Blog Unbound: The Vampire’s Heart

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content, some of which may not even be possible. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s note: An update of the initial post, this story is the first of Volume III, which will primarily consist of Supernatural tales and contemporary dramas. A direct sequel to The Fresh Scent, the story follows Bianca, Jessica, and Jack joining forces to continue the transformation of Vampire life, while Bianca’s past is further elaborated … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Vampire’s Heart

“Unannounced?” Jack asked Jessica concerned. “We don’t even know if she’ll want to help us, baby.”

“I haven’t been a ‘baby’ for several thousand years, Robert,” the richly auburn haired Vampire correctly lightly. “It’s all up to her, you know that.”

Jack knocked on the door tepidly. This night was young and cool on the covered porch. A healthy brown haired man opened to door calmly.

“Yes?” he called.

“Rob? I’m Jack Skelton, and this is Jessica,” he answered.

“Oh, Jack Skelton! Bianca told me about you,” he smiled. “Come on in! Bianca should be back in a bit. She’s getting some of her ostrich blood. Can’t feed on me all the time!”

“Of course not,” Jessica stated quietly, while we sat on the living room couch.

“You said your name was Jessica?”

“Yeah,” she replied kindly.

“Guess it’s a coincidence …” he stated bewildered. “Bianca said she tried to help you save a woman named Jessica. She said the woman was killed by those other Vampires.”

“Vampires have great Wisdom,” Jessica stated in her distant tones, “but they’re not always smart enough to use it …”

“What … ? Who …” Bianca called into the living room, large paper bag in her arms.

Jessica stood, and slowly walked to the taller Bianca.

“Your blood knows,” Jessica stated.

“Lilith …” Bianca breathed, putting down the bag on the table next to her. “Of course. Hoped you would just leave me alone when I heard whispers of you fueling the end of Brood Life for the past year or so. I should ask you to teach me the trick of appearing Human.”

“Remarkable,” Jessica exclaimed. “You don’t bow to me, even instinctually.”

“Why would I … Jessica. It won’t change anything. I can sense you won’t force me into anything, and if you tried, I think I could overpower even you.” Cautious defiance filled her rich eyes.

“That’s why I’m here, Bianca. No Vampire has a heart, a will like yours …”

* * * *

“What’d you buy, Bianca?” Robert asked curiously. The awkwardness of his relationship with a Vampire melted away the moment they started living together a few days before.

“Well, Robby, since you’re still a little squeamish about me feeding on you in any way,” I stated lightly, “I needed to get something a little better than an ostrich.” She removed a pint sized blood bag from the large paper bag. “I’m actually really curious how Human blood handles a microwave!”

A look a shock flashed out of Robert. “Where did you get it?”

“I confess … I did steal it. No one will remember I was even there. But look at it this way, Robby, it was donated for someone that needs it. I cannot completely live off blood that isn’t Human. So, I’m someone that needs it!”

“Yeah … When you showed me your fangs and didn’t bite me, I think I knew what I was getting into …” he said to himself.

I poured some of the blood into a coffee cup, and said, “You know I don’t see any Human as food, but you certainly hold a lot of it!”

I watched the filled cup slowly spin in the lit machine. Rob could tell from my posture and slyness that I was once again hiding centuries built melancholy. It was not always clear what triggered it, but I already told him more of my long history than either of us expected. He walked over, and held me in his arms.

I sighed deeply, almost not expecting the love pouring out of him. I turned around, putting my arms around him in kind. “Your natural empathy always amazes me, Robby. Fleeting eternity has such precious few moments …” The kissed long and deep. “I love you so much …”

“When you finish that bag, Bianca, all that flows through my heart is yours,” he breathed.

“But, not all at once,” I said lovingly, yet with subtle, toothy snark.

* * * *

“This is Lilith?” Robert asked confused. “Err, Jessica?”

“The first Vampire,” Bianca confirmed. “She likes to be called Jessica these days. Try living a few decades without even changing your name a little! It is a reflection of adapted self, Rob. I told you I was called Hrabana, a variant of ‘raven,’ in my Human Days. The Romans nicknamed me Blanca Belatrix (The White Warrior). Out of that and after I … left Brood Life I came to ‘Bianca,’ another word for ‘white’.”

“She’s not like what I would’ve guessed,” Robert stated bewildered. He knew most Vampires weren’t like Bianca, or at least, not until recently. Maybe two in a thousand Vampires naturally made choices like Bianca did, and less survived those choices. The rest, until Lilith’s return, were a megalomaniacal Matriarch, Under Matriarch, or a question-less follower.

