Transformative Properties: 10 Resonance

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual ways and biological, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Author’s Note: This story is a homage to the HP Lovecraft short story “From Beyond.” No infringement intended. Enjoy!


Transformative Properties: 10 Resonance


Synopsis: Dr. Farrah Summers uses her lab assistant Carly as the first test subject for her machine.


The machine was close to completion. All it needed now was a test subject. I chose my sole lab assistant Carly. She wasn’t a particularly attractive woman, and that’s why I chose her. Carly didn’t know that she was about to be a test subject of course. No one on the outside even knew that my experiments had come this far.

When she walked into the lab, which resided in the attic of some old yet curiously sturdy New England Gambrel (our temporary home), I quietly locked the door behind her. I walked into my office on the second of three spacious floors, and woke up my computer. It was ready to remotely activate the Resonator. I could see Carly taking notes on the Resonator’s current status, as ordered. The Resonator stored quite a bit of electricity to be theoretically effective, and needed to be periodically checked. With a devious smile, I hit the Return key on my keyboard. The lights on the cylindrical machine flashed, while a distinct hum was picked up through the camera’s microphone. The ancient support structure of the gambrel subtly vibrated with the Resonance, while shingles on the steeply sloping roof chattered in protest.

“Dr. Summers!” Carly called out. “Farrah, the machine’s activated!” Her look of shock was soon replaced by one of disorientation. Carly sat on the chair behind the lab’s desk. She breathed heavily, and faded in and out of consciousness. She eventually passed out.

I let the machine run for half an hour before shutting it down. I walked into the lab to check on Carly.

She barely came back to consciousness. “What … What happened, Farrah?”

I responded, “You got dizzy, and passed out.”

“But, the machine was active, Doctor …”

“No. You must have dreamt that, Carly,” I said with a straight face.

I helped her to her room. She passed out on her bed almost instantly, before I observed her throughout the night. The Resonator worked perfectly! Her body morphed itself into a significantly more attractive form. Her once snarly, light brown hair transformed into strait, shiny, chocolate brown hair. Her breasts grew, her stomach flattened, her figure became perfect, and her skin became silky and healthily toned. Her face was perhaps the most dramatic: It became more ovular, while the cheekbones rose, and the nose straitened. She became as sexy as any super model.

That morning, I was looking over my notes in my office, when I heard screams and moans. I barged into Carly’s room to see her masturbating and touching herself. She was not really conscious. It was as if her horniness had overwhelmed her. This must have been a side affect of her treatment. But why?

The next day, Carly acted like nothing happened. She didn’t even seem aware that she was totally different physically. I convinced her to do an MRI scan and blood test. The results were inconclusive. Among other things, there seemed to be some changes in the, so called, “pleasure center” of the brain, in comparison to a scan made prior to the experiment, but it was not clear what that meant. The blood tests showed changes in her DNA in ways that were impossible to explain.

Not long after, she requested to be my “first” test subject for the Resonator. In many ways, it was an odd request. The Resonator was designed to change one physically in the same vain as plastic surgery, and Carly’s body was already improved! I obliged, however, due to her inisistance.

Per her request, I set the machine to augment her breast size by at least two cup sizes, which should bring them to about a DD-cup. I switched the machine on 100% safely in my office. The whole building again protested. She acted considerably different this time. Though, the machine was set to do considerably less. She stripped naked, and sat on the desk chair. “My tits are so tingly!” she exclaimed. She then placed her bare feet on the desk in front of her, and began to passionately rub her wet crotch. She rubbed her visibly growing tits with her free hand. It was interesting to note that setting the machine to alter a single aspect resulted in a faster change. Though, it may have been related to having prior exposure. “I feel so GOOD, Farrah! You have to try this!” she cooed, breaking my train of thought. “AHHH, ooooh, YES!” She began to orgasm, and didn’t stop. “FARRAH!” she screamed in her perpetual orgasm. She quickly passed out in her ecstasy.




