my boyfriend up the ass, so the gates of taboo weren’t exactly locked closed. I resolved to enact the fantasy with John, who was a bit surprised.

I slowly seduced him over an evening, while we pretended he was my brother Jason. When we finally fucked, not only did it feel as profound as my first time, by it felt better than any sex I ever had. Sure, I only ever had John, but again, we had sex quite regularly. It was practically part of our exercise regimen. The difference was that I actually imagined that it was Jason fucking me.

John and I talked about it after. We were always very upfront and honest with each other. He did not visualize me as his sister, if only because he did not have one. So, he was quite amazed that I visualized my brother, another man. Our relationship, in some ways, had been an open for a while. We’ve had threesomes, foursomes, orgy-somes. John was not jealous at all, but the oddity was that it was more incestuous than he expected.

Jason’s Private Journal July 5, 2009

Wow, I can’t believe I held off writing in this journal for so long! A lot has happened, mostly positive. I did have a good relationship with a classmate named Sally. She turned out to be OK with my love of her feet, if only because she enjoyed a good foot rub! What ended it after a nearly two years was sex, apparently. She felt that I wanted to fuck her more than love her after a while. I guess it was true, to a degree. I just loved sex! I recovered from the break up better than I expected, maybe because it was between my junior and senior year. That was her last ounce of love for me, I think: waiting for the moment that would cause me the least harm to reveal the truth. Yet, it was truth I saw coming. Like I suggested, we probably did have more lust than love between us by the end.

Well, I got my bachelor’s and am now getting ready for my master’s at another college. That meant the need to either move back in with my parents (came home most weekends anyway), or find a place of my own and a job to support myself. The latter just didn’t seem likely right away, even with a crappy part-time job lined up. Having a July Forth family dinner that summer led to a surprising third possibility. My sister suggested that I could live with her instead if I didn’t want to stay at home. The reality was that, I just learned, the graduate dorms at the new college would not be done with their renovations by the start of the term as was originally expected. That meant almost permanently moving back home for a while. Moving in with my sister and her boyfriend for at least half a year seemed a little awkward, but it was an option. She even said I would not need to pay rent if I pitched in with the housework and groceries sometimes.

I decided to go for it. It was to be a faux-independence, but there wasn’t even that if I stayed at home. My sister’s place had a spare room, and some interesting amenities, including a pool. With no tenants currently in the other half of the building, that pool was practically private.

Nicole’s Journal July 7, 2009

So, my brother finished moving in with us today. John was a little surprised I offered the spare room to my brother, who I had sexually fantasized about. He knew what I was thinking, as we quietly discussed the reality of it just moments before writing this. This was rather two sided: on the one hand, I knew my brother did not want to stay at home for the foreseeable future, and other the other, I wanted him inside me. I wanted to corrupt him like I did John through pleasure. The thought of just the two of us in true lust in a threesome with John and Jason through me through sexual loops! John’s only real concern was Jason. Neither of us were really sure how he would react to his sister teasing and seducing him. So we agreed to some ground rules.

We knew Jason wasn’t gay, so John would not have to do much more than just talk about me, gage if Jason really got aroused by me. I would do most of the work. I would will around him wearing little in the most casual of ways, leave doors open a crack, and other “innocent” things to hopefully drive him wild. John’s certainly not gay either, but is definitely excited about me enacting sexual fantasies. A threesome with another guy was never his first choice, but it was still an erotic event, which I would be the center of.

I’m gonna start having fun with Jason tonight!

Jason’s Private Journal July 7, 2009

I really did appreciate moving in with my sister and John. This was night one, and they were very welcoming. Nicole said flat out that she will help me in anything I needed. I never wrote about it in my journals, but we teased each other a lot as kids. Now she wanted to be my best friend. I felt good about that.

The only thing that was a little awkward was how I jerked off to her years ago. I was long over that. I just wanted to be closer to her as a brother, I think. Now that really had a chance happening.

