Transformative Properties: 7 Acting Lessons — Dreamed Origin

Disclaimer: This story is intended for adults only (18+). It contains sexual themes and mind control, which are not intended for everyone. If you don’t like seeing people altered in sexual and biological ways, please feel free to view other postings on this blog. Also, please review the information in the About section of this blog.

Transformative Properties: 7 Acting Lessons — Dreamed Origin


Synopsis: A popular pornographic actress’ dreams reveal her true past.

Quick Profile of Nancy Devine

Peter Jameson, Staff Writer


Nancy Devine, 25, is one of the most talented actresses in her profession. Her acting skills are perhaps as good or better than the average film star. Born in rural California, started at 21, 5’ 8”, blue eyes, a natural blonde, and openly bisexual. And well, everyone knows how healthily voluptuous she is! One of her most well known talents is her flexibility, which she has exhibited numerous time in front of the camera. “Yogalates is my other life,” she likes to muse. She is currently filming “Lesbian Training” with her good friend Taney Deep. It’s been reported that Nancy will be doing her first fetish scene …


The First Dream:

“Hey, look at this hero worship, Taney,” Nancy half joked.

“I think he has a crush on you!” she smirked. “He doesn’t have the most recent facts, though.” She leaned over and gave Nancy a loving kiss. They were friends ever since they met on the set of “Lost Women in Space” (Nancy’s first, Taney’s second), and only recently realized their feelings toward each other.

“How did I not fall in love with you while in space?” Nancy said to her lover for the Nth time.

“We were young,” she responded as she always had. She sat on her lover’s lap, and they resumed making out.


The next day they were on the set of “Lesbian Training.” The day’s schedule consisted of a mix of sex and non-sex scenes. Though Nancy truly enjoyed having hardcore sex in front of the camera, she liked acting, too.

She played the title role of Dr. Nikki the Trainer, a professor at Henrietta Johnson’s University of Pornography and Modeling. The current scene consisted of her and her teaching assistant looking over the new students in the introductory course Lesbian Training 102.

“ACTION!” said the director.

“Nice selection of students this year, huh Valerie?” Nancy noted in character. The students stood in a row in front of them. One of them was Taney.

“From where I’m standing!” the teacher’s assistant stated.

“Students, I have randomly selected teams of two or three. You will be with your partner or partners for the rest of the course. Understand, students?”

“Yes, Dr. Nikki!” they stated in unison.

“Excellent! Valerie, you know who goes with who.”

“Sure, Nikki!” the assistant stated. She reorganized the students.

“Now for the rest of the class, I want you to get to know your partners. If there are any questions, just observe Valerie and me!”

The students commenced an elaborate grope fest, while Nikki and “Valerie” did the same. It was more of a tease than actual sex, which served as an appetizer for the later scenes.

“CUT” the director stated. “That’s good for now. Let’s break for lunch.”

They filmed a couple more scenes after, but those were of the same variety as the first. Still, Nancy felt quite pleased with the day’s work.


“Can’t wait to get to the more erotic scenes, Nancy,” Taney stated as they walked into their small house.

“Me, too! … You just wanna fuck me on camera don’t you?” she asked seductively. They did have a hard core, foot fetish scene together soon.

Taney replied with a horny yet loving look.

The horny women began to make out. Their hot bodies mashed into each other. They walked into their bedroom, while they stripped each other’s clothes, and fell onto the soft, inviting bed. Taney took out the warming massage oils from her end table, and they erotically lubed their bodies. Eventually, they began to scissor. They passionately thrust their snatch into their lover’s, while feeling up and down the smooth legs on their chest. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. “Oh, God, Taney, I love you!” Nancy screamed. Taney lovingly cooed, “I fucking love you, too!” Their orgasms were long and passionate. They cuddled after, while Nancy stroked her lover’s dark brown hair.


That night, Nancy had the most vidid dream of her life. In the dream, she was Nancy Roberts, a biochemist in training. She was an altogether unspectacular woman, though far from ugly. She had mousy brown hair, hazel eyes, pale skin. Her height was five feet and five inches.

After receiving her BS degree within only two years, she was working as a paid intern at the Dr. Carl Lewiston Advanced Genetic Research Institute. The project was on achieving a means of altering someone’s appearance without the need of plastic surgery. The graduate school she was looking to stated that she would be accepted on full scholarship once she finished the internship.

She walked into the chief researcher’s office with a concern.

