Blog Unbound: Sex Toy

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and graphic content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story is written a bit differently than much of my work. It is designed to be much more plot and fantasy driven. The characters simply become swept up in a fantasy they both secretly wanted to enact. This is also an indirect sequel to Roleplaying, being set in the same narrative universe. The story follows lovers Ron and Janice. Ron jokes that it would be fun to pay Janice for sex, and she calls what he thought was a bluff. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

Sex Toy

It was a joke. It was supposed to be a damn joke! My girlfriend Janice and I were watching TV after a few glasses of wine, and the news came on the channel The top story was, in spite of the controversial nature of it, that the prostitution reforms were making the state of Nevada a ridiculous amount of tax revenue. It even rivaled the legalized marijuana revenue in other states. So I joked, “Jan, I’d love to pay you for sex. HIC That way, you’d do whatever I want!” She looked at me with a smile suggesting she liked the joke, even though she shouldn’t have. “All right,” she answered, apparently calling my bluff. “The license is free, Ron. Might be fun!”

So here we were at La Femme’s Saloon speaking with the general manager.

“OK,” the older yet still attractive Bianca stated. “You’re not the first to do this. It’s a good fetish! I just have one question, Janice: Will you want to have clients other than Rob?”

“Nah,” she answered. “Just our thing.”

“All right. With that the case, I can get away with abbreviating the mandatory training that goes with the license. All you’ll get is the state mandated videos and physical exam. If you choose to have other clients, I will need for you to go through the full course. Do you understand?”

“Sure, no problem,” she shrugged far more passively than I expected.

Bianca shook Janice’s hand, and looked over to me, “I’ll have your wife ready to be paid for sex by next week!”

The week passed quickly, and we found ourselves sipping wine with the license on the coffee table. She went with the name of Janet Roughrider. I suppose that was a kind of delayed quip on her part for me suggesting prostitution!

So, umm, what’s your fee?” I asked awkwardly.

She looked really hot in her high cut, red skirt, flip flops, and tight red blouse. She was fairly tall at five feet and nine inches, while her tanned body was healthy and full. Her dark eyes and black hair were a mind boggling combination. The woman was too hot for me.

“Well,” she started to answer, “I was gonna go with eight-hundred flat fee. If you pay me that, I’ll do whatever the fuck you want!”

I was taken aback by how much she embraced this. The rather amusing part was how we would only be loosing a fraction of that money, it going into her personal account after the brothel’s cut. Bianca apparently had a special contract for couples like us! “So, OK, if I told you to get on all fours, spank yourself, and then shove the remote up your ass, you’d do it once I paid you?” I asked amazed, going for an extreme.

“Sure!” she chuckled. “If you wanna risk me finding out you have a dirty mind. Besides, I know you. You’ll probably surprise once you get into it, but I know it won’t be anything I can’t handle.”

I shook my head in continued amazement, and removed a check from my wallet. I filled it out, and gave it to her. Janice looked at it with a fun smile, and place it on the end table.

Awesome! I’m yours for the night. Whatever the fuck you want.”

I decided to test the waters a bit, and be cautious. “Without taking your clothes off, masturbate until you cum … don’t think about me …”

She almost passively shrugged, and began, reaching into her skirt. “Oh-gah …” she muttered, lightly feeling her breasts through her shirt. Janice was clearly keeping from making eye contact. She was really masturbating!

“Who are you thinking about?” I breathed.

“Ugh … Bob from errrr-work …” she breathed.

“Don’t hold back,” I ordered, curious yet rather aroused at the site of such a sexy woman pleasuring herself!

She began to rub harder, bright white teeth clenched. Her now bare feet pressed against the edge of the table, while her moans and coos grew. Her eyes intermittently rolled into the back of her head. I cared little about how long she lasted, this being a beautiful thing of lust. Sweat beaded down her brow. She was so damn close. “OH yeah … YES, BOB … FUHHHHHHK ….”

“Good?” I asked with a subtle laugh.

Awesome!” she said breathlessly. “We’re not done, are we?” she teased.

“Take off your panties,” I ordered. “Lay across my lap. I’m gonna spank you, while you rub that pussy, Jan!”

Janice definitely looked amazed, but she was not in a no mode. She casually removed her panties, and lay across my lap. I liked the feel of my solid dick against her taut tummy. “I’ve never been spanked before!” she said with a surprising amount of excitement.

“I’ve always wanted to spank a woman!” I admitted almost crazily.

I yanked up her skirt to expose her full, firm ass, which was my second favorite part of a woman. I groped the cheeks tenderly, as I did countless times during sex. ‘Fuck it!’ I thought, and gave her a hard slap, sending vibrations up her unsuspecting body. “Hoh …” she grunted. As ordered, she passionately rubbed her pussy. I firmly alternated between the cheeks excitedly. She moaned and growled at the rough passion. I was lost in this. If she was fine with this, she may do anything I order! In a way, I guess, I was taking advantage of her, but I knew she would tell me to stop if she was truly unhappy. I loved this!

