Transformative Properties: 1 Health and Stability

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Health and Stability

Synopsis: By 2025, the USA was stable politically, socially, economically, but why?

By 2025, America finally seemed stable again. The early part of the century was rife with political and economic turmoil. It took years for people to realize that the reforms put into place as early as 2009 were beneficial to country’s future. The major key, which most scholars point to now, is the so called, “Health Reform Trifecta.” The first two Acts of which were far more controversial than was expected, and that was where the third Act came into play.

The election soon after the first two Acts were put into place saw a power shift in Congress in the opposite direction of the President. However, the inevitable relationship was far more cordial than expected. This relationship led to, among other things, the third Health Bill, which worked out many of the issues brought forward from the prior Acts. It also gave incentives for the States to reform their individual systems, including a State run insurance program (none of the Acts contained a true national insurance program). That third Act represented a kind of cohesion, which was absent from government for many years, while being the final piece of the puzzle for economic recovery. Though some political unrest was resurfacing, it was nothing like what it had been …


I was driving to the local clinic to get my flu shot. It was raining again, and was a rainy October so far. Everything went pretty smoothly. There was no scare of a some new strand this year, so no ridiculous lines.

I came home to my amazing wife Kelly. She was so beautiful that I never felt that I deserved her. Smooth tanned skin, slim yet healthily full body, brown hair, brown eyes, five foot six. Athletic, smart, funny. Though I was still a sucker for blue eyes, she was almost too beautiful for me. But, that didn’t stop us from getting married five years ago.

Though it seemed like our marriage was slowing down, we were very happy. We adapted to each other, because, well, we wanted to. She enjoyed yogalates, I learned to enjoy yogalates. I have a thing for feet, she learned to enjoy the attention. It just worked out.

“How’d the shot go?” she asked nicely, while looking up from her ebook on the couch.

“Fine. Yours?”

“There was kinda a line when I did it earlier, but no big deal.”

I sat next to her, and we leaned in for nice kiss. She slapped her size sevens on my lap for a good rub down. They were so smooth and clean (she always made sure they were clean for me). Her long, pedicured toes, and high arches were truly alluring. I never could fully control myself while I rubbed them, and she was aways amused by that. At the same time, she was learning absolutely love the attention.

“That’s why I married you!” she joked. “You just KNOW how to massage feet!”

Seeing my rock hard erection, she started to stroke it through my pants with her free foot. “Oh, yeah!” I breathed. It had been a while since she gave me a footjob! With her learned toes, she unzipped my pants, and pulled them down with my shorts. She stripped, knowing that I preferred her naked when she stroked my cock with her feet. Plus, I had gotten my cum on her work clothes in the past! She then clamped my throbbing member between her wrinkly arches, and passionately stroked. She licked her lips, and touched herself. She learned how to jerk me off better than I could ever rub her feet. When I said I was about to cum, she repositioned her feet so they were heel to toe on my cock. Within only a few strokes I squirted like a volcano. My cum spewed between her long toes, and dripped down the top of her foot.

She unclamped, when she felt the throbbing cease, and we leaned in for a long, wet kiss. She then leaned back and flexibly licked her feet clean. I swear I had a pornstar for a wife!


Over the next few months, things started to become strange. Though the “sex sells” idea was around for many decades, it seemed to be becoming more blatant. No one could really prove that, though, but it was other things, too. Movie and TV ratings were becoming looser and looser, the FCC started to allow nudity on network TV, even the news was becoming more sex oriented. A major headline was universities openly allowing sex on campus, because they were practically giving up trying to covertly control such things. Kelly and I, too, have been having daily sex. It was more than we had since we started dating!

After we had what became our nightly sex ritual, I talked to Kelly about it all. “Have you noticed all the sex we’ve been having, Kelly?”

“Well, yeah!” she said matter-of-factly,

“I mean we never had so much before.”

“Yeah, wish we did, though!”

She was right. Our relationship never seemed more alive! “Definitely, but have you noticed how sex crazed everybody’s becoming?”

