Transformative Properties: 12 Enlightened World

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 12 Enlightened World

Synopsis: By 2050 every woman is bisexual and sexy. Men and women are sexually obsessed with feet. Nymphomania is common in both genders. Everyone accepted these facts, until one woman started to wonder…

“It’s not the world I was born in!” my grandfather used to say. It was true, I guess. He was born in the 1960, almost a century ago with it being 2050. Back then, women were just gaining any true equality with men, and attraction to feet and one’s own gender was taboo. Then less than twenty-five years ago, scientists made a major discovery that all women were bisexual. That discovery is what’s considered the foundation of today’s society. Now, feet are at the core of what society considers the most erotic, and nymphomania is common and normal. Perhaps to the uninitiated, all that would seem over the top, but everyone simply accepted it all.

It had been exactly a year since my grandfather’s funeral. While I was driving home, I found myself thinking about how different the world really was. Being 25, I grew up in this sexually enlightened world. He always used to talk about how no one was truly “ugly” anymore, and that the only people that came close was elderly like himself. I just now remembered some of the old fashioned pictures he showed me years ago. He actually seemed to complain that were no people like that anymore, and how people used to “secretly” like feet. I never could bring myself to argue about his veiled complaints toward feet, even though I loved feet just as much as the next person. No one was really happy unless they had nice feet, especially women. Improving one’s feet was a common plastic surgery. My feet were always sexy, though.

His generation was really seen as the end of an era. It was common knowledge that this sexually enlightened world was the very reason why everyone stayed healthy and youthful well into their sixties. Sure healthcare was great, but it was also the sex. For many, sex all but replaced exercise, as it was well known to have significant, positive effects on one’s physical well being.

I finally arrived home from work to my wife Jackie. She may have been beautiful like other women, but my love for her made her better than all of them. My love for her more than represented my own sexual narcissism, as she looked quite a bit like me. Tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes, size nine feet. We’ve been confused as sisters on more than one occasion! And, that just made us love each other more.

We made out with great passion, letting our conscious minds melt away. It was her turn this week to guide us in our sexual escapades. After we stripped naked, she sat me onto the kitchen table. Our breaths were deep and lustful. Intelligent thought gave way to instinct. She sat on the chair in front of me, and forcibly pressed her perfect soles into face. I breathed and drooled wildly, while we desperately rubbed our melting snatches. Our deep breathing quickly turned wildly orgasmic. We screamed for several minutes in mind numbing orgasm, and all but blacked out.

My sexy wife put her feet down, and kissed her way up my tingling body. She then pushed me down onto the table, straddled her dripping snatch over my head, and buried her face in my crotch. We instantly began to eat each other out in a frenzy, while we groped our feet. Soon we again came to a mind numbing orgasm.

Still horny, we faced each other on our sides, and fingered our soaked snatches, stimulating our G-spots. At the same time, we passionately rubbed out feet together. Staring deep into each other’s eyes, drooling in our near super orgasmic lust, we screamed in perfect orgasm. Our feminine juices sprayed all over our bodies. We held each other, while we recoiled in our pleasure, before blacking out.


It was a slow day at the office. I was a manager of the customer service department at Redmond’s New Technologies. Like most people these days, idle minds often found themselves clouded with sex. I did occasionally lock my office door to relive some “pressure,” and I was considering to do so now. But this time, my grandfather invaded, pushing aside my erotic thoughts.

“He really wasn’t obsessed with sex, was he?” I mumbled to myself. “Why are we so obsessed with pleasure? … ‘Sex is healthy for those of age,’ they said in Sex Ed. ‘Do not be afraid to push your boundaries, while being mindful of one’s own safety’.” I then remembered my history courses. Sure there was a heavy concentration of past sexual practices in relation to the various eras (“Zeus screwed another Human” was a joke back in high school), but sex really wasn’t all there was. The more I thought about it, the more somethings just didn’t add up.

By 2025, the country somehow stabilized permanently, while the world followed suit. This we all knew. People called our time the “Enlightened World.” The Enlightenment was not only of peace, but also of sexuality.

Then, something really began to bother me: bisexuality in all women, common and accepted nymphomania, excellent health and beauty. How was all this realized in such a short time? And, even more confusing: Why did no one else seem to wonder about this?


I left work early. There were no serious issues that day, so no one minded. I went to the local public library in the hope of answering the questions now burning my mind. I went to one of the private study rooms, and quietly closed the door behind me. Skimming the various, available publications relating to the origins of “Enlightened Word” on the terminal did nothing to sooth my nerves. I decided to just go home …

I came home to my wife jogging on the old treadmill. She always was more than alluring with her breasts and hair bouncing freely, while in her tight spandex. The shine on her moist skin merely added icing to the erotic cake.

“You seem distracted, Anita. What’s up?” she asked sweetly.

