Transformative Properties: 5 Click to Convert

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: Albeit unintentional, this story is a homage to the original “Master PC,” which I read many years ago. It should still be found on the MC Archive here. What ultimately fueled this story’s creation, however, was me simply seeing “Click to Covert” on a computer. Enjoy!

Transformative Properties: 5 Click to Convert

Synopsis: Jack takes home something from the place he volunteers that was better than the joke he thought it was!

Lost and Found:

Leather Glove — 1 Week

Knitted Winter Hat — 4 Weeks

Blue Sunglasses — 3 Weeks

Box with the Description “Click to Covert” — 3 Weeks

MP3 Player — 3 Weeks

I found myself looking at the itemized list of things in the Lost and Found at the youth and teen center where I volunteer. The policy was that anything in the Lost and Found for at least three weeks was up for grabs. I usually never bothered looking. Most of what was in there was typically some old MP3 and hat (stuff no one wanted, anyway). The “Click to Convert” box did peak my interest, though, in albeit a minor way. I took the small box home with me, making sure I checked off the “Up For Grabs” box next to its listing.

I tossed the box on my couch, and had some dinner. I almost forgot about it, actually, until I nearly sat on it! The box opened easily. It was probably opened before. Inside was a note stating, “Converto, Inc. congratulates you on your purchase of Click to Convert 1.1!” I found myself chuckling as I read it. This had to be a joke, something from a Halloween shop!

I then took out the rest of the contents: A “Holographic Pad” with attached USB cable, and installation disc. I tossed the disc into my computer. In hindsight, this was probably not the smartest thing to do. I mean, who knows what was really on it? I had nothing better to do, though …

The installation window flashed onto the screen. A generic human figure stood on the left, standing over what resembled “Holographic Pad.” Text reading “Click to Convert” was to the right, with a button labeled “BEGIN!” below. I clicked the button. A wordy disclaimer flashed onto the screen, which I didn’t bother reading. How many people actually read wordy disclaimers? I scrolled down, and clicked “YES.”

The instillation took about half an hour. The program then flashed to life full screen, spitting out the disc. “To start, please attach the Holographic Pad.” I did so. “Initializing,” it read. “Please enter name.”

I really did not have a clue what I was doing. In the hope of some amusement, I entered the name of an actress I had a small crush on: “Olivia Jameson.” A text box stated, “Scanning Internet.” A few minutes later, pictures of women flashed onto the screen, and it stated, “Please pick the correct person.” The first was the correct one, and I selected it. “Loading …” The Holographic Pad next to me hissed to life. A beam of blue-white light exploded out of it. The light slowly morphed into an accurate, nude representation of Olivia! ‘That must take a lot of processing power,’ I thought. Olivia was quite amazing. Slim figure, dark brown hair, blue eyes, great skin. She was exactly my type! Plus, to see her naked and life size was quite arousing!

The computer screen had a 2D image of the woman with a splash of physical and mental data next to it. At first I was surprised that it stated that she was “hungry,” but then the word “Twitter” came to mind. The program was obviously still accessing the internet.

Each chuck of data had a corresponding button. I clicked the one stating her hair color, and options for altering the color appeared. Each button yielded similar results. At the bottom was the “Mental” section, which had the “Tweet.” I clicked the button, and a text field appeared on the bottom right, with various options on the left, including sexuality and fetishes. I smiled, and jokingly clicked on “Bisexuality,” seeing that she was heterosexual. The text field then stated, “Convert to Bisexual.” I then typed in: “Open about sexuality.”

I found myself laughing pretty hard. Such a program just did not exist. This was turning out to be a better joke than I thought!

I closed the field, and clicked the “Click to Convert” button at the bottom. A window appeared stating, “Conversion times will vary depending on how often subjects are connected to the internet. You will not see this window again.” I clicked the OK button. The window shrank, and displayed the approximate conversion time: 13 Hours.