“I guess it has been kinda sudden,” she responded ponderously.

“Don’t get me wrong, Kelly, I kinda like it! But, like you said, it all happened so suddenly.”

“I know what you mean. I thought we’ve been embracing it, though,” she said in a sexily deep voice.

It was in that moment that I realized how mind altering it all was. That alone explained how everything was changing so fast, including me. How and why were totally unknown to me …


After that night, I found it harder and harder to even question the dramatic changes. Our lives revolved around sex. We often joked with each other that we wished to quit our jobs, and make love all day and night. Making love was all we talked about after a while. Kelly even suggested she go off the Pill to have a child, but we decided that it would interrupt our love making too much. It was all a little ironic, because we once thought that too much sex could damage our relationship. Now, it was clear to us that we literally “made love” every time we had sex, and every time we did, the deeper our love felt …

I was looking over Presidential Executive Orders at my job at the National Records Administration in Washington, DC. I worked there for some time, and was recently promoted to division manager. Of course, all that meant was that I organized the people in the division, and looked over their work. The ultimate “desk job”!
I suddenly came across a possible error. Executive Order 252623 was missing. This kind of thing could have been a result of the Executive Order Consolidation Act of 2019, which included having once unnumbered Presidential Directives to be numbered as Executive Orders. As classified documents, they often appear to be simply missing Executive Orders. Such was the major issue of that Act, which had yet to be fixed. This forced me to send a memo the President to clarify, which I subsequently sent.

A few minutes later Janice Felding walked into my office. She was a very attractive blonde, taller than me, with a similar body type to my wife. For the longest time I had crush on her simply because of her striking blue eyes. That was of course quashed when Kelli and I started to make love every day!

“Janice? What’s up?” I asked, realizing how horny she looked in her tight business outfit. Her straight golden hair was done up in a distinctly wild manner, matching the look on her sun kissed face.

“I’ve been finding myself very horny lately,” she said in a deep airy voice. She locked my office door behind her.

“What?” I asked in disbelief, finding myself quite aroused.

She seductively walked over, and sat on the edge of my desk in front of me with her opaque, black stockinged legs open wide. I could just barely see up her skirt, all but revealing she had no panties. “I don’t know what it is! I’ve been fucking men, women, and myself daily, and it’s just not enough … Tell me what to do that comes the closest to satisfying my appetite!”

I didn’t want to cheat on Kelly, but I was so damn aroused. I thought fast, I decided that if we didn’t touch, then it should not be much worse than watching porn. Besides, I was too nice a guy to let Janice suffer! “All right. Take those shoes off, and present your bare feet to me.”

“Oh, fuck yes! Thank you!” She stated like someone was fucking her.

She unclasped her heels, rolled off the stockings, and presented her bare feet to me. They were a bit longer and more slender than Kelly’s, but a rival nonetheless. Their sweet smell was delicious, but not as delicious as Kelly’s. “Slowly strip, then sit back on the desk.”

“Oh yeah, baby!” She seductively unbuttoned her blouse, which revealed the tight undershirt. Her bare chest almost ripped through! She then pulled down her skirt, and revealed her well shaven pussy, before pulling off her shirt. Breathing heavily, she seductively sat on the desk with a large smile. It was in that moment where I realized how excited she was making me. Sure, I was as much a domineering voyeur as any of my generation, but I never realized that it excited me as much as feet!

“You’re bisexual, right? You said you fucked both men and women.”

“I don’t usually think of it like that. I never thought of fucking women until recently … I never really masturbated until recently, either … But, yeah, I’m definitely bisexual!” she said while licking her lips, and cupping her tits.

“You will do and become anything I tell you?”

“Oh, fuck yeah! I am putty in your hands!” she said in a wanting tone.

“Rub your clit with one hand.” She did so with joy in her face. “You will not cum until

I say. With your other hand, feel and memorize every inch of your body: head to toe. No need to feel and memorize your crotch with that hand, as your other is doing that already.”

