Transformative Properties: 4 A Social Creature

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 4 A Social Creature

Synopsis: Jess was a social creature since college, which made her move back home, and later to another city, more than difficult. That was until she found, what she thought, was her kind of crowd.

A Welcoming Party:

Jess found herself very happy for the first time in a while. The cake was good, the people were pleasant. It had been a tradition for her new employers to throw a “welcoming party” for new hires.

In college, Jess turned into a social creature. She went to just about every party there! She hoped that social networking would continue to feed her social self after graduation, because she had to move back in with her parents temporarily. It seemed to work for a while, but because she never kept up with her high school friends, the lack of real interaction ate at her. Moving to another city, after landing a decent job in her field, just made it worse until her office held the party for her.

“So how’s the city been treating you?” an attractive coworker asked. They were friendly, and Jess hoped they would become friends.

“Not as bad as I’ve been pretending, Veronica!”

“I know what you mean, Jess. When I first moved here, I felt pretty lost.”

“Glad I’m not the only one. I was so addicted to the social scene in college, it’s like I’ve been experiencing withdrawals!”

Veronica put on an oddly confirming smile. “You know, Jess, a friend of mine is holding get together Saturday. You liking parties and all …”

“Sure I can stop by,” she interrupted. “Where and what time?”

Her smile grew. “Saturday at eight. Let me write down the address for you.”

Jess just could not wait for Saturday. To even have a chance of injecting herself back into the social scene made her jittery. Veronica talked about how fun her friend’s parties were, and how well Jess would fit in. It was such a tease for her!

Jess’ heart was racing, when it came time to drive over to the party. The place was just outside the city. She drove up to the main gate, and pressed the talk button on the intercom.

“Yes?” a female voice said on the other end.

“Uh, hi. This is Jessica Blake. Veronica invited me.”

“Oh, yes. Just drive up to the front. There should be someone there to park your car.”
Jess was amazed at the size of the place, and the of Greco-Roman inspired architecture, while she drove up to the front door. It was clear that Veronica’s friend could hold some pretty epic parties there!

Like the voice said, someone was there to pick up her car. Veronica stood next to him wearing short red dress. Jess stepped out of her car, and was greeted by her. “Hey, Jess! Welcome to the party.” Veronica lightly took her arm, and led her inside.

Jess was taken aback by the shear size of the main hall, which more or less matched with the exterior. It was well lit, and had a distinct gold hue.

“Great place isn’t it!” Veronica said excitedly.

“You didn’t tell me how rich your friend was,” I said amazed.

“Don’t worry, she’s not uptight!” she laughed.

Jess greeted several other women, all far from ugly. Though Jess was an expert at mingling, Veronica still acted as her guide. Jess took a healthy glass of red wine from the server, while she became acquainted with the warm crowd. To her surprise there were no male party goers. In fact, the only guys she saw were valets and servers. It did not really bother her, though. A “girls night” can be pretty amazing.

Eventually, she came upon a healthily voluptuous redhead. Jess was no lesbian, but she would have no qualms about admitting this woman’s natural beauty!

“Jess, this is Ariana: Friend and host.” Veronica said joyfully.

“Pleased to meet you!” she excitedly said, while they shook hands.
Ariana said warmly, “Glad to see a new face around here. Veronica’s already told me a lot about you. Trust me, you’re practically one of us already!”

The sound of that statement brought a big smile to Jess’ face.

After small talk, Ariana and Veronica set Jess loose. It did not take her long to melt into the crowed. It never took her long to do such things. In party mode, Jess often became uncontrollably aggressive. She was a master of learning the social norms, while elaborating them. One of the first things she learned was that the present party was more than just a “girls night out.” This party was a celebration of women by women. What made things interesting was how all the women she met were lesbians or bisexuals. Veronica herself was bisexual. Jess had no problem with that, though, and she found that in enhanced the party’s less than covert theme.

She was too drunk by the time she realized it, but all the woman at the party were highly attractive and voluptuous, including Veronica. Though, none matched their host!

After a couple of hours, Jess was very drunk like the rest of the women. She had made friends with just about everyone there, too. It wasn’t like it was a challenge, because everyone there was very welcoming.

Jess eventually found herself talking with a lesbian, raven haired women in the sitting room.

“Most truly experienced women would agree that the female form is the most capable for ultimate pleasure,” the woman stated. Her words were slurred from alcohol.

“That’s easy for you to say, Sarah!” I exclaimed.

“I’m serious! Women know what other women want. I’m sure it’s the same for men, but men don’t know how to loosen up like women.”

Jess almost couldn’t believe it, but it somehow made sense in her drunken mind. She never did have a boyfriend that automatically knew how to please her. That was one of the reason’s what she was single now.

“It’s too bad women don’t interest you in that way, Jess.”

The way she said that made a few wheels turn in her drunken mind. Jess wasn’t a lesbian, let alone bi, but for the first time in her life, she was curious about such things. She knew it was probably the drink augmenting her impulsive personality, but that knowledge only increased her curiosity. “I never said I wasn’t interested.”

