Blog Unbound: Pegged

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: A contemporary drama. Lena and Jason find themselves drunk one night, and decide to shed all barriers between them. They embrace the sexual revelations, transforming their relationship unlike any either had … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook


Lana and I were drinking happily in her apartment. She was a leggy blonde, who was about five feet and four inches, had C-cup breasts, light blonde hair, and brown eyes. While she had a lighter hair color than I often go for, she was still almost too amazing for me! We were only together for about a month, and this was the first time I was in her apartment.

“You know, Lana,” I slurred. “We haven’t gotten around to talking about past people …”

“Past people?” she chucked cutely. “Ex-lovers? I dunno, Jason, just not something I usually get into.”

“Can I ask?”

“Fuck it! Why not? I ask, and uh, you ask … How many others were you with?”

While not “domineering,” Lana always liked to be on top, in more ways than one. I answered awkwardly, “Actually, you’re only my second.”

“Oh! I figured, Jason,” she smiled teasingly. “Maybe that’s why I love you. You’re so … experimental.”

“Thanks! I always practice a lot on my own!” I said truthfully, wrapped in drunken joviality. “… Her name was Liza. Not as pretty as you, but she was better than I ever imagined in mind and body. I definitely loved her … She, err, I dunno. She pulled me out of my shell, more or less. Still always the shy one, you know! Drifted apart, things got stale, I dunno. It ended equally. Still on Facebook with her … How many others have you been with?”

“Maybe this is the one thing I’m shy about!” she finished her glass. “Only three, if you can believe it, Jason. Luke the asshole, John the boring, and finally Anna the lost love.”


“Yeah. I’m bisexual,” she shrugged. “Maybe kinda shy about revealing it, but no reason to be ashamed … Anyway, I loved Anna a lot. The other two didn’t last long, but she and I, wow! Last two years of college, and then another five.”

Seven years,” I observed amazed. “What happened?”

“Almost the same as your last, except the other way around. You know how little I’m shy about! It’s hard to put into words any more than you have. We did drift apart emotionally. The sex was great beginning to end, but we just weren’t making love by the end. We both wanted to be more than fuck buddies living together, but that’s what we were becoming.”

“Wow! … Sorry, Lana, didn’t wanna hit a nerve …”

She leaned over and gave me a loving smooch. “I’m glad you know … Besides, my turn! What do you like that sets you apart from the other boys?”

“Oh …” I breathed, my eyes falling to her arch supportive flip-flops. “I … uhh … Feet. I have a thing for feet, Lana … Didn’t tell Liza, but I’m sure she suspected. I always made sure I touched her feet during sex …”

Lana smirked, “You don’t hide it well!” To my shock and awe, Lana slipped off her footwear, and slapped her feet on my lap. “You’re lookin’ at a woman whose fucked another woman in the ass with both a double-sided dildo and strap-on dildo. And, paid a Nevada Escort to have a threesome with Anna and me. I am open to some things, Jason! Now before you ask, there is something that sets me apart from the other girls. An empathy thing, I think. I kinda absorb the thing my love likes.”

I raised my eyebrows in amazement, while I found myself automatically rubbing her soft soles. My heart raced from both the feel of her silken feet and her explanation.

“Luke liked my boobs, and that very common fetish helped me realized I was Bi. John liked nothing in particular. He was a ‘missionary accomplished’ kind of guy. Then, there was Anna …”

“Yeah?” I breathed. My pants were fully tented.

“Damn, Jason! That feels great, thank you! … So, Anna, yeah …” She licked her lips and continued, “She had a serious obsession with the ass. Hers, mine, didn’t matter! Much of the sex we had was anal, and most of the sex we had involved our asses. So, I love the ass! You’ve seen a lot of my regular exercises keeping my ass full and firm, but I don’t think you realized it, Jason Footguy. But, I know you felt me grab your ass, while you grabbed my feet, when we made love those two times.”

“I guess you like my ass …”

“No, no, I love your ass!” she exclaimed. “It’s not that firm, but that’s OK. I’m not as obsessed as she was. But, we can make it even better, if you want.”

“If it makes you happy!” I chucked, hands lever leaving her perfect feet. “So, I guess you’re gonna come to like feet, too?”

“Oh, Jason, I love it already! It’s called a footjob, right? Something tells me it will be the first for the both of us.”

I nodded, speechless. This was something I fantasized about since I saw that director Tarantino suck tequila off that actress’ toes! I quickly unzipped my pants to free myself, loosing all semblance of control. I saw no reason to control myself around this woman anyway!

“Woah!” she happily exclaimed at the sight of my throbbing member.

She began to feel my dick with her soft soles, and all I could do was grunt in pleasure.

“Help me out, Jason!” she requested.

“Like … Like hands …” I barely said. I positioned her healthy arches around my super-sensitized cock.