One thing that struck me about my first night is how comfortable Nicole was around me. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. This was her place!

John was doing the dishes after dinner, while I was casually watching TV and glancing at my phone. Nicole walked into the room with a big smile toward me. She was wearing a tight, pinkish-red dress that just made it past her ample ass. Moments after flopping down on the couch next to me, she kicked off her flip-flops and put her bare feet up on the coffee table. I had honestly forgotten how sexy my sister’s legs and feet were, or more likely, she’s just hotter as a full-fledged woman. Still, this was my sister. I tried to keep myself from staring, even through I was sure she noticed my secret gazes.

We talked, well, casually. We even glazed over our sex lives. OK, by that point, I did have a minor erection. How could I not? We were talking sex while she was naked below the ass. Beyond that, it was a very frank conversation about my ex. I did admit that the sex really did become too much, but stopped short on revealing my fetish to her. My ex did enjoy the attention to her feet, if I remember.

Nicole’s Journal July 7, 2009 (night)

Holy shit, my brother has a foot fetish and loves sex! I flopped my feet up like I always do, and I caught his eyes going wide. The dress helped, but not in the way I expected. Without a bra or panties, I expected him to look at my boobs or ass, its what John always did when I wore it. But no! All the nudeness below the waist.

I told John when Jason was just finishing a shower. Before he could precess the amazement, I told John to leave the door open a crack and give my feet some attention. Always open to foot stuff, but never gave it a go!

Jason’s Private Journal July 7, 2009 (night)

Holy shit! Did I just watch a them do a porno! What I just saw them do, fuck, if she wasn’t my sister. I’m gonna try to flesh this out to try to make sense of it.

Just finished my shower, and heard some rather conspicuous noises from Nicole and John’s bedroom. “Fuck, that’s awesome, John!” I heard. “How come you never rubbed them before? Ummm.”

I don’t know why I peaked through the ajar door. Maybe it was curiosity. Maybe I was aroused by the sounds. I mean, they were two consenting adults enjoying each other. Nicole just happened to be my sister.

The look on my sister’s face was one of awe and pleasure. John was sensually rubbing my sister’s silken feet! Fingers between the toes. Palm slowly moving down the wrinkly sole. I was more turned on by the site than I had been in so long!

“Oh, fuck it! Make love to me, John!”

They quickly removed their meager night clothes. I saw my sister butt naked! Her slim yet now athletic body, particularly her long legs, practically framed her arousing feet. I don’t think she ever looked healthier in her life. She practically glowed in her apparently amazing health. John almost instantly rolled on a condom and shoved his sold cock into my sister’s visibly moist crotch. He thrust with amazing passion, clearly wanting it to last yet wanting it perhaps more than Nicole. “Oh, yes!” she cooed.

To my great amazement, she grabbed her foot, and began to suck on her own toes. “Umm, yeah! The feels sooo good. Yeah!” She looked at John in a way that was both loving and wanting. She even groped her smooth legs. I was almost hyperventilating at the purely erotic site!

Nicole then teasingly nudged John back. Apparently knowing the motion well, John unmounted and lay on his back, breathing deeply. In an alternate cowgirl, she mounted him with her feet ahead of herself, supported herself from behind, and thrust her hips up and down his cock. They both moaned and grunted loudly in the wild lovemaking. John began to thrust into her more wildly, and Nicole cheered him on. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m gonna cum!” she cooed. “Yes, YES, UUMMummm …” Nicole visibly came, while John must have been close.

She then lay back, cock still inside her, and they began to grind, slowly at first. They quickly hastened, still on their backs. John grunted. Nicole cooed, “YES!” She began to rub the top of her pussy, before John’s cock suddenly popped out. I smirked at how his was around the same size as mine. Nicole quickly popped her lover’s dick back in, and they ground wildly for a few more moments. They then both came fast and hard. Nicole plopped the the head of the bed with John, who slowly pulled off that strained rubber, and they lovingly kissed.