“I don’t think she could ever be like any of her descendants,” Robert looked to her curiously.

“I’m weak, a coward,” Jessica admitted. “I’m not as weak as I was, thanks to Jack, but I don’t have the will to change my stubborn race alone for much longer.”

Bianca fell onto the couch, ever so subtly slouching. Robert joined her, knowing she needed some comfort. She looked into him.

“Bianca … I know she’s not exactly the goddess you wanted her to be, but does it really matter?”

“I don’t know, Rob. You know what she’s asking of me …”

He put his hand on her willing cheek, and said, “You never say it, but you’ve been running all your life. Maybe it’s time to stop. I’ll be at your side.”

“I will not fight,” Bianca sneered toward Jessica. “You know I can crush the minds of any foolish Matriarch, but I feel their deaths! Twice I did that. It nearly destroyed my mind and body both times. I can’t kill again …” She became teary eyed, while Robert held her.

“You won’t have to, my child, if we do this right. It has been surprising how many have been rebelling against Matriarchs in my name. We will use the seeds of the gray you implanted in our Hunter friends and my very existence,” Jessica stated.

“She’s right, Bianca,” Jack stated. “Most Hunters secretly don’t wanna kill anything! Eliminating a race of monsters without committing genocide is the true Hunter’s dream. Hunters are obviously the best trackers of Vampires. Yes, some Hunters are more than unstable, but the ones we know will continue this work.”

“If I agree to help you, Jessica, we must do this as equals.” she said slowly, looking toward her lover. “As Queen, I always told my subjects to never bow to me, because I was already on a pedestal. Now, I will never have one. I will not be some Matriarch; I rejected that job. I won’t be some Warrior Queen either; I quit that job for fangs …”

* * * *

“He lived for how long, and those Humans stake him in his coffin?” I laughed, watching the credits of the old Vampire flick role. I, as an actual Vampire, was commentating through much of it.

“Just a movie, baby!” Robert smiled back, looking down my taught body. I wore a tight blue dress with nothing below the hips. My body was only a little on the cool side in his arms, having drank some animal blood recently. “You’re supposed to be the villain!” he teased.

“Careful, I bite, Human!” I toothily sneered through the false threat. Those upper and lower canines were quite sharp. I stood, extended my hand, and offered with a subtle sneer, “Come on to bed, Rob. They understated a Vamp’s libido!”

Almost too quickly, as always, we were rolling excitedly in their large bed. Maybe when we first made love, my sometimes cool body was an odd hinderance to Robert, but he no longer cared. My wizened sensuality broke down all barriers.

Though not always the case, I naturally took the lead, and happily thrust on my knees, blatantly enhancing the pleasure for myself in only ways my kind could. Out of love for him, I let the pleasure I felt bleed into his mind. It was a rare moment I used my devastating telepathy on him. Otherwise, I merely let myself sense his emotions.

The pleasure for both was beyond bliss. We let ourselves become lost within it. It was always a moment of perfection, I saw to that. And soon, we exploded in perfect orgasm …

Happily, I fell on top of him.

“You always break me …” Robert breathed.

“It would be selfish to let me feel it more than you,” Bianca said lovingly. “You’re ready, aren’t you?”

“I guess so, baby …”

“But …?”

“I’ve watched too many movies, and heard too much from you … I guess you already know: I got this fear you’ll go crazy, and suck me dry, transform me …”

“First of all, you know I haven’t been a baby for longer than you want to dream!” I laughed. “Look, sucking is unnecessary, especially if I pierce the vein. You don’t go crazy whenever you eat something, right? No Vampire naturally sees a Human as food, no matter how foolish. You merely hold what could be a food source, well, the best food source. To a brood, that makes you a container. No Vampire drinks that much, no matter how wasteful, because there is no addiction. You are not in the arms of a Matriarch. I could never hurt you.”

“You really see me differently!” he exclaimed.

“I see the man I love.”

He deeply sighed, and pulled his head to the side. “Before I get squeamish …”

I happily licked her lips, and let out those beautiful fangs. I slowly licked his neck, while he felt my flowing venom sink into his flesh, numbing it. As done countless times with others, I finally sank my fangs into his neck.

“WWWWOW…” Robert exclaimed. “I can feel your venom inside me. I love it …”

While drinking, my body grew warmer and subtly lost the paleness. After several large gulps, I pulled out. Almost like making out with his neck, I lapped up the remaining blood, while the wounds quickly closed.

