Transformative Properties: 6 Surprises Encased

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual and biological ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This is the version of Surpasses Encased containing transgender (TG) themes, as was originally intended. An earlier version of this TG story appeared on the MC Forum. The MC Archive run by Simon bar Sinister will allow some stories with TG and not others, not unlike his policies toward underage sex. This was deemed too TG, and the version on the Archive is scrubbed clean of the theme.


Transformative Properties: 6 Surprises Encased


Synopsis: Jon’s wife always had a serious hosiery fetish. That fetish was about to be taken beyond the next step.


My wife Sandra always had a hosiery fetish. Even before she revealed that her love of hose was sexual, I was at least aware of the obsession. Her legs were always covered in anywhere from nylon to latex, and sometimes with tight jeans over them! She would only ever take them off while bathing, but she would sometimes “forget” to remove them. I can’t say I hated it. In fact, I grew to like it, but never to her degree. She always knew just the right colors that would match her auburn hair, and light skin.

More recently, her obsession has grown stronger for reasons beyond me. There were days where she covered herself from head to toe with nylons. I don’t even think I’ve seen her naked in weeks! Two things were surprising me, though: The first was that we were having more sex than ever, and the second was that I think I was gaining a full fledged fetish for hose…




“Jon, come over here for a sec,” Sandra requested. She was wearing her semi-transparent, black nylon outfit, with a T-shirt and skirt over it. The head attachment was nowhere to be seen. All her hose of late had a unique, glossy glimmer to them.

“Sure, Sandy, what is it?”

“Found something online that I, you know, would like you to have,” she said seductively.

I sat down next to her, and saw what she was talking about. She was viewing the site where she was buying her hosiery lately: It was one of those encasement fetish outfits. The male version she was viewing was designed to make a male look female. “Sandra … You know I’m not really into this stuff as much as your are…”

She lightly stroked my cheek with her hose covered hand, and seductively said, “Come on, Jon. Do it for me. It might be fun.”

The soft hose she wore now always felt a little too good on my bare skin … I always left the hose to Sandra, but I decided to make an exception. “All right …”

Not long after I agreed that Sandra buy hose for me to wear, I realized how strange it all was. The hose was to make me look like a hot woman, while she wasn’t bisexual. And, why did I agree so easily? It was all rather confusing, but I couldn’t see a reason not to humor my wife …




A few days later, a package came. I had the day off, while Sandra was at her job, where she toned down the hose to simply leggings and whatever she could hide under her work outfit. The package was from Surprises Encased, which they put in large text on the top. I brought the package inside. I’d like to say that I forgot about it until Sandra came home, but I just couldn’t! The excitement was as unexplainable as it was blatant.

I found myself excited once Sandra came home. She noticed the package right away, and she said that we would have some fun after her quick shower. Ravenously, I ripped open the box like a five year old on Christmas Day. The card inside said, “Congratulations on your purchase of Totally Encased 2, our newest line! Our latest in technology, TE 2 is made from the most breathable and comfortable materials we’ve created. Its durable design ensures that it may be worn 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Shower in it! Live in it! Totally Encased 2 from Surprises Encased –Become Our Fantasies–”

After I finished reading, she came back into the living room. For the first time in weeks, I saw her completely naked, and she had a healthy body! We quietly, yet excitedly, took out our respective hose. I was so amazed with myself. I enjoyed hose on women, but on myself was always out of the question until then.

The body suits were both opaque silver, which had the same odd shine as the other hose Sandra bought recently. I pealed all my clothes off, and slid on the silver hose. All of my skin was covered. Even my hair was covered, while a dark haired wig was above that. I felt strange for the longest time. I couldn’t think or move. I lay semiconscious on the couch until I finally passed out …


When I came to, I saw Sandra rubbing her hose covered snatch with her hose covered hand on the chair. She was in ecstasy. I felt pretty good myself! Though, my mind was an odd jumble.

I walked over to the tall mirror in the bedroom. I was curious to see how effective the hose were in making me look like a woman. “What the fuck!” I said in shock, “I really look like a woman!” I could not even see my cock and balls! I quickly felt my crotch. They were there, but were well camouflaged. I felt my tits. They looked more real than they felt. What shocked me was how my body comfortably conformed to the apparent curves in the hose. I seriously had the figure of a woman!