“I guess I’m still getting over him, Jackie … I just don’t understand the time he came from. Why was our sexual enlightenment so abrupt?”

Jackie hopped off the treadmill with a look of total compassion. She embraced me tightly, clouding my mind with arousal. “Let your lover make you feel better,” she said seductively.

Our clothes melted away, while we slowly fell to the floor. We explored our bodies as if we never had before. My body absorbed her sweat, while mine began to generate its own. We held each other even more tightly, while we screamed in orgasm.

We then squirmed our way to our jaw dropping feet, and slobbered them mindlessly. Their feel and flavor was perfection. Our hands groped their way to our quivering snatches. We rubbed and fingered with near infinite passion. Our eventual orgasm was so powerful that for a brief instant we nearly passed out.

But, the third time was always the charm these days! We faced each other on the floor, and grabbed our spit lubricated feet. Then we shoved as much of it as we could into our soaked pussies. Teeth clenched, drool aggressively poured from the corners of our mouths. Our mad grunts grew louder and louder, while time slowed. Then EXPLOSION! Cum spewed from our crotches past our feet, and onto our sweaty bodies. We lay on the floor breathless.

“That was great …” Jackie blurted.

“Like always…” I barely said before blacking out.


I left work early again. The questions still burned my mind. I again went to the library with different searches in mind. After almost half an hour in the private room, I jumped at a knock at the door. ‘Why am I so anxious?’ I thought to myself.

“Um, ma’am … I have something you may be interested in seeing,” the man stated nervously through the wood door.

“I gave up men back in college,” I said teasingly. Though, I doubted anyone would really look for a one night stand in a library.

“What? … No, its not that … Please, I know this will answer a burning question.”

“A question?” I said breathlessly.

“Please … Just take them.”

I slowly walked to the door, and opened it. The man was already gone. In his place sat two books (rare items these days). I took them back inside, and quietly closed the door behind me. I placed the books on the table, and sat down before them. Books were museum pieces now. After the “Paperless Act of 2030,” all official documentation were digitized, and all else eventually followed suit.

One of the books was printed in 2000. It was called “Transformative Properties: How Mythologies May Aid Genetic and Biological Research” by Dr. Cornelia Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds was the well known chief researcher of the Dr. Carl Lewiston Advanced Genetic Research Institute. That institute was later reorganized as the Better Tomorrow Research Institute, which still has close government ties. The book was designed more like an anthology than a scientific work, and had discussions on how to implement research at the end of each section. I quickly realized that the other book (a handmade mishmash) “complimented” the other.

The first chapter in both books discussed a once popular Production “House of Vampires.” I remember reading about it once as a teen. Reynolds used the Production to discuss various means of achieving longer life spans. She states, “In vampire mythologies Human blood is somehow used to stall the aging process. It is feasible that introducing DNA from a younger person into an older one would drastically reduce the aging process, given the right means of introduction.” The mishmash book stated that research in such areas were abandoned based on inconclusive results.

The next chapter described a secret, and possibly fictitious, cult of the “Three Levels of Pleasure.” This cult reminded me greatly of how the world was currently, them being pleasure loving lesbians. They saw pleasure as Arousal, Orgasmic and Super Orgasmic, and that was how many describe sex now. They also had great control over their physical forms. Reynolds was sure that there was such a cult, and was curious about how they transformed themselves. The other book stated that she did indeed make contact with this cult, and adapted their secrets into her research. How such contact was achieved is unknown. Her institute later created the short lived, online hosiery company Surprises Encased and still in operation Food of the Gods candy company, both of which furthered the research. Both companies kept close tabs on their customers. The findings proved important to her research.

The next part was seemingly out of context. It was about the use of modern technology in the shaping of minds and bodies. She concluded that, if used properly, modern technology may be beneficial to the mind and the body. The other book stated that this research culminated in the software “Click to Convert.” It somehow altered people’s bodies and minds based on the users parameters. Very few copies were distributed, and while the project was discontinued, Reynolds adapted the results into her continued research.

I continued, with next part on the power of Sexual Energy. The “Three Levels of Pleasure” cult led Reynolds in this direction. The urge to mate and experience pleasure is powerful, and she sought to find out if it may be its own force. Her studies led her to a university, which she intentionally left unnamed. There was a rumor about this sexual being propagated by several students. They let her perform various tests on them. They were indeed subtly altered in seemingly impossible ways. According to the other book, these findings, along with those of the Click to Convert project, led to the creation of the Resonator. To ensure total objectivity, she had the project only have two people (scientist and assistant), who were told that the Resonator was designed to replace plastic surgery. The project was deemed a failure after the disappearance of the researchers and incompressible notes.

