Transformative Properties: 8 Energy

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 8 Energy


Synopsis: Jenny finds a pair of unique flip flops in her dorm room.


The Discovery:

“Hey, look what I found Jackie!”

“What, Jenny?”

In the closet lay a pair of black flip flops, probably used. They weren’t disgusted by it. They had similar footwear themselves.

They were just finishing moving into their new dorm, and were just starting to feel comfortable at college. They just started Sophomore year. The two were roommates the year before, and just clicked. They even chose Fine Arts as their majors, albeit different concentrations. Neither were even close to the most attractive women at to college, but were far from ugly. All together, they found themselves happy.

“What’re you gonna do with them, Jen?”

“Dunno. I’ll deal with them later.” The flip flops weren’t even her size (a large “8” was printed at the heel strike), a bit larger in fact, so she planned to throw them out with the garbage in a day or two.


That night, Jenny was clicking around the internet bored. Jackie went out on a date with her boyfriend. Jenny was a bit jealous being single.

Her eyes suddenly turned to the closet. She casually walked over, and thoughtlessly looked at the silent pair of flip flops. There was no conscious reason for her to be standing there, as there was none for her to pick up the footwear. She cradled them in her hands for a while. There was something about them. It was as if they were calling out to her. Still, no tangible thought. Her hands placed them back down, and then they removed her shoes and socks. She then mindlessly walked into the flip flops.

Uncontrollable, tangible thought began to flow to the surface of her mind. Hazily, she fell onto the carpeted floor. Her body suddenly felt as strange as her mind. She was … She was transforming into someone else!

‘No! That’s impossible!’ she finally blurted out in her mind.

‘Oh, but it is, Jenny!’ a wholly different voice excitedly stated in her mind. My voice.

‘What’s happening to … me?’

‘Oh, let me do the worrying.’

‘Wha …’ Jenny felt her mind being pushed aside. Even the feeling of her changing body began to fade.

‘Good. Sleep, Jenny, sleep…’


The Stranger:

Jackie had just finished a very nice night with her boyfriend. They had been going out for about a year, and were pretty serious. They would have spent more time together if they didn’t have class the next day.

She walked into her dorm room to see a complete stranger. Naked, no less. I had deep, vibrant brown hair, large breasts, flawless skin, and dark eyes. At five feet and nine inches, I was quite a bit taller than the poor girl, and probably intimidating. I was doing some extensive yoga to acclimate myself.

“Who are you?” Jackie asked.

“Allow me to show you,” I said seductively. I walked over to the confused woman. The sound of my perfectly fitted flip flops echoed in the room. I touched her forehead, and invaded her mind. I made her bisexual, and so fucking horny.

I then felt down her quivering body, and helped her removed her clothes. Before she knew it, we were on the floor groping each other to memorize our bodies. It had been far too long! She barely asked me why I left on my flip flops. I told her that those stay. We then shifted to a 69, and consumed. We were like starving animals. Our moans and coos grew louder and louder. Then in a massive rush of passion, we screamed in orgasm. I absorbed every ounce of Sexual Energy she excreted in that moment, and it was delicious!

I knew she had many questions, but she passed out long before she had a chance to ask them. I touched her wet forehead, and altered her memories so that we never met …


The Day After:

Jenny woke up the next morning feeling exhausted. It was as if she didn’t have an ounce of sleep. Yet she remembered going to bed not long after she tired of the internet. She hoped a quick shower would wake her up. When she walked into the kitchen-living room, she saw Jackie passed out on the couch covered with her blanket. It was strange to see her there instead of in her bed, but she was in no mood to wake her to find out why.

The whole day was oddly fuzzy for Jenny. She just could not concentrate. She felt oddly passive, too, which was perhaps the opposite of her usual self. She didn’t even sit in the front row!

Her advisor came up to her after class.

“Everything all right, Jenny? It’s not like you to be the quite one.”

“I’m fine, Jack. Just tired from moving back into those dorms, I guess.”

“Some loud music banging away all night, I take it?” he asked almost nostalgically.

“Nah! Not yet, Jack.”

“Well, hope you feel better!” He walked to his next class down the hall.


Classes finally ended, and Jenny found herself back in her dorm. Jackie was on the couch reading something for a class.

“Oh, there you are!” Jackie said sillily

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something, Jackie.”


“Saw you on the couch this morning. Something wrong with your bed?”

“Don’t think so. Got home late, and just fell asleep there, I guess.”

The fact that she had her bed’s blanket draped over her earlier made her response strange, but she didn’t feel like prying.

Jenny walked into her bedroom closet to hang up her sweatshirt, when she noticed the flip flops. Without thinking, she kneeled down, and picked them up. She inhaled their scent deeply. A mix of the sweet smell of feet and foam-rubber permitted her senses. There was something else, too, but it was not just her nose detecting it. The sensations permeated her mind. Conscious thought faded away. Her hands, out of her control, stripped everything off her body, and placed the flip flops back down in front of her. Her feet walked into them.

A rush of Energy flowed up through her. With it, her body began to change. Her feet grew larger, her hight increased, her hair lengthened. It was all happening so fast! Her shaking hand barely supported her on the dresser. It would have all been painful if her mind had not been drifting away.

‘Good. Sleep now. Sleep,’ I said from within her mind.