“Really?” she smirked.

“Yeah! Anyway, I think I’m drunk enough to be seduced by a cactus!”
Sara put her drink onto the coffee table with a seductive smile. She sat hip to hip with Jess, and lightly stroked her hair. She slowly licked her full lips, and said seductively,

“You ready to be seduced by a woman?”

“Sure!” Jess felt a kind of excitement she never felt before. She was about to embark on something she never once considered.

“You know, your very beautiful, Jess.”

“Really?” she asked playfully.

“Of course you are. Your eyes shine with eternal vigor, as your soul is even more beautiful than your body,” she said truthfully.

Jess never had woman speak to her like that before. In fact, no man ever sounded that real whenever they came on to her.

“Silence is not like you, Jess. You should use your beautiful voice. It helps bring out your eternally gorgeous soul.”

“Wow … No one ever spoke to me like that before …” The excitement Jess felt was melting away, revealing something she never thought possible.

“You see it now, my rare orchid. Only a woman can touch another woman’s soul.”

‘This is impossible!’ Jess thought. For the first time in her life, a woman came on to her, and woman won her over. “No one has ever won me over like you just did …”

Impulsively she leaned over, and kissed the beautiful woman before her. Her soft lips were better than any man’s. Their tongues escaped their mouths in just the right moment. Sarah’s tongue explored her mouth in a way that she always wanted one to explore: slowly, passionately. Jess responded in kind. At the same time, their hands lovingly explored their feminine bodies.

“Woah! You really do know how to jump into a party, Jess,” Veronica stated lightly.
Jess quickly turned her head to her subtly pleased coworker. She regained composure. “We were just screwing around, Veronica!” she said truthfully, more or less. Jess could not deny how aroused she was, but had no intention of letting that scene go any further.

Not too long after, Ariana offered for everyone to stay the night if they felt too drunk to drive home. This was apparently common, and Ariana simply offered out of courtesy. Jess of course took the offer, as did most of the other guests. There were more than enough rooms in the mansion to hold them all. Though it was clear that some of the women nonchalantly paired off into the rooms. Jess stayed in a private room near Veronica, and had the best sleep of her life.

Hot Oils:

‘All right, maybe that was a little weird!’ Jess thought to herself, as she sat at her desk at work. She went to a party, got drunk, and made out with a woman!

“Hey, Jess!” Veronica suddenly stated.
Jess almost jumped, not having heard her walk over. “Oh, hey, Veronica. Almost scared me!”

“Oh, sorry.”

“What did you want to see me about?”

“Oh, there’s gonna be another party this weekend. Same time. Same place. Wanna come?”

Jess of course wanted to say yes, but for the first time in her life, she had second thoughts about going to a party. She went further than she thought possible during the last one, and could not get that lesbian moment our of her mind. “I’ll be there,” she said, as the second thoughts had no real hold over her.

For the second time, Jess found herself driving up to Ariana’s mansion. She was smart this time, and brought a duffle bag’s worth off her things. Inside, all the women were gathered to the indoor pool, which seemed rather shallow. To Jess’ surprise no alcohol was being served. Many the women were already in their bikinis, with some perhaps a size too small! It was more apparent than ever how voluptuous all theses women were. Though Jess was rather attractive in her own right, she looked plain compared to everyone else.

Without a swimsuit, Jess started to feel a little awkward.
Veronica walked over, and offered, “Ariana has plenty of bikinis, just ask!”

Jess nodded, and Ariana led her to what could have been described as a locker room. It had more in common with a small shop concentrating on swimwear, though. Jess picked out a tasteful, blue bikini. Blue always went well with her complexion.

Ariana led Jess back to the pool. The women encircled the edge, while space was left for Jess and Ariana. They joined and completed the circle. It was in that moment, Jess realized the liquid below them was not pool water. “What’s in the pool?” Jess asked the woman next to her with some apprehension. She answered with joy in her tone, “Veronica didn’t tell you? Its warm massage oil. You haven’t lived until you’ve drenched yourself in the stuff!”

Jess had never seen so much oil before! She always enjoyed a good massage, so maybe there was something to this. They all grasped hands. Ariana then sounded, “Everybody ready? Three, two, one!” All at once, they jumped into to the pool of hot massage oil.

Time seemed to slow as the warm oil overwhelmed Jess’ body. It really was something else! While the oil seeped into every pore, every hole, she found herself growing more and more aroused. Her crotch grew warmer than she ever thought possible. Still submerged within the oil, she screamed in orgasm.

Utterly changed, she poked her head above the liquid. Through the orgasmic pleasure, she found that her skin had darkened, and that her body became fuller and more on par with the woman around her. Her mind seemingly changed, too. She could feel nymphomania take over every last synapse, while it was all directed toward women.
Licking her oil smothered lips, she glided over to a pair of orgasmic women, who welcomed her with open arms and legs. They immediately commenced and elaborate kiss and grope fest, in a celebration of the female form. Within the oil, that was all that was needed to achieve orgasm after endless orgasm. It was the most glorious, orgasmic night of her life.

