Transformative Properties: 11 Acting Lessons — The Power of the Serum

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Transformative Properties: 11 Acting Lessons — The Power of the Serum

Synopsis: Anita’s new agent at the New Horizons Entertainment Agency found a different kind of role for her.


Date: Oct. 5, 2011

To: Robert Jackson, Senior Manager of Actors, Actors Division, New Horizons Entertainment Agency

From: Dr. Cornelia Reynolds, Chief Researcher, Dr. Carl Lewiston Advanced Genetic Research Institute

Subject: Re: Typecasting Request

Robert Jackson,

First let me say that I am rather uncomfortable about your recent request on both a personal and scientific level. However, my team and I did move forward with your request. Being unsure how to synthesize the Serum to the specific parameters prescribed, we set it to respond toward the wants and needs of the recipient via the chemical impulses of the brain. We are fully aware of the degree of unpredictability this can bring, but feel it is worth the risk. We know how easily actors may turn themselves into their character without true external stimuli. If the Serum is unsuccessful, or if you chose not use it, you may place the blame squarely on me.

A Different Kind of Role:

Entertainment Agent Erica Summers put down a printed email she was reading, while her new client walked into her office.

“Anita, please have a seat … Here’s the script.”

“So, like I was saying over the phone, Katherine would be a very different kind of role for me. You know, I’ve never played anything like a Vampire, and I’m not a lesbian!” Anita just joined the agency, and was truly surprised with the role they found for her. Though, she did fit the physical characteristics (dark hair, five feet and seven inches, blue-gray eyes, light skin), the other aspects were possibly beyond her skills.

“Don’t worry, Anita. We’ll help you in any way we can. This role is one in a million!”

“My last agent used to say things like that!”

“But, we mean it,” she said somewhat lightly.

“I wonder how my boyfriend is gonna react to this one! … Lets make this a done deal, Erica.”

Erica pressed the button on her intercom. “Has the paperwork for ‘Eternal Blood’ come in yet, Jack?”

“Let me check. Just a sec.” The speaker clicked. “Yes, Ms. Summers. I’ll bring it right in.” Click.

The secretary walked in with the usual multipage movie contract, and walked out. Anita looked it over, and gave it the proper signatures, knowing that the agency’s legal department already gave it a good look through.

“My secretary put together a box of research materials for the role. You can pick that up when you leave … Oh! I almost forgot. This being the first contract you signed through us, I have a gift for you.” She handed over a bottle of expensive looking red wine.

“But, I thought Vampires don’t drink wine?” Anita said jokingly.

“You’re not a Vampire yet!”

Bloody Research:

Anita’s boyfriend seemed to enjoy the idea of her new role more than he admitted. He wanted to join her in looking everything over, but he needed to do some work. He was so swamped lately that he was bringing a lot of his work home with him.

She drank the amazingly good wine, while she looked over the script. In many ways, this was not a major departure from mainstream Vampire mythology. It did have its own twists, of course. These Vampires could see their own reflection, and it was only a couple of psychologically disturbed Vampires, who were the source of the myth. Religion had no ill effects on them, and it was again a couple of disturbed Vampires. They could drink the blood of any mammal, while Human blood was the “healthiest.” They could eat “Human food” too, but it provided little to no sustenance. They could be out during the day (sunlight cannot easily kill them), but being naturally nocturnal, it was more than uncomfortable on their skin. They were highly telepathic, and could make others think they transformed into, say, a bat. The female Vampires had no body hair, and had stronger telepathic abilities. Like Humans, most Vampires were heterosexual, while Katherine just happened to be a lesbian. There were other quirks, too, but nothing as significant.

She poured herself another glass, having already lost count of many she already had. The research materials were primarily a set of homemade DVDs. Each one had spliced together segments form various Vampire movies, which fit well with mythology of “Eternal Blood.”

Now, Anita was not lesbian, but she did find the female Vampires to be quite remarkable. They were strong and in charge. They did not give a damn about what others thought about them. This was something that Anita could really start with, because that was like what she aspired to be. This was going to be easier than she thought!

