Transformative Properties: 3 Acting Lessons — Turning Point

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 3 Acting Lessons — Turning Point

Synopsis: A young, promising actress picks a new agent. It proved to be quite the turning point in her career.

New Jacksonville Chronicle — Sept-8th-2011
-John Straites, staff writer-

Danielle Fontana was born in the New Jacksonville State Clinic on Nov. 5, 1989 (aged 22). Throughout her public school tenure, she performed in a variety of plays, and was always the favorite. After a brief stint at John Robertson University, she transferred to the prestigious Marie Songbird University of Fine Arts two years later on a partial scholarship. In her words: “I always wanted to study acting at Marie Songbird. They just didn’t let me in the first time around!” She joined the cast of the family sitcom “Better than Lackluster!” as the minor character Cousin Jessica, which paid the rest of her tuition. She graduated from Marie Songbird in 2009, and has played numerous supporting roles since. She is considered one of the major rising stars of her generation …

“Hey, look! I’m in my hometown’s Paper!” Danielle said sarcastically to her friend Jen. She had an online subscription for years.

“I’m sure they’re making you out to be a goddess!”

“Sort of.”

Jen and Danielle roomed together at Marie Songbird, and shared a small house near their alma mater now.

“They got my birthday wrong, of course,” Danielle said with a smirk. “It’s the fifteenth not the fifth!”

“They always seem to make mistakes like that. Why do you still subscribe to them?”

“You know that Paper has sentimental value, Jen. Besides all their errors and typos are just so entertaining,” she smiled.

“Oh! Did you find a new agent yet?”

“I’ve narrowed it down to a couple, including yours.”

“That’s good. Have you told Bob yet?”

“No. Its really gonna hurt us both to fire him. He was my first agent, not to mention that he’s a good guy.”

“He is screwing you over, Danielle.”

“I know, I know. He’s so damned disorganized these days. Ever since he got divorced…”


“Hmm, five nine, one-hundred and ten pounds,” the agent mumbled, “dark brown hair, hazel eyes, C breasts, fair skin.”

Danielle quickly learned to hate these kind of interviews. Finding a new agent meant that she would be interviewing them as they interviewed her. It always seemed to make an uncomfortable setting. Erica Summers of New Horizons Entertainment Agency was who she was with now. She was surprisingly attractive for a woman in her late thirties. She had vibrant brown hair, blue eyes, physically toned body, and healthy skin.

“You must have made quite the impression with my supervisor. He only sends me the best … So. What made you so unhappy with your current agent to make you start shopping?” she asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“He’s been very disorganized lately. I know for a fact that I missed out on some very positive opportunities. Ever since his divorce … “

“Ah, I see now!” she interrupted, and continued lightly, “This wouldn’t be the first time a divorce brought down a fellow agent! … What are you hoping to get out of us? Outside of better organization.”

“Well, you know, what any new actress is looking for: Strong contracts, strong opportunities.”

“Hmm, we can definitely give you that!”

They chatted for a little while longer. Danielle was finding herself very pleased with this agency. They did have a strong reputation, and she was liking Erica. The only drawback was that the agency did perhaps too much. Sure they represented movie and TV actors, but they also represented models and pornographic actors.

“I think I’m gonna just take the risk, and join up with you,” Danielle finally decided.

“Glad to hear it, Danielle! All you need to do now is have your former agent send your files to us. Then you may sign our standard contract.”


There was something about Erica that was just inspiring. Any timidity that she had before, especially toward firing Bob, broke down. Bob was of course unhappy, but was too distracted by his own personal problems to put much thought into it. Danielle found herself in Erica’s office the next week to finalize the deal.

“Hmm, this contract says it’s for modeling, pornography, and movie and TV acting,” Danielle observed uncomfortably.

“Yes. It saves a lot of time and effort on our part to have the contract written that way, Danielle. Don’t worry, I know what you’re here for!” she said assuringly.
Danielle nodded, and signed the contract.

“Good. Welcome to New Horizons, Danielle!”