Walking over to the unsuspecting Jackie, I caught myself in the tall mirror. My form always changed subtly as I shifted from body to body. I of course loved what I saw, and gave my reflection a big, wet kiss, staining the glass with my full lips.

Jackie caught sight of me the moment I entered the room. I was never a hard one to miss! From the Energy I absorbed the night before, I no longer needed physical contact. I brought back her extreme horniness from the night before, and ordered her to pleasure herself.

In her uncontrollable arousal, she ripped her clothes away. With one hand, she worked to rediscover every pleasure point of her body. With the other, she explored the depths of her wanting pussy. I bathed myself in her near orgasmic transmissions, and absorbed every ounce of sweet orgasm she expelled.

As she lay on their verge of passing out, I gave her the command to gather all of her attractive female friends for a party. The more attractive, the more orgasmic Energies I would absorb! To ensure her success, I put my finger into her mouth, and implanted a small amount of myself into her, which made her more than charismatic. Every time I was forced to lay dormant was major setback, and I was too close to fail again!


A Gathering:

Jenny woke up the next morning even more drained than before. She thought she was probably coming down with something. She quietly walked into the kitchen-living room, and saw Jackie on the phone.

“Now what was the earliest we could arrive?” Jackie said to the person on the other end. “Eight? That should work fine.” She hung up.

“What was that all about, Jackie?” she asked tiredly.

“Oh, I’m planning an impromptu party for tonight,” she responded with zeal.

“A party tonight?”

“Yeah, why not? I’m gonna hold it at Hampton’s Lodges tonight starting at eight.”

‘Why not!’ Jenny thought. Her friend was surprisingly radiant, and somehow impossible to say no to. “Can’t wait! Who else is coming?”

“Oh, just about everyone! Lets see …” She took out a piece of paper from her pocket. “Saundra, Anita, Sandy, Laura …”

“Any guys gonna be there?” she interrupted tiredly.

“Nah, just gonna be a girls night out!”


Jenny could not stop thinking about the party for the rest of the day, but not to the degree as her roommate! Jackie took the whole day off from classes to finish organizing: food, drinks, music. It was doubtful that any of it would have been possible if it were not for online Social Networking.

After classes, Jenny and Jackie picked up a few things at the store for that party. It was mostly snack food, as neither were of the legal drinking age for at least a month.

At 7:30, they gathered all the supplies they were bringing. Jenny unconsciously threw my flip flops into one of the bags. They then drove to the party.



The all-girl party started smoothly. They drank heavily, danced, snacked. Jackie then exclaimed, “Now lets have some fun!”

Jenny, without serious conscious thought, grabbed my flip flops. There was something she needed to do, not that she even knew what that was.

They all sat in the middle of the room. Jackie then stated, “Jenny’s gonna put on a show for all of us. You’ll all enjoy it!

Jenny found herself confused. She had no idea what Jackie was talking about, yet she somehow knew that she going to put on some kind of show. Out of her control, her hands removed all her clothes, and placed the flip flops on the floor. She slipped them onto her small feet. She lay down, and let me take over.

All the women, except perhaps Jackie, were totally surprised at what they were seeing. Before their very eyes, Jenny grew taller, her hair grew longer and darker, her feet grew into the flip flops, her breast grew, and even her eyes changed. Before any of them knew it, Jenny was me.

I sat up, and looked at the awed women around me. “Who are you?” one of them barely asked. I, a true demigoddess, answered teasingly, “A Goddess to some. An amalgam of pure Sexual Energy to others!”

I was so pleased about the women I saw around me. There was more than enough Sexual Energy within them!

I stood up, and walked into the center of their circle. A quick pulse of Sexual Energy was all that was needed to get them going. They became so horny that it didn’t matter where they received the sexual attention. Their clothes were thrown off in moments, with some torn beyond repair. They groped their soft, feminine bodies with an ultimate desperation for pleasure. Moans of sexual ecstasy grew louder and louder.

I looked over at Jackie. She was perhaps the horniest of them all, having a little bit of me within her. Here eyes changed to my dark color, as she gave in fully to her newfound appetites.

The women eventually formed a chain of sexual paradise. Each hungrily made out with a juicy pussy before them. I could feel their combined Energy growing into a single, glorious orgasm. I shook in anticipation. And then … EXPLOSION! In a combined scream, a rush of Sexual Energy flew out of them, and into me. Even the small amount of myself in Jackie came flowing back (her eyes were changed forever, though). I felt glorious!

Mindless, they sat up on their knees, and faced me. I finally had more than enough Energy to longer need a body to inhabit. I did not even need the flip flops! With great concentration, I forced myself out of Jenny and the flip flops like shedding a layer of skin. Jenny fell behind me unconscious. Despite me no longer being with in her, her eyes would forever be like mine, while her body was subtly improved (flawless skin, larger breasts, no body hair). All present, including her, would also be “sexually enlightened” for the rest of their lives.

It was a remarkable feeling now being in a “real” body. The sweet silence of my own mind. The floor beneath my bare feet. The beating of the heart. The taste of the air! It will take a while to get used to all this! This was not necessarily a permanent state. Though, all I needed to maintain this perfect body was to continue absorbing Sexual Energy. Oh, the pleasures I shall experience in my own body!

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