Journeys into Passion

This erotica anthology has self contained, occasionally multi-part narratives. While exploring the same themes overall as the prior series, the underpinnings of these stories are inspired by anthology TV series such as The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Tales from the Darkside, and Black Mirror. Some stories will originate as Blog Flashes that grow beyond two-thousand words, while multipart stories will be merged and reedited into paperbacks.

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14,648 words
Looking for her lost sister, Jennifer found herself on a dark journey of lustful depravity and implausible wish fulfillment … 
Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, transformation, latex, sci-fi

Alien Amazons
6,329 words
The Chikator came to Earth enacting only altruism, in the face of blatant xenophobia. They had an explanation for just about everything. Why they looked like statuesque, female Humanoids. Why they came to Earth. Why Humans were becoming them …
Mind control, male-female sex, foot fetish, transformation, futa, sci-fi, near future

The Armageddon Archives
33,319 words
It began October 2019 with Armageddon, as most came to call it. The Forces of Darkness and the Forces of Heaven had Earth as their battleground. They fell into a stalemate, while Humanity improbably rose up in its own right, if only to survive. Nothing was as prophesied …

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Paperback Edition
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Deep Cover
13,793 words
In a world on the edge, Hunter turned Warrior, Lucinda, embarks on a desperate plan to fight fire with fire …
Mind control, transformation, demonic, lust, sci-fi, near future, female-female sex, male-female sex, futa, foot fetish, anal, spanking

Thrall of Lust
3,058 words
After settling into their new life in Las Angeles, the Realm of Asmodeus, Marry and Jack agree to further embrace their new lives with a submissive thrall Demon of Lust.
Mind control, demonic, lust, sci-fi, near future, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal

7,068 words
In an alternate timeline to the main Armageddon Archives, four roommates at UCLA play a game of lust that transforms their already changed lives …
Mind control, foot fetish, demonic, lust, transformation, sci-fi, near future, male-female sex, female-female sex, futa, anal

The Eye of Change
9,400 words
The final part of the Armageddon Archives. In 2015, Robert Smith learns about a fantastical family heirloom. In 2024, an archivist finds himself tasked with locating a mysterious object. In 2026, the powerful Darren, the young Alpha Demon of Lust Lucinda, and the Demon King Asmodeus must pool resources to save the world from the brink …
mind control, transformation, foot fetish, demonic, lust, male-female sex, female-female sex, futa, sci-fi, near future</em

Beyond the Green Door
4,718 words
Newlyweds Jason and Linda have a frank conversation about their sex life, and agree they can’t always be “missionaries.” So, the more recently aggressive Linda recommends they try something new. They were already long past the beginning …
Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, foot fetish, futa, anal sex, gang bang, transformation, Sci-Fi

Cabin of Sin
10,019 words
In this Halloween special, an unknowable force awakens the sexual truth in college students vacationing in a luxury cabin …
Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, transformation, supernatural

Demon Lover
19,019 words
Daya had only been hunting mounters for a few years. A recent encounter with a woman possessed by a Succubus changed everything …
Mind control, female-female sex, anal sex, succubus, demonic, lust, futa, supernatural, witchcraft, foot fetish, transformation

The First Deal
10,206 words
Jackie finds herself reluctant to make her first Deal with a Human, and looks back on her journey into dark lust …
 Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal, foot fetish, lust, spanking, demonic, supernatural, incest, transformation

2,815 Words
A woman recounts how she became a sex toy …
Mind control, female-female sex, male-female sex, witchcraft

The Lost Amazons
9,933 words
Led by her professor, Jennifer goes on an archaeological expedition in the Black Sea. They uncover an almost literal doorway to the past …
Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex, transformation, sci-fi

Lust from Darkness
16,363 words
The story follows Hunters Lucinda and Alena, who have been fighting monsters for nearly a decade. Demons were never their specialty, but they soon find themselves against Demons with an unexpected plan …
Mind control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex, futa,
spanking, demonic, supernatural, witchcraft, transformation

The Neighbor
4,078 words
Longtime roommates, Liza and Lucy, try to make sense of what happened between them and their new neighbor, who seems to quite different …
Mind control, female-female sex, incest, transformation, supernatural

The Ranch
6,110 words
Young reporter Jennifer Svelte made an immersive documentary of a legal brothel in Nevada. All good reporters aim to not become a part of the very story they are reporting, but Jennifer’s project proved to be personally profound … 
Contemporary drama, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex, prostitution

Threshold Technologies
21,117 words
Threshold Technologies aims to bring the most advanced means of sucking the viewer into their entertainment. Unlike VR and 3D technologies, they use subliminal techniques to create the illusion of total submersion. The core concepts of these hypnotic techniques are not new, and may be found on the internet today in their own forms. The Threshold Difference is in how their technology makes background messaging and visuals imperceptible to the viewer.

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Paperback Edition
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Threshold Technologies
3,839 words
Alice accidentally finds an old DVD from the house’s prior owner. It turned out to be a porno, and soon found herself sucked into the film …
Mind control, anal, male-female sex, sci-fi

An Old Typewriter
5,098 words
Jack, a software engineer major at his university, finds a Threshold film. He watches the erotic sci-fi drama, An Old Typewriter, and is quickly sucked into the film …
Mind Control, female-female sex, sci-fi, transformation

12,180 words
The stories of Threshold revitalizer Jack Fauno in 2018 and Detective Juliana Black in 2030 are interwoven. Jack works to revitalize Threshold Technologies, while Juliana works a case of missing persons that leads to that revitalized company.
Mind control, masturbation, female-female sex, male-female sex, sci-fi, latex, transformation

Voluntatem Tenebrae — The Will of Darkness
TBD Word Count
The Great Dreamer has lived through countless aeons, and slept through countless more. Its awakening heralds the assumed doom of all. The Righteous Protectors, Earthbound Gods and aging vigilantes, reform to face this ancient madness, incapable of truly knowing the power they face without joining it.

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Paperback and conglomerated eBook TBD

Black Birds
14,168 words
A legendary vigilante learns of cult related crime and behavior in her ally’s city. None of the behavior makes much sense … The Dreamer has awakened …
Mind control, male-female sex, anal sex, transformation, sci-fi

13,124 words
After the Protectors experience a shocking defeat, the ancient Olympian takes command. Even though her dispassionate posture did not seem to waver externally, she found herself uncertain about their next move …
Mind control, female-female sex, male-female sex, foot fetish, anal sex, incest, gane bang

Coming TBD

The Whispers of Stone
7,689 Word Count
Jenna, a wealthy treasure hunter, finds a mysterious, perfectly rounded piece of onyx, and begins to experience inexplicable dreams that seem connected with the waking world …
Mind Control, male-female sex, female-female sex, anal sex, futa, supernatural, transformation

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