Table of Contents: Cosmic Passions

The Director’s Cut of the second anthology in the Passions Multiverse. These stories are set prior to summer 2012, and in various universes across this Multiverse.

Tome Cover B2 (Special)

1 Sage
2 L. Craft Towers
3 The Sex Ray
4 Sex Drive
5 Artist’s Rendition
6 Manifest
7 Eternity
8 Silken
9 Blue
10 CatWomen
11 Off Road
12 Viral
13 Sexuality 201
14 Latexification
15 The Return
16 The Passion Out of Space
17 Witchcraft
18 An Idea
19 Tin Can
20 Bacchic Passions
21 In the Madness of Passions

Definitive Edition eBook

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