Blog Unbound: Academy of Escorts

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Academy of Escorts

Hannah has just finished her training as an Agent for Nevada’s Bureau of Brothel and Escort Licensing. “Agent” was really just a more politically tolerated word for a field regulator. It wasn’t like she was to go out and find serial killers! Still, she did have the power to arrest those in violation of prostitution laws, even if that was normally left to local law enforcement. It was a very interesting job, considering her fresh Criminal Justice (Law Enforcement) degree from the State University of Nevada. She wasn’t quite sure how she would apply her education once graduating, applying to a variety of relevant jobs, but the BBEL was looking for fresh faces. It was also somewhat prestigious, with there only being five budgeted agents, not counting contractors.

“Please have a seat, Agent Harker,” the Assistant Director of Licensing Review stated in his bland office, which contrasted with his lively demeanor. “I have your first assignment!”

“I’m excited!” she sat. As an Agent, her supervisor (an Assistant Director) depended on the task. Her true boss was the Bureau’s Director.

“Good,” Jameson stated with a smile, and passed over the brown folder. “I’m sure you already heard of the Academy of Nevada Escorts, and how we gave them a provisional Brothel License pending further review.”

“Yes, sir. That was a few weeks ago if I remember.”

“Well, as you know, they have been operating for about a year before the applied for a Brothel License. We did not push them to apply, us voting to not consider them a brothel when they first opened, but they they wanted to provide further training for their already licensed students. Once their paint was dry, they applied. A fact finding tour prior showed no evidence of actual Escort Services, and that was actually when their Headmaster told us to expect their brothel application. So, everything was fine.”

“Something’s changed?”

“Perhaps, Harker. At least indirectly, we can derive their activities, thanks to the Escort Licenses they provide their students. Something we voted that was OK, provided the applicants were already associated with a brothel. The risen concern is in what some are perceiving to be radical changes in their students. Now that they are more directly under our purview, we have seen some evidence of this.”

“Brainwashing? That seems a little out there. You don’t exactly need a personality reconstruction to get a license.”

“I know! However, this Academy is new and different, and not really something within the wording of the law … What we would like you to do is go undercover and become a student.”

“You want me to go into escort training?” she asked awkwardly.

“The reality is that we really don’t know what they’re doing. They are under no obligation to advertise their curriculum, and don’t. They’re kinda a private boarding school.”

“How long would I have to be there?”

“To answer both your questions, you need to go through the Academy’s coursed for as long as you think is necessary. If something is wrong, I’d expect you to find out fairly quickly.”

“All right …” she agreed with a sigh. Hannah didn’t expect such a case, but assuming she would not go as far as the advanced program, Hannah would not be having sex with strangers …

It was not particularly difficult to “infiltrate” the school. Indeed, they did not do a background check. One was expected to be done by the brothel for licensing, but Hannah expected to be gone long before. So, she was enrolled as Hannah Harker: auburn hair, blue eyes, 125 pounds, light completion, C-cup breasts, five feet and seven inches, size eight shoes. Such information was standard for licensing, while she was told it was also for “scenarios” in the courses. That, too, made sense, because clients often ask for specific ascetics. Plus, there was a questionnaire on her personal experience with sex, her interests, etc, which were not really that intrusive. Hannah started with the new class of five, while the prior started a month before. That was the usual cycle, while new students would stay largely separate from others for the first week or two as a consequence of scheduling. There were men enrolled, but there being so few — that was the present statistic for male escorts, she rarely saw them.

There were only two courses: standard and advanced. The latter came after licensing. The classes were often taught by the Headmaster, well, mistress Alexandria, who may be the only woman that made Hannah question her sexuality, but were often taught by others, usually women. The teachers to a lesser extent exhibited a similar raw sexuality, but Hannah did not think much of it at first, such a behavior probably beneficial to escorts.

Basically, the standard course was an expansion of the mandated training for escorts. What they really did more of, unlike anything a brothel would provide, was directly apply it it sex. The advantages of birth control, and how it can enhance the experience, the advantages of hygiene, etc. At the same time, she was required to study human sexuality from history to pornography. It was quite all objective, and made perfect sense. They did not hide what they were teaching: lust. Paying for sex was indeed something that rarely was anything else. In the first week she learned more about sexual passion at twenty-two most might learn in forty-two!

“You know, Hannah, I was wondering what you were doing before you decided to enrolled here,” the young, attractive, raven haired Liza asked. They sat in the quiet dining hall. The two were becoming friends, as they were roommates.

“Well,” Hannah started assuming she was not a great at lying, “Got a criminal justice degree.”

“Guess you wanted a career change!” Liza laughed pleasantly.

“Yeah!” Hannah chuckled. “I dunno. Didn’t wanna be a layer, so that degree’s not gonna be a big money maker. What about you?”