“I see! Your dick feels really great in there!”

She began to stroke me up and down like some kind of fetish savant. At the same time, she pushed her jeans and panties down to pleasure herself. We moaned and grunted mindlessly in the pleasure.

“OH, fuck …” I grunted, trying desperately to last as long as Lana. That was not meant to be. I then exploded all over her tight jeans and feet in the largest load of my life.

“Holy SHIT!” Lana exclaimed.

“Sorry, I … Just couldn’t hold back anymore … Better than I imagined,” I barely said defensively.

“Humph!” she said lightly. “It’s OK, we’ll work at it. But first, finish me off with your feet.”

“Really?” I asked, with still lost breath.

“Yeah, why not, Jason? You love feet, so I wanna love feet. Come on, Jason, get me off with your foot! I’ll help. Just like hands, remember?”

“OK!” I agreed amazed.

I removed my shoes and socks, and brought my soft feet to her wet pussy. With my toes and ball of my foot, I cautiously began to massage the clit. Her pussy felt quite good on my foot, I had to admit! She took hold of my ankle, and showed me how to pleasure her as if it was just a big hand. I found myself rubbing from toes to heal, and eventually she guided my toes into her, essentially fingering. The humid pussy around my toes was definitely arousing, tingling, but I kept my cool, this all about creating her orgasm.

“Oh, yeah, Jason, that’s it! Don’t fucking stop! OH …. FUCK YEAH!” she yelled in powerful orgasm. Lana then repositioned to suck her juices off my feet, and presented her own, still cum laden feet to me. “I suck yours, you suck mine!” she ordered lightly.

Shaking my head, I did as requested. Tasting my cum off a woman’s feet was something that did cross my mind, but it was never really a fantasy. It was thick, salty, and a little weird, but I certainly wasn’t grossed out. This might as well have been sexual equality.

Lana crawled on top of me, and we lovingly made out as sexual desert. The taste of our cum mixed in out mouths. “I love you, Jason,” she said.

“I love you, too, Lana.” An odd thought hit me. With this woman already beyond my fantasies, I saw no problem forwarding it. “Would it be weird if we turn this into a lesbian relationship?”

She looked down on me with an intrigued look. “What do you mean?”

“You teach me how you want me to treat you as if I was a woman, like your last relationship. Teach me to be your lesbian lover, Lana.”

Lana smiled, looking even more intrigued. “OK … I can make this work. I mean, you can’t really be a woman with that favorite toy of yours, but I can teach you how Anna treated me when we were still in love … How this will work is exactly how I am with another woman. Not as obvious a statement as you might think, Jason. I’m always on top with another woman. Especially in bed, I’m number one. Not really a dom-sub thing, but I will be much more in control. Are you ready for that, Jason?”

“Yeah, why not? ‘Jay’ sounds feminine enough a nickname right?”

“OK, sure!” Her looks subtly changed. Not domineering, just stronger. “Just do everything I say, Jay!”

The next few days were strange and different. I moved in with Lana, while she showed me just how a woman, how Anna touched her. It was very arousing, but I was not the one to initiate sex with Lana anymore. She was different from the woman I met, while still Lana. She personally waxed me from head to toe. I was made completely smooth, especially my ass. Not the biggest change, though, considering I was never the hairiest guy. It was not the most fun experience becoming hairless, but I came to love her skin lotion. She also taught me her ass enhancing exercises. At the end of the day, we worshiped our feet. The worship was sexual, not doubt on that, but in a lesbian relationship it morphed into something akin to kissing, while it could certainly still become the erotism I knew. We exercised together quite a bit, too, aiming to firm up my ass.

After a long day at work, I walked into Lana’s apartment after living there for four days now.

“I’m in the bedroom, Jay!” Lana called.

I walked in, and my jaw dropped. Lying on her stomach on the bed with a T-shirt, she was completely naked from the ass down. “Wow …”

Lana looked back to me, and said strongly, “We’re gonna make love, Jay. This won’t be like even the last time with the footjob. Were gonna make love as lesbian lovers, who love the ass.”

“OK …?”

“Strip, and worship my ass, Jay! It all clean for you, and don’t be afraid to grope my feet, too,” she ordered with less lightness than usual.

I did so, and almost lunged at her athletic ass. Almost as in I was more tender, feminine with the worship, as she taught me. It was strange, I wanted to almost attack her ass, but held back. At the same time, I wanted to touch her exactly as she wanted. I began to lick her asshole, and she happily moaned in compliment. At the same time, one hand always found its way to lovingly worship her foot. Not only did I feel more feminine in the actions, but I found myself loving it.