I spanked her until her ass looked raw, and I ordered, “Lube up my dick with you mouth, and then sit on it. Hump my dick with your ass!”

She helped me pull off my pants and underwear, freeing my throbbing appendage. It was almost instantly within her humid mouth. No woman had ever did this to me before! “Oh, fuck!” I cooed. “Take off the rest of your clothes before you start humping!”

After few more good, lubricating bobs, she stood, and removed her clothes. I think my dick got slightly bigger at the sight of her goddess-like body! “Anal?” she said with an amazed smile. “You really have gotten into this!”

At that, she turned her back to me, grabbed my dick below, and slowly let her ass swallow it. She moaned and grunted first in pain and then of pleasure. I breathed erratically at the perfect feel of her warm asshole, barely holding it all together. While she probably could cum in this position, she came before, so me cuming before her didn’t seem premature in the moment. Indeed, after only a few utterly perfectly squats from her, I exploded in her ass.

“Fuck!” she proclaimed with a smile, while dismounting me. “My ass is so full …”

“Go to the bedroom, and clean yourself up.”

She walked to the bedroom without a word, ass bright red.

I sat for a few moments to catch my breath. Was this far enough? I already took advantage of a wonderful woman, and feared the implications of that, especially if we kept going …

Fuck it!” I muttered under breath. Janice hasn’t protested at all, while she never looked unhappy. It was merely rougher than we were used to doing. Besides, she was mine for the night! How often does a guy ever has this chance to do whatever they want without question with a woman they love?

I removed my shirt, and walked over to the bedroom naked. I stood at the door frame with Janice’s back to me. She didn’t yet know I was watching. She was slightly squatting, and letting out my cum into a tissue.

Watching the beautiful woman, I found myself again growing aroused. To my amazement, in this moment, I didn’t see her as the woman I loved. I was seeing her as my interactive sex toy. Maybe that sounded terrible, but it was true! The feeling was primal and undeniable. My hand lightly stoked my cock in confirmation.

“Oh, hey!” she cooed, noticing me.

“You’re my sex toy, tonight,” I stated with a subtle growl.

“Right! I guess so,” she agreed.

“Lay down on the bed, sex toy, and open those legs wide.”

She did so.

My hand continued to lightly stroke my dick while I walked over. I slowly crawled onto the bed, and felt up her silken body starting at her tasty feet, my favorite part. I kissed her deeply, anomalistically, possessively. She obliged in a passive way that simply aroused me. “This won’t be like making love,” I warned darkly. “You probably won’t cum. But that’s OK, you’re my sex toy.”

“I know,” she quietly confirmed. “Anything. I am your sex toy!” she proclaimed joyously.

Good, sex toy! After I cum inside you, I’ll lie back, and you’ll turn me back on with your feet.”

“Of course!”

I almost teasingly forced my solid member into my sex toy’s warm, deliciously moist pussy. I suddenly began to thrust hard and fast. She grunted and cooed with a surprised look on her face, before rolling her eyes back in acceptance of the assault. I moaned and growled in time. I was simply fucking her for my own sick pleasure, and it felt fucking awesome! At that, I began to hump her ever harder, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I was going to cum in a fraction of the usual time, but I realized that wasn’t a problem. This kind of fucking was not meant to last. All I wanted to do was fill her insides with my hot cum! When I could hold on no longer, I loudly grunted in my own orgasm, pumping massive amounts of liquid seed into the breathless sex toy.

I rolled off of her, catching my breath. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead. My sex toy lay for a few moments, recovering from the wild onslaught. She then repositioned herself, and began to rub her soft, wrinkly soles on my face. Opened my mouth wide to accept the toy’s size sevens. Feet fairly small, mouth rather large, they slid in all the way, even at the same time. Drool was everywhere by the time she moved her feet to my already reinflating cock. She first teased with her long toes until it was fully throbbing. She then stroked slowly, passionately between her soles, as she did long before this.

Harder, FASTER!” I growled loudly.

She did so, her feet clamping tightly, her muscles flexing. It was downright rough, but I loved it! It was somehow better than the humping, if only because my sex toy was using her best fucking feature!

“Suck me off at the same time, sex toy!” I ordered. “… EAT MY CUM!”

My sex toy did so without question. The feel of her feet and mouth at the same time quickly threw me over the edge. Cum spewed out of me, and down her throat. Oh, yes, she definitely swallowed! My sex toy effortlessly milked my balls dry for the moment.

“Lay back, sex toy,” I breathed. “You’ve earned your right to cum.”