“Thank you, Robert,” I said lovingly, holding him.

“Is … is there gonna be a mark?” he barely asked.

“Not in a day or two.”

“I could tell you’ve done that a few times …”

More than a few. You know I remember everything.”

“You never really explained how you can do that without loosing it. Ididic memory can drive a Human insane within a couple decades.”

“Shrinkin’ my head after filling it with your blood, doctor?” she teased her psychiatrist lover. “You let me feed on you, so … The truth is every being that doesn’t loose it has incredibly well ordered minds. Vampires and others force themselves to be so ordered out of necessity. I can remember anything at any time. What at least Vampires do is a form of memory repression, but with us never forgetting anything, it just gets filed away. I like to visualize doorways in a now very long corridor. I use my white horse from back when I was Human to travel down it. I’m going through a door now into a room holding the day we met. Every detail: the sick smell of alcohol and sweat; the secretly depressed bartender; the prostitute at the other end of the bar; you walking up to order a pitcher of beer for your three colleagues. You didn’t want to be there, but were happy you came after seeing me …”

“Yes … I saw your mask right away, and peaked past the cracks. You were a little lonely, and suppressed a lot of regret. It was from your time in a brood, right? You never talk about it.”

“I don’t want you to hate me …” I said quietly.

“Was it so bad?”

“Of course it was!” I growled, while rolling off him onto my back.

“You don’t have to tell me everything …” he wasn’t sure how much he wanted to know.

“You deserve to know something …” I said, eyes watery. “I told you I was a Warrior Queen back in the waning days of the Roman Empire, well, the Western half. I always secretly hated war, and the Romans, as a whole, were still quite the force. So, I made a pact with them: trade, intelligence. Some of my people thought we were to become their vassals, but independence was part of the deal. I was their Queen, and I proved those against the deal wrong.

“For the next ten years, we had peace and prosperity: All I ever wanted. That deal brought me to the attention of a Vampire Matriarch. She was looking for a replacement for her last Under Matriarch. Ended bloody, of course.

“She saw my growing boredom, and exploited it. Eternal life and new leadership was what she offered. I accepted. I was already grooming a young woman to replace me: my cousin. I soon learned that being an Under Matriarch was a trap. She would never have let me lead while she lived, and planned to destroy me the moment I became rebellious. And the things I did sometimes out of expectation. A foolish, feasting animal

“Time moves differently for a Vampire, you know. It was centuries before I realized how weary of Brood Life I was. As an Under Matriarch, you are allowed free will and thought. We chained a local farmer. Yes, I fed on him like the rest, but there was no joy in it anymore. I came to him during the day, when the others slept. I wanted him to convince me to change everything. He did, but he still didn’t really trust me. I let him go on the deal that I would come to him an hour after dusk to say that it was over. He wanted to kill us all with his village in support, and I didn’t want that.

“Dusk came, and to the horror of the others … I destroyed her mind. She always knew I was more powerful, but always worked to suppress that. She failed. If we didn’t store Human blood, I might’ve died myself after. I almost did take control of the Brood. But, no. I gave them one order: ‘live eternity as yourselves.’ That farmer and his village came to our lair, even after I came to him. All they saw was the dead Matriarch …”

“Are you all right,” Robert asked, breathless.

“No …” tears falling. “I’ve done nothing to make up for all I did!”

“What you did, led you to me … I know your heart. We can’t change your past, but we can make better future for ourselves.”

I suddenly grabbed him too tightly, tears freely falling. “I don’t deserve any of this! Why can’t this love give me the power to forget …”

* * * *

Jessica, Bianca, and Jack looked over a map and other materials in a dingy motel a few hours from Bianca’s apartment.

“The Matriarch goes by the name of Juliana, according to my sources,” Jack began. “Her Under Matriarch, Rose, is quite new it seems; only been there for a few decades. No clue about how old Juliana is!”

Bianca clarified, “Vampires only want Humans and the weak zealots of the broods to think age means anything. It’s all really reputation.”

“You know us Hunters assume the worst, Bianca!” Jack continued, “From what I’ve learned, Juliana practically treats Rose as an equal.”

“More than reputation?” Bianca asked curiously. Even as an Under Matriarch long ago, Bianca was not even seen as close to equal to her Matriarch by others in her brood. That was, of course, the reputation forwarded by the Matriarch.

He nodded. “From our observations, Juliana is still on top, but the two make most decisions jointly, unlike the more traditional of the Matriarch’s word being applied by the Under Matriarch.”