Lana suddenly flipped around and sat up, and pulled my head to her pussy. She pet my head with a similar tenderness to my touch. Being number one in bed made her touch me more aggressively, possessively. She cooed happily in the way I applied her teachings, lovingly consuming her wet pussy. The more she tenderly groped me and cooed, the less I felt any want or need to pleasure Lana in any other way. And soon, she wetly came, and had me happily lap up the escaping juices.

“Oh, fuck, Jay, that was perfect! Now comes the part where you need to trust everything I say. Ready, girl?”

“Sure!” I said excitedly.

“First, get on all fours,” she ordered. “Now relax, Jay. I’m going to do this exactly as Anna inducted me.”

“Do what, Lana?”

“A strap-on, Jay! Anna taught me how to take it up the ass, as she loved the ass. Of course, I usually had the strap-on after that. I just feel more natural to mount than to be mounted.”

I was speechless. The woman I loved was going to fuck me in the ass, and I was not even going to protest! I never even dreamed of such a thing. Then again, I was the one that wanted a lesbian relationship …

I watched her strap on the dildo, which was roughly the size of my erect member. She grabbed a large bottle of lube, and walked over.

“Jay, relax your ass.”

I tried to do so, but my anxiousness kept some tension.

“Good enough,” she observed. “Let yourself become more relaxed as I lube you up, OK?”

I looked back and nodded. There was an odd excitement to this. It was to be completely new and different.

She began to work the warm, slick goo around my asshole. It actually was rather relaxing and pleasurable. The more I relaxed, the more she began to work the lube into my hole. Soon, she found that P-spot, and concentrated her finger-work there.

“Ho-ho, fuck,” I blurted impulsively.

“Are you OK, Jay?” she asked, still lubricating. She must have been on track to use the entire bottle!

“Yeah, Lana! Feels really good …”

“Great, Jay! You’re almost ready. When I penetrate, it’s gonna feel intense, more intense than even my three fingers in there now. Oh, and don’t be afraid to jerk yourself off when I’m in there. It will both reduce the temporary discomfort and eventually add to how good it will feel.”

“Already feels great, Lana. Can I start jerking off now?”

“… Go right ahead, Jay! Feel that dildo between your cheeks? It’s gonna make you feel real good, babe!”

She slowly, carefully inserted the dildo into my fully relaxed ass. Thanks to jerking off and lubing already, much of the automatic tensing from the invasion was prevented. It was still fucking intense! It indeed hurt a bit at first, but her slow thrusts, pushing deeper every time, slowly turned into pure pleasure. “OH, fuck!” I cooed in a guttural way I never knew existed. “Starting … feels good!”

“Good, you’re a natural, Jay!”

“Ahguh … uhhhh,” I grunted in those deep, guttural tones. While still stroking myself, the pleasure she gave me allowed me to slow my strokes.

Seeing the induction going well, Lana slowly intensified her thrusts. Through the numbing pleasure, I realized how different her thrusts were from mine. While with distinct force, there was a brand of love and passion almost alien to me. She at times used her entire body in the thrusts, while occasionally leaning downward to possessively lick and kiss me. I soon realized that she was better than me at such thrusting. Her motions felt more real, natural than mine ever were. She even swayed her body at the perfect times, making me grunt loudly in pleasure.

She soon hit a passionate stride, while massaging my back. The near perfection of the pleasure she gave me through my ass soon felt so natural, so right that it made me wonder if this was the more correct way to make love. Soon, I could feel the coming orgasm. Coming from deeper than I once thought possible, I knew of no way to hold it back. In a loud guttural scream, I exploded in glorious anal orgasm. She moved and swayed in ways that made me cum more than I thought possible.

I fell onto my stomach the moment she unmounted me. I was so exhausted from the new experience I cared little about the slimy load beneath me. Lana lay next to me on her side, and asked, “How do you feel, Jay?”

I shook my head in amazement.  My ass felt utterly stretched, and a little sore. “Good, different, but good …”

“I would hope so, Jay!” she exclaimed lightly, carefully massaging my asshole. “Your girlfriend made love to you anally!”

“I loved it!” I almost whispered. We kissed lovingly …

I felt different after that. It was a strange, hard to describe feeling, because I didn’t necessarily feel like any less of a man. I ironically felt more like myself. Roles were not truly reversed; I was becoming a woman loving another woman, in terms of sex. My love for Lana changed,  but not in a bad way. I felt like I was beneath her somehow. While at the same time, I did not feel truly submissive toward her, and she never really ordered me around. And even though she was to always be the one to initiate sex now, I inexplicably had no urge to initiate sex on my own will

A couple days later, I came home to Lana seductively lying on the couch in her blue and white underwear. Her hair was now darker, sexier, wavier. What really surprised me though was how my dick inflated, while I also had the urge to finger my asshole’s magic spot. Indeed, I successfully masturbated anally this morning in the shower. My dick was flaccid even when I blew my load through it!