She did so, looking truly pleased with herself, licking her full lips. I crawled over her moist pussy, and quickly went down on it. I tasted my own cum amongst the feminine juice, but that merely added to the fun lust of it. My sex toy moaned and cooed joyously. I fingered her at the same time. I cared little for prolonging this; I just wanted her to cum!

“You wanna cum, sex toy?” I asked as a tease.

“Oh, fuck, this sex toy needs to cum!” she proclaimed.

Likely eating at least half the load of my cum, I continued hard and fast to satisfy the need the sex toy earned. She moaned and cooed with great need, tightly grabbing at the sheets. She then exploded in orgasm all over my face.

“You aroused me, sex toy,” I said deeply. “Stay where you are, I’m gonna hump your face to take care of this.”

She lay back, and opened her mouth wide, ready for me. There was no amazement in this act, for this is how things are. I then placed my solidified cock into her conforming mouth. Her tongue and lips felt so good in my relentless thrusts. She never did gag! I soon spewed my load down her throat, feeling quite spent.

“Get on your side,” I ordered breathlessly. We cuddled, and fell asleep …

I woke up the next morning with Janice quietly sleeping beside me. Looking at her, I found myself unsure about all we did. I took utter advantage of her! We went all the way, and then beyond. It should have been way too far.

Janice slowly opened her eyes. “Hey,” she said quietly yet sweetly. “Morning, Rob.”

“Are you all right, Janice?” I asked concerned. A part of me still wanted to give her orders, sexual or no.

“I’m great!” she said honestly. “That was really wild last night. Never had sex like that!”

“I was afraid I went too far. I did kinda take advantage of you, Jan,” I said apologetically.

She kissed me sweetly on the lips, and said, “Don’t apologize. I loved it! I’ve never surrendered my body and soul to anyone before. Yeah, sure, I didn’t expect it to go as far as it did, but there’s no shame here. I love you. I loved being your sex toy! The deal was you pay me and I’m yours. That’s what happened.”

I was relieved, while admitting to myself that I had no problem ordering her around the way I did. “I had no idea you were so passive!”

“Me neither, Rob! We learned so much about each other!”

We made out lovingly. Felling ready for a quick fuck before breakfast, I asked, “Do I have to pay you every time we have sex now, Jan?”

“Nope! Only when scheduled. But, I’ll only be your sex toy when you pay me.”

After making out for a while longer, I slowly inserted my cock into her humid snatch. In perfect time, we made love. Remarkably, I kept thinking about all we did last night.

“Baby, I got a confession to make,” I breathed deeply.


“I keep thinking about you as a sex toy … Ughah …”

“Me, too … OH-fuck … I would’ve had done anything you would’ve FUCKING asked!”

“Umph … Fuck another woman?”

Oh, of course!”

“Chew off your toenails?”

“Why the fuck not? … Oh-my …”

“Shove a dildo in your ass, and have me spank you until can’t feel a damn thing?”

“OH YEAH … I can’t wait!”

“Latex bodysuit?”

Fucking awesome!” she screamed. “My pleasure will be yours!”

We were soon humping each other hard, thinking about all the hardcore shit we could do to each other. In perfect unison, we came hard and passionately.

For a long time, we stared deeply into each other’s eyes. I eventually offered, “Once a week: Saturdays. I’ll give you the eight-hundred to be my sex toy for a full day. We might not always fuck, but you will be mine, body and soul. No will other than mine.”

Wow!” she stated happily. “Yeah, why not? Lets do this!”

The week passed quickly, yet not fast enough. At the same time, I planned everything out. I needed to do that, because, well, Janice would rely on me for everything. On Friday night, before we went to bed, I filled out the check for Saturday …

I woke up before Janice that morning. Usually I would let her sleep, but she was all mine today. Plus, I had some morning wood!

“Time to get up, sex toy!” I exclaimed on top of her.

“Oh, morning!” she started.

“Check’s on your end table,” I said while pulling up her nightie and pulling down her panties. “Thought we’d get started early!” At that, I rammed my solid cock unabashedly into her dry pussy. She grunted loudly in surprise. I humped her hard and wild. She was enjoying it, but not even as close as myself! The dry humping had a wondrous extra friction, telling me this won’t last much longer. The prediction proved true, and I exploded into my sex toy.

“Take a shower, sex toy,” I ordered. “Throw out all your underwear after. I’ll make breakfast.”

Sure!” she exclaimed happily, almost jumping out of bed. A few minutes later, she hopped in the shower.

I soon walked into the bathroom after her, and opened the curtain a crack. She sweetly smiled at me. I briefly considered joining her, inevitably leading to another fuck, but quickly decided on something else.

“Get on your hands and knees, sex toy,” I ordered.

She did so.

I sat on the edge of the tub, facing her awesome, wet ass. Without warning, I started to an onslaught of spanking. She squealed and cooed at every hard slap. “Tell me I can be rougher.”