“I think they’re in love,” Jessica forwarded.

“Interesting …” Bianca said ponderously. “We should definitely assume the worst on this … My suggestion is to only fight them when their leaders are separated. It is very likely they would fight us with their combined psionic powers. Though I have never seen such a relationship amongst Matriarchs, Vampires can intertwine themselves in deeply physical and spiritual ways. They might be unbeatable together. They might even see right through your reputation, Lilith!”

“Well,” Jack began, “They are not always together, and their schedule is fairly consistent. They actually run the local blood bank that has many regular customers, with at least one disappearing a year. They trade off whose running the bank or home every week. So there are several hours during the day when they are indeed separate.”

“It shouldn’t matter who we confront individually, but maybe with some irony, it would be best to plan for the home. Their business would be too public, I think … Do they have a lot of sex, Jack?”

He cleared his throat. “Uh, yeah, looks like it.”

“If only all Matriarchs fucked each other …”

They looked at Bianca ponderously.

“Make sure there’s only one of them, and leave it to me. No one will die if this works …

* * * *

I quietly walked home in the dying light of dusk. A paper bag’s worth of ostrich blood in my ample arms. Sure, Robert let me feed on him now, but he could only give so much. My venom helped him recover quickly, but it was still significant blood loss.

The sun had just about set. There was never a need to hide from the sun, but the night is indeed a vampire’s natural time. The original night owls, I suppose, after the actual owl!

Suddenly, someone began to walk up to me, coming out of the dark alley. A small woman, a Vampire. She was quite beautiful, an athletic, dark skinned brunette, as the transformation to Vampire tends to do. She was no Matriarch, but the quiet look about her suggested she was under one. This was a problem.

“Who are you?” The young vampire asked amazed.

“Bianca …?”

“That isn’t Human blood …”

“Ostrich. You should try it. It’s grows on you when you want to live a quiet life.”

“You are a Matriarch, aren’t you?” she asked me breathlessly, looking up with glassy eyes.

My heart bled for her. Brood life for one such as she was one of servitude at best and abuse at worst.

“I … I can feel your strength …” she went to her knees.

And I felt her longing for a better life. I could sense that her leaders were harsh, and not ones for rewards. “You wish to have me as your Matriarch?”

“I wish to serve you …”

I had no good choices here. Taking her as my own would alert her Matriarch to my presence, endangering both Robert and I. Freeing her would also reveal me, while the poor girl would find herself again under the wing of her harsh ruler all too quickly. Perhaps it was a selfish decision, but it seemed the only one at the time …

I placed my hand on her soft cheek. “Go home, child,” I ordered into her mind with a tear, “and forget your moments with me.”

A look of confusion washed over her face, and she silently walked away …

“What’s wrong, Bianca?” Robert asked while we were in bed.

“I met another Vampire on the way home tonight.”

“What happened?”

“I had her go home to her likely horrid Matriarch and forget about me. Fucking selfish!”

“It’s all right! I understand. We don’t exactly run a brood here, and I’m not sure if I want to get in the middle of the mess that would’ve led to …”

We smooched lovingly, and began to make love. I thrust forcibly on top, trying desperately to make everything feel all right. Waves of pleasure flew through us both; anything to mask the dread of the past and present.

He placed my hand over his heaving heart. “If you think I can spare some … Bi … Bianca.”

A pint was certainly shareable, I observed, brandishing my sharp fangs. I had planned to just have ostrich, but his offer could not be refused! Thrust, thrust, thrust, juices began to flow freely, as the pleasure gave us both goosebumps. We soon came one after the other loudly, wetly.

Without hesitation, I pulled his head to the side to expose his freely given neck, and plunged my fangs into his flesh, intentionally missing the jugular to not take too much. I drank slowly, lovingly, happily in pleasurable feed.

Suddenly, I sensed someone else in the apartment: it was a Human! The moment I leapt off the bed, a woman Hunter bashed into the bedroom, gun pointed forward. She was dark and short, and glowed with the determination of a true Hunter. Robert grabbed a lamp to defend me, perhaps with some irony. However, Robert’s actions might have saved us both, because the Hunter hesitated. This was not a normal site: a Human protecting a Vampire, while not in some cliched lair.

“Robert,” I called slowly, carefully, eyes not leaving the confused Hunter’s. “Please leave us, and close the door. I will handle this.”

Holding the already closing wound on his neck, he nodded with great uncertainty, and left the room.

