Transformative Properties: 2 House of Vampires

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes, mind control, and vampirism, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways or bitten by Vampires, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 2 House of Vampires

Synopsis: Come see the House of Vampires! The powerful seductress Ariana sucks all in! “The best, most erotic vampire production I have ever seen …” Richard Rhodes, Prime Productions Magazine. “Astoundingly realistic!” Samantha Robertson,


Jessica was a relatively successful actress. She primarily did stage work, but occasionally ventured into TV and film. Sure, she was far from being what she called a “Name Brand” star, but she was comfortable with that. She recently landed a gig in Boston with the popular House of Vampires production. The show was inspired by Soap Operas, and has a continuing story. The producers were looking for a new female character: around five feet and seven inches in height, auburn hair, blue eyes, healthily thin, fit, and about a C-cup chest. Jessica clearly fit the bill, and she was glad to be back in her home town.

“Just sign here, and the lease should be all set!” the squirrelly land lord stated.

Jessica landed a pretty good studio apartment near the Vladimir Playhouse, whose sole production was the House of Vampires. It was well known that the House of Vampires production company took over that building years ago, which was known as the Bean Playhouse after a popular Revolutionary War figure and actor. They quickly pushed out the other productions, causing considerable controversy, which merely turned into free advertising. “That should do it, Mr. Berry,” she said, breaking her own chain of thought.

“Call me Sean!” he said, while taking the lease contract from Jessica.

Jessica spent the rest of the day unpacking. It was late by the time she had dinner, so she took a quick shower before falling fast asleep …


Her alarm buzzed loudly at seven in the morning. She slapped it. Despite still being tired from the move, she was excited to start her new gig. They had yet to show her a script, so she was expecting anything.

Jessica drove over to the theater, and walked in with a smile. She was greeted by Amber, the one who essentially hired her. Amber was very attractive, with seemingly pale yet flawless skin. Her green eyes were quite piercing. It was in that moment when Jessica realized that Amber was yet the only person she even saw from the production.

“You know, Amber, I don’t think I’ve met anyone else here yet,” Jessica stated, while Amber led her. The hallway was incredibly plain, and somewhat dimly lit.

“Don’t worry, Amber,” she said disarmingly, “most of us don’t get here until the evening.”

Jessica did know that shows never started before sunset. It was an ambiance thing.

“But, what about rehearsals?”

“Don’t worry, Jessica, you’ll be inducted soon enough,” she smirked.

No matter how cryptic Amber often was, she was very disarming. She was just one of those women! Jessica was no lesbian, but Amber could easily convince her to test that.

They eventually walked into a dressing room with Jessica’s name on it, and sat on the chairs on front of the mirror. There was a glass of deep red wine on the counter, with its associated bottle.

“Go ahead, Jessica, indulge,” Amber stated motioning toward the wine.

The bottle was a brand that Jessica did not recognize, and had no idea what the language on the label was. The script was filled with odd curves and corners, which a calligrapher would either envy or shun. “All right, but what about you?”

“It’s a bit early for me, Jessica, and I’m not much of a wine drinker,” she said with a curious smile.

It was a bit early for Jessica, too. Amber’s voice effectively counteracted that, however. She took a sip. It was good, but there were other surprising qualities. There were distinct layers of coppery saltiness. That did not seem quite right to Jessica, but it somehow enhanced the flavor. She could not help but take the rest of the glass down in a single swig. ‘The best wine I ever had!’ she thought. She poured herself another glass. Drank it down. Poured another. Every time the salty, coppery nectar touched her full lips, the more she wanted it.

Jessica finished the bottle soon enough. Yet, she really was not all that drunk. “That was some wine, Amber!”

“I know,” she said with a subtle seductiveness.

The rest of the day was like a blur. They went over the continuing story, and what Jessica’s part was to be. It was all pretty standard. Jessica was fully aware that they both skipped lunch, but neither were obviously hungry.

A wintery dusk finally came after 4:30. That was when everything turned to the macabre. Jessica felt strange. Her stomach churned like crazy, while her head felt as if it were splitting open. Before her, Amber started to physically change. Her already light skin turned deathly pale, her pupils became tiny black dots, and bright white fangs grew in her open mouth.

Jessica was held fast in the Vampire Amber’s piercing eyes. She lunged at the thoughtless Jessica. The Vampire animalistically groped her, while licking and sniffing her exposed neck. “I know Bianca wants you, but I deserve to have you!” she hissed. Amber’s hot breath flowed right through the oddly aroused Jessica. Liquid from her fangs pummeled her willing neck.

Suddenly, the door opened. “Amber!” a woman hissed. Amber kneeled on the floor before her. “I know how much you want this, and you deserve one of your own, but First Bite here is mine.” She walked over to Jessica, and said in breathy tones, “Jessica, it’s good to meet you. I’m Bianca Drake.” The women before Jessica was strikingly beautiful. Her body was fit and voluptuous, with blinding white skin, dark eyes, long white fangs, and blood red hair. She was wearing a tight, red latex dress, with matching latex stockings. Her fangs retracted.

“Bianca Drake … Star and owner …” Jessica barely said.

“Yes,” she hissed toothily. She straddled Jessica’s lap facing her. Jessica was breathless in her impossible arousal. “I can see what Amber’s been talking about.” Her shining fangs slowly descended, and she then licked Jessica’s neck. “‘O’ blood types are the most loved by us … You’re going to be amazing!” Teasingly, she then brushed the side of her fang on Jessica’s neck. Jessica gasped, while she almost orgasmed.

