Blog Unbound: Roleplaying

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: I consider this story and the later The Demoniac Method to be the archetypes for my Blog Unbound eBooks. Belatedly, this story is artistically now as it was meant to be: Unbound. Though many easily can, not every story is done right with less the two-thousand words. This was one of them.

A shorter version of the following erotica first appeared on this blog under the Blog Flash Banner. While writing this story, I quickly realized it could be a considerably longer piece. After writing the short piece, I let the creative juices flow to create this expanded edition. It should also be noted, unlike the majority of my more fantastical works, this is merely an erotic drama. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook



I was having dinner with my amazingly beautiful wife Laura. It was a silent dinner, as they were for too long. She was so amazingly beautiful, though, that just seeing her brightened my day. Slim but not too slim body, pitch black hair, sultrily dark eyes, and healthily porcelain skin. She was always my image of perfection. I may have met her in college and married her after we both graduated, but she was always ever seen as my trophy wife. There was truth to that, being the CEO of my father’s successful investment firm. I was filthy rich, to be diplomatic.

“We should talk more, Laura,” I said quietly across the table.

“What do you wanna talk about, Jack? Our failing marriage,” she stated bluntly. Laura was always a very forward person, when she was being quiet.

“I guess we should … I can’t loose you, Laura. We gotta do something …”

“Roleplaying?” I asked almost as a joke, while I was really thinking out loud.

“I guess we could give that a try, Jack,” she answered with genuine interest.


“Yeah, why not? Never done it before …” She trailed off thinking. I saw small flash a of excitement in her eyes. “I could be like some high priced escort. We meet at some fancy hotel; you pay me for real. Technically money I could spend anyway. It’ll all be for fun!”

Then, an improved idea sprouted in my head from the seed idea she planted. Nevada, our state, reformed state prostitution laws by strengthening punishments for illegal prostitution and loosening regulations on legal prostitution. The new law allowed for brothels to provide escort services throughout the state, making solicited sex legal with the proper license. Brothels could still only operate within counties that allowed them. Strange and almost contradictory, but there it was! “You can say no to this, Laura, but you got me running … You know that prostitution reform bill they passed last year allowing escorts out of brothels?”

“Yes …” she wasn’t sure how to react to where this was going.

“Well, why not go all the way, and become a real escort, prostitute? I’ll fill your schedule; we watch a movie and have sex; I pay you after …”

Laura sat for a moment just looking at me in deep thought. She was not apposed to it. “Well, I do wanna save this marriage, too … Fuck it! I’ll become a whore for you. Not sure how I feel about it, yet, but it was kinda my idea …”

* * * *

Our county didn’t allow prostitution, but the next one over did. Indeed, the closest brothel to us was only twenty minutes away. Laura was a part time, contract consultant at my company, so another job was not a problem. Her only concern was needing to register her real name, but that was partly negated by the fact that she was not obligated to advertise a real name to customers.

After the job interview at Trixy’s Ranch, Laura came home amazed she was accepted for the job, or will after a medical exam them next day (medical exams were then mandatory every three to six months). Brothels were hiring escorts like crazy after the new laws went into affect! I set up a new bank account in her name that night, while reserving my usual Vegas suite for next week, to complete the scenario.

The rest of the week practically went by normally, save for the fact she became a fully licensed prostitute. Plus, I also called up Trixy’s to set up an appointment with their “freshest” escort “Velvet.” That was my pet name for Laura back in college, and that was how I knew it was her. After, we agreed to pretend we didn’t know each other the night we were set to meet.

Though she spent a lot of time at Trixy’s for training purposes, Laura assured me that it was all about pricing and regulations. I shrugged it off.

I was casually lying on the suite couch watching porn, when their was a knock on the door. Excited, I scurried over to see if it was who I thought it was.

My jaw dropped at the escort before me. My wife was dressed in a form fitting, black dress, which went just past her ass. Opaque black stockings covered her legs, while black high heals covered her feet. A tiny, shiny black purse was draped around her shoulder. All the clothes were new.

“Err, Velvet?” I barely asked.

“Yes, sir,” she confirmed professionally. “You are James Masterson?”

“Yes, please come in!” I gave a fake name, which Laura told me was not unusual.