“Oh, you can definitely be rougher! … UHGUH … FUUCK! … I can fucking take it, OH,” she growled through the slaps.

I was strangely surprised at her answer, but I had a feeling that would be the last time I would feel surprise after paying her.

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I went without mercy. Water splattered and protested; my sex toy moaned and growled in apparent pleasure. There was no hatred in my otherwise violent slaps. It was love and lust intertwined. She wanted it. Her ass was turning bright red; her chest heaved.

I suddenly stopped and stated, “Finish quickly, sex toy. I changed my mind. We’ll have breakfast first, and then you will throw out all your underwear.”

Not long after, Janice walked into the kitchen naked, save for her flip flops.

“Clothes?” I asked curiously.

“You didn’t tell me what to wear …” she shrugged.

I smirked. “Sit, sex toy.”

She sat before her plate of eggs and toast. I could see the grimace she failed to hide, her ass quite red.

“Before you start, I’m gonna give your plate a little something extra.” I opened my pants, and quickly began to stroke my ballooning cock. I jerked off hard and fast over her plate. My sex toy simply smiled, knowing what she was going to receive. I soon jizzed all over her food. “Now eat,” I breathed.

She ate happily, more happy than me! “Good?”

“Oh, yes! Really delicious,” she answered honestly.

Watching this naked sex toy before me, I again found myself growing aroused. I never had so much sex in my life, but I guess I never unlocked my true form of eroticism.

We were soon back in our bedroom. I chose some mini jean shorts and a tight T-shirt for her (keeping on the flip flops), and she quickly went to work tossing all her underwear.

“Don’t ever wear underwear again,” I ordered.

Sure! I guess I won’t be anymore,” she shrugged passively.

This was much of my plan with her: use these days to permanently alter her. She was so damn passive with that eight-hundred dollar check! She just shrugged off all those clothes she was ordered to deny …

“I’m done!” she happily exclaimed in the living room after tossing her bag of underwear in the outside garbage can.

Holding a bottle of lube, I stated, “Get on all fours, sex toy. I’m gonna reward you with some lubed anal!”

She did so, after dropping her shorts to her ankles.

I lubed up my growing cock, and walked over. After liberally rubbing lube in and around her asshole, I slowly inserted my impatient dick. I thrust with a great lustful passion. My sex toy moaned and cooed loudly. I cared little if she was exclaiming pain or pleasure: this was all for me after all. Remarkably, I think I liked fucking her dry a little better, but she genuinely was deserving of some kind of reprieve. I soon blew a sizable load into her convulsing asshole. Our chests heaved.

After lightly making out with her from behind, I ordered, “Clean yourself up quickly. We’re going shopping. My sex toy needs clothes better fitting of her role.”

“Awesome!” she breathed. She subtly waddled into the bedroom holding her clearly sore ass …

I first bought her many pairs of silk and nylon stockings of various colors. No sexy lingerie was bought, though we did consider some that could act as an exception. Then, some tight pants and shirts. We then went to a fetish and porno shop. I bought her some dildos: a vibrator, a strap on, a strapless, two rubber monsters. Also, some darkly erotic fetish-wear: black latex stockings, and full latex encasement suit. We had lunch between it all.

On the way home, I signed her up for a yoga course. She was already fairly flexible, but I wanted as much flex as possible out of my sex toy! I had her play with my dick with her perfect bare feet the whole way back in the car. I told her not to make me cum, and I didn’t.

When we got home that evening, I had her lie on the bed, and remove her clothes. I then took the tripod and small video camera out of the walk in closet. Once it was set up with her and the bed in perfect view for the camera, I ordered, “I want you to masturbate until you cum for this camera, sex toy. I don’t care who you think about, but only utter your own name. In fact, make sure you call out for yourself. Understand?”

“Yup! This is gonna be fun,” she answered excitedly.

The moment the red light came on, she started to touch herself, breathing slowly and deeply. She felt tenderly up and down her taught, silken body. “Oh, Janice …” she muttered, hand finally massaging her moistening pussy. Her other hand squeezed her firm tits, while occasionally venturing to her ass, legs, or feet. “Ohh, fuck,” she breathed. “I feel so good … I am a sex toy!” Her fingers slowly fell into her pussy, while she sucked her other fingers. “OH my fuck … so GOOD! YEAH, JANICEJA-UGHAH-JANICE!” she cooed in beautiful orgasm. She lightly touched herself in clear reverence of her own boy.

Happy with the footage, I shut off the camera. “Very good, sex toy. Now, just lay back.” Her breathing was deep and regular, prepared for whatever onslaught I was about to start, while it was to be something neither of us had done before. I straddled her upper waist, and placed my throbbing cock between her perfect tits. Getting the idea joyously, she clamped her tits around me, and I started to thrust. She cooed happily, while I lustfully growled loudly. It felt so damn good! At first I didn’t think I wanted it to end, but soon, all I wanted to do was squirt all over her face. At that, I thrust harder. “Keep that fucking mouth open wide,” I growled quickly. “I’m gonna cum any time now!” Moments later, I spewed my hot jizz all over her chest, neck, and face, her wide open mouth catching some of it. “Eat it all, sex toy,” I growled.