“Yes, Nancy, you wanted to see me?” the middle aged blonde Dr. Cornelia Reynolds asked behind her large desk.

“Yes …” Suddenly, she heard a familiar beeping …


The Second Dream:

Taney slapped the beeping alarm on their clock. “You gotta learn how to get up in the morning, Beautiful!”

Nancy looked drowsily at her lover. She was never a morning person. “I’m up, I’m up!”

They took a long, hot shower together, and prepared themselves for work.

“I had the weirdest dream last night, Taney.”

“That’s gotta be a first. You never remember them!”

“I know. I can’t believe it either!”

“What was it about?” she asked curiously.

“I think there was a lot more that I forgot. But, I was some researcher or intern at some institute. Something about alternative plastic surgery.”

“Hmph, that would make some money!”

“That wasn’t the strangest part … I was a totally different person: Body and mind. I remember being very concerned about something …”

“Was it your sexuality,” she joked.

“Nah!” she laughed. “It was just a dream.”


The day went pretty smoothly. She filmed some hardcore scenes. She counted at least five orgasms! It was a lot of fun. She was really looking forward to the next day, when she had her foot sex scene with Taney, though.

“So have you two been looking over those clips I sent you?” the writer-director asked as Nancy and Taney were leaving the set.

“A bit,” Taney stated.

“Good. I want your scene to be highlight of the movie.”

They nodded, and left. He was good director for his field, but acted too much like he was some big shot Hollywood filmmaker.

When they were home, they tossed in one of the homemade DVDs that the director sent them. They stripped naked, and flopped onto the couch. From the first DVD they threw in days ago, they knew that they enjoyed each other’s feet. Or at least, the attention! Their feet were quite nice, too. Nancy had a size nine and a half, with high arches and long toes, while Taney had cute size sixes, with proportionally long toes.

Emulating the film, they massaged each other’s feet with warm, edible oils. The attention felt so good they both loudly cooed. They nearly orgasmed when they began to lick and suck. “Deep throat my foot, Baby,” Nancy cooed. Taney licked her lips, and said, “I’ll try, but you got big feet!” Nancy playfully kicked her thigh with her free foot. Starting at the heel, Taney slobbered up to Nancy’s big toe, and inserted it into her mouth. Each following toe succumbed in turn, until a more than pleased Taney had them all in her stretched mouth. Nancy rubbed Taney’s sexy sole on her wet pussy, while she moaned. She then grabbed Taney’s free foot, and shoved the tiny thing into her mouth. At the same time, they massaged her lover’s snatches with her big toes. They writhed wildly in the pleasure. And when they came, they came hard!

Taney crawled on top of her lover, and they made out. The taste of feet in their mouths was like dessert. “That’s so fucking kinky!” Taney said deeply. They resumed making out lovingly.


That night, Nancy had another incredibly vivid dream, or at least a continuation of the last.

“So, what is your concern, Nancy?” the middle aged woman asked.

“Well, Dr. Reynolds, I noticed some interesting properties with the retrovirus we’ve been working on.”


“I noticed that it responds to other commands.”

“Like what?”

“Well, it appears that it can be programed to alter someone’s mind, instead of just body.”

“Interesting, and when did you discover this aspect?”

“Not long after we found that it can stably exist in alcohol.”

“That was a week ago, Nancy!”

“Well, that only led to my other concern.”

“Go on.”

“I know this is against standard procedure, but I took a look at the original proposal. It was on a hunch. Turns out that the original is not the original!”

The Doctor gave her a look, which she could not read. It was like she put on a poker face.

“Needless to say, I found the original, or at least an earlier draft. It stated that the retrovirus would be used for recreating actors to best fit in certain types of roles, and that the proposal and money came from New Horizons Entertainment Agency.”

“Interesting. Your discovery … discuss …” A beeping sound echoed into existence…


The Third Dream:

“Good morning, Sexy!” Taney said brightly.

“Mourning,” she said tiredly yet lovingly.

“Ready for our big scene?”

“Once I’m awake!”

They prepared themselves for the day. The emotions of the dream weighed heavily on her: the concern, the confusion. It was just so damn vivid! Or maybe, it was mention of New Horizons, which was her first agency.

“You look a bit distracted, Nancy,” the director asked concerned. Taney looked concerned, too.

“Oh, I’ll be fine once we get goin’!”

“You sure you’re all right, Nancy?” Taney asked with a loving concern.