A One Night Stand:

When I got home from work the next day, I closed out the program (it completed the conversion some time ago), and brought up my browser. My home page was my preferred news outlet. My jaw dropped, when my eye caught one of the headlines! It read: “Actress Olivia Jameson, ‘I’m bisexual’.” I could not believe it! This had to be a coincidence. According to the article, she said that it was a part of her that she never explored.

Still, the possibility of it being my doing kept flowing through my mind. The idea of so easily altering others was almost too much!

I sat for a while thinking. ‘Could this program not be a joke? … How the hell does it even change people? … Why do I like the idea of changing people so much?’

I finally decided that I just had to know if Olivia’s sexuality was a coincidence. I brought the program back up, and typed in a new name: Sammie Richards. Sammie was a coworker that I always liked. She was always a bit too “blonde” for me, though. Still, her healthy body and blue eyes kept me interested. We even dated once or twice, but nothing came of it.

I clicked on the correct face, and everything sprang into action. I was truly surprised at the holographic image next to me. The image was actually nude! I knew that she never had pictures taken of her like that. It must have some very intuitive software, I thought.

Deciding I didn’t want to play with the “Physical” options yet, I clicked on the “Mental.” I entered in a need for a one night stand with me. As an addition, I ensured that she would aggressively want to do anything with me. I then started the conversion, which stated it would take only one hour.

Ninety minutes passed, and my cell phone rang. It was Sammie!

“Hi, Jack! Interested in getting some dinner somewhere this weekend?”

“Sure. Were you thinking of any place in particular?” I was beyond amazed, but I think I hid that well.

“How ‘bout that sushi place on the wharf?”

“That sounds good. I’ll make reservations for seven on Saturday?”

“That’ll be great! See you at work.”

For the rest of the week, Sammie kept eyeing me in ways I never saw her do to anyone. She even went out of her way to say hi to me, and sit with me at lunch. The flirting was subtle, but quite arousing!

Sammie and I finally met for our date on Saturday. She was like an animal in heat with me the target, but I forced herself to wait for the right moment. We got ourselves a private booth in the restaurant, and ordered a large sushi boat. She could barely hide her horniness, and eventually stopped controlling herself.

“I don’t know what it is, Jack,” she said deeply. “All week I’ve wanted you so bad! Fuck, I’ve been fantasizing about you!”

“In what way?” I teased.

She licked her lips, and gave me a horny look, while slowly sucking off the long chopsticks. “I fingered my pussy, and squirt for the first time in my life,” she said directly.

“Do you think you could … give that another go,” I said more than suggestively.

She licked her hips and said, “Why don’t I teach YOU how to squirt?” I heard a flip flop slap onto the floor. Her foot slowly groped up my leg. The look in her eyes was beyond arousing. I unzipped my pants so her bare foot could directly stroke my throbbing crotch. Her motions were lustful yet controlled. I could last forever in this kind of ecstasy! When I felt myself close to cumming, she stopped. “I always liked a good tease!” she said though her teeth.

Soon after we raced to the local inn. We were all over each other, when we walked into the room. Licking, kissing, groping. Every last action was glorious and lustful. We fell to the bed, while we removed every last article of clothing. Minds seemingly in tune, we pulled away from each other, and watched ourselves masturbate. It was one of the hottest things I had ever done in my life! Watching her stimulate her G-spot with her fingers made it difficult not to cum too early. In a dizzying moment, we squirt all over each other. She lay back seductively.

I then crawled on top of her, and shoved my throbbing member into her soaked crotch. She wrapped her shapely legs around me. Thrust after endless thrust we went. We moaned, we grunted, we cursed. Sweat dripped from our quivering bodies. We could hardy breath. Then, in perfect time, we squirt into each other. The hot liquid spewing from our bodies simply made us cum more.

We lay next to each other, breathing deeply. She pecked me on the cheek, and said, “This may just be a one night stand, but I’m not gonna forget it!”

Perfect Lovers:

My relationship with Sammie all but went back to normal within the next day or two. Sure we shared an amazing moment, but it was simply a one night stand. All I knew was that Click to Convert was real, and that I wanted to do even more with it!