“Eh, college wasn’t for me,” Liza said. She was just barely twenty. “Dropped out recently, and thought I’d give this a try. Sounds crazy to go to school to be a hooker, but hey, it freaks the parents out!”

“Oh, yeah!”

“So, they got you watchin’ porn yet?”

“Uh, no … but the sexuality lectures are just about pornographic. Alexandria has me scheduled to watch her demonstrate sex this evening with one of her teachers.”

“I was talking with some of the students that’s been here for a month, and the said we should start in with that soon. You in the 3:30 course?”

“Yeah …?”

“Guess I’ll finally be joining you!”

Liza and Hannah sat next to each other. There were three other there: two men and a woman. The three said they were about a month ahead of them, and that their classes now consisted of the live sex lectures and porn. There was something very different about the three of them. They looked at each other and others with distinct lust in their eyes. It was like they were all but ready to have sex with anyone at any time. Hannah casually nudged more out of them about the classes a month into the program, but they did not forward anything unusual.

The radiant Alexandria walked into the room. The tall, dark haired woman, as always, had a very sexual air about her, yet at the same time, it was more somehow. Hannah found herself aroused by the site of her. She wore tight jeans, sole supporting flip-flips, and form fitting blouse. A young teacher then walked into the room. It was fair skinned Lucile, who Hannah knew as quite knowledgeable on Nevada law. The redheaded woman was on the shorter side, and athletically built. She wore a tight white blouse, too short short-shorts, and flip-flops.

“In the back,” Alexandria began, “You will have your specialized homework. Hannah and Liza, I thought it best to give you the same assignments, you being roommates. Now, Lucile and I will be fucking on this desk in a moment. A good scissoring is planned. In this case, she agreed to be passive. You must be prepared to accommodate the client. I have the real check for her to be my escort for the evening.” She took out a check from her left boob, and gave it to the clearly lustful Lucile. “She’s now mine for the session. Well, let’s do this!”

Lucile placed the check in her front left pocket, before the two hungry women began to make out. Alexandria slowly removed their clothes, while they deeply groped their tingling bodies. Alexandria helped Lucile onto the desk, and climbed on with her. Lucile was very passive, clearly taking more than giving. They then repositioned and intertwined their crotched for a lustful scissoring.

Hannah was incredibly aroused, but could not understand why. She thought she was completely straight, but her experience at the school already was forcing her to question that. She glanced over to the more seasoned schoolmates, who were more than enjoying the site. The three were embracing it, for lack of better words. Liza and Hannah then glanced at each other with confirming amazement.

Soon, the teachers were practically in a state of hot, sweaty orgasm. Yet, it was lasting longer than any orgasm should. Hannah was practically hypnotized by the site of lust, making time fly away. The two hit their true orgasms at different times, but kept going for almost an eternity. For the first time in her life, Hannah now knew what true lust looked like …

“Fuck! That was some crazy shit …” Liza breathed amazed, sitting on her bead.

“Yeah, unbelievable, Liza. She was Alexandria’s fuck toy.”

“Paid well. Did you see that fucking check? It was five-hundred bucks!”

“That was the point, Liza,” she shrugged, amazed at her acceptance. “Lucile agreed to the terms, and went with them. That’s what we’re being trained to do.”

“I guess so … Our homework is this porno: ‘The Accidental Hooker.’ About a woman reluctantly agreeing to fuck her husband’s friend for a lot of cash, and learning she loves loves to get paid for sex.”

“That’s rather on the nose!”

Hannah slipped the DVD into her laptop. It only hit her the moment the man and woman (husband and wife) were graphically fucking that this was the first time she ever sat down to watch a porno. At the same time, she was all right with what she was seeing. None of it was real, and they all were paid. Yet, she was passively against porn until just this moment. It was probably the environment, she concluded. The school was preparing them to be comfortable about sex, and people sometimes steal ideas from pornography.

“You watch porn much before coming here?” Hannah asked lightly through the blowjob moans.

“No, actually!” she breathed. “You?”

“No …”

“I kinda like it!” Liza exclaimed.

“Production values aren’t bad …” Hannah breathed, coming to like it, too, seeing the guy cum in the woman’s mouth. She swallowed, as did Hannah.

From that point on, they both happily watched, both incredibly aroused no matter what kind of sex it was. There was old fashioned missionary, anal, spooning, lesbian; it had everything! They even liked the plot where the woman was not really selling herself. She was largely in control, treating it like the job it was. It was almost uplifting.

They were both so aroused through it all that they were not always sure why neither started pleasuring themselves to it. The porno eventually ended with she and her husband off in the Caribbean, the husband paying her ahead for a long vacation of pleasure …

“That was fucking awesome!” Hannah exclaimed flustered.