I really don’t know what to say about watching my sister and her boyfriend make love. It was really hot! Sister or no, I jerked off while writing this. I got some of my cum on the page. I feel much better now. With any luck, I can put this incestuous and voyeuristic session behind me.

Nicole’s Journal July 8, 2009

Jason is definitely was receptive to me. But I don’t just want to jump on top of him. I wanted him to come to me. Today, I experimented in a way by wearing stockings, and it was quite amusing.

I came home before Jason, and rolled on my shear black stockings. John liked them a lot, too! My tightest short-shorts really did accentuate my athletic legs, and I must admit I was really turned on by having two men turned on by me at the same time. It was amusing how John just looked unabashedly, while Jason snuck “secret” glances. At one point during dinner I teased him by asking what he thought about my stockings. He admitted they did look good on me, but quickly changed the subject.

That night, I decided to continue our long running porno tradition.

We quietly sat on the couch checking email on our phones. My silk-covered legs on John’s lap, I leaned back toward Jason.

“So, this is kinda different, Jason,” I began. “John and me like to watch porn together sometimes, usually once a week. We just watch it here. It’s really that you’re living here now, and I don’t think we should just kick you out of the room like a five year old. We’re all adults here.”

He had that hilarious look of a deer in headlights.

“It’s kinda fun, Jason,” I continued. “Me and John like to joke about it. He certainly doesn’t last as long as those guys!” I wasn’t lying. John and I joked and teased each other. Just didn’t mention to Jason how we would emulate it sometimes.

“OK …” he answered, deciding to go with it.

So, we plugged in my old laptop to the HDTV, and randomly started up some porno we bought on the internet who knows how long ago.

No real plot. Standard sex scenes, really. Still, we were all more than receptive to the action. At one point, the guy shoved the woman’s big foot into his mouth, and I looked over to Jason. He was watching quite closely. I looked down to his crotch. He was even harder than John right them.

We were all pretty damn horny after a while. Still, I felt it was too soon to convince Jason to join us in our sexual escapades. So, I just gave him good tease.

I began to passionately make out with John, who responded with even more passion. We stood, hand in hand, and I looked down to the almost hyperventilating Jason.

“We’ll try not to make too much noise, Jason,” I purred. I then leaned down, showing off my small by sexy cleavage, put my arms on either side of him, and gave him a deep smooch. Starting at the crotch (the clear outline of his dick was so arousing!), I slowly picked up my head to meet his aroused gaze. “Good night, Jason …”

Jason’s Private Journal July 8, 2009.

Not unusually, I got out of bed early for a glass of water. I usually go back to sleep for a little longer before work, by Nicole usually got up very early for work. We often, briefly crossed paths at the early hour. This morning was different. Well, perhaps different for me.

Was up maybe twenty minutes earlier than usual. I chugged down the glass, and heard some very familiar moaning in the sister’s room. I quietly walked over to the ajar door, and peeped inside. And, holy shit!

Nicole was blowing her boyfriend! At the same time, John’s hand was down her pajama pants, clearly massaging her clit. They were more than enjoying themselves in their distinct grunts and coos. This was fucking hot! Apparently at it for a while, they both came in near unison. Cum escaped her mouth, as her own moistened her pajama pants. She visibly and audibly swallowed, and passionately made out with John. “Thanks for breakfast,” she said sultrily.

I quietly scurried to my room to jerk off to the site before she cleaned herself up for the day. OK, I admit it, my sister is one of the hottest women I know!

Later was crazier. My sister was fucking teasing BOTH John and myself tonight. She wore the hottest black stockings and the shortest of short shorts. She just walked around casually, putting her silk-covered feet up on tables like it was no big deal. We looked. Oh fuck we looked. I tried so hard to hide I was staring at her legs, but I wasn’t sure how successful I was. I mean, Nicole directly asked how the stockings looked on her. I truthfully told her she looked good in them, but stopped short of saying she looked fucking hot!