She smirked at the ensuing lesbian porn, and stated with a professionalism I only expected from my employees. “Let’s get down to business, sir. My base fee for the night is one-thousand dollars. That covers, perhaps, a movie of your choosing and some old fashioned sex. Alternative sex like anal, my tits, my feet, my mouth, etc, boost the fee by one-hundred. That is not per event, by the way. The base fee will cover two orgasms, your orgasms. I will then charge an additional five-hundred for each further orgasm. That would be on top of any possible alternative sex and tip. Payment is cash or check when we are done!”

“Wow, how would you keep track if we get too crazy drunk or something?”

“It’s my job, sir!” she smiled pleasantly. “I’m not really allowed to get too drunk with clients either. There’s a list of rules I’m supposed to follow. I have it with me if you wish to look.”

“That’s fine, Velvet. I just wanna fuck around!”

We retreated to the bedroom, and she gave me a mandatory condom. She then almost passively lay on the bed.

“I wanna talk dirty, OK?” I asked.

“No problem, sir! This fucking whore wants that,” she exclaimed happily.

“Strip naked, slut, and masturbate!” I ordered.

She followed my order without question. I excitedly stripped naked, while she moaned and grunted. Seeing her perfect size ten feet, I grabbed and slobbered all over them, before rubbing them all over my cock. She knew I loved her feet like that, but I never indulged this much before. She seemed to enjoy it so much that she started stroking herself even harder.

We were both in utter ecstasy that she was driving. “Oh, you’re the best fucking whore ever, Velvet!” I cooed.

“Of course, it’s my fucking job!” she cooed back, before she came hard.

At the same time she jerked me off harder with her exquisite soles. “ERRRGUH, Laura!” I grunted in orgasm all over her feet. “Eat my cum, Velvet,” I barely ordered.

She wasn’t flexible enough to eat directly from her silken feet, but she scooped it all up happily with her hands.

“You love cum, don’t you slut?” I said lustfully.

She nodded with an equally as lustful smile.

“Get on your hands and knees, whore, I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

She looked incredibly happy getting on her hands and knees, while I got the impression she was really happy about a larger check coming to her! After rolling on the condom and lubing us up, I rammed her ass unabashedly. We had anal once before, but it didn’t impress her enough to let me do it again. Her tight hole felt awesome clenching my cock, while her firm ass provided excellent cushion. She moaned and grunted loudly at first in pain, but soon in compliment. At the same time, I lustfully rubbed her wet pussy. The pleasure soon became too much for both of us, and we both squirt wetly in loud orgasm!

After holding my Velvet Laura, basking in the afterglow of the best sex we ever had, she climbed off the bed, and dressed herself. “So, eleven-hundred, Jack! That was truly amazing. You know you were my first ever client. I wasn’t sure about all this, but I’m really liking this job!” she exclaimed truthfully. I was too in the moment to realize she broke character by calling me by my real name, while I also broke character several minutes ago.

With a smile equal to her own, I wrote the large check out to her, and gave her a four-hundred dollar tip in cash. She was overjoyed.

* * * *

I came home the next day to see my wife casually having breakfast. She was looking pretty good, even in her loose sweatpants, flip flops, and T-shirt. Actually, it looked like she was glowing! For the first time in maybe years, she smiled at me in the way she did on our first date.

“I dunno how to say this, Laura, but I was with a licensed escort last night,” I said lightly sitting across the table from her.

She laughed heartily, barely keeping the cereal in her mouth. “Well, I had sex with a guy and go paid for it last night! My ass is still a bit sore; it was fun anyway. Actually, you didn’t ask to see my escort licensee, Jack. I should’ve showed it to you, even if you didn’t care!”

“Can I see it?” I asked almost awkwardly.

“Sure!” She stood up, and went to her new purse, which was the one she had last night. Handing the plastic card to me from her wallet, she asked, “Look legal enough?”

I took it from her. It looked kind of like a driver’s license, generally having all the same kind of data, including a license number. It even had a good picture of her. Not counting it using her “Working Name” as “Velvet,” the only real difference is that it also said at the top: “State of Nevada Escort License,” and, “Brothel: Trixy’s Ranch, Nettington, Clark Co.” I exclaimed breathlessly aroused, “That’s fucking awesome, Laura, I can’t lie!”

“Thanks!” she smiled. “Look at the back, it has all the ‘rules’ I set up with my boss Trixy. A lot of them are legally mandated like condoms, but I set up some limits for myself. It’s all stuff you don’t like anyway!”