With that, she stroked her long hair. No strand was left untouched. She moved to her head and face. Her hands were passionate yet purposeful. They continued down her neck and shoulders.  She was just nimble enough to feel the whole of her back. By the time she was feeling up her chest, she was clearly in ecstasy. Her hands continued down her flat stomach, and to her tight ass. She then explored her inner and outer thighs, before moving to her calves and shins. Her hand then finally reached her beautiful feet. She lay back, while desperately holding back her orgasm.

“Very good. Now close your eyes, and visualize yourself. It should be easy now that you have memorized your whole body.” She closed her already half closed blue eyes.

“Pleasure yourself to the beautiful image. As you rub your clit, you will slowly realize that the image of yourself is the most perfect image you’ve ever known. How could you not like it? It is you. You like your body so much that you realize that you are your own type of woman. You find yourself to be the most beautiful, the most arousing, type of woman. You’re not necessarily in love with yourself, at least not yet, but it is doubtful that any could be as arousing as you. And, you will forever be the only person that could ever satisfy you.”

She started to moan and coo like she was having the best sex of her life. The addition of how her hands again explored her body, gave the impression like she was making love. Sweat started to trickle from her pores, making her body start to shine.

“You may cum whenever you are ready, but try not to be that loud.”

Her hand was massaging her face, as her breathing intensified. “UHH … OHHH … JANICE,” she blurted out in a held back scream. She lay there looking totally satisfied after.

Looking at her, I felt totally satisfied myself. Sure, I could feel the same way after Kelly would give me a footjob, but I still felt great! “You may clean yourself up in my bathroom, and go about your day now, Janice.”

The sweaty women sat up with a frozen, pleased smile on her face, and walked into the bathroom with her clothes. She walked out a few minutes later looking totally refreshed. She walked over to me, and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. “Thank you,” she said lovingly, and walked out.


I could not get either that damn missing Order, and what I did with Janice, out of my mind, as I drove home. I was a little too satisfied about what happened with her. ‘Foot fetish, voyeur, dominator?’ I thought to myself. ‘Hmm, the last’s not quite true. I only liked “dominating” her, because I got to watch. I would have been just as satisfied if she did all that on her own.’

I had a big surprise, when I walked into my house. Kelly was watching some of my old lesbian foot fetish porn on the old BluRay player! As she watched, she was deep throating one foot, while she rubbed her wet pussy with her heal of the other. Judging by all the spit dripping down her leg, she was at it for a while!

Kelly looked over to me with a truly horny look. She pulled her foot out of her stretched mouth, and sprinted over to me. I barely caught her, when she jumped at me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, while we hungrily made out. The taste of her feet was strong in her mouth. We fell to the floor, and made love. Our multiple orgasms were almost synchronous with the ones from the TV. We both watched the TV as much as ourselves, and it only added to the pleasure.

We made love until our stamina gave out. Sweat drenched our naked bodies, while we cuddled on the carpeted floor.

“I think I’m bisexual,” Kelly said out of breath.

“What, Kelly?”

“I’m bi. I don’t understand how I never knew it before … I know you’re not that thick headed! I was getting off on lesbians and myself, when you came in!”

“That’s so weird, ‘cause one of the clerks, Janice, came out as bi today.”

“Really? I guess its an epidemic!”

“A day of revelation, I guess …  I’m a Voyeur!”

“Just my luck to marry someone messed up sexually. Don’t worry, I think I am, too!” she said. We tightly embraced.


Most of the next day at the office went relatively smooth. I saw Janice on occasion, but we pretended like nothing happened. The way she glowed the whole day made several ask if she started dating someone. I didn’t ask, but it was probably because she could now satisfy herself again! She hypnotized herself yesterday in my office, and let me tinker with her mind. I’ll never forget that experience.

At the end of the day, I received a response from the President’s Chief of Staff about the missing Order. She confirmed that it was a classified Directive, and that further communications about it should not occur. It was copy and pasted from every other response related to Presidential Directives. The strange part about it was that it was CC’ed to the rest of my staff. All other times, it was solely sent to me, and never spoke of again. Everyone therefore knew that it was one of those classified documents.
There was something about this Directive, which gave me a strange feeling, and my gut was telling me that it had some connection with the overt sex craze. Was it the timing? It was issued between January and December last year. Was it the CC’s? CC’ing was really out of character. Or, was it something else? I have been a bit overrun with sex of late.