What turned my balls utterly blue happened later that night. My sister almost casually asked if I wanted to watch porn with them. I was completely taken off guard. Watching porn with your sister and her boyfriend?

Now, to be clear, I had an erection for practically the whole day with only a slight respite at work. Blood just wasn’t flowing to my brain in the most optimal quantities. Her argument that we were all adults looking for a laugh was more than enough to convince me it was no big deal.

I was sure it wasn’t exactly the best porn any of us has ever seen, but it got the job done. To my personal pleasure, there was even a point where the guy was sucking on the woman’s toes while thrusting into her. That was something I always looked for.

Then, Nicole and John started to make out almost lustfully. It was so hot. If my cock wasn’t already at full staff under my pants, it would have ripped right through at the sight. Nicole subtly pulled John to his feet with hers. She looked over to me, and said they would try not to make too much noise. Then, she leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips! If I wasn’t so amazed in the moment, I would have returned the favor. She looked right at my tented crotch, slowly looked up, and finally purred, “Good night …”

She walked out of the room, John in tow, with a suggestive smile. What that fuck just happened!? Did my sister blatantly tease me sexually, or did she beckon me to join them? I wasn’t sure.

After a few moments of hyperventilated haze, I heard muffled, “Make love to me in the ass, John.”

Rational thought all but gone, I almost automatically made my way to the perpetually ajar door. The two were already naked, and Nicole was on all fours, glorious ass and soles in full view. A part of me wanted to walk into the room to join them, but there was doubt in the back of my mind. This was my sister after all. If that led to me being kicked out, how could I explain that?

So, I just watched, but this time with solid dick in hand. My hand practically moved under the primal direction of my dick. I stroked widely absorbing the site of my sister doing it doggy style. Her mouthwatering soles crunched, tops of her feet supporting her body. Her boobs flopped back and forth, as her body visibly flowed with the active thrusts. The overabundance of lube dripped out of her ass, mixed with her visible pussy juice, and finally dripped onto the sheets. She moaned and cooed loudly, as John grunted.

“Oh, gah, YES, that’s it!” she growled through her teeth.

Thrust, thrust, thrust they went, my sister’s body responding to near orgasmic levels. John began to rub Nicole’s moist pussy, making her coo louder through her clenched teeth. What struck me was how Nicole’s was not really responding to John rough thrusts. It was as if she was absorbing them, and he was responding by giving her more. I think this was the case before, but I didn’t realize it until this moment. The sex was clearly more passionate this time. Different, but so fucking hot. He then came hard into her ass a split second before Nicole did so loudly. I nearly came myself, but just barely kept enough composure to finish myself off in my room

Nicole’s Journal July 9, 2009

I decided we were gonna have a pool party today with just John and Jason. John correctly guessed that I am for that incest now. I am so hungry for my brother! I talked with John about what I wanted us to do. We have been so happy about the high fence around the pool. We almost always fucked in the pool instead of just swimming around. It all made him pretty horny, so I sucked him off and filled my stomach with his cum.

Jason’s Private Journal July 9, 2009

I came back home today only to be greeted by my arousing sister in a dark red bikini. I wonder if anyone ever wonder if it was possible to get blue balls went jerking off regularly?Wasn’t sure if her outfit was too small or designed to show her supermodel body off so perfectly. All I knew was that my pants were fully tented.

“We’re having a pool party, Jason!” she exclaimed all bubbly.

“Um, OK …”

“Don’t worry, Jason! It just the three of us. Thought we haven’t been using the pool enough this summer. It’ll feel so good.” She looked down to my blatant erection, and teased, “He can come along, too.”

“OK, well, I’ll get out my trunks, Nicole,” I answered awkwardly. “See you two in a bit!”

With a big smile, she turned and walked out of the room. My eyes slowly made their way down her back, ass, long legs, and cum inducing feet.