I carefully stepped forward. “My name is Bianca,” I began slowly and clearly. “Maybe I deserve what you intend, but you can see this is no brood.”

“You move with the confidence of a Matriarch …” she stated bewildered, shimmering gun still pointed.

I went to my knees, unlike what any Matriarch would do, and positioned my forehead before the barrel. “There is a particularly vile brood here now. I touched the mind of one of the poor zealots from it … I’ve been trying for so long to mask all I’ve done. I was very much like them once, that brood. I’m no longer sure if I truly liked all that blood and death or if I just convinced myself at the time. When I had enough all those centuries ago, I had to kill the Matriarch brutally to get out. I’ve never tried to make amends, because I don’t know how. But, I have not killed anything since. I was a monster once, but not anymore. Just make your decision …”

The Hunter cursed loudly, and threw the gun away. “The last time I let something go, I regretted it.”

I stated with a hint of sarcasm, “I can give you my cell number …?”

“My name is Lisa Burns, Bianca,” she stated with a subtle growl.

I slowed stood, and moved to sit on the bed. “How did you find me, Lisa?”

“While investigating likely Vampire murders, we uncovered discrepancies on pint counts at the local Red Cross. Videos of you showed up, but no one recognized you.”

“Stercus! Video is such a new thing for someone that’s known Roman Emperors. I forgot to tell them to erase those recordings, while erasing their minds …”

Lisa sat on the bed, and sighed with a subtle chuckle. “You touched the mind of one of the real monsters. Do you know where they are?”

“She wasn’t a monster,” I clarified with glassy eyes. “Her Matriarch and Under Matriarch are. Show me a map, and I’ll give you an approximate location. I sense they opted for some run down motel over some old sewer system. Promise me that you and your friends will try to just kill the monsters. Let the rest go to live their lives as themselves. I won’t join you; I don’t want to kill. I will be here to help shepherd them into their new lives.”

“I will need to introduce you to the crew. You’ll need to convince them,” she stated. The best Hunters always want to find a way to not kill, no matter how secretly or vainly.

“Of course, Lisa …”

* * * *

Bianca quietly snuck into the house of the brood, amused at how that was only the second time in millennia that she used that skill. The Under Matriarch was reported to be there, but it was unclear where others of the brood were. Given that Bianca had the power and strength of a Matriarch, she would just push any of the brood way from the crossfire.

What bothered the retired warrior queen was how there was no one yet to be seen. It was as if they knew how she freed so many Vampires, so easily. Then, Bianca sensed her. Rose was indeed powerful, at least partly explaining the near equal power dynamic of the brood. Bianca even sensed that Rose cold actually best her mentally, which was suspected.

“You must be Bianca, the coward.” Rose was devastatingly beautiful in her revealing black dress. Bianca was not short, but Rose was easily over six feet with a fully proportional body. She had piercing blue eyes, jet black hair, and porcelain skin.

“I do what I have to, nothing more.”

She looked over the powerful Bianca lustfully. “You could have been a legendary Matriarch!”

Bianca looked her over with even greater lust. “How many powerful Vampires have you tasted, Rose? My Matriarch centuries ago certainly would not match you.”

Rose lifted her black sliver of a brow. “Careful, wise one, I may have already planned to fuck you!”

“What’s stopping you?” Bianca asked. “I may have planned to fuck you, too!”

Bianca slowly pulled off her tight top, Rose watching intently. Rose then untied the knot behind her neck, and let the dress drop, revealing her devastating sexiness. Indeed, Rose psionically emitted arousal, numbing Bianca far more than anticipated.

Remaining clothes were ripped away, as they began to kiss, grind, and consume. Scissoring wildly, Bianca forced a degree of lucidity through the powerful psionic field of arousal, and began to emit her own. Bianca forced herself on top of the cooing Under Matriarch, and ground wildly.

With a wild smile, fangs exposed, Rose pushed back with even greater arousal, throwing the overwhelmed Bianca up to the wall.

Grinding and shoving her fist up Bianca’s firm ass, Rose growled in excitement, “Don’t you see the truth, former White Queen, this brood has no Under Matriarch! Juliana and I are equals! Erguh, Uhgah … Juliana with her wisdom and I with my raw power! OH FUCK YEAH … We are merged psionically in our love and lust for each other … We have looked for so long for a true Under Matriarch. We saw you coming, and wanted you!”

For the first time in her long life, Bianca felt utter dread. Rose was breaking her down with endless waves of pleasure. There was a chance to crush Rose’s mind the moment they met, but that was long past. Rose was beating her with the very same plan as Bianca’s!