“Damn!” she mumbled. She finished the bottle. It was the best wine she ever had. Smooth, delicious, and had unique qualities, which she could not quite figure. This was by no means her normal behavior toward alcohol, but that wine was just that good!

That night, she had particularly hot sex with her boyfriend. Those videos excited her more than she wanted to admit! Her boyfriend was always supportive of her work in his own ways, so he fucked her like a lesbian. It was a bit weird at first, but still fun. Of his surprising knowledge of lesbian sex, the best positions for them both were the sixty-nine and the scissor. The sixty-nine was especially amazing, because they always enjoyed blowing each other. Their orgasms were loud and energetic. They were still turned on by the time the decided to sleep!

“Uh, hi, Erica,” Anita said on the phone. “This may sound a bit strange, but do you have anymore of that wine? I actually finished it all already!” It was in that moment when she realized that she had little to no hangover, but it did not really bother her.

“Oh, well, I suppose I could get you another. I know how good that wine is! Come in after lunch, and I’ll give you another bottle.”

Lunchtime did not come around fast enough, even with her usual morning jog. Her boyfriend went to work hours before. At one in the afternoon, she finally received the new bottle from Erica.

“So how’s the research coming, Anita?”

“Better than I expected. You know, I found the female Vampires of this mythology quite identifiable. I definitely want to become Katherine!”

“Glad to hear it, Anita!”

The moment Anita got home, she started her research again. She did not even bother with a glass for the wine. She knew she would finish it long before her boyfriend came back home.

While watching the videos, she thought about how she would “become” a lesbian. Looking at the attractive women on screen, she realized that it might not be that hard. They ARE beautiful, they ARE sexy. ‘Sexy. Sexual. Sex,’ she thought, while taking a very large swig. ‘Sensual. Pleasurable. Arousal.’ She then said out loud, “I can be attracted to women,” she said in amazement.

After that, she started to pleasure herself at the sight of the women to “train” herself. It was downright awkward at first, and almost did not work. But, she kept repeating the same mantra in her head: sexy; sexual; sex; sensual; pleasure; arousal. After a while it actually started to work! She almost could not believe it! For the first time in her life, she was deriving sexual pleasure from the sight of women. And even more shocking, the sight of Vampire women.

Anita quickly stripped naked. She was getting rather hot from all the action! She quickly resumed. She was never one to masturbate very much, but was enjoying it now more than she thought she ever could. Every time she came, it was the best orgasm of her life, and every time she saw man, she wanted him to leave the frame.

Her boyfriend came home to the sight of his naked girlfriend masturbating on the couch to women on the HDTV.

“This is your research?” he said in utter shock and arousal.

Anita looked over to her boyfriend, and removed her two fingers from her crotch. “Ha … woah … Yup! Getting used to my own gender, you could say,” she said with a sexy smile.

The boyfriend picked up the wine bottle. “Hmm, empty … I could use a drink!”

After he scarfed down some of his bourbon, he tried to engage her, assuming that she was still aroused, but she “tired herself out already.”

Anita went to bed that night feeling different, yet oddly pleased with herself. ‘I really can do this,’ she thought. ‘I really want to become the sexy, lesbian Vampire Katherine!’

Becoming the Role:

The next mourning, Anita woke up several hours later than usual. Her boyfriend had already left for work. She was still very tired, but forced herself into her morning jog. She found it to be an uncomfortably bright day, which she attributed to her surprisingly light hangover. During the jog, she briefly considered calling Erica for another great bottle of wine, but decided she had enough wine for a while.

When Anita got back, she was exhausted, and it was not just because of the jog. She wondered if she was coming down with something. She felt fine otherwise, and took a quick shower.

It was already past noon, so she decided that she needed to eat something. But first, she had to close the curtains. She was still clearly photosensitive from her apparently lingering hangover.

She looked around the cupboards and fridge to try to figure out what she wanted. She was most certainly hungry! Her boyfriend placed a steak in the fridge from the freezer. He clearly wanted to cook it up for them, when he got home. Then the interesting thought crossed her mind, ‘Why not warm up the blood, and drink it?’ I was and odd thought, but it kind of made sense. She was learning how to act like a Vampire.