Putting on my trunks, I saw how my dick was still at full attention. Strangely, my sister already seeing I was aroused — and carefree about it — made me feel much less self conscious.

I made my way to the back. Nicole and John were already in, and frolicking around. They were “sneaking in” kisses and gropes between the splashes and giggles.

“Come on in, Jason!” John invited. “Feels great in here!”

I hopped in, not making to much of a splash. It was a little awkward I guess. I’ll do laps in the pool, but never really played in one for years.

The two of them sat on the underwater steps, and Nicole waved me over.

“Truth or dare?” John offered almost as a joke.

“Really?” I wondered, dick still blatantly tenting the trunks. I sat next to them.

“Yeah, why not?” Nicole shrugged. She looked to John, and asked, “Truth or dare?”


“Oh, you’re no fun!” she teased, splashing him. “Before you came home, whose ass did you ogle?”

I went wide eyed.

“Cecelia at work,” he shrugged.

“That’s the older woman?” Nicole asked casually.

“Late thirties, I think,” he answered. “She is really attractive!” John looked over to me friendlily. “Jason, truth or dare?”

“Uh, truth?”

“I’m asking the questions here!” he laughed. “Weirdest thing you ever did with your ex?”

“Oh …” I breathed. The answer would reveal something only my ex knew. Still, fuck it, I thought! “Footjobs.”

The two glanced at each other with pleasant amazement.

“Yeah, um, I mean, not all the time. I always liked it my more than she ever did, but she at least enjoyed a good foot rub.”

Oh, my big brother has a foot fetish!” Nicole teased, kicking water at me with her feet, and then waving at me with her feet and toes. Fuck, she had great soles!

“So, Nicky, truth or dare?” I shot back.

“Umm, truth!”

“OK,” I thought for a moment, wanting to make her reveal something supposedly embarrassing, too. “What’s your craziest sexual experience?

She chuckled oddly, “To tell you the truth, Jason, I love sex. I never gave someone a footjob, but I’ve had some crazy nights!”

I went wide eyed.

“So, I guess the craziest night that comes to mind was a little while before you moved in. John and I went to an orgy down in Gloucester. We’ve been to an orgy once or twice before, but this was more attended than the others. I’m actually not sure how many I fucked that night, including John! Maybe, five guys and three women over the course of the night. Might have actually been ten people in total.”

“Well, hope you’re on the pill!” was all I could say, feeling my balls get bluer.

“Oh yeah!” she nodded with a big smile. “Condoms are kinda mandatory at those things, too.” She looked to John. “Truth or dare?”


“Finally!” she exclaimed. “Takes your trunks off, relax, John.”

He did so. “Truth or dare, Jason?”

“Dare,” I shrugged in a fuck-it kind of way.

“Take off your sister’s bikini!” he ordered.

Amazed, I looked over to my sister, who just sat there casually, perfectly willing to let me follow through with the dare. I moved to stand in front of her, the greenish-blue water quietly bobbing just below her breasts. Her suckable nipples were fully erect under the we top. Seeing that top was tied in the back, I reached around her sides, and began to undo the simple bow. She gave me a teasing look, white teeth full flair.

“I won’t tell mom,” she said quietly with a devious smile.

Breathing deeply, I finally undid the knot, and removed the top. Her shimmering, wet boobs all but made me drool, and boobs aren’t even my favorite thing! Her bottom was tied in a similar fashion, and I slowly undid them under the water. She slightly lifted herself up, allowing me to let the bottoms float away. Almost hyperventilating, I sat myself next to my naked sister.

“Uh … Nicole …” I breathed.

“Yes?” she responded deeply, teasingly.

“Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she answered flatly, sultrily.

‘Fuck,’ I thought. I actually wasn’t sure what to dare her in that moment. A lot of me wanted to fuck her right then and there, John as the audience, but I just wasn’t sure if that was a step too far for what was supposed to be a game. “Give John a hickey.”