Jess had gone too far to turn back. Yet, she had no idea where she was going …

Body Paint:

By Monday, most of the physical changes had reversed themselves. It did appear, however, that her skin did not revert. In fact, she even realized that all her body hair disappeared! She always hated shaving all that hair, while loving smooth skin. So that was a dream some true! Plus, her mind did not revert to its original self, or at least not completely. She was definitely still a lesbian, while her nymphomania subsided to manageable levels. All that saved boatloads of explanation!

Jess walked up to Veronica at lunch, and asked when the next party was. She said that it was the same time and place as before, while she was tight lipped about what they would be doing. Jess openly hoped that they would jump in that pool again!

Saturday finally came. Jess and the other party goers were brought to the ball room. The party’s theme was body painting, and she was given a small pamphlet to help her choose her scheme. The other women apparently chose their schemes during past body painting parties.

Jess eventually decided upon “Alien Blue,” which involved several shades, while there was the option of dying her hair jet black to naturally match paint colors. Jess of course accepted the option, even though her brown hair was pretty dark already.

The two hired artists brought Jess to a private room, and called in the paints and dye. While they waited, Jess stripped naked, and had the artists wash her hair in the sink.

The supplies eventually arrived. One artist applied the black hair dye, while the other painted her finger and toe nails with blue nail polish. The hair dye procedure was done smartly, so her hair would stay as much off her skin as possible. Starting at the feet, the artists began to apply dark blue body paint, the primary color. To Jess’ surprise, it did not feel like paint as she knew it. It was a very comfortable, breathable variety. It felt quite good, while it soaked into her pores! It felt so good that the only thing keeping her from fingering herself was her wet nails.

While they moved up Jess’ legs, they carefully added naturalistic, light blue stripes. Jess found them so damn sexy! They surprised Jess when they opened her pussy lips to paint inside her vagina, but she did not care. In fact, they did the same with her ass. They continued to move up, inch by inch. Her nipples were fully erect when they painted her breasts. In that moment, Jess felt her chest grow tight, and expand like a balloon. The artists clearly anticipated this, and painted accordingly, while even adding stripes over the stretch marks. At the same time, the rest of her slim body became fuller and more voluptuous. Nearly every bodily stretch mark was covered with the sexy stripes. Eventually, they painted her head, and she found herself smothered in the body paint.

Jess felt so strange while the paint quickly dried. The strangeness quickly turned to arousal, while the arousal quickly brought her to a near orgasmic state. The artists let her already finished hair down. Breathing deep, she walked to the tall mirror to examine her new self. Her jaw dropped. She almost didn’t recognize the voluptuous woman before her. Not counting the paint, only her face seemed unchanged. She licked her deep blue lips.

She walked back into the ball room naked in her near orgasmic state. She found walking awkward at first, because she needed to adapt to a new body type. The women waiting for her were a splash of colors. Some had simple color schemes like gold or silver, while others were like a piece of abstract art. Ariana was a splash of red shades, which accentuated her red hair, and was easily the most radiant woman in the room.

Ariana walked up to Jess, and said, “Veronica was right to choose you! You’ve far exceeded my expectations!”

“What’s happening to me,” Jess barely said, while her near orgasmic state began to cloud her mind.

“You are transforming into a disciple of the Three Levels of Pleasure. I am the Priestess. A group of women long ago learned the secret to achieving Super Orgasmic levels, with the discovery of a rare tropical plant. You ingested it with the wine, and experienced the First Level: Arousal. You were submerged in it, while bathing in the hot oil, and experienced the Second Level: Orgasmic. Your body is now smothered in it, and you will soon experience the Third Level: Super Orgasmic. When that happens, the form you are in now shall be your true form. You will be able to revert back to your initial skin color, while being capable of total control over the skin color in your true form.”

Ariana guided the changing woman to a bed hidden behind the colorful women. They encircled her, as the most powerful orgasm of Jess’ life prepared to reveal itself. She lost all rational thought, while she grabbed at the silken sheets with her blue hands. She screamed in ecstasy until she lost her voice, while silently quivering for far longer. After an eternity of mind numbing pleasure, she blacked out.

The Disciple:

It was much easier for Jess to reinsert herself into her professional life than one might think. All she really had to do was explain that she had a boob-job, and most men, and even women, didn’t notice much else. The only person she knew all that well was fellow disciple Veronica, anyway.

As a new disciple, Jess had the pleasure of finding a new prospect for her Sisterhood: a social creature not unlike herself. This eventually came with the new hire Jennifer.

During the welcoming party, Jess approached the prospect. “So how’s the city treating you, Jennifer?”

“Not that bad, but, you know, I did have to uproot myself.”

Jess put on a slight smile. “Veronica and I are going to a party this Saturday at eight. You’re more than welcome to stop by.”

“Sure. What’s the address?”

“Hold on. Let me wright it down for you,” Jess said with a big smile …

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