The next thing Jessica knew, she was out on stage. She was held by Amber, and a blonde vampire. The naked Bianca walked up to her. There was little doubt that her “DD” breasts were real, and Jessica was surprised that Bianca’s breasts were what crossed her mind. They were quite alluring, though.

“Good evening, Lana,” Bianca said to Jessica. “You drank. Now I drink.” She leaned over with her exposed fangs. Jessica uncontrollably exposed her neck. The fangs slowly, deliberately penetrated, and her blood willingly flowed into Bianca …


Jessica woke up the next mourning tired, but oddly happy. Not that she was consciously aware of it, her memories of the night before were altered. The wine tasted normal, Jessica had no headache or cramps at sundown, and lastly, no real Vampires. A memory of her coming back home alone was even present.

She took a quick shower, and threw on her robe. She sat at her mirror, and gasped. Her skin had lightened! Sure, New England during the winter was not known to be good on the complexion, but the change was too fast. Oddly, the shock subsided, and she eventually shrugged the thought away. While eating breakfast, she realized that her upper canines were sharper, more shapely than usual. She shrugged that off, too.
Since she didn’t need to report for work until after 4:30 in the afternoon, she decided to do a little yoga. She liked it, but she was not all that flexible. She slapped on her usual sports bra, and spandex pants.

While Jessica went through the motions, she quickly realized how easy they were. On impulse, she grabbed her yoga book, and tried more advanced moves. Easy! She did not know nor care why she was so flexible all of a sudden. Legs crosses behind the head, feet against the back of the head, standing splits, etc. It was just so fun! She even found herself masturbating through it all. “I must be fuckin’ loosin’ it!” she mumbled to herself. She went for many hours, learning how smooth her skin was, how she more than loved her size six feet, and how she could squirt. Eventually, she passed out on the floor on exhaustion.

Dusk came, and she suddenly awoke. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon, so she found herself rushing to work. The pale Bianca and Amber were there to greet her. To her surprise, they did not mind her lateness.

Jessica walked into her dressing room to find a glass and another bottle of that amazing wine. ‘There gonna turn me into an alcoholic!’ Automatically, she started pouring for herself. To her surprise, from her perspective, the wine tasted different from the night before. It had layers of copper and salt, which were alien to red wine. She found that it enhanced the flavor, and eventually found herself uncontrollably chugging the bottle like an addict.

The next thing she knew, she was on stage pole dancing with three other women. All they were wearing were white and black stockings. One of the women was a very pale Amber. All the women were obviously made up to look like Vampires. What disturbed Jessica, beyond the fact that she did not remember how she arrived there, was how real their light skin and exposed fangs were. ‘They can’t be real,’ she thought.

All the while, Amber’s piercing eyes penetrated her own. Jessica had no control over her actions. Amber kissed her wetly, and hissed, “You’re mine now!” They paired off, like the other two, and sat on the floor. They groped, licked, and kissed up and down their stockinged legs and feet. “I love it!” Jessica screamed. “Good,” Amber whispered. Amber then licked her way up Jessica’s quivering body, stopping at the neck. She slobbered, while teasingly scraping her fangs on it. The fangs then penetrated her willing neck. Blood flowed freely into the Vampire’s mouth. A voice echoed, “Tomorrow night, you will be one of us!”


Jessica woke up the next morning feeling drained. Like before, her memories were altered. She found herself really liking her lighter, silkier skin and sharper canines. There was no real questioning of it. That was how it should have always been.
She let her yoga session become intensely erotic. She now knew for sure that she had a foot fetish, especially when half her sexy foot was in her drooling mouth. It was like she was some kind of nympho basking in her own eroticism. She was actively trying to tire herself out, trying to see how far she could go. Her energy eventually gave out, and she passed out on her yoga mat.

Like the day before, she woke up at dusk, and scurried to work. Bianca met her in her dressing room. She was utterly naked. Her eyes penetrated Jessica’s soul. Jessica’s real memories returned, and she found herself oddly comforted. She somehow wanted what she was transforming into, and was even empowered knowing that she would have a choice after.

“You are to supply my wine tonight?” Jessica said breathily, now knowing that the wine she drank for the past two nights was saturated with Bianca’s Vampire Blood.
‘Come here, Jessica,’ Bianca said in her mind.

Jessica slowly walked over to the Vampire, whose neck was fully exposed. As Jessica starred at the Vampire’s neck, she felt a great hunger, while she felt her fangs grow for the first time. All she wanted to do was gorge herself on Bianca’s pure, thousand year old Vampire Blood. Jessica’s fangs easily punctured Bianca’s offered neck, and she lovingly swallowed the free flowing blood. At the same time, Bianca bit her neck, and drank. Their bloods mixed within them, and slowly became one.

They then pulled away. Their neck wounds healed quickly. Jessica could feel Bianca’s blood flow through her veins. She was not quite like Bianca, though. She was a “Day Walker” like Amber. During the day, she would aesthetically be Human, while having muted powers over the mind. During the night, she would be her true Vampire self, with an intense blood lust, albeit with powers far less than a full Vampire like Bianca. She will never need sleep again, while her Vampire side will always be stronger, calling her to the night.

Jessica’s life was again hers. She could become a full Vampire like her Maker. She could leave the Coven that converted her. But for now, she would stay as a Day Walker, and rather liked the idea of getting money from voyeuristic idiots …

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