She shrugged, “Sure!” Nicole moved toward the more than receptive John, and began to suck and nibble his lower neck. In what felt like no time at all, she moved back to her spot, leaving a vibrant mark on her boyfriend’s neck.

“John, truth or dare?” she asked airily.

“Oh, fuckin’ dare me, Nicky!”

“You asked for it! John, eat my pussy underwater until you need air.”

“Sure!” he happy exclaimed. He took a couple deep breaths, and more than literally went down on her.

Nicole arched her back, beginning to moan and nibble her full lips. She quickly wrapped her strong leg around his head underwater. She looked over to me with a horny smile, before she rolled her eyes and head back. I almost started to jerk off at the site, but unfortunately kept my cool. My balls actually started to hurt! Dick at more than full staff, removing my trunk might actually be difficult.

After more than a minute of growing lustful coos, John suddenly surfaced. He was all red in the face, and trying to catch his breath. “Ja … Jason, truth or dare?” he breathed.

“Dare,” I requested without thinking. With so much blood pouring elsewhere, I don’t think I was capable of serious thought.

The two looked at each other with an odd smile. “Jason, I dare you to make out with your sister.”

Wide eyed, I looked toward Nicole. With a big smile, she reached out like she wanted to give a big hug. I leaned in. It was so natural, automatic. Our wet lips met. We smashed and ground out wet lips together for a few moments, before our tongues slithered out on their own. We held each other tightly, lovingly, lustfully, as we ground our crotches. It felt so good, so right. Years of lust and want flooded out of us in that moment. She was a master kisser. I could barely keep up, but it strangely didn’t matter

Nicole then pulled herself back. “Jason, truth or dare?”

“Dare,” I breathed.

“Take your trunks off.”

I did so with some effort, my dick happy to finally be freed from its tightening prison. “Nicole,” I breathed, “Truth or dare?”


“Fuck me, Nicole.”

Without hessitation, she lightly took hold of my solid member under the water, and guided it to her warm, clean shaven crotch. She thrust her hips, and consumed my dick with her tight, lower mouth. It felt like perfection. My ex never felt this good. My dick felt as if it was sculpted to fit into my sisters love-hole. We made out at the same time, making groans of lust and love. We licked and kissed and groped whatever we could.

It was amazing. My sister was really fucking me! It felt as if she was in total control of my throbbing dick. Thrust, thrust, thrust. The incestuous lust between us only grew. Her eyes made me hers forever. I moved my hands down her long legs, and she lifted them so I could grope her glorious feet. She then grabbed her right foot to bring it up to our mouths for us both to enjoy. We drooled all over that foot, actively touching tongues and lips.

“Oh, fuck … uh-haa, oh. You feel so close, Jason. Cum inside me!”

She thrust even harder, now in apparent state of orgasm. I tried so hard to hold back for a few more moments — her foot down my throat and other in my hand, and then all I could do was squeeze my goo out into my thrusting sister. But it wasn’t just that. Something was changing inside me. Nicole had somehow touched on something my ex never did. I could feel her juices flowing into me. It didn’t make much sense, but it felt so right, so delicious. No, it wasn’t just her blatant squirting orgasm. There was something more. It was her passion. Her passion was flowing out and I was absorbing it. I could taste it. Yes, I was consuming her passion, as I could feel her consuming mine.

I was coming alive, more alive than I ever was before! My body somehow began to change. My continuously exploding dick grew to nearly a foot inside my sister. My body became more muscular and subtly more shapely, not unlike my sister’s. I became more. I became what I was always meant to be.

Nicole pulled herself away, looking greatly satisfied. My dick deflated back to its prior limp size, yet I somehow knew I could make it that size again, like how I knew I could do whatever I wanted with my body. I had no words for what just happened.

I looked at my new body in utter shock. At the same time, I felt like I just had a large meal and ran for miles. “What, what happened.”

“I didn’t know for sure,” she began, looking quite proud of herself. “I only transformed myself not too long ago … John woke up not so dormant DNA in me.”