The world started to become hazy, feeling Rose consuming her through lust. It felt so fucking good! In the last precious moments of clarity, the wizened Vampire then had a revaluation. The power dynamic might not be so different than appeared. Though they were certainly eying Bianca to be their chained Under Matriarch, Jack gathered that Rose was still beneath Juliana, no matter how slightly.

“Juliana has lied to you!” Bianca cooed through the pleasure, barely pushing back mentally. “Uguh … She’s syphoning your power, as all Matriarchs do. It’s just more literal with you. Maybe you do truly love her, but love can be the essence of psychopathy …”

Rose slowed her wild grinding. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“The truth!” Bianca pushed her to the opposite side of the hallway, taking control of the sexual onslaught. “My Matriarch instilled false hope in me that I would one day succeed her, but I came to realize that she always planned to kill me if I even thought of rebellion. You know she feeds off your great power, and twists it to her ends. What Matriarch hasn’t ripped out their heart? I was far stronger than mine once I removed the chains of false hope, as you are more powerful than either she or me!”

Sensing Rose falter in her subtle uncertainty, Bianca blasted her with waves of lust. They fucked wildly, cuming over and over. Cum dropped down their heaving, perfect bodies. Bianca finally looked deep into the confused eyes of Rose, and breathed, “Break your bonds, and find the truth, Rose …”

The voluptuous, red haired, dark eyed Juliana walked in soon after the sexual battle. She sensed something did not go as planned, being so intimately connected with her Rose.

The visibly tired Bianca stood behind the deeply troubled Rose.

“Rose, do you need my help? Bianca does not yet seem subservient to our will.”

“Do you love me, Juliana?” she asked almost desperately.


“If you truly trust me as your equal, than why must you syphon my power?”

“Because … we are in love, and share everything, Rose.”

“We did not need to share my power to prove our love. Are you just using me as any Under Matriarch?”

“No, I’m not.”

“I see it now!” she exclaimed, forcing her mind into her lover’s.

“Rose, what are you doing? I am your lover, your Matriarch! I command you to get out of my head!”

“You can’t love,” Rose screamed, piercing Bianca’s mind and brining Juliana to her knees.

“A true Matriarch can’t!” Juliana yelled in pain and frustration. “I thought I could when I found you, but I soon realized I could only fool myself with your power. I am invincible with your power!”

“Not anymore …” Rose quietly said in tears.

Bianca could feel Rose rip herself away from the Matriarch, and practically began to glow with psionic energy. Air in the room literally began to swirl around the powerful Vampire.

“You convinced me to rip people apart with my own power!” she screamed, blasting out her energy. Juliana fell to the floor, leaking blood from her eyes, nose, and ears.

Bianca fell to her knees, feeling the psionic energy blast in all directions. Windows blew inward, as everything the in building began to fly and bash.

“You turned us all into monsters, through me!”

Juliana began to spew blood and bile, writhing.

Through the wave of psionic fury, Bianca called out mentally, You don’t have to kill her, Rose!

Rose quickly turned, and growled, echoed, “You destroyed yours!”

“And later, one that I never even knew … You will never forgive yourself …” Bianca barely stated through the crushing energy waves from the furious Vampire

Rose touched Bianca’s mind, feeling the endless waves of self loathing Bianca desperately tried to hide from herself.

“You were once worse than I and Juliana,” Rose growled into her mind. “This will be just one more horrid act.”

“With your power,” Bianca barely began, “you could make amends for things I never could starting right now. Juliana is beaten. You destroyed her enough that she may never have the strength to be a Matriarch again. Be the hero I could never be …”

Tears flowing, Rose turned back to the moaning Juliana. The chaos of the room slowly died down. She knelt down, and said quietly, “I did love you more than I ever thought possible … Death is too good for you, for any of us. You will live eternity as your horrid self without any power over anyone or anything …”

Rose put her hand on the fallen Matriarch, and destroyed all psionic ability within her. The very genetic code that dictated such ability was burned to nothing in the crushed Juliana. Bianca never knew such a thing was even possible!

She lightly, lovingly stroked Juliana’s bloodied hair, and glanced back to the worn Bianca. “I will disband this brood. Please, leave us. I need time. I do not want to help Lilith, not yet …”

Bianca nodded, gathered the remnants of her clothes, and began to walk out.

“Bianca …”

She turned.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re saving your race from foolishness …”


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