Carly was no longer the same woman after that. She looked and acted completely different. She gained a much more aggressive personality, while having no qualms about pleasuring herself anywhere or anytime. Most interestingly, she was very agreeable, in terms of me studying her. I even did another MRI scan and blood test, which showed further changes in those areas.

“Do you mind if I ask you a few questions about the results of the experiment, Carly?” I asked as I sat next to her.

“Sure!” she said almost seductively.

“Explain how you’ve been feeling since the experiment.”


“Just horny?” I asked unsteadily.

“Well, I feel amazing, Farrah!”

“Could you elaborate?”

“The first experiment made me really tired, like something within me needed to change.”

I was in shock. Was she referencing the true first experiment? I was not sure.

“I wanted a second run. Everything within me wanted more exposure to the Resonance. After the second run, I received the proper boost.”

She did remember! I was very confused by how cryptic she was becoming. “What do you mean by ‘boost’?”

“I’m surprised you didn’t figure it out at least partially. The Resonance not only alters the body, but also the mind. I am becoming something else, Farrah. After the second run, there is no turning back.”

“What do you mean?” My heart raced in terror.

“I’m not sure yet. It’s more instinct than anything else. They guide me so much more than ever before!”

“You’re losing control?”

“Not really. I want to become whatever it is I am becoming.”




Over the next few days, Carly began to walk around the house naked, except for her flip flops. She had thrown all her clothes out. When I asked her why, she just said that it “felt” like the right thing to do. She ran on instinct alone, and had no qualms about it. She often even said, “There is something within me that is becoming me.” It was inconceivably true, too. All the tests I took on her showed accelerated changes. The pleasure center of her brain had specifically grown, and had gained a totally abnormal configuration. Plus, her DNA showed totally unknown, illogical sequences.

Soon, all she ever did was masturbate to her own body, eat, and do yoga. She was impossibly flexible, too, and she easily performed cunnilingus on herself. A feat most consider impossible!




I was sleeping soundly one night, when I heard the door to my room creak. It was pitch black. Before I could reach to my lamp, I was smothered by a fumy wet rag. Everything became fuzzy. I passed out …

I came to tied to the lab’s desk chair naked. I heard the machine humming to life. Carly seductively sat on the desk before me with a large smile.

“Carly! What are you doing?” I was still somewhat hazy.

“You will become what I am becoming.”

“But, what are you becoming?” I breathed out in my horror.

“We’ll find out together, Farrah.”

The machine hummed happily. The computer before me stated: “Resonance: 100% / Timer: 20 mins / Programed Physical Alterations: N/A.” I was terrified. We never tested the machine at its maximum settings. Yet, the scientific part of me was curious as to what was to happen to both of us.

Waves of Energy then flowed through us, while the whole building protested louder than ever before. I felt truly amazing. It was better than any sex I ever had! After several waves, we began to loudly orgasm. And, every subsequent wave made us orgasm louder and louder. Drool trickled down our cheeks, while our feminine juices trickled down our legs. The pleasure began to overwhelm my mind. Conscious thought was nearly impossible. The waves of Energy were beyond all known forms of pleasure.

I eventually found myself hyperventilating, and passed out …




I woke up the next morning in my bed feeling utterly refreshed and amazing. ‘Was all that just a dream?’ I thought to myself. With a youthful vigor I had not felt for a decade, I prepared for my morning shower.

While I worked the soap into my skin, I could not help but notice how good my wet skin felt. But, no, that could not be. I was sixty-five, yet my body was like it was when I was twenty! “Am I dreaming?” I asked myself, while my revelation of youth aroused me. “If I’m dreaming, I’m gonna enjoy this while it lasts!”

With my right hand, I squeezed my warm crotch, and with my left, I groped my tight, youthful body. It was like a kind of rediscovery. I had forgotten how amazing my slim body once was! My attractiveness made advancing on my own merits difficult, while the rewards were that much sweeter.