Ecstatic, my sex toy licked my cock clean, before scooping up the slimy strings and blobs. She sexily slurped it off her hands.

I was honestly spent after that. So, the rest of the night was somewhat mundane with dinner and a movie. Though, she happily sucked me off for desert …

The week passed quickly. Her job as an accountant, she said, never seemed more boring. She loved money, and now she understood what that really meant. Having that massive check from me was orgasmic for her.

That Saturday, I had two major things planned, while I was sure I would think of other things. The check, like last week, was filled out the night before.

I kissed her on her full lips that morning, and awoke her with, “Morning, sex toy.”

Umm, morning! Got some morning wood to take care of?” She passively lay back with an open mouthed smile.

“Yes, but I want to take care of it in the shower,” I answered. “With your ass!”

“Great!” She hopped out of bed excitedly, and scurried to the shower.
I casually followed her, shedding my clothes. Hopping in, I ordered, “Hands and knees.”

Smiling sexily, she did so.

I spanked her intermittently, while lubing my dick and her asshole with soap, causing her to sexily squeal on every impact. Then, I rammed my cock into her asshole. My sex toy squealed and grunted loudly. There was no real love in this. I was simply ramming her asshole with great lust.

“Too rough for you, sex toy?” I growled, caring little about the answer.


Her perfect, tight asshole was definitely better than her mouth or pussy, and only second to her soles, which I should definite utilize more! Thinking about and seeing her feet made me hump her harder. My hips strained. And … EXPLOSION! My hot seed filled and stretched her wanting anal cavity. So much spewed in that it leaked out.

We happily washed each other after that. Eventually, I had her lie on her back so I could wash her feet until they pruned. My dick growing large again, I soon had her wash it with her feet, essentially giving me a footjob. It was so good, so perfect, I could tell she wanted me to cum. Indeed, after an almost endless barrage of stroking pleasure, I exploded all over her body …

While I dressed her in only black stockings, I told her that I wanted her feet in my hands as much as possible. I then had her to sit on the couch, while plugging my laptop into the HDTV before her.

“Are we gonna watch porn?” she asked excellently.

“Yes, sex toy. It’s called, ‘Prostitute Lusts Herself.’ I want you to masturbate to it. First of the two big things I have planned for the day.”

She cocked and eyebrow with a smirk.

“Start pleasuring yourself now. Get yourself warmed up, sex toy.”

She started to lightly rub her snatch, while I brought up the video in the computer. When she saw that it was herself masturbating from the week before, she was definitely surprised.

“I need my sex toy to know that she is a being of pleasure. You must know why you are made to be fucked.”

“I am so hot …” she muttered, rubbing her pussy more aggressively. She soon masturbated in time with the image of herself, while presently in even grater ecstasy. She breathed deeply, moaning and cooing. “Oh, God …” she cooed. “I’m really getting off to myself!”

Her moans and coos grew beyond language, while the love and lust for herself grew. Her breathing was deep and erratic, as it was erratic. In spite of being for only my pleasure, she was now lost to herself. As the image of herself on the TV came to her powerful orgasm, so did she come to a powerful orgasm … My sex toy lay breathless in her euphoric joy.

“What did you learn?” I asked.

“That I am truly a sex toy,” she stated in revelation, essentially revealing that “sex toy” was more than a game for my pleasure. “Money is my pleasure, as all pleasure is my pleasure.”

It wasn’t really my intent — I was just having fun, but I helped to break down a kind of final barrier within her. Janice, my sex toy, really is some kind of sex toy! This woman didn’t have a sexuality toward male or female or both; instead, it was money and pleasure. Sure, she definitely loved money, we already knew, but it was obvious now that it was deeper than that. She could happily fuck anything that moved, regardless of money, while adding money to that created her true heaven …

I was happily worshiping my sex toy’s tasty feet when there was a knock on the door that afternoon. My sex toy looked at me questioningly, and I deviously smiled back. After the events of earlier, this was going to be more amazing that I anticipated!

I opened the door to a sexy blonde. She had blue eyes, a full body, and was a bit shorter than either my sex toy or me. I was most pleased to see she had a good sized duffel bag, suggesting she brought the requested items.

“You must be Diana Beach!” I exclaimed to the licensed prostitute, and let her inside. Her name was obviously her registered prostitute name. “Please, have a seat next to Janice, Diana. She’s my girlfriend, personal prostitute, and sex toy.”

