Table of Contents: Beyond the Madness of Passions

The Director’s Cut and teasers of the third anthology in the Passions Multiverse. These stories are set on or after the year 2012, and are in the Edge Universe.

Tome Cover B3 (Special)

1 Succubus Hunter
2 Curiosity
3 The Game
4 Ageless
5 Sweet Nectar
6 The Dildo
^Prequel: The Mysterious Object
7 The Dark Detective
8 Immortality
9 The Tattoo
^Prequel: Positive Infection
10 The Succubus
11 The Next Level
12 The Camera
^Prequel: Reality Manipulator 1
13 Web Cam
14 The Church
^Prequel: The Haunted Detective
15 Latexified
16 A Miraculous Program
17 Possession
18 The Magic Limo Ride
19 The Costume Shop
20 The Substance
21 Obsessions
22 Reflections
23 Beyond the Madness of Passions

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