“I know, right?” Liza breathed. “They know the good porn, I guess.”

Hannah ejected the DVD, and placed it in the box.

Liza was looking over her roommate, still super-aroused. She was not sure exactly why the idea came to her or why she proposed it. “Hannah …?”


“I got a twenty in my wallet …”

“What do yah think you’re gonna get for just twenty bucks?” Hannah laughed.

“Blow job?” she shrugged. She then took the twenty out of her wallet. “I pay you twenty to eat me out, and then you give me twenty for whatever. We won’t gain or loose anything!”

“OK …” she answered, amazed she was agreeing to that. Yet, she was easily just as hot and bothered as Liza.

Hannah took the twenty, and pocketed it. Liza then quickly stripped naked, before laying back on her bed. Heart fluttering, Hannah crawled between Liza’s long legs, licked her lips, and began to make out with the pussy lips. To her surprise, the humid, well trimmed pussy tasted kinda good. Also to her surprise, Hannah did not feel lost in the sexual act, having just seen quite a bit of it.

“Oooooh, wow, Hannah,” Liza moaned in compliment.

Going from both memory and lustful intuition, Hannah began to consume more hungrily. She wanted to give Liza her money’s worth.

“Oh, goah … Hannah … Those soft lips! I’ve never … FUCK yeah!” Liza writhed in orgasm.

Hannah unconsciously licked her lips wet from another woman’s juices. She was now more horny than ever! “I got a twenty, Liza,” she said in almost a growl. “How ‘bout a handjob?”

“Sure!” she breathed, now wanting to return Hannah’s favor.

Hannah handed over the twenty, stripped, and lay back on her bed.

Liza slipped the twenty back in her wallet, and plopped herself next to the excruciatingly horny Hannah. With two fingers Liza began to rub the dripping, twitching snatch. “This what you had in mind?”

“UMMM yeah! Don’t hold back,” she cooed.

With both intuition and recent knowledge, Liza began to aggressively rub and finger her roommate’s clit. She eventually found her G-spot, and actively fingered it.

“Oh, fuck yeah! … Awesome, Liza … DON’T fuckin’ stop … EERGuh, oh … YEAH … OH, GAH, fuck … Great magic fucking FINGERS! … That’s it … almost … FUCK YEAH!” She squirt, if only a little, for the first time in her life. Hannah lay back both satisfied and amazed.

“OK …” Liza breathed in equal amazement. “I’m gonna go take a shower, Hannah …”

“I’m just ganna pass out and shower tomorrow …”

That evening was a threshold moment in more ways than one. Hannah quickly finished the what little was left of the “normal” training by the end of the week, while the live sex and porno homework quickly came to be the only training. “Loving it” was the wrong phrase, but she was definitely enjoying it. The sex courses were normally just between teachers, but she came to be excited with Alexadria was there. And when she slept, Hannah’s dreams soon became only of lust. At one point she realized she was there for over two months, being asked for and providing a report for her superiors. There was nothing to report objectively, and said she was going to go all the way to best understand their process. That was the truth: Hannah really wanted to see the training through.

This was certainly the case for Liza as well. The two more and more often “practiced” what they saw in the classroom and screen. They were growing intimately close, but there was no love in it. If they had any love through their early friendship, that was a quiet echo now. It was objectively strange, they admitted to each other, but they liked it. They liked how they could have fun with each other in any way they wanted or saw. There were no consequences. All her life, she now understood, Hannah restrained herself. She really was a bore, as her college ex boyfriend said to her once in frustration. Now, she was beginning to see imaginative possibility. Little by little, the boring Agent Hannah was being remolded in an imaginative agent of lust.

Halfway through the third month (she barely cared anymore), the sessions became more interactive. It was so fun to learn the variety of sex first hand …

“So, what do yah think we’re gonna do tonight, Hannah?” Liza asked excitedly.

“I don’t know! My ass is still tingling from Ms Lani’s dildo.”

The teachers, the gruff and dark haired Jason Andrews and the tall athletic blonde Rachel Harper, waked into the room. The two showed Liza and Hannah pegging the week before. Neither realized a woman could fuck a guy in the ass with a strap-on!

“Blowjobs!” Jason exclaimed to the session of four.

“Yup, dick sucking!” Rachel confirmed. “Sometimes it ends with the load all over the woman’s face or as a small part of the encounter. For the purposes of this session, we will be doing the complete act, including swallowing. I will first blow Jason, and then it’s the classes turn. I will blow Bob, and Liza and Hannah will blow Jason in turn.” She turned to him with a smirk. “I was not the one who did the scheduling for tonight!”