Diana sat next to my naked sex toy without batting an eye. I guess she’s seen stranger things in her line of work!

Seriously, a sex toy?” she asked curiously.

“Yup!” my sex toy answered happily. “It started as a joke: I become a licensed prostitute, so he could pay me to do whatever he wanted. Learned a lot about myself. I really am a sex toy! Pleasure and money is all I’m sexually attracted to.”

“Glad you two are getting along!” I exclaimed. “This is the second major thing I had planned for today.” I looked over to Diana. “Now, Diana, we are going to fuck my sex toy. She is for our pleasure. Making her cum is optional.”

“OK!” Diana said happily. She leaned over, and began to kiss and grope the receptive yet very passive sex toy. I scurried to the bedroom for the bin of strap-ons and dildos. When I returned, Diana was already naked and grinding her pussy into my sex toy’s. They moaned and cooed happily.

“Take your pick, Diana. Be inventive,” I said while placing the bin on the table. I quickly stripped off my clothes, while Diana took a strap-on and strapless dildo. I had my sex toy give me a rough footjob while Diana fitted the dildos onto her self. Using some lube from the bin, she inserted the strapless into her moist pussy, and then the strap-on over her mouth. Never having seen such a sight in real life, I was in utter ecstasy to witness it while my sex toy pleasured my dick with her silken soles.

“I get front, you get back?” Diana suggested, temporarily shifting the strap-on away from her mouth.

“Sure!” I agreed. “Sex toy, sit on my dick and hump. Our friend will take care of the rest!”

Without a word, my sex toy sat on my lap, and began to dry hump. Through the waves of pleasure, I could see in Diana’s eyes that this wasn’t exactly what she envisioned, but it was clear she was adaptable.

Diana then placed her dildo clad head over my sex toy’s wet pussy, and nimbly swung her body up and over, almost too easily shoving the dildo into my sex toy’s mouth. Diana’s feet above supported her well enough to thrust her hips, while her hands helped her to thrust her head. I almost couldn’t believe I was a part of this pleasure sandwich!

We all soon thrust and writhed in perfect time. Well, Diana and I were timing ourselves! Muscles flexed, sweat beaded. All there was between Diana and I was lust for my sex toy. We fucked my sex toy so hard her moans were powerful even though her very full, drooling mouth. Yet, her noises of passion paled in comparison to Diane’s and mine. In a loud, instinctual growl, I exploded my slimy seed into her ass. Moments later, Diana, too, exploded in wet, guttural orgasm.

Breathless, we slid ourselves out and away from my sandwiched sex toy. “Wow!” Diana exclaimed to my sex toy, unstrapping the inanimate sex toy from her head. “I never just fucked someone for my own pleasure. Hell of a gig. Surprised you didn’t cum yourself!”

“Close …” she breathed, wiping spit off her face, shrugging. “I’ll cum soon …”

“So, I can just fuck her again, right now?” Diana asked me in fascination.

“Go right ahead, Diana! … Still catching my breath,” I answered.

Smirking, Diana then had my sex toy suck off the strapless dildo still inside her dripping pussy. She then positioned her to her back on the couch, and rammed herself into my passive sex toy, who grunted loudly. Muscles flexing, Diana thrust her hips as hard or harder than me. My sex toy suddenly came quick and hard, but Diana didn’t stop, clearly going for her own selfish orgasm. I was more than turned on by the sight! Diana moaned and grunted like a wild animal, drooling carelessly. She soon screamed loudly in a wet, mind numbing orgasm.

Diana rolled off my wide eyed sex toy, and breathlessly exclaimed, “Never fucked anyone like that before! Awesome. Thank you.”

My sex toy smiled pleasantly, and I replied, “Your welcome.” I looked down to my sex toy, mounted her with a lustful smile, and began to ram her wet pussy hard.

Wow!” Diana exclaimed, never having seen someone fucked so hard yet again with such a little break.

My brain was too primal in the moment to respond her amazement with any whit. Indeed, I think my sex toy was, too, in her own way. She kept rolling her eyes into the back of her head, while drooling and moaning in time with my wild thrusts. I quickly came hard inside her, deeply spewing my slime.

I unmounted, and breathing deep, I ordered, “Sex, sex toy, go to the bedroom, and put a black latex stocking on your left leg … Diana, I’d like you to follow her when you’re ready, and also, put on a latex stoking on one leg.” Diana should have brought some latex-wear in her duffel bag …

I followed them in, and lay back on the bed. It was a rather arousing sight to watch them put on the latex: the lube, the rolling, the yanking. I saw my cum leaking from my sex toy’s asshole, so I just told her to let it all out and eat it. She did so with a smile.

“Now, I want you two to get me off with those feet, nice and slow. Pace yourselves by occasionally rubbing my body with your feet. Put me into a feet and rubber bliss, and when I cum, my sex toy will eat all the cum.”