There was nothing more to read in Transformative Properties, while the other book had one extra section. What was there was almost totally unbelievable! Some of it I knew, and some I didn’t. The line at the top stated: “Like misdirection in a magic show.” It started by discussing Jake Winston Maxwell, who was President from 2023 to 2031. In the early 2000s he was a major investor of small businesses and medical research. One of his investments was the Dr. Carl Lewiston Institute. He was even a major player in their reorganization into the more government friendly Better Tomorrow Institute, when he was a congressman in 2015. He of course later became a governor prior to his presidency. He was intricately connected with the institute long after his presidency, even to the point of being chairman of their board of directors. Interestingly, if rather unsurprising, the book seemed to suggest that he was still involved with the institute, despite his reported retirement some years ago. He is nearly eighty years old, if I recall.

The section continued with the importance of the cult of “The Three Levels of Pleasure.” Whatever was used to convert their followers was the basis for a lab created retrovirus, which could alter a person’s body and mind. Programing it for specific alterations was relatively easy. The primary benefactor was the still in operation New Horizons Entertainment Agency. One of the managers grew tired of finding the “right” role for the “right” person. So, they had many of their clients ingest the preprogramed retrovirus in a serum form usually via wine. While successful, the “Typecasting Program” was shelved for unknown reasons in 2012.

The project was shelved until just before Maxwell became President. He ensured healthy government funding for the revived project now titled “E-86.” Dr. Reynolds was involved, despite initial reluctance. They sought to adapt the retrovirus for mass production to ensure “Health and Stability.” This proved difficult, but ultimately succeeded with the twelfth version dubbed “RV-12.” Through simple flu shots, it was successfully introduced to the population. Women soon became bisexual, while everyone became heavily distracted by pleasure.

The was not the end of the story, shockingly. RV-12 was altered and enhanced, leading to RV-15a. It was simply introduced via the water supply. While RV-12 produced enhanced sexuality, RV-15a produced control over it. Not only that, but also the assurance of healthy, beautiful forms. It producing dominant genetic changes, infecting 100% of the population was unnecessary.

After only a single generation, a surprising discovery was made. RV-15a adapted itself to become a permanent resident in all Human cells not unlike mitochondria. This enabled near total control of all of its hosts. “Common knowledge” stated that this resident was there all along, and only recently discovered.

A small population was exempt from RV-12, and that population did not have RV-15a become a permanent resident in their cells. The changes RV-15a caused was of course permanent anyway. They were primarily politicians and scientists. And, it is that population that is truly in control …

I sat for a while in the small room not knowing what to think. Its not like every source was cited, but there was logic to it. The books answered the question of “why” so perfectly. I didn’t want to believe it, while I had the feeling that was exactly how I was supposed to react. Even if it was true, it somehow seemed worth it. But, was it right?

I unconsciously picked up the books, and quietly left the library. Walking to my car, I was totally oblivious to my surroundings. If I wasn’t in such confusion, I might have been concerned about the two pairs of well dressed people behind and in front of me.

A man with dark sunglasses then stopped me, and asked, “Ms. Anita Jacobson?”

“Yes?” I answered in my haze.

The man smiled diabolically, and I found myself falling into darkness …


I slowly came to consciousness strapped to a padded chair with wires connected to it. The room was dark. A computer terminal flashed to my right. I was flanked by two well dressed women, while a man stood before me. He looked like a generic government agent from some old conspiracy film. “No, no! It can’t all have been true!” I screamed, coming to the clearest conclusion.

“Oh, it’s very much true, my dear!” the man in the generic gray suit cooed.

“I can’t believe it …”

He laughed. “I guess it all is rather overarching! A man seeks to transform the world in his image. That man reforms a research firm with likeminded individuals. And, that man accomplishes his goal. An odd twist to the Cinderella Story, eh?” He obviously referred to Maxwell.

“But, your control isn’t perfect! What about the one who gave me those books?”

“Yes, Jack Carlson, an Undersecretary of the Treasury when this all began. He’s crafty, but we’ll have him soon … Then again, if it wasn’t for people like Jack Carlson, I would be unemployed!” he said with knowing smile.

She shook her head at the man clearly amusing himself. “What are you going to do to me, and what about my wife?”

“We are currently mapping the memory centers of your brain to properly reprogram you. RV-15a makes such things quite easy!” he excitedly said matter-of-factly. “Oh, yes, and your wife. She is being processed as we speak. I don’t believe we will be altering her memories as much as yours, though!”

I found myself growing woozy. The man before me put on a large, toothy smile. The world faded into darkness …


I woke up the next morning in like any other. The comfort of the bed was good and true. I briefly thought of my grandfather, who died more than a year ago. He grew up in a different world, and perhaps he thought his was better. I didn’t think so, though. Today, we live longer, healthier lives. No need to question that. It was common knowledge that science brought us here, or at least helped. As I looked at my sleeping lover, I, as always, found myself pleased with my life.

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