They shook hands, and Erica gave her their “standard” welcoming gift: an expensive bottle of Bordeaux. She of course took it, even though she was not much of a drinker …

Researching with Wine:
Danielle was drunk on the wine Erica gave her. Jen had flown to Boston to shoot scenes for a TV pilot, and would not be back for three weeks. They were talking on the phone. Jen was surprised that she was drinking, but she did tell her to have a good time while she was gone …

Danielle’s dreams that night were deeply erotic, while unlike any she ever had before. She was a narcissistic, foot loving, lesbian nymphomaniac. When she was alone, she easily got herself off, because of how she was sexually attracted to herself, especially her own feet. She rather enjoyed others watching, too. This was who she was this was who she wanted to be …

She forgot the dream the next mourning, but had the feeling that her dream was quite wet! Or maybe, it was her waking up in a pool of her own juices? She went on drinking and having nightly, forgotten wet dreams until she finished the bottle. It was the best wine she ever had, and she wanted more!

Erica luckily called the next day. “How are you, Danielle?”

“Fine. Fine. Would you happen to have more of that amazing wine?”

“Well, of course! But, first let me get to the reason why I called. I found you a good prospect.”

“Yes?” she found herself wanting the wine more, ironically.

“It’s a movie about a fictionalized pornstar’s rise to fame. There’s heavy nudity, of course, and a lot of, well, sexuality.”

“I don’t know…” Danielle never “revealed” herself in front of the camera before, and all but vowed never to do so.

“I’m sure I can get you the lead role.”

“Go on.” A lead role did intrigue her.

“This one’s bound to put you at the top. There’s no signed director yet, but the script is done.”

“I may have to think about this. I’ve never done that kind of role before…”

“Don’t worry, Danielle, we’ll make this work. We can help you every step of the way in researching this role.”

Danielle had been dreaming about a serious lead role for a long time. She knew she could play any part they threw at her, because she was an expert character actor. They would give her all the research materials she needed. She finally confirmed, “Let’s do this.”

“Glad to heard that, Danielle. Come in today, and we’ll get things rolling!”

At the agency, she received another bottle of wine, the script titled “Becoming a Porn Star,” and a large box worth a research materials. Erica assured her that she would receive the role.

Danielle started her usual research process when she returned home. She dubbed it “The Becoming.” She would learn all there is to know about the character, and then “become” her. She could shut it off at any time, so she did not literally become anyone else. She knew that it would be unique this time, because much of the research involved watching lesbian foot fetish porn.

She read through the script, while taking large swigs of the delicious wine strait from the bottle. The character’s name was “Roberta.” She was a woman with very few boundaries. In “real life” she was a nymphomaniac, and that was why she went into porn. She was bisexual, but decided to just stick with women. They just pleased her better. Her hobby was being a contortionist, while she had a serious foot fetish.

Danielle needed to do serious mental adjustments to do Roberta right. Physically, she was relatively close to the part. The first adjustment was that she needed to take her yogalates up a notch. The other adjustments (dying her hair jet black, darkening her skin with a tan) would come later. Realistically though, she was not yet sure about what to do to make her eyes look truly blue, or to make her breasts bigger. Regardless, it was an oddly comforting thought that “being” Roberta meant that she would have no problem with all that Roberta was.

The Becoming:
A week later, Erica called, and said that Danielle had the part. Daniele was more than pleased, because she was really getting to know “Roberta.” She went in to sign the contract, and ran home to continue The Becoming.

She got a call from her roommate the next day that filming was behind schedule due to weather, and would be in Boston for an extra two weeks at least. Danielle half joked that she was going to be very different women when she got back.

From then on, Danielle began to emulate Roberta. Thinking, acting, dressing, etc. This actually included throwing away all her bras and panties! It was fun turning into Roberta, because Roberta had no real limits. It was all much easier than she expected, too. She learned to lust over women, and the taste of feet, especially her own. She wondered if she was really bisexual with a foot fetish, or if it was just her skills as an actress talking! It really was confusing, but it was her job to become someone else for months at a time.


When Jen finally came home, Danielle was foot fucking herself. With love and lust, she sucked off one foot, while rubbing the heal of the other foot on her dripping pussy. She finished herself off quickly with a loud orgasm.

She slipped on her clean flip flops to greet Jen. She no longer wore clothing around the house.

“Hey, Jen! How was Boston?” she asked nonchalantly.

Jen looked at her naked roommate in shock. “I hope this is you in character!”

“Oh, yeah, sure! Rebecca hates wearing clothes around the house, so I hate wearing clothes around the house.”

“Except for flip flops,” she observed, while curious about how moist Danielle’s feet looked.

“Well yeah!” she said. “I love, I mean, Rebecca loves feet, and hates it when they get dirty.” Danielle automatically found herself looking over Jen’s body. Jen was a really hot blonde, and a natural one to boot! She was wearing a form fitting blouse, tight jeans, and flip flops. Jen’s feet were a bit smaller then her own size nines, but quite attractive. Danielle was so happy that she was wearing such revealing footwear. She felt her now “bisexual” pussy grow warm.