They were soon lying on the bed on either side of me, and playfully stroked my ballooning dick with their soft and rubberized soles. I was in ecstasy long before their feet occasionally explored my body. The two worked together so naturally. Every time a foot found its way to my mouth, I indulged in its flavor, rubber and flesh. Perfect, so fucking perfect. I, for once through all this, didn’t want the pleasure to end.

Feet. Feet. FEET! Oh, God, feet! Rubber toes in my mouth; wrinkly sole on my heaving chest. Silken arch along my dick; rubber heel on my balls. I soon stopped caring whose foot was whose. A pleasuring foot was a pleasuring foot. When a rubberized foot and a silken foot fell into my mouth, I could not open far enough. I wanted both sets of toes tickling the back of my throat! Oh, feet! Feet of my sex toy; feet of blondie Diana. FEET! Fucking feet! Oh, God, I was so close to cuming all over these feet. Time could not slow enough to prolong this perfect pleasure of feet. “Oh, fuck!” I screamed. “Oh, feet …. FEEEEEEEEET!”

My thick juice spewed all over the four feet less than coincidentally stoking my cock at the same time. So much pumped out that my balls hurt. It was so strong, so much I think I may have blacked out for a moment.

“Oh, shit!” Diana cooed. “So fucking much!”

Virtually all at once, my sex toy worked to lap up every drop of my liquid seed. Her tongue and hands and feet worked almost like an addict. If I wasn’t so drained in that moment, I would have grown aroused again at the site of her lapping up cum from hers and another woman’s feet …

Not long after, Diana was fucking my sex toy hard with a large double sided dildo. She apparently just wanted to have more fun with a living sex toy before leaving for the night! And, she was rough! I considered joining, but I was truly spent for the night. Diana came hard, and moments later, she flipped my sex toy to her stomach, and rammed the dildo into her ass. Diana humped even harder, while almost harshly slapping my sex toy’s ass. My sex toy moaned and cooed loudly, but not as loudly as Diana! Indeed, I’m fairly sure my sex toy came sometime during the onslaught, but it was drowned out by Diana, who soon came loudly herself. Diana pulled my sex toy’s head to hers by the hair for a deep kiss, and dropped it after a few moments.

Diana removed the dildo from the stretched orifice, and playfully lay next to me. My sex toy remained on her stomach, catching her breath. “Seriously,” Diana exclaimed. “This is my most fun gig ever! I can’t thank you enough.” She smooched me on the lips.

“You’re welcome!” I said. “I’m sure I’ll call on you again.” Diana was worth her twelve-hundred flat fee for the night.

“I hope I wasn’t too rough on her,” Diana stated. “You know, I do like it rough, but I personally almost never get the chance to really fuck someone.”

My sweaty sex toy shifted slightly to her side, and tiredly smiled at us …

The week again passed. That Saturday morning, I had my sex toy suck me off with her feet to take care of the morning wood, and hit the shower. To my great joy, she did indeed plop her feet in my hands as often as possible even after last week. She loved the attention.

Instead of joining her in the shower, I laid out the full latex body suit for her to wear, placing the lube next to it. This shiny black suit was perhaps a little different. It had “condoms” attached to be shoved in her ass, vagina, and mouth, while I cut holes at the ends of each so my cum would still go inside her.

She eventually walked out of the shower naked, save for the towel wrapped around her hair. I quickly ordered, “Put on the suit, sex toy.”

“Thank you!” she exclaimed happily, unwrapping the towel. She then sat on the bed, and mindfully sprayed the juice on her right leg and foot, rubbing it into her skin. She rolled up the appropriate legs, and rolled and yanked the rubber up her foot and leg. She did the same for the other leg, easily pulling up the rest of the lower half. Essentially fisting herself for a moment, she shoved the condoms into her ass and pussy. I guess all that rough sex in those holes opened her more than I realized!

My sex toy then rolled her arms into the rubber, and zipped up the back to her lower neck. She then tied her hair back to fit through the hood around her head. She finally zipped the back of the hood, and shoved the condom quite literally down her throat. My sex toy looked so hot and tight! There were nose holes and the hole I cut for the mouth. Her eyes were no longer hers: dark, unblinking, printed eyes on the latex. Barely noticeable and ignorable were small holes in the black pupils. She could see, but not very well.

“Do you feel human?” I asked curiously.

She shook her head “No.”

“Good, sex toy. You are not human when in rubber. Today, you may not speak. Fuck, don’t even think!”

She nodded.

“Just lay there passive like the sex toy you are,” I ordered.

She lay back. Her breathing was not deep, so there was little to no movement. I guess this was my goal I never admitted out loud after I embraced this: completely dehumanize her. I thought I should feel bad that I did this to her, but she wanted this, never telling me to stop. I wanted this, too: a woman I could love and lust. I never believed in perfection, but that was now being challenged.