At first, I tried to fantasize about some guy surprising me in the shower, while I masturbated, but I found that unnecessary. All that was necessary was the feel of my own erotic body. ‘The source of pleasure is always the sweetest!’ I suddenly thought. “YES!” I cried out in agreement. Everything about my body turned me on, including my very grunts and coos. As my hand groped the high, wrinkled arch of my sexy foot, I felt the largest orgasm of my life rise to the surface. “OHHHH FUH … FARRAH! … Farrah,” I called out to myself in orgasm.

I collapsed to the floor of the tub, while clarity came to my mind. It became all too clear to me that this and the night before were no dreams. What truly fascinated me was how I was and am not turned on by any rational means. It was the pleasure alone! That felt perfectly normal instinctually, while those same instincts made me happy about all the changes. How could I not be, though, I was four decades younger!

I quickly dried off to look at myself on the mirror on my bedroom door. I looked even better than I did at twenty! My auburn hair was again long and vibrant. My tits were again firm. Not a single flaw was visible on my naked body. I again found myself aroused by the fact that I can derive pleasure from myself. It was in that moment that I realized that anything that could give me pleasure aroused me.

I was so fascinated instinctually and scientifically that I quickly wrote it all down into the notes on my laptop.

After, I could not bring myself to get dressed. I even wanted to throw away all my clothes like Carly, but I resisted. Carly suddenly walked into my room.

“You feel it don’t you, Farrah? What we are becoming.”

While I looked at the naked woman before me, my instincts became almost impossible to control. I could sense the very pleasure we could create! “Cah … Carly, we need to run tests on ourselves.”

“I see that you are still above your instincts. No matter, we are in no rush,” she said in seductive tones.

We conducted the tests. The whole time I was barely able to resist touching Carly, let alone myself. My changes all but mirrored Carly’s. If anything, Carly was only sightly more changed than myself. That fact confused me, because she had considerable more exposure than myself.




Over the next few days, I found it increasingly hard to resist my altered instincts. I even couldn’t sometimes, especially in the shower. I even once lost control, when I caught Carly masturbating to herself. It was obviously her plan to have me masturbate with her. Those moments felt more right than anything, and I actually felt bad every time I resisted. What surprised me was how Carly wasn’t actively pushing me toward giving into my instincts. It was as if there was no need. That may have been the truth, because I found myself throwing out my clothes one after the other. The slightest flaw in one was enough for me to rid myself of it. And hell, I was no longer wearing them anyway!

I could feel myself changing mentally and physically. I didn’t want it to stop. That understanding made me feel right.

Eventually, I threw my last articles of clothing away, save the flip flops I still wore, and sat on the soft couch. I was always aroused now. I lay on my stomach, with my legs up. I loved the soft feel of the fabric on my naked body. I looked behind me, and saw my sexy, wrinkly size tens. I found myself masturbating to them, knowing how good they feel when rubbed. From behind I grabbed my right, and started to passionately lick and suck it. My foot tasted amazing! Even the subtle flavor from the foam flip flops was erotic. I was never so flexible before, but nothing about it felt wrong.

Carly then walked into the room. She sat on the arm of the couch, and began to rub and suck my free foot. I rubbed my pussy so hard that my hand was all but buried in it. I soon screamed in glorious orgasm.

Running on instinct alone, I turned around, and made out with the erotic Carly. We then worshiped each other’s bodies with our hands and drooling mouths. Eventually, we tangled our bodies in a passionate sixty-nine. Our juices flowed as freely as our orgasms. I found myself no longer caring about anything but the pleasure, for the pleasure was all that was important.

We then walked to the lab, worshiping our bodies as we went. The door slid closed behind us. Instinctually, I used the computer to set the Resonator to maximum, and to run indefinitely.

The machine soon hummed to life, while we tightly held our pleasurable bodies. The suffering structure around us matter little. Each powerful wave of Energy made us orgasm, and hold more tightly. After several orgasmic waves passed through us, I finally understood. We were transforming, evolving into an ethereal being of pleasure!

I eventually began to merge with Carly’s mind. It was becoming the same as mine, or was it the other way around? None of that mattered any longer, while all we wanted was to become what we were becoming. Before our senses, our souls faded into one, I could see our bodies fade into each other. Eventually, pleasure was all that there was …

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