That was true. I didn’t like BDSM, or scat, or just about anything it said she wouldn’t do. What did strike me oddly was how one rule stated that I could negotiate payment, which was supposedly how it was always done before the new laws making escorts screwing their customers legal. “So, I don’t have to pay you a thousand for sex?”

“Hey, you’re supposed to be greedy not cheep, Jack!” she stated with false frustration.

“Yup, you’re right! You really were worth every penny I spent on you last night.”

“Thank you, Jack,” she said sweetly, before walking over to me. She sat on my lap, and made out with me passionately, more passionately than normal. “For you and only you, Jack, my kisses are free.”

“I love you, Laura,” I whispered to her sweetly.

“I love you, Jack,” she said, kissing him again on the lips.

“I don’t wanna kill the mood, but what do you think about negotiating spur of the moment, unscheduled stuff, Laura?”

She smiled, and answered businesslike, “Sounds reasonable. What do you have in mind, Jack?”

“Well, just to get an idea for this … Foot job under this table right now for six-hundred bucks?”

Laura thought about it seriously, and answered, “How ‘bout seven-hundred?”

“Six-fifty?” It was unbelievable that I was actually haggling with my wife for sexual pleasure!


“Deal!” I exclaimed.

She nodded seriously, and walked to the other side of the table. “Want the flip flops off at the start?”

“Yup! I’d ask you to eat my cum right off your feet, but I know you’re not that flexible …”

“I’ll just do what I did last night, Jack!”

Before I knew it, she was rubbing my already partly aroused cock through my jeans with her awesome feet. With surprising dexterity, she freed my ballooning member, and expertly stroked it with her soft, wrinkly soles. I grabbed hold of the table, and breathed, “Fuck, you’re really good at that!”

“Thank you, Jack,” she stated airily. “You know it’s my job now to make you feel this way. I must make the client happy, and if the client is happy, then so is my brothel and I. That is the Escort’s Code. Well, it’s what my boss Trixy taught me!”

I then grunted loudly in gooey orgasm practically prematurely all over her feet. Smiling sultrily at me, she brought her feet back to herself, and scooped my cum off to happily eat. “You know, I really do like cum!” she said amazed at herself. “I’m not just saying that for a bigger tip, Jack. It’s nice and salty!”

I was so mesmerized, I forgot all about paying her.

“Forgot where the checkbook was, Jack?” she asked, almost laughing.

Still in a haze, I pulled up my pants, and wrote out her check.

“725 dollars? Thank you! I didn’t expect such a high tip, Jack.”

After breakfast, I scheduled times with her. It was mostly at home, but sometimes elsewhere. I didn’t really expect her to continue being a real escort, but I went with it for now. She stated that as her client that I may suggest things she could improve upon physically, mentally, etc. So, I offered my porn collection she never knew about, and told her that she should make herself more physically fit and flexible. I also told her to finally schedule that laser hair removal she talked about on and off!

While the month went on, I came to realize how different she was. Indeed, she was greatly improving herself physically and studying my porn, but that wasn’t really it. It was how passive she was in terms of sex, and how aggressive she was about payment. Laura would do whatever I wanted without question, provided I payed her appropriately, and even secretly allowed me to screw her condom-less, being on brothel supplied birth control. From having anal and foot sex more often than old fashioned missionary, she discounted anal and feet, removing the extra fee for those. Sure, she was paid on commission, but she received at least half, while she kept the whole tip. At the same time, she was my loving wife. We’d exercise together; we’d go out together, including on social gatherings.

It was all so strange, but I adapted remarkably fast. I think that was partly because I was already paying her as a marketing consultant at my company, while still buying her clothing and jewelry. It was an odd blur.

* * * *

My eyes caught my wife wrapped in a towel in the bathroom after a shower. I quickly decided to have some fun. After pulling of my pants and underwear, and lubing up my cock, I quickly scurried into the room, and ripped the towel off the surprised woman. I rammed my solid member into her ass. She grunted loudly, deeply before cooing and grunting happily.

“How’s five-hundred for this, baby?” I offered amongst my grunts.

“UURRRGH … EIGHT!” she cooed.

“I’ll … UGHA … SIX-HUNDRED, VELVET!” I yelled in my excitement.

“OH, fine,” she breathed. “Plus tip!” she happily cooed.