Tuesday evening, I decided what I was going to do. My relationship with my last lover, Jenna, ended badly, but much of me still wanted and loved her. We were together in college, but everything went downhill after we graduated. Moving in together led to a series problems. They all started when she found my porn collection, and she never looked at me the same again. She hated every time I would try something knew in bed, because she “knew” that I learned it from watching other people. I guess that was true, but they really meant nothing to me. A further series of big and little problems followed.

I typed in “Jenna Summers.” A few minuets later, my ex was ready to be altered. I more than enjoyed that naked Jenna floating next to me. The software rendered her perfectly!

I started with the body. First, I brought up the preferences for the hair. I carefully added a natural red highlight, which she could hide at will. Second, I altered her eye color from a brown to a blue-gray. Third, I increased her bust size from a B to a healthy C-cup. Forth, I removed all her body hair, so that she could forever be silky smooth. And finally, for the fun of it, I made all her joints super flexible.

I finally reached her mind. First, I made her bisexual, with distinct sexual narcism, and that auto-cunnilingus would make her totally infatuated with herself until she came. Second, I gave her a healthy love of sex. Third, I made her love the taste of cum, of which she is not yet aware. Forth, I made her want me more than anyone else. Fifth and importantly, I made her love porn.

As I looked over the 3D “preview” of my ex, I found myself amazed at how technical it all was. It was like creating a character or avatar in some video game. Or in this case, recreating one.

I sat back down, and clicked the convert button. It stated that she would be fully converted in five days. Impulsively, I entered my own name. I merely increased my penis size by two inches, and increased my sexual stamina significantly. It was to take only a day. Maybe all that was insecure of me, but why not? All I really did was ensure that we would be transformed into perfect lovers.

A week later, my ex called me on the phone. “Hi, Jack, I wanted to say hi,” she said in a tone that was subtly different from what I remembered.

“Oh, hi, Jenna. It’s been a while.”

“Yeah, I know. I’ve just been thinking about you lately.”

“I guess I have, too,” I said with a smile.

“You wanna get together for some coffee, or something?”

“Why don’t you just come over? Much more private over here.”

“OK. I can come by tomorrow at eight.”

“See you then!”

My heart raced when I heard a knock at my door just before eight. I opened it to my image of perfection. She had perfectly smooth, tanned skin, a natural red streak in her healthy brown hair, blue-gray eyes, perfect C-cup breasts. She wore a tight blue tube top, which did not hide the fact that she wore no bra, and tight jeans and sandals.

“Wow, you look great, Jen! Come on in,” I said disarmingly.

“Thank you,” she said kindly in her subtly altered tones.

We sat on the couch, and started to catch up on things.

“So, how’ve you been, Jenna?”

“Good, I guess. I mean, I’ve had an interesting week.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“Well, yeah, that’s kinda why I’m here … To start, I’m bisexual, Jack. I guess it was society that made me not realize it until now. And, there’s more …”

I found myself unsurprised, yet incredibly aroused.

“ … I realized my sexuality through my own body. For some reason, my bras shrank, and I had to throw them out. When I was trying on new ones in the store, I got the chance to really look at myself. Seeing my bare chest in that mirror made something click. I even stripped naked, and seeing my bare pussy grow moist made me understand.” She continued as her voice grew deeper and more airy, “I’m bisexual, and I’m my own type of woman, as you are my type of man.”

She leaned over, and kissed me deeply. It had been far too long since I had tasted her!

She pulled back, and said, “I love you so much, Jack. I wanna watch porn with you; I was stupidly jealous of it. I wanna make love with you very chance we fucking get!”

“I love you, too, Jenna” I replied in amazement.

We resumed making out, but this time with a far greater passion. Our hands migrated under our clothes. She unzipped my pants, and started to stroke my enlarged member, as I groped her perfect tit.

She suddenly stopped, and said with a horny tone, “You’re much bigger than I remember!”

“You wanna taste it?” I said with a cocked eyebrow. In some ways I was testing her. She never gave me a blowjob before.

“Fuck, why not!”