Nancy lightly kissed Taney to sooth her concerns.

The stage hands finished with the set, and they took their places. Nancy sat behind a desk in her character’s “office,” while Taney waited off camera.

“ACTION!” the director screamed.

Taney walked into the frame in character.

“So, why did you want to see me Jessica?” Nancy asked.

“Oh, its just that test on foot fetish concepts, Prof. I just don’t get feet.”

“Ah, you want some tutoring?”

“Oh, definitely!”

Nancy took out edible massage oil from her desk, and sat on the chair next to “Jessica.”

“As you know, I prefer to see how far spit can go … Are you flexible, Jessica?”

“Pretty flexible. Is that gonna be on the test?”

“Extra credit,” she said seductively, slowly licking her lips. “Just follow my lead.”

With “Jessica” imitating, Nancy unstrapped her sandals, and removed her tube top and tight work pants (neither wore underwear). They then began to massage their own feet. Nancy bit her lip. “Ummm, like I was saying in class, Jessica, feet NEED this kind of attention. They do so much. Attaching this to shear pleasure is simply the best thing anyone can do!”

Nancy then easily brought her right foot to her hot mouth. She licked and sucked from heel to toe, while deeply massaging. The cooed passionately, while they watched each other. Nancy then brought the other foot to her mouth, while bringing the lubed one to her moistened snatch. She then plunged one foot into her pussy, and the other into her mouth. Their motions were nearly identical, and they fucked themselves in this way for several minutes before coming to a loud, real orgasm.

“Wow, Prof! I think I get it now!” she said with joy.

“I have plenty of time before my next class. Want some more extra help?”

“Fuck yeah!”

They nudged their chairs closer, and began to passionately massage each other’s feet. They stuck with using spit. The director earlier gave them a choice of either spit or oil. After they had their fill, they rammed each other’s feet into their pussies. With great passion, they pushed their feet in as deep as possible, pulled out, and the plunged them back inside! They used their feet like cocks or dildos, while their feet were sensitive in their own right.

After they came wildly, they climbed onto the spartan desk, and scissored wildly with appropriate attention to their feet. They came even more excitedly then the first two times at home!

“Jessica” kissed in thanks. “That was great! Thanks for helping me understand the joys of feet!”

“Anytime, Jessica!” They again kissed.

“CUT! … That was great ladies!”

The crew brought over robes and flip flops for the kissing actresses.

“That was good wasn’t it, Taney?”

“Better than good.”

The rest of the day went pretty smoothly. None of the shot scenes that day topped the heat of the first, however!

When they got home, they gave each other a long foot massage. In fact, they worshiped their feet for hours. They did not need to go as far as sex; they did plenty of that earlier. Their love was so deep that, while it was most certainly fun, sex was not a necessity.


That night, Nancy’s vivid dream continued. This time she was in an observation room, strapped to an exam table. A man and a women walked up to her. The women was her boss.

“I don’t believe we’ve met, Nancy. I’m Robert Jackson of the New Horizons Entertainment Agency.” He shook her shackled hand.

Her boss then said, “I didn’t realize that you would be perfect for the first full scale human test of the retrovirus, in its serum form, until I mentioned your snooping to Bob. No immediate family, no close friends.”

“Oh, yes, that original proposal was perfectly true. Hell, they never had any other benefactors for this project!” Jackson stated.

Nancy saw the IV attached to her arm. She was terrified. “You don’t realize what this Serum is capable of!” she blurted out. She perhaps knew more about the retrovirus than anyone. It was all but capable of anything!

“We’ll soon find out, won’t we!” Dr. Reynolds stated joyously.

“What are you gonna do to me?” Nancy said shakily.

Robert Jackson replied, “You might call it ‘Acting Lessons’.”

Several weeks of confusion and transformation followed, blurring together …


A Lesbian Porn Star:

Nancy woke up naturally. It was Saturday, and no shooting was scheduled until Monday morning. ‘That can’t have been real!’ she thought to herself. The dreams were so vivid, they were like memories. But, that must have been impossible. She clearly remembered loosing her parents when she was young, and moving in with her grandparents, who themselves died five years ago. She remembered going to college for a degree in Visual Arts, and trying some modeling for extra cash before jumping into porn. And, she especially remembered her lover.

The early riser Taney walked into the room. “Mourning, sleepyhead!”

“Mourning,” she said with deep love behind it.

“I made some breakfast. Wanna join me?”


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