She took out the steak, and poked a hole in the plastic wrapping with her finger. Then she poured it into a tall glass, and warmed it in the microwave. Without thinking, she suck the raw cow’s blood off her finger. It turned out to be a tasty yet surprising act. She tossed the steak back into the fridge.

The microwaved beeped, and she grabbed her meal. Having already sucked the blood off her finger, she drank from the glass without hesitation. “Wow!” she licked her lips. It was simply delicious. “How could I have been missing this!” It was beyond a doubt odd to be drinking such a thing, but it somehow did not bother her.

She finished her meal, before masturbating to more lesbian Vampire clips. She lay down feeling gorged, and passed out …

She shot up at the door closing. It was her boyfriend. “Hey, Honey! Hungry? I was planning to cook up that steak … You all right? You look a bit piqued?”

“Oh, I feel fine! I think I had a bit of a hangover from that wine, but I slept it off.”

“All right.” He looked concerned.

Anita glanced at her watch. It was 5:30, and almost dark outside. She practically slept the whole day!

A little while later, they were having dinner. Anita was hungry, but not in to mood for steak and potatoes and a vegetable. She did pick at it a bit, though”

“Something wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing. Guess I’m not that hungry,” she lied. All Anita could do was think about the warmed blood she had earlier. Was the steak poorly spiced at the store? Why was its blood that good, while the cooked steak was, well, steak? She was starting to worry if this Vampire thing was getting to her head.

That night, Anita found herself having sex with her boyfriend. She was not really in the mood, but felt bad about sexually frustrating him the night before. She found herself paying close attention to his neck: liking, sucking, nibbling. He was clearly enjoying it. Then she bit his neck hard, very hard. He let out a good yelp. No blood, just a good bite mark. It should prove to be a good hickey to show off at work! “Easy there, you little monster! That one kinda hurt.” They humped for a little while longer. The uncontrollable attention to the neck did not cease, but she did not bite him that hard again.

Over the next few weeks, Anita slept more and more during the day. It came to the point where she shifted her daily jogs to nights. “Just getting into character,” she kept telling herself. It was always a safe neighborhood anyway. What shocked her boyfriend was how she started to only eat, well, drink warmed blood (cow, chicken, etc). He tried to get her to eat something else, her looking rather pale, but she always said no.


Date: Oct. 20, 2011

To: Dr. Cornelia Reynolds, Chief Researcher, Dr. Carl Lewiston Advanced Genetic Research Institute

From: Robert Jackson, Senior Manager of Actors, Actors Division, New Horizons Entertainment Agency

Subject: Typecast Subject

Dr. Reynolds,

Your Serum never fails to amaze me! This time, however, there is a degree of anxiety. I met with our latest subject, Anita Jones, today. It was about three weeks after she drank down both bottles. The meeting was after dark. She had changed so much. Paled skin, seemingly sharper canines. Here eyes even had this piercing quality. She admitted to drinking almost only animal blood for the past three weeks, and sleeping during the day. She claimed she was just getting into the role. Though I can’t prove it completely, she definitely appears to be exhibiting the qualities we were looking for. The implications of that are staggering. I think we’ll find out soon enough if your Serum is capable of doing the impossible!

Just when everything seemed about to stabilize, Anita found herself in shock. She was at the store to buy some meat, the blood of which she would drink later. She was sniffing the packages to get just the right ones. Suddenly, she realized that she was sensing other’s thoughts. At first she thought it was her imagination, but something told her it was not. For reasons beyond her, she wanted to see it this could go the other way. She walked up to an attractive blonde woman in an aisle. ‘Say you want to fuck me all night, and then forget you said it.’ The woman walked over with a horny face, and said, “I want to fuck you all night!” The walked back to the product she was examining like nothing happened. On impulse, Anita then went, ‘Tell me that you’ll let me drink your blood, too, and then forget you said it.’ The woman walked back with the same sexy look, and said, “I’ll let you drink my blood, too!” She again walked back like nothing happened.