I sat for a while looking at the reply on my computer. My now permanent low level arousal usually made normal thought difficult, but this, at least partially, overrode that. In many ways, it was illegal to even think about uncovering classified documents of a sitting President, but I just had to know! I had a friend who worked as an Undersecretary of the Treasury, but I wasn’t sure if he could help. I sent him a private email innocently asking him over for dinner. We hadn’t talked in a while anyway, so there should not have been any suspicion of ulterior motives.


The next day, before I went home, I received a reply from my old friend, Jack. He said that the earliest he could come over was Tuesday at the earliest. He was swamped with negotiations with Congress about an upcoming appropriations Bill. I sent him a message saying that he could come over anytime after six on that day.

I had no idea about how I would bring the subject up about the Directive, let alone if he even knew anything about it. Kelly didn’t even know what I was trying to do! I felt conflicted and nervous, while that low level arousal was almost trying to stifle it all!
I went home that day feeling that conflict of emotions bearing down on me. I walked in my house to another surprise! Kelly’s sister, Nikki, was sitting next to her on the couch. Nikki looked a lot like her sister. I initially thought they were twins. The only real difference between the two was that Nikki was two years older, and had auburn hair. I actually dated Nikki before I fell in love with Kelly.

What was really surprising was that they were making out! It was a deep, passionate kiss, with their tongues occasionally escaping their mouths. They realized I was watching, and slowly came to a stop.

“Nikki came by to reveal herself to me,” she said in a deep arousal.

“I love Kelly. I love her like any sister, but I’m in love with her, too. It’s my love for her that made me realize I was bi. I think it’s why I’ve been single for so long.”

“It all came together not long before you walked in,” Kelly stated airily. “I love her in the exact same way! Since I still love you more than ever, we figured that simply being

‘lesbian lovers’ would not really be cheating. You loved Nikki once, too. I know that the three of us can happy.”

Somehow, don’t ask me why, it all made sense to me. Kelly and I were lovers, as Kelly and Nikki were lovers. We really can all be happy together. I sat next to Kelly, and gave her an understanding kiss. “She’ll be living with us?” I asked my wife disarmingly.

“Yes. Not all the arrangements have been made yet, but she’ll be moving in.”

We all talked for a long time. Nikki had been working in the DC area, too, for about five years working for a local modeling agency. She had been modeling even before she graduated from college. She even did some nude modeling, before she shifted to mostly behind the camera work. She stayed on the Pill after she broke up with her boyfriend, because it made her periods more manageable. The more we talked, the happier I was about Nikki moving in with us. I realized that a part of me still loved her, and what made me fall in love with Kelly was the same thing that drew me to Nikki, emotionally: kind openness. If things had gone just a little differently, I would have married her instead.

The conversation had heavy sexual undertones before it was only about sex. Nikki was fascinated about my foot fetish and voyeurism. I never told her about the former, when we dated. It turned out that Nikki had a “fetish for fetishes” (just about everything except for S&M). Of course, she realized that fetish not long before she realized her bisexuality and love for her sister. It happened in that order, too: fetish, sexuality, and then love. It all happened last month in November, which brought back the odd, conflicting feelings. That was totally subverted, when I brought up the subject of Janice. There were to be no secrets between us. They were both surprised and pleased by my actions, or at least, glad I didn’t fuck her! It was an impossible situation, but I helped Janice in the end.