“You said Rebecca was bisexual, too, right?” she asked subtly nervously, seeing her friend look her over.

“Yeah! It’s not hard to like another woman’s body.”

Jen knew full well that Danielle was a character actor, who “became” other people, but something just did not sit right with her. She looked different, too. Her hair and skin were definitely darker, and it did not look like hair dye or a tan. “Just don’t forget how to shut Roberta off,” she seriously advised.


Jen found living with Danielle very awkward as she emulated Roberta. Usually Jen would play along to aid her in a role, as Danielle would do for her, but Jen did not want to. Jen felt that “Roberta” was almost too well emulated by her. She actively watched lesbian foot porn (beyond the material she was already given), pleasured herself while Jen was in the same room, and even knowingly came on to Jen.

Jen really felt things had gone too far when Danielle started dating an attractive woman. It was obviously not mere research either. They really seamed to love each other!

One morning, Jen decided to confront her roommate. “Danielle, I think we need to talk.”

“Shh! Cathy’s still asleep.”

“That’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Are you jealous?” she asked with a seductive, suggestive smile.

“I think you may have gone a bit too far in becoming your character.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I mean look at you. Your walking around the house naked, your having a sexual relationship with a woman. You’ve even physically changed!” Looking at the naked woman before her, she realized that Danielle had impossibly transformed. Her hair was now a natural raven black, her breasts had ballooned to a DD, and her skin was naturally darker. Her eyes were even blue!

“I think you’re just curious,” she said rubbing Jen’s thigh.

Jen quickly removed her roommate’s hand. “No! Just, never mind!”

“All right. Your loss,” she said with a smile, while lightly stroking Jen’s cheek with her finger.

Jen strutted into her room, knowing that she could not get through to her. Perhaps the naturalness of all Danielle’s changes were all some kind of illusion put on by a good actor. It just had to be!

At the same time, Danielle walked back into her bedroom, and woke her sleeping lover with a sweet kiss. “Ummm, good mourning, Danielle.”

Danielle removed her covers, revealing a beautiful, naked woman. She was slim, and a bit shorter then she was, had strawberry blonde hair, and amazing size six feet. Starting at the attractive face, Danielle moved her hand down the woman’s amazing body. She stopped at the inviting crotch, and began to rub. Cathy responded in kind. Being women, they knew just how to touch each other. It was slow and passionate and loving. When they came, Danielle knew, once again, that she really was bisexual. They lightly kissed not needing any words.

Danielle started to think about what her roommate just said. She knew that she was blinded by her recent draw to women and nymphomania. None of it bothered her, because she thought she was just getting into the role. She walked over to the tall mirror, and saw herself seemingly for the first time. Her healthy, raven black hair had no dye, as evidenced by her equally as black eyebrows. Her skin was naturally darker without a tan. Her tits had grown to the prescribed DD. Most impossibly, her once hazel eyes were now blue. She was, in some ways, already aware of the changes, but since this was the norm for her character, there was little to complain out.

There was a point when she started to have second thoughts some time before, but then she found Cathy. Cathy was rather bi-curious, and pretty damn attractive. She was nervous that Cathy would not be receptive to her newfound kinks (feet, nymphomania), but once they lost their lesbo virginity together, everything worked out fine. After that first glorious, crazy, experimental night, they knew that they loved each other more than they ever loved men. It was through Cathy that she truly realized that she was ready to be “Reberta” in front of the camera and away.

“What’s wrong, Danielle,” Cathy asked, seeing her lover at the mirror.

“Absolutely nothing!” she answered with joy in her tone.

Danielle now knew that she could never shut off her new personality. But, why would she want to? This was what she wanted to be. Perhaps that broke an unspoken rule of character acting, but Danielle no longer cared …

The Film and Beyond:

New Jacksonville Chronicle — Dec-15-2011
-John Straites, staff writer-

… And eventually, the movie came, and Danielle Fontana played the part of Rebecca flawlessly. The movie did well critically and commercially. This was in spite of the “NC-17” rating. She even won a few awards. None of the “serious” ones, though, as the subject matter was not mainstream enough for those.

All that actually made Danielle’s announcement that much more surprising. With the help the multifaceted New Horizons, her agency, she was to become a pornographic film star. Her primary focus was to be hardcore, lesbian foot fetish films. Needless to say, she’s already highly sought after …

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