The teachers then stripped naked, and Jason sat on the chair, cock already erect. The taller Rachel went to her knees, and guided the cock into her mouth like it was her mouth’s only purpose. She visibly used her lips to keep her teeth off the cock. She bobbed up and down, twisting her head in perplexing ways. Her hands often stabilized her or fondled the balls. Sometimes her hand would join in for the occasional stroke, but it was merely secondary to her drooling mouth. Sometimes she would lick the shaft and tip. They went for several straight minutes moaning and cooing, before the load was blown down the teacher’s throat. She turned to the class with a look of pure lust with her mouth wide open to show the remaining cum. She closed her mouth and loudly gulped.

She stood, and said, “Hannah, Liza, you do not need to present the cum in you mouth to Jason or anyone here. But, keep in mind that a client may want you to.”

“Student’s turn!” Jason exclaimed, already recovered from his orgasm.

Rachel walked over to the very happy Bob, and began to work his cock like she did with her coworker.

By virtue of being slightly closer, Hannah was first to go to her knees before her teacher. Liza grunted, but knew her turn would come, the pun not lost on anyone. Like her teacher, she pulled off her easy to remove dress, and wrapped her drooling hot mouth around the throbbing member. This was the first time she had a dick in her mouth, it quickly dawned on her, and she greatly enjoyed it. The salty pre-cum quickly drove her wild!

“Oh, that’s fuckin’ excellent, Hannah!” Jason complimented. “You’re almost as good as Rachel.”

Hannah was having so much fun! She had no idea she was such a blowjob savant. Plus, if she ever had a gag reflex, the dick did not trigger it, even when the tip partly slid down her throat. The teacher unbelievably lasted for even longer than before, but it allowed Hannah to refine her blowing skills. She became especially good at deepthroating while swirling her tongue in her own special way.

“Great job, Hannah,” he growled deeply. “Here it comes!” Loads and loads of cum blasted into Hannah’s, providing her first taste of cum. It was absolutely delicious! The thick, musty, almost sweet goo permeated her senses unlike anything she ever consumed. She grabbed the dick, and milked out the last remaining blobs. Every last drop was swallowed, but not after she savored every last bit …

Hannah and Liza were were making out hungrily outside their room, after a wild lesbian orgy session. All they wanted to do was fuck each other in the ass with their new strap ons. Indeed, fucking each other had been their homework for the past couple weeks, while practicing with a dildo. Prior they lustfully masturbated along with the porn. Whatever love they may have had for each other was long gone. Lust was all that was between them now, and they were perfectly happy with that.

They opened the door to Alexandra casually lying naked on the bed farthest from them.

Hannah closed the door behind them, and said hungrily, “Wanna be fucked in the ass by two of your students?”

“Yum, of course!” she answered with an odd resonance. “But first, I must congratulate you two. You have all but completed the Standard Course. Because you developed such an affinity towards each other, your training will be complete before the others! As you both have been noticing, lust within has become quite powerful. I have been slowly nudging you to let your lust take a far greater hold. I am a Demon of Lust. I have been slowly converting you two into Living Demons of Lust.”

Seriously?” Hannah asked, not wanting to admit the truth she felt within her very being. “You’re making demonic escorts?”

“Yes, Agent Harker. Then again, an escort does not need to be demonic, just open to lust.”

Hannah was taken aback, and not just because she knew who she was. In a way, Hannah almost forgot her real job.

“A perk of demonism is to know who people really are, Hannah. I am of lust not lies. Of course, you are not really the same person you were when asked to enter my school.”

“Well …” Hannah breathed, “legally, none of this is illegal …”

“What was true, Hannah?” Liza asked angrily.

“Actually, Liza, just about everything. Just never told you I worked for the Licensing Bureau. That’s not my life anymore.”

“Don’t be angry with her, Liza. I and my teachers, fellow Demons and Succubi, only work to bring the truth out of our students. Not everyone stays the full three months. Either way, people will fuck, whether they pay for it or not. I am just having fun.”

“There’s a difference between you and a Living Demon, isn’t there?” Hannah wondered.

“You are very sharp, Hannah,” Alexandria complimented. “This body is a vessel for me, albeit one I’ve totally corrupted by thus point. We speak as one. A Living Demon is only you, and you will be very much alive. Total control over physical form, and power over others. Much more powerful than anything. A one of lust, you will only be a half step away from Demonic Succubus. Lust is not just applied to sex. As a Succubus, it’s only applied to sexual lust, and it will be your life, your sustenance. Most Living Demons choose to become something else, that is their real power, and Succubus will be a natural progression for one of Lust.”

Hannah and Liza looked at each other in amazement and pussy-dripping lust. Liza soon put on a distinct smirk that suggested all was forgiven if they have a great fuck.

“Mistress Alexandria,” Hannah began, “I’ll have some things to work out at the Bureau, but I think we’re gonna go all the way …”


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