I eventually found myself between them massaging their very similar size sevens. I really loved how wrinkly Nikki’s soles were! That alone made me love hers more than Kelly’s. I began to regret not revealing my fetish to Nikki. Regardless, they loved the attention! We then moved into the bedroom to celebrate our first night together. We took turns kissing each other, before kissing at the same time. Our clothes fell away so fast that I didn’t even remember removing them! It was truly amazing, Nikki had no limits. She wanted to try everything! She scissored and 69’ed us both. She sucked Kelly’s toes, then mine, then hers. It was beyond exhilarating to see that Nikki was just as, or more, flexible than her sister! As a crescendo, Nikki had her sister rub her pussy with her foot, while she sucked off the other, and I 69’ed my wife. Kelly was always superb at multitasking! We then came one glorious orgasm. Even if our mouths weren’t all stuffed, there was no way to know whose name we would have called out! But, that no longer mattered, as we now loved each other equally.


Tuesday came surprisingly fast. Before then, Kelly and I helped Nikki move in, while we bought a new twin sized mattress to widen the existing king. It was surprisingly easy, with the three of us working together. We realized quickly, too, that pooling our resources together ensured that we had a lot of disposable income, so a new mattress was nothing. We all wanted to spend more time together, but sadly, only Nikki and Kelly were able to ensure lesser hours at work. Kelly got that promotion she was waiting for, which ensured that she could state her own hours, while Nikki had control over her modeling hours for years.

Jack called, and said that he was running late. I mentioned that Jack was coming over days ago, but they forgot like me. We all whipped up something quick up for dinner. Jack made it just before eight.

We walked right over to the dinner table. “Again, sorry I’m late. Always behind on something at that White House!” Jack stated. He was rather squirrelly looking, and that effectively hid his impressive intellect.

“That’s OK, Jack, we’ve been busy here, too, helping Nikki move in,” I stated.

“I was wondering about that, actually,” he said inquisitively.

Nikki explained, bending the truth, “Yeah, I wasn’t too happy with the neighborhood I was in over in Alexandria. Still working my ass off, so I certainly have the money for a new place, but I’m real picky. Just hanging around here until I find the right place.”

“I’ve heard that Alexandria hasn’t been the best area recently,” Jack stated.

“It wasn’t that it was that bad a neighborhood, just wasn’t comfortable there anymore,” Nikki elaborated.

We made small talk during the meal. When we were done, we moved into the living room. Jack being my friend, my lovers left us alone. We sipped on our glasses of whiskey.

“You know I came across one of those numbered Directives, and they acted a bit strange when they confirmed what it was,” I said innocently.

“What do you mean?”

“Instead of just confirming to me directly, my whole department got the response.”
Jack sat there looking somewhat disturbed, and said, “That’s not exactly my department … Hold on, I need to check my emails.” He then wrote something stealthily on piece of paper, while he tapped around on his tablet computer. When he was done, he put it all away.

“Sorry, work never ends!”

We made some more small talk. Eventually, he had to leave, and we all said goodby. Not too long after, I noticed a piece of paper on the chair Jack was sitting. It stated: “Meet me at 25 Georges St in Laurel at 9pm Sunday. J”

It was obvious what the message was about. He must have known something! I threw the message into the active fireplace.


Sunday came soon enough. I was so distracted by my two lovers that I almost forgot to meet Jack! I told Nikki and Kelly that I forgot to do something at the office, which needed to be done by Monday. That kind of thing had been happening lately!

I drove into Laurel. It was a nice town these days. I knew of at least one Senator living there, and he often said that more congresspeople should find lodging in that town. It was quiet, too, as expected. Laurel was known to be asleep by then. Georges Street was the sole commercial district of the town, and I know Nikki and Kelly liked the shops. I parked next to the building numbered twenty-five.

I stepped out of the car onto an empty sidewalk. I walked up to the door. The shop closed hours ago, and no one currently lived above it. I walked to the side of the building, which opened into an alleyway leading to more parking in the rear. My eye caught a stainless steel tube on top of a dumpster. I picked it up out of curiosity, and saw my first name hastily scratched into the lid. I suddenly heard a noise. I quickly looked around. Just a cat. I opened the tube. Inside was a hand written letter to me, and several other papers. Many of the latter were bound with old fashioned staples.