“URRRGAH … I’m already in way past the tip!” I joked.

“OH GAH … FUCK … You have no idea how much I’ve come to LIKE this-ERRR!”

We moaned and grunted like wild animals, while she humped my cock as much as I humped her ass. At almost the exact moment she growled in orgasm, I came fast and hard into her asshole …

After a good, intimate dinner at our favorite restaurant, we came home for a scheduled night of sex. I teased that I had something special planned, and she was all giddy!

She sat on the bed sexily in her black dress and strappy heals, ready for whatever I had planned. I walked in with a paper bag, and handed it to her. She first removed a lubricant spray, which made her smirk. She then removed a pair of black latex stockings to her great surprise, before removing an entire latex outfit.

“I don’t know about this, Jack. I don’t do bondage, remember?” she looked rather uncomfortable.

“It’s not really bondage. I just have sex with you wearing it. I threw out the ball gag and riding crop that came with it!”

“Well, all right, Jack. If I’ll put on vampire fangs for you, I’ll put on this. I will charge extra for this. It is quite alternative. Two-hundred extra for almost breaking my rules!”

“OK!” I agreed happily. “So, yeah, strip and put it all on, Velvet.”

In the way she knew I loved, she stripped slowly, but not too slowly. After the dress dropped, she carefully unstrapped her heals. She wore no bra or panties as requested (the dinner I paid for was considered by her a part of the night).

Laura began to spritz her legs and feet with the lube. She smirked more than I at the sexy shine from the liquid! After rolling up one like a regular stocking, she rolled it over foot and up her leg. She easily rolled on the other with a smile. The lube turned out to not be all that necessary for someone as learned sexually as my wife! The tight latex shirt then slipped on as easily as the gloves. She strapped the hood around her head, and sat there smirking.

“You are fucking worth every penny, Velvet!” I breathlessly exclaimed, while stripping naked.

“Speaking of fucking, Jack …”

I walked over, and began to make out with her. We slowly fell onto the bed, while I slid my cock into her sultry pussy. It had been a while! While passionately humping, I took one latex foot in hand, and lustfully licked and sucked them worshipfully. My spit dripped down the shiny rubber. Always anticipating my wants, she grabbed her other rubberized foot, and worshiped it even more lustfully. I more than loved how flexible she was now.

“This is awesome, Jack!” she happily exclaimed.

“Oh, fuck! I’m gonna remind you what it feels like to have me cum in your pussy, baby!”

I humped her so hard and wildly that I came moments before she did. Our moment of passion was long and loud.

We happily held each other for a few moments, before I kissed my way down her rubberized body, spending extra time with her tasty legs. After worshiping her rubbery feet for what felt like and eternity, I clamped them to my solid cock. Knowing the drill, she expertly stroked my cock between her soles. It felt so good, so different with the latex that I was in utter ecstasy. “OH my fuck … Do heal to toe, baby, heal to toe!”

With a playful smile, she repositioned her feet parallel with my cock. She stroked harder and faster. Drooling, she deeply exclaimed, “I can’t wait to eat your cum off my rubber feet!” At that, I lasted for only seconds more, before spewing a massive load all over her latex smothered feet. While I lay back in a haze, she happily licked her feet clean.

“Just lay back, I’m gonna fuck your ass right there!” I breathed. I woke up my cock to the site of my latex covered wife and escort with the help of the omnipresent lube on the end table, and rammed her ass hard. She grunted deeply at the intrusion, before cooing loudly. This was my favorite position, because I could stare right into her loving, sometimes bulging eyes. Plus, her blatant abs and slightly enlarged breasts thanks to increased athleticism aroused me! It always amazed me how I normally didn’t cum before her, or at least, how she never faked the guttural, anal orgasm like right now …

We had so much fun that night that I actually lost count how many times we fucked. She didn’t, of course, and exclaimed the hefty price tag! I paid without a second thought, including a healthy tip.

After she stripped off her latex, we took a quick shower together. It of course ended with me on the floor of the tub, and her humping my cock with her ass. It was in my second favorite position: a kind of reverse cowgirl. She would lean back so I could kiss her lips or boobs. I paid her the agreed upon, impromptu price in cash, and we cuddled in bed.

“You know, Laura, this escort thing’s been going on for a lot longer than I expected,” I said quietly. “Don’t get me wrong, I like this a lot — I’m used to the set up, but I didn’t expect to keep this up for more than a night or two.”