“Your hair looks great, Lana!” I complimented.

She smiled lovingly, while lightly touching her silken hair. “Thank you, Jay! Decided to release my old color when I got my haircut today. Still on the lighter side, the that dye can take a while to fade.” She slowly licked her full lips, and ordered, “Let’s do our feet, Jay.”

I happily nodded, and sat on the other end of the couch. Soon, we worshiped out feet with our hands and mouths. We worshiped far more deeply than that loving rub we practiced daily. We were making love. With her pleasurable slobber all over my feet, she began to rub her humid pussy with it. I quickly took over on my own will, but only in the way she wanted it. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I had no urge to rub her feet on my dick. I would love for her to do so, but she made no indication that was where this was heading. Instead, I just pleasured Lana with love.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, Jay,” she urged. “A little harder, shove it in there!”

I did so happily, loving the feel of her wet pussy around my toes. It was so good this time that she did not take long to cum. The feel of her juices squirting around my foot was beyond arousing!

“I see your toy is happy under there!” she observed, looking at my tented pants. “Take those pants and underwear off, Jay. There’s only one place I want that toy to go right now.”

I did as ordered, and lay back in anticipation. Lana grabbed lube I failed to notice on the end table, lubing her asshole and my dick liberally. The make-shift handjob felt great, but it not only was already trumped by the anal pleasure, but also by what was to come.

Dripping with warm lube and back to me, Lana sat onto my dick, letting it slip deep into her hungry asshole. We both grunted loudly at the almost orgasmic penetration. We moaned and cooed, while she squatted up and down with her muscular hips. I felt her breasts and waist, while I began to move my hips in near perfect time with hers. We joyously picked up our pace. Her pleasure began to sound and feel orgasmic, while I could not help but realize that I wanted, maybe even needed to pleasure my prostrate to become as orgasmic as she, who showed me my need of anal pleasure by taking anal virginity. I quickly scooped of the mixed juices between dick and ass, and shoved my index and middle fingers into my asshole. It was easy to find my P-spot now; it wanted to be found.

That was it! The doors to my asshole were unlocked, and there was no turning back. Lana then turned herself around to face me. We were loving this equally. She made out with me happily, lovingly, while thrusting her firm ass more aggressively around my willing member. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum, Jay!” she growled. “Cum with me!” Almost at the same time, we exploded in anal passion.

After a few moments of deeply staring into our loving eyes, Lana finally said, “I wanna fucking mount you, babe! Ready to be fucked forever?”

“Oh, yeah!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Lana almost dragged me to the bedroom. I removed my shirt, and crawled onto the bed on all fours in excited anticipation. I soon cooed happily, feeling her rub the warm lube into my asshole. She moved with great passion, and occasionally licked and kissed my back. I slowly moved my ass with her hands.

“Oh, you’re wide open, Jay!” she cooed, massaging my prostate with her fingers.

“I’m ready, Lana!” I blurted.

She quickly strapped on the dildo, and spread some more lube onto it. My anal virginity long gone, there really was no need to waste a full bottle on me. Watching the gorgeous woman lube up her rubber member, I realized how aroused and excited the site of it made me. She then teased my asshole with the slick tip, making more noises of approval than myself. The tip slowly, passionately led the way into my cavity in loving, passive thrusts. I grunted gutturally the moment my P-spot was reached.

At that, Lana slowly picked up the pace. The pleasure built steadily, before it began to coast with her perfect thrusts. I was better than last time; it was better than when my dick was in her ass a few minutes ago. She knew how to make love to her lesbian lover. I cooed joyously in time with her motions. I almost laughed through the grunts at how my dick was flaccid and useless in the wondrous sexual act. It wasn’t that I felt more like a woman or man right then — I did not loose the masculine urge to penetrate her, but I felt like myself with her penetrating me. If I never found a women who wanted to take my anal virginity, I might never have been happy. At the same time, the act made me utterly hers, and she embraced that.

Lana then removed herself, and positioned me onto my back. With ease, she mounted my ass from above, and began to thrust with an even greater passion. The stride was powerful, as the pleasure was happily building. There was a big smile on her face; she was excited to make her lesbian lover cum. Then, sweat dripping, I blew my load through the otherwise useless dick.

She almost hopped over to me, and we made out lovingly happily. I could see in her eyes how she understands and embraced something within her.

“I know why it never worked with Anna now, Jay,” she said tenderly before a smooch.

“Yeah?” I almost whispered through the afterglow.

“Our love for each other was strong, but not strong enough for what I didn’t know I needed. We were each other’s, and I just needed her to be mine … Are you mine, Jason?”

Feeling the slick dildo pressing up against me, I answered, “I am yours forever, Lana. I love you.”

We made out for a few more moments, before I happily fell asleep in her embrace.


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