She pulled my pants and boxers off to free my throbbing cock. She opened wide, and consumed. Up and down her head moved, while she sucked. Her right hand then began to stroke the base of my member, while her left fondled my balls.

“Woah! You’re like a pornstar!” I said impulsively.

She slowly lifted her head off my cock. A thick string of drool fell from her mouth. “I love porn now.”

My jaw dropped, and she resumed her brilliant work on my cock and balls. Her motions were so perfect that she must have been watching porn! I easily lasted for twice as long as I used to, despite how orgasmic it was. And when I finally came, a massive amount of juice spewed into my lover’s mouth.

After a couple of large gulps, she quickly picked up her head. “Oh, my fucking God! That was the best thing I ever tasted!” She then licked my cock clean like and addict. “Fuck, that was something we should’ve done years ago!” She licked her lips and continued, “You know porn’s a good teacher. I know how to squirt now. I wanna teach you how to do it.” She then pulled off her tube top, revealing her perky breasts, and pushed off her tight jeans. Her panties came down with them. She took my hand, molded it into a “come hither” position, and inserted it into her warm, moist snatch. “Umm, that’s it … Hold your fingers like that, and don’t stop thrusting!”

My softened cock began to ballon, while I stimulated her G-spot. As per her orders I thrust, and I thrust hard! She moaned and cooed loudly, and her hands lustfully groped her body. I was so proud of myself for making us both into such a lustful minxes!

“Oh, fuck, YEAH … JACK … Don’t FUCKING stop! … Oh, God, so wet! … I’M CUMMING!” Her feminine juices spewed everywhere, while she screamed in glorious orgasm.

I took my lover’s hand, and brought her to the bedroom. Whatever clothes we still wore fell away before we crawled onto the bed. We sat on opposite ends, and began to masturbate to each other. It was amazing. I always thought that I should be able to jerk off to my lover, and here I was doing just that! The hottest part about it was that Jenna was clearly masturbating to herself more than me. Eventually, we squirt all over each other.

I then suggested that she eat herself out. As she scooped up and lovingly consumed my cum, I continued, “Have you ever thought about eating yourself out?”

She gave me a confused and curious look at the same time. “You mean, lick my own pussy?”


“Sort of, when I first tasted my own cum. But, that’s impossible!”

“Come on, it’s not like you to not even try!”

She gave me a horny look, with her arousing eyes, and looked down to her wet crotch. “One of my favorite pornstars is really flexible …” With ease, which clearly surprised her, she plopped each leg behind her shoulders. And through quick trial and error, she arched her back sharply. She then placed her face centimeters above her pussy, and looked up at me with a sexy smile.

Mouth wide, tongue extended, she buried her mouth into her pussy lips. At first, it was experimental and lustful. Soon, the motions slowed, and became a loving passion. She cooed loudly, as her hands explored her body. “Oh, Jen,” she said under her breath.

She suddenly uncurled, and gave me a look of someone being clouded by arousal. “I … I taste so good! … I really love myself! …” Her hands moved up and down her perfect body. From head to toe she lovingly went. There was no part of her body that did not arouse her. She was in total ecstasy, while her mind was clearly clouded with thoughts of only herself. I could not help but jerk off! “Oh, Jenna!” she screamed. “I’m so hot!” She then curled her self up again, and continued to make out with herself. Her tongue was just long enough to stimulate her G-spot. She spewed her pussy juices into her mouth in a defining orgasm.

While she drank up her juices, language gave way to instinct alone. We knew exactly what we wanted: to fuck like lesbians! We were ready to 69. I lay down on my back, while my lover mounted her wet pussy over my mouth. She then lay on top of me, and inhaled my cock. It was then that I realized that I loved making out with her pussy more than her mouth! We held each other ever so tightly in our lustful vocalizations. And when we came, the orgasmic flavor of our cums aroused us so much that we quickly came a second time.

We fucked each other for many hours after. Breaks of mere minutes separated our endless pleasures. When we were too tired to continue, our bellies were filled with our cum.

I woke up the next morning to the sleeping Jenna. I truly loved her more than ever. I looked over to my computer, and found myself utterly pleased…

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