“What are you asking?”

“Are you gonna keep up with this?”

“Yeah, I want to. I like this job, Jack,” she replied honestly.

“Are you gonna stay on as a consultant at the company?”

“Yeah, I’ll stick with that, too. Still like doing that, and you know the schedule works out fine … Oh, that reminds me, Jack. I wanna have my old bank account absorbed by the new one.”

“That’s fine, Laura. We can do that tomorrow first thing …”

* * * *

When I asked if she would be interested in a threesome with one of her coworkers, her concern was not of having sex with another woman. Laura just needed to make sure that was OK with her boss. It was fine, but it was recommended that we do it over at the brothel. Her boss Trixy wanted to meet me.

On the subject of the brothel, Laura revealed to me that her boss figured out her only client was actually her husband. Trixy was very smart; nothing went past her. However, Trixy was intrigued by the set up, and saw no problem with stopping it. She liked my tips, too! Plus, it was not that uncommon for escorts to only have one or two clients, before and after the reforms, especially when they were high paying.

Laura was driving me to her brothel with a red sports car she bought via her personal account. I joked that we needed to christen her new car with some hot sex! After a good chuckle, she casually, honestly reminded me that all I needed was my checkbook, before lightly stating that I may need to pay extra if we ruined the red leather! There was the odd blur for us again: I may pay her for sex, but we still had that joint credit account.

It was awkward walking into a brothel with my wife, who just happened to be an escort working for that brothel. Though I was living a kind of twisted sexual fantasy with my wife, I never considered ever going to a brothel.

The moment we walked inside, we were met by a large breasted blonde. She wore a T-shirt one size too small stating “Trixy’s Ranch,” cutoff jean shorts not completely covering her ass, and sneakers. She was no college co-ed, showing ever so subtle signs of age, but she could still be implanted into any straight man’s fantasy!

The mesmerizing woman extended her hand, and said professionally, “The clients call me Trixy, but you may call me Trina. You must be Jack.”

We firmly shook. “Yes … I’ve never been in a brothel before …”

She smiled, and said, “Well, we’re almost a spa sometimes! Let’s go to my office, sir. I’ve been wanting to meet you for too long!”

On our way to the office, in what looked like a break room, I glimpsed two separate white boards: one for “In House” and another for “Escorts.” There were three separate columns on each for client payments, tips, and overall takes. My wife was at number three on the Escort Board, thanks to my high tips.

Like some professional meeting, we all sat on our respective places in Trina’s office.

“So,” she began in a demeanor perhaps more professional than those on my board of directors, “as I’m sure Velvet, Laura told you, I have no problem with what you to are doing. I can see how strong your relationship is out of this. Very unique actually, while I personally retain a single client — now legally outside these walls. He’s a reforming politician, I am sure you can guess who. Unlike him, you’re not as cheap as I would have guessed as the CEO and President of Lorna Capital.”

“We make to much to afford being cheap!” I joked, while it was very close to original company motto back in my father’s days.

“That’s good! Wanna invest in a brothel?” she asked lightly. Remarkably I could tell she was just like me, business-wise. She was no dominatrix or even manipulator — at least to her employees, but her goal, like mine, was profit.

I laughed lightly, diplomatically, “I’m sure you know we only do hotels and casinos, Trina!”

“Yes,” she smiled with her full, alluring lips. “Now, down to business, Jack. What you would like to do with Laura is fine with me, but you know I wanted to touch base with you, too. That’s why I made sure you have your fun here. Legally, every registered escort now is just a prostitute at a brothel. The only difference is they may conduct business outside the brothel, and usually do so all the time! Laura chose the girl she trained with for you, and had her schedule you both for tonight. Oh, and before I forget, Jack.” She tossed over a couple quality condoms with a sly smile. “Rules don’t get bent within my walls.”

I glanced over at the slightly uncomfortable Laura, and took the condoms. Nothing went past this manager! I pocketed the condoms, and we walked out to the main room. Only one woman was there. She was really beautiful in her tight black dress. Slim, blonde hair, turquoise eyes, and tanned skin.

“Hey, Velvet! Hi, Jack, I’m Sandy!” she exclaimed happily.

“Hi. Ready for a fun night with us?” I asked excitedly.