Clothes long gone, I crawled over her, it’s open mouth. I willfully inserted my full dick into the rubberized mouth hole. It was sleek and warm, while quite different from the mouth I knew. Yet, it was perfect, considering I was in the mouth of a rubberized sex toy! At that, I humped that rubbery mouth hard. Distantly through the pleasure, I could hear my sex toy grunting and cooing. I thrust roughly, primally. With a loud grunt, I exploded down her throat.

I slowly removed my partly deflated cock from the rubber hole, and slowly made my way down her torso, ensuring my dick dragged along it. The warm rubber easily reawakened my member in time for the pussy hole. Positioned accordingly, I thrust into the rubbery orifice. It was so good, warm, and dry. Oh, how I loved a rough dry hump! My sex toy moaned and cooed loudly, while still very passive. I then saw a blob of my cum slowly dripping down the rubber cheek. Still humping, I leaned down and lapped up the musky slime. With the unexpected taste of my own cum in my mouth, I soon exploded into my sex toy’s rubber pussy.

Breathing deeply, I flipped my sex toy to its stomach, and brought it to its hands and knees. I smacked the firm, rubbery ass of my sex toy until my cock was solidified, it moaning and grunting at my slaps. I then rammed my dick into its rubber asshole. It moaned and cooed almost as loudly as me! I thrust and thrust wildly until I exploded for a third, almost painful time into my sex toy.

Breathing almost erratically, I pushed my sex toy to its stomach, and pulled up the rubber feet to my limp dick. I saved the best for last! Groaning, I rubbed the rubber things on my dick to animate it once more. Once my member was more than excited, I clamped the rubber foot-pussy tightly around that member. Holding that foot-pussy in place, I thrust hard and fast. The sight of my cum leaking from that rubber ass excited me more than I thought possible, causing me to thrust yet harder. Oh, my fucking God, it felt so good! It’s hard to say if the warm rubber actually felt better than soft skin, but in the moment, the rubber was utter ecstasy. Cuming to this was beyond my wildest cliched dreams. I soon exploded through the pussy and all over its black rubber back.

I fell next to my sex toy, looking into its truly vacant eyes. It’s mouth was wide open in permanent anticipation. I deeply loved this sex toy, no matter how strange that sounded. I then playfully made out with that mouth. The taste of rubber and cum was blatant, but oddly added to the perverted pleasure …

I gave my sex toy only three moments of humanity that day by allowing it to remove the latex hood for meals, while it showed little humanity anyway. Otherwise my living sex toy was nothing more than a sex toy: no thought, not cares, no orgasms. Every time I grew aroused, I simply fucked it, and the whole thing aroused me more than ever. Mostly I fucked it’s rubber feet, but its mouth, ass, and pussy were far from ignored.

My cum was practically all over it’s body by the end of the day, so I brought it into the shower. It stood there motionless while I washed my cum off its sexy body. The look and feel of the shining rubber of course aroused me. So, I placed it on the bottom of the tub with its knees up and open wide. Positioning myself on top, I quickly impaled without abandon. It made some noise, but was barely audible under the shower stream. It taught itself to feel nothing throughout the day, and seemed to now have that skill nearly perfected. I soon exploded into my sex toy’s warm, rubber pussy.

I soon dried off my sex toy, and lay it on the bed. Admittedly, I was incredibly spent from the day’s grueling sexual activities. So, it seemed like a good a time as any to let my sex toy really be human again. At the same time, I knew what I was to do next with her. It almost seemed fast, but we knew each other for more than a while.

I sat my sex toy up on the bed, and unzipped the hood. The latex pealed down, revealing a rather flushed, yet still vacant, face. Unzipping the back, it, she started to show signs of animation, pealing off the gloves. I let her remove the rest.

Sitting next to her, I asked, “So, how was that?”

She shook her head with a smile. “Remarkable! I really wasn’t there. I knew you were fucking me, but after a while, I felt nothing. It was kinda freeing actually.”

“I’m sure I’ll encase you in some latex again really soon!”

“I can’t wait!” she exclaimed honestly.

“Now … I wanna renegotiate our set up.”


“I wanna make you my full time prostitute. I’ll give you a regular, appropriate salary with a full contract. During the week, you’ll be Janice, who happens to be my sex toy. You’re the good one with money, so you’ll also be my personal accountant. During the weekends, you’ll only be my sex toy, like current Saturdays. As part of the contract, you will marry me at a date to be determined later. Will that work for you?”

“That has got to be the most unique marriage proposal I ever heard of!” she chuckled. “Yes, the lets do this.”

I was truly overjoyed.

“The contract will have to be worked out with my brothel. I don’t think you wanna start your own brothel! I’ll also have to quit my job. No tears there!” She kissed me lovingly, and finished, “Let’s do it!”

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