The hose covered Sandra came in, and started to grope me. Her touch felt different, and it wasn’t necessarily sure if it was because of the hose. It was almost as if her touch was enhanced somehow. We moaned loudly. She kept calling me Joan, but I somehow didn’t care.

We crawled onto our bed, and kissed and groped. We moaned like we never moaned before. Before I knew it, we were scissoring like lesbians. It felt so good that I didn’t even realize that my cock wasn’t erect! My screaming orgasm sounded perhaps more feminine than hers! We cuddled and lightly kissed, before falling asleep in each other’s arms.




I woke up after one in the afternoon. When I realized the time, Sandra’s voice in the other room stated that she called my office to say that I was taking my remaining vacation days (over a month!). I was dazed and confused, while I stumbled into the shower. I got dressed soon after. Eventually, I caught my image in the mirror. I still had on the gender altering hose!

“How’d you sleep, Joan?” Sandra asked, as she walked in the room. She seemingly changed her hose to black fishnets.

“What’s happening to me,” I said in oddly high pitched version of my voice.

“The hose is changing us,” she stated in a breathy seriousness.

I took off my clothes, and tried to remove the hose in my shock.

“You can’t remove them, Joan. They attached themselves to our bodies, improving them. You slept longer, because there is much to change.”

She was right! The hose might as well have been my skin. Its color was a glossy, tanned skin color like Sandra’s. The digits on my hose covered hands and feet were freed, while glossy nails naturally lay above. My ears and nose, though still technically covered, were free in their own ways. The wig was now my true hair, sprouting through normally, as were my eyebrows. The thinned hose that were the eyes sockets were gone. My mouth was free, too, with the lips simply red hose. My new breasts felt real, albeit hosed instead of skinned. Then my heart skipped a beat! My crotch now had a vagina-like hole, with the hose flowing deep inside. I quickly felt my crotch. My cock and balls truly were gone! I felt inside my, well, vagina to see how deep the hose went, but I could not tell. My sense of touch was now seemingly filtered.

It felt good to finger myself. It felt better, more natural than a cock. I then realized that there was another force guiding my actions. It was changing me. I don’t think my subconscious mind was mine own any longer!

“Joan, haven’t you ever thought about making love to a woman?” my wife asked confusingly. She lightly touched my face.

“What are you talking about?” As I asked, a haze overshadowed my mind.

“I mean, we never had a man satisfy our needs as women. As women, we know what we need. Lets expand our horizons.

She leaned over and frenched me sensually. The haze in my mind gave way to a new reality. Sandra and I were friends and roommates for years. No man ever did satisfy our needs sexually, and I was more than curious about experimenting! She pulled back, I licked my soft hose lips, and said, “Fuck it. Lets do this!”

She gave me a horny look, and then slowly licked my hosed neck. She pushed me to the bed, and worshiped my breasts. The attention she gave me was so good, so right that I never wanted to go back to men. Sandra stood up, and I lunged to return her favor. The taste and feel of her hosed tits in my mouth was perfection. She pushed me down, and began to make out with my dripping pussy.

“Your gonna make me cum!” I screamed.

As the moment orgasm seemed certain, something began to happen. My real memories returned, and I somehow understood the hose that replaced my skin. It was like learning a whole new language. The hose knew my love of sexy lesbians, and as my hose could link to the hose on my wife, Sandra understood that love more than me. Thus was the point of the temporary, altered realty. The hose broke me down more than enough to take almost full control of my conscious mind. As a result, I could sense my wife’s mind, while we touched. She was one with the hose the moment she put them on, and she put them on long before I ever knew. A month ago, she bought the very hose we both now wore. With the conscious hose as her skin, she had total control over its texture and appearance, easily replicating her “natural” skin. The hose would do the same for me once I allowed it to allow it to fully transform me.

“Yes, I fucking give in!” I screamed in orgasm. I suddenly passed out.




When I came to, I was one with the hose. It was interesting, now being a woman. I felt so different, so good. Sandra took my hand. She changed her coloring to a white, silken fabric. We stood in front of the tall mirror. Concentrating, I altered my skin to a tightly woven blue fishnet. I thought it was pretty cool seeing the “natural” skin underneath.

Sandra then began to grope my body. Our hose melted together in her actions. Our minds merged in the process. I used her feminine mind to overwhelm what little was left of my masculinity. Being one in body and mind was as good as sex, and I couldn’t wait for the actual sex that was to come!

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