“I am a Succubus, Jason, technically always was. Pretty sure it skipped our parents. I seem to know that an Incubus and Succubus can’t directly mate with each other either. John helped me wake up sexually. Basically by accident. That’s why he’s so devoted to me. That’s why I love to consume cum and all that sex. Oh, I eat whatever, but I really need sex.”

“I’m …”

“An Incubus,” she forwarded casually. “I wasn’t really sure. In some ways, I just wanted to try some incest. It did taste great! But since you did awake, we basically consumed our passion at the same time. You changing actually sucked more out of me. Kinda hungry still! We can’t really feed off each other, but we can still fuck. I do love incest!”

As we were both a bit surprised about, we quickly learned that my sexuality did not change, at least not really. I probably could feed on men, but I was only hungering for women. That didn’t stop us from doing what felt like was inevitable after we got out of the pool.

Just before the inevitable, I called up my ex. It wasn’t really some selfish need to feed. I did still love her, and I sensed that such a relationship was all but necessary. Just look at Nicole and John! We agreed to meed for a drink in a couple days.

Well, there was Nicole hungrily yet casually sucking John’s dick on the couch. My sister looked so hot on her knees, bobbing up and down. I inflated my dick back to a foot while I walked up. Nicole caught site of my enhanced manhood, wide-eyed. With John’s dick in one hand, she grabbed mine with the other.

She gave a few sensual strokes with her skillful fingers, before I moved to sit on the couch. Sandwiched between, my sister resumed her now purely hunger fueled sucking, while I played with my dick and her humid crotch. Drooling and moaning like a hungry animal, Nicole quickly switched to consuming my dick on her knees. She took all twelve inches down her throat, cooing wildly. I grew my dick even bigger in both length and girth. I could feel her mouth and throat adapt to the change.

I considered blowing a load, feeding her incestuous cum, but I saw John begin to thrust in her addicting pussy. She sucked and jerked me ever more wildly, as John thrust and spanked. Nicole and I happily began to absorb the combined passion we cultivated.

Nicole then swiveled herself around, my now fifteen-ish inch monstrosity just sliding out of her drooling mouth, and resumed sucking off John. Wanting her silken feet more than her pussy, I clamped her glorious soles around my massive member. My thrusts were like waves of total ecstasy between the two of us. She sounded and moved wildly, her cries of passion only muffled by a dick down her throat. She breathed more widely than all of us.

Nicole was the queen of pleasure, in total control of us. She moved to her back so John could fuck her pussy. I jerked off to the site of my sister in writhing ecstasy, while she sucked my balls with her full, soft lips.

I eventually requested to fuck her in the pussy, and she obliged. Before I knew it, I was fucking almost the best pussy in the world, second only to her foot-pussy. She took my entire girth! At the same time, John was jerking off, while she sucked his ball like they were excreting addictive milk. I grabbed her ankles, and began to passionately worship her creamy feet with my mouth.

“I’M GONNA CUM, I’M GONNA CUM!” she cooed through clenched teeth. She then let out a loud, inhuman, orgasmic growl. Her cum leaked out from her crotch.

Always wanting more, she let us continue, with John shoving his dick back into her mouth. Indeed, she controlled John’s growing passion, as I controlled mine. I soon found myself wanting her naturally lubricated ass. Never saw a bottle of lube the other night. My monstrosity just slid in there, every quarter of an inch. I thrust insanely, giving her a massive anal orgasm. John and I switched roles, and he began working to give her an anal orgasm. She rubbed her pussy at the same time, ostensively compensating for his lack of girth. But he used his own girth well, and gave her a good growing climax.

“I NEED YOUR CUM!” she growled at us.

She went to her back, feet up toward me. I began to fuck her perfect foot-pussy, as John humped her mouth. It was a glorious endgame, as passions were unchained. Cum spewed down her throat, as I blew gallons of my Incubus cum all over her …


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