“Dear my old friend,
“I am sorry I am not there to meet you. I decided that the risks on my end were too great. Your suspicions were not unfounded. That Directive contained more than you will ever want to know. Even worse, there was another Directive before that one, which was handled with far less overt paranoia by the President’s first Chief of Staff, that started it all.
“You will find those Directives, and the associated reports. They are all copied of course. I don’t think I could get away with giving you the originals! It should be safe to read them where you are.
“I know all this, because I was the one who crafted the text in the President’s first appropriations Bill that went through Congress. It is something that has been eating at me ever since. Don’t ask me about how others feel, let alone why we all agreed to it!
“Please do not bring this up again the next time we meet. In fact, dispose of the papers after you read them. I do not know if my luck was fully there in getting you all this classified information.
“Your friend,

My heart was racing, while I looked over the President’s first Directive. Much of what was stated was a reflection of the President’s official policies toward National Security: national unity, government cohesion. However, the text here was rationalizing the start of a classified government program. This program ensured funding to a medical research firm, of which the President had known ties.  It was oddly cryptic by simply stating, “… The medical research firm ‘Better Tomorrow’ is to now receive government finding for project ‘E-86,’ pending congressional approval …”

The next document was a report from “Better Tomorrow” on project “E-86.” Much of it was scientific jargon, which I could not fully understand. Still, the primary text was the most telling. “… Project E-86 is now all but complete thanks to the generous government funding. The retrovirus RV-12 is the best candidate. All subjects 40 years old and younger responded in an overall consistent manner without noticeable ill affects on either a genetic or visual level. For males, sexuality was enhanced, while inner desires had no problems being released. For females, sexuality was also enhanced, along with released inner desires, while bisexuality became apparent. In both genders, a significant amount of attention was given to their enhanced sex drives, which effectively serves as the proper distraction ordered. It is also clear that the altered genes are dominant, so subsequent releases of the retrovirus are not as necessary as expected.

“As also ordered, nothing was created to prevent or reverse the affects of the retrovirus. It has been surmised by my staff that control over enhanced and altered desires may be possible, pending research on a separate retrovirus. As of now, RV-12 is ready for distribution, Mr. President …”

I leaned against the brick wall behind me in shock. The report explained almost everything. But, how was it distributed to everyone? Shaking, I read the other Presidential Directive.

This was shorter than the last, and to the point. “… Seeing the successful testing of RV-12 by ‘Better Tomorrow’s’ Project E-86, distribution of RV-12 will commence. With the aid of the Department of Health and Human Services, RV-12 will be distributed with this years flu vaccinations. All aliens gaining legal residential status shall receive RV-12 with the other standard vaccinations, as overseen by the DHHS … Pending congressional approval, the medical research firm ‘Better Tomorrow’ shall receive further funding for Project E-86”

So much was explained, and there was still another document! I almost didn’t want to read it. I wanted to throw everything into the dumpster, and forget it all. Somehow, I brought up the courage to finish.

The final document was another report from Better Tomorrow. It was dated to one month ago. “… We were pleased to hear that up to 90% of the country’s population partook in flu vaccinations last year. We were somewhat nervous that the flu vaccine would not react well with RV-12, but it is all too clear that there was no issue! … Thanks to the more than generous government funding, continued research is progressing well. There are currently several candidates that may serve the prescribed purposes. We will keep you apprised, Mr. President …”

I was in shock. There was no way I could ever forget this. The President authorized something, which genetically transformed the majority of the country’s population. We were turned into sex maniacs, so that we would be more easily controlled!
It was unbelievable! Yet, it somehow made sense. Even those over forty seemed to be embracing the clear changes. Perhaps RV-12 affected them more than expected. We were all utterly distracted by sex now. No one really cared about politics anymore. Any apparent political turmoil was now erased.

Soon we would be under more direct control from another retrovirus. There was nothing I could do. How could I even be sure how we would ingest it? Jack might have lost everything by giving me all this information, as I might by having just read it. The only thing I could bring my mind to after a while was Nikki and Kelly. I loved them so much. I knew that, regardless, there could be nothing that would change that. I will not risk the life I have with them again.

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