“Sure, let’s get a room to discuss everything. You can’t pay us both with a single check!”

We went to one of the larger rooms. I was loosely reminded of some half decent hotel room. My wife and her coworker friend sat on the bed hip to hip, clearly to subtly tease me. I sat on the chair adjacent.

“We discussed the best way to do this for a while,” my wife stated happily.

“It’s not as common as you might think for someone to … employ multiple prostitutes at the same time. It does get expensive, Jack!”

“I decided to keep my regular rates for this,” Laura stated businesslike. “I never had sex with a woman before, and I think I might like it too much to charge extra!”

“I’ll be charging a little extra,” Sandy stated. “My standard fee for a night is fifteen-hundred, regardless of how many times we cum.” She glanced over to Laura, who did partly charge by orgasm. “So, if it sounds good with you for this special escapade, I’ll set the fee at eighteen-hundred, not including any tips. I also should mention that, unlike Velvet, I don’t charge extra for anal or other alternatives I allow.”

With a big smile, I exclaimed, “You’re gonna get more money out of me than my wife, Sandy!”

“We’ll see about that!” Laura exclaimed. They really were put in competition, but one could only see it clearly with them together.

“OK …” I said breathlessly. “How ‘bout a little voyeurism? You two have some passionate sex, while I watch.”

The looked at each other, and shrugged with confirming smiles. After approvingly looking each other over and lightly brushing their soft hair with their hands, they began to passionately make out. After taking turnes, kissing and nibbling their necks, they removed each other’s clothes, and worshiped their bare breasts.

I can’t say I remember the exact moment my pants and underwear fell to the floor, but I was already jerking off to them. They barely noticed, and continued to screw each other like the pros they were!

I was soon drooling over the image of them in a passionate, fingering sixty-nine. Their moans and coos were loud and true. From their hips to their feet, they groped whatever they could. They soon exploded in orgasm, while their passion caused me to squirt with equal intensity.

While they repositioned face to face, lightly kissing and feeling, I walked over now naked. They happily welcomed me into their bed. I found myself sandwiched between two loaves of passion. It was like a blur after that. I didn’t always know who was on one end and who was on the other. The taste of juicy pussy and the feel of a tight asshole around my cock blew many fuses in my mind. I dreamed, I lusted, over having two women at once since almost before I could remember, yet I never imagined the two being utter masters at sex. It was like they were artists, with the orgasm their pant. I was their canvas, the center of it all. It was a bliss beyond bliss …

By the end of our escapade, I found myself totally amazed at the price tags. Yet, I paid without a second thought, while giving generous tips. They were worth every penny …

* * * *

Though the threesome involving two experienced escorts was truly glorious, it showed me some limits in sexuality I never knew I had. The experience was too much for me in hindsight. I learned, to my and Laura’s amazement, that I was really a monogamous kind of guy, sexually. While it went unstated, I had the impression that Laura may not be as monogamous as myself …

After an incredible night of sex in our bed, I cut her a check for 3,500 dollars including tip. Do the math, right? Plus, I earlier paid her 450 dollars in cash including tip for an impromptu blow job on the couch, ending with me eating out her pussy!

Just before I went to sleep, my athletic wife and paid prostitute stated, “There’s something I gotta tell you, Jack.”

“Yeah, Velvet?” I used her escort name most of the time in bed now.

She shifted over, and kissed me lovingly. “I am an escort, a prostitute. I think I always was; I just never joined the brothel. I do love you more than anything, but you know that smile over your checks is real …”

“What are you trying to say, Laura?”

“I’m seeing other clients now. You’re still my best client — you are my husband, but I don’t fuck you everyday. I wanted to be the best escort at Trixy’s, and I now I am …”

“Shit …” My shock wasn’t just out of her seeing other clients …

“Are you OK, Jack. I need you to be OK with this. It’s my job, my life.”

“I guess so. What did I really expect? As long as you come back to me … and let me see that account of yours!” I quipped, hiding my subsiding discomfort. Greed did run in the family, while I somehow did find myself willing to share my wife. I always kind of showed her off …

She kissed me deeply, lovingly. “Thank you, Jack … Next week, Trixy set me up with a politician. They are even more a prize than successful investor husbands!”

To show her my acceptance, I began to make love with her again.

Laura then stated businesslike, while I worshiped her neck, “So, Jack, is this round gonna be cash or check?”

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