Anita was it shock. What the hell was happening? She could not be becoming a Vampire, could she? She then realized how strong the smell of blood was on the meat. Drool almost leaked from her mouth. It was not just the meat, however; it was the woman before her! She smelled so good. On impulse, she felt her upper canines with her tongue. Though they were not any longer they ever were, they were razor sharp!

She instinctually waked over to the woman, and inhaled her scent. Drool escaped her mouth. The worried woman looked over to Anita. “Can I help you?”

Anita licked her lips, and said, “Yes …” She looked deeply into the woman’s eyes, and mesmerized her. They then quickly checked out, and went to the blonde’s car. Anita jogged her way there.

They went to the back seat, and immediately started to make out lustfully. Anita never had sex with a woman before, but found herself truly excited! She licked and nibbled both sides of the woman’s neck, before they stripped naked. They adjusted to scissor, and their pussies passionately made out. Anita looked over the leg draped over her chest with all of her apparently heightened senses. She could sense the major arteries pulsing just under the surface. The very sense aroused and hungered her. Then she bit her, and bit her hard. The woman yelped. While it was not enough to draw blood, it was more than enough to leave a mark.

They came in loud screaming orgasms. Anita then crawled on top of the docile woman. Her neck was suggestively exposed. Anita hissed, “What am I?” The woman answered, “A Vampire.” Things started to become clearer to Anita in that moment. She was indeed a Vampire now of the variety described in “Eternal Blood.” How this was possible, she did not yet know.

Anita let the woman go without any memory of what happened. She knew that she was not ready to drink human blood, but would be soon. While walking home, she gorged herself on the delicious raw blood from the meat she just bought, while tossing the useless flesh away. She began to notice things she never noticed before. The smell of the animals hiding around her, the true beauty of the night. She even noticed how her heart would only beat to spread the recently consumed blood through her veins. She began to revel in her new self. She would be young and perfectly beautiful forever, and all she had to do was drink delicious Human blood. Animal blood would of course sustain her, while the Human would ensure her youth. It was clear that her body and instincts had been slowly changing for some time, and that conscious knowledge of it had all finally boiled to the surface.

Her boyfriend greeted her after she walked in. “Hey, Honey!” He sounded oddly nervous. She no longer felt any sexual attraction toward him; she was a lesbian, now, after all! She greeted him with a smile regardless. “How was your jog?” Anita replied, “Pretty good. Got the blood flowing.” She silently laughed in her head, because she honestly could no longer feel her heart pumping. In her head or not, that was how she wanted to feel.

He was getting ready to refinish the bedroom door frame, and was scraping off the worn finish. ‘Slip,’ Anita instinctually thought. Clumsily, the blade slipped, and gashed his left thumb. It started bleeding immediately.

The sight and smell of the flowing blood aroused Anita beyond anything she ever knew. She walked over to him, barely hiding her excitement. “You know,” she said breathily, “I am practicing to be a Vampire.”

He quickly responded shocked, “What?”

Anita continued with a seductive smile, barely holding back her drool, “Let me take care of that for you before you make a mess.”

Before he had a chance to respond, she grabbed his hand. She seductively licked the blood that escaped onto his hand. The first taste of succulent Human blood; she wondered if she could ever match it. Hand licked clean, she slowly inserted the bleeding thumb into her drooling mouth. She inhaled the delicious juice so vigorously that it was as if she wanted to suck him dry through his thumb. She squirmed like a horny nymph. “UMMMMM!” she cooed in delight. Her boyfriend was truly amazed with her, and oddly aroused. He then noticed color return to her skin, while her deathly cold body grew warm, but thought it was just his imagination.

“All right, Anita. I don’t think there’s any blood left in my hand!” he said nervously. His hand had grown quite cold!

She slowly removed the no longer bleeding thumb from her mouth. Her teeth and spit were dyed red from his blood. She could feel her sharp fangs preparing to grow for the first time. “I’m not gonna lie … That made me feel FUCKING AMAZING!” She grabbed the head of her shocked boyfriend, and lustfully made out with him. He could taste his blood on her spit, and though it weirded him out, he was too aroused to care.

Anita grabbed him, and threw him onto the bed, with strength he never knew she had. She then ripped off their clothes, and mounted her boyfriend’s raging boner. She humped him wildly.

“I have a secret to tell you,” Anita hissed.

“UHHH … What?” he blurted out.

Anita stopped her wild humping, and put her face just above his. She exposed her glistening teeth, and let her fangs descend for the first time. “I’m a Vampire!” She then pulled his head aside, and plunged her virgin fangs into his flesh. She humped him wildly, as she passionately sucked out and drank the delicious food from his neck. Her fangs excreted a substance not unlike morphine, which made the experience ironically pleasurable for him. He came prematurely in her, while she continued to drink and hump. She removed her fangs from his violated neck, and orgasmed loudly. Her blood stained fangs glistened in the moonlight.

Before he passed out from the loss of blood, she entered his mind. ‘By tomorrow morning, you will decide that you have no problem with the fact that your lover turned into a Vampire. A sexy Vampire lover more than intrigues you. As a result, you want me to drink your blood. You love me, and want me to be happy and well fed.’

The Human blood helped to finish all the changes her mind was processing. Everything was beautifully clear. It was then she realized that she was wrong earlier. She did still feel something for him. She was really bisexual, and only thought she became a full lesbian.

Eternal Blood:

The next morning, the boyfriend woke up next to his Vampire lover. He almost could not believe it! He was somehow fine with it, though. He loved her no matter what, and he was pretty sure that she would never loose her beauty now.

He lightly shook her awake.

“Oh, hello.” She was very drowsy, it being day. Since she gorged herself on his blood earlier, it was far easier to stay awake than it could have been. Her fangs were out, but she retracted them.

“I just wanna say that I love you.”

“Good … I love you, too,” she whispered.

“I really do love you. You may feed on me. I want you to be happy.”

“Delicious,” she whispered, while her fangs partially descended.

Anita woke up next to her Boyfriend at dusk. He handed her a warm glass of pig blood. She sat up, while the blanket exposed her flawless, bare chest. The blood was good, but nothing like what she had the night before!

Her boyfriend rubbed the large bandage on his neck. “You know, Anita, I almost can’t believe this, but I think I’m still kinda turned on from last night!”

She licked up a drop of blood from her lower lip. “There’s more where that came from,” she said seductively.

“I hope so!” he said nervously, while rubbing his neck bandage. “When is that movie gonna start shooting, anyway?”

“Oh, that! I almost forgot … Next week, last I heard.”

“I think you already have the role down!” he said with a nervous laugh.

Anita put down the glass of blood on her end table. With a seductive smile, showing her sharp, retracted fangs, she lunged over to her surprised lover. They made out passionately. She let him feel her descending fangs with his tongue. Suddenly, she pulled back, ripped off the bandage on his neck, and plunged her fangs into her lover in passionate motions …

Email (Private)

Date: Feb. 12, 2012

To: Robert Jackson, Senior Manager of Actors, Actors Division, New Horizons Entertainment Agency

From: Dr. Cornelia Reynolds, Chief Researcher, Dr. Carl Lewiston Advanced Genetic Research Institute

Subject: “Eternal Blood”

Robert Jackson,

I am sure that I am not the first to say this, by we are in total shock toward what we did. It should have been impossible! In fact, all we really expected was for the actress to merely think that she was her character, and cut our losses. I personally saw her on the set of “Eternal Blood.” How did everyone watch all that so nonchalantly? She was really drinking people’s blood! Everyone will think it was fake, while praising its realism. What else would they think? It may have been a mistake, though, to come to the set. I felt her in my mind. She knows everything! She even came to me after to thank me. She did not bit me, though, but I saw everything, including her fangs, close up. The part that scares me the most is the fact that she and her boyfriend went missing after filming. Bob, what have we done?

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