Blog Unbound: The Demon

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and graphic content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This is part one (Night) of my Night and Day Trilogy to be followed by The Blog Flash The Dawn and the Unbound Story The Anna Drake (Day). The stories pose specific questions. How far will an actor go for their role? How far should they go? The roots of these stories lie in such tales as the Passions Multiverse Eternity and the Unbound Story The Demoniac Method. Night follows the fairly well known Ava Mendez, who landed a good yet very dark role in an upcoming miniseries with her as a Demonic Succubus. She studies extensively for her role. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Demon

Ava Mendez looked over her latest script. Like many of her roles, it was rather racy, sexy. She was a beautiful, slim, light skinned brunette, whose bright blue eyes broke all down. Her C-cup breasts were easily as perfect as her silken size nine feet. She started as a model, but quickly moved to acting. As an actress, well, actor, she liked the more R rated roles, and had no problem with nudity. While often on the verge of being typecast as the sexy brunette, her roles were rather diverse: mother, scientist, cop, and now, a woman accidentally possessed by a Demon. There may be a sequel miniseries if it proved successful.

This character was to be one of the primary characters in the premium network miniseries. It was to be an original storyline about the woman’s ultimate transformation into a Living Demon by a Demon (episodes one through three), and her role in ending the world (episodes four through seven). The producers and writers were to experiment in a story where “evil” wins, and in a very specific way.

The resulting Living Demon is basically a Succubus, who infests the world with a lust virus. That virus eats away a Human’s ability to love at the genetic level, while the lust it genetically enhances isn’t just of sex, but also for things like power. However, it is purely a sexually transmitted decease. While it definitely infects men, only women can transmit it. Men can change within the first week of infection, but women, contagious all the while, typically carry it for up to a mouth before showing any signs of change. At the same time, the virus slowly makes most women forceful leaders in a never tiring exploration of lust, merging their estrogens with their androgens into a powerful and sole sex steroid (“endrogen”), while all body hair withers away. In men, endrogen makes them more like their counterparts, but incredibly passive. Indeed, men even loose most of their body hair as well!

Being a bit of a method actor at heart, Ava wanted to learn about the more fantastical. This wasn’t a part of her rational belief system, so she didn’t know much about demonology. She had no serious stress over this, assuming at least the writers did some of their own research.

* * * *

A week after receiving the role, Ava found herself walking up the steps to an aging Victorian household. It was peaceful and secluded. She was studying demonology all the while, but found no serious satisfaction in it, wanting to go to the source. The self proclaimed demonologist Andrew James pointed her to multiple books on the subject. One of the names that appeared very often, including as author, was Cherry Daniels, who described herself as a “Gray Witch.” The description simply came down to her being pragmatic, and not necessarily caring about either good or evil. Daniels described herself as the kind of Witch that observed and implemented everything equally.

Cherry Daniels lived about two hours away by highway up in the northern edge of Victorton, California. There were may other names referenced, but this was the closest that didn’t seem too crazy to Ava. Though, demonology was at the very least nutty to her.

An attractive, mid thirties woman opened to door before Ava rang the doorbell.

“Ah, you must be Ava Mendez. Please, come inside.”

Ava politely followed. “I guess you saw me driving up!”

“Who needs a crystal ball when you got big windows!” she quipped.

They made their way down the hall. Though a bit on the dim side, perhaps from the time of day, it was very comfortable. Wood paneling lined the lower half of the walls, while blue patterned wall paper lined above.

They soon casually walked into a very modern office. A round table sat in the middle, doubtless for the occasional seance, and a young looking wood desk sat before the window. A lightly aged laptop sat on the desk They politely sat opposite sides of the desk.

“So what can I do for you, Ava?” she asked pleasantly. “You said you were looking into demonology over the phone.”

“Yes. Like I said, the miniseries is apocalyptic. I’ll play the Demonic Succubus that corrupts the world.”

“Happy ending?” she asked sarcastically.

“Depends on your definition! There is a Succubus!”

“You’ve read my books, and every ones else’s …”

“I … Well, I like to go to the source of things for my research …”

“Do you want to talk with a Demon?” she interrupted.

“Err, I guess it would lead there eventually.”

“I figured as much! They are a shifty bunch. It often takes talking with more than one to find the truth. It’s not necessarily dangerous for your soul or mine. It just may take many interviews.”

“I’m really looking for the right feel and understanding. If I’m told the truth, great; if I’m told lies, even better.”

“I see.” She nodded. “I know how to function as a Medium. If you are willing to wait an hour or two for preparation, this can be done today. Unlike the average spirit, Demons relish the chance to say hello. Talkative, bullshit or no. I just need to set up the proper protections. You’ve seen the Exorcist, I presume. There’s your idea!”

Time past fairly quickly, while Ava closely observed the woman’s preparations. It wasn’t that complicated to the outside observer: placing lit candles at five points in the room; a chalk drawing of a pentagram on the round table. A thick, disgusting looking liquid was ultimately imbibed by Cherry. The steamy substance made them both gag!

“OK, Ava, I need you to sit at the table.”

She did so.

The Witch sat on the opposite end, and stated professionally, “The chant I am about to do, though most assume it should be, is definitely not Latin. As I’ve said in the books, the language used for any ‘magic’ is irrelevant. It is always intent. Using Latin or any dead language is just to amaze the tourists. It all really comes down to what you’re most comfortable with, and actually knowing the language. The language I like to use is Macedonian, the language of my parents …”

The Witch closed her eyes, and pointed her head downward. She spoke slowly, deeply in the old Slavic Tongue. Knowing some Russian from a prior role, Ava picked of some of the words. To her, she heard something to the affect of “I call into darkness. Let me be your vessel.” Most was lost on her, though, save for the general unease the tone gave her.

Suddenly, the chanting stopped, and she looked up with empty eyes.

“I can see into your mind, child, that you don’t believe any of this,” she growled with an odd echo Ava couldn’t explain right then. The woman’s eyes faded into a haunting black.

“Doesn’t matter what I believe, Cherry,” she explained, cynically using the Witch’s name, “I am studying.”

“I am Penny, a Demon of hell, my disbeliever,” she taunted. “I see in your mind what you want.”

Ava told the Witch what she wanted to learn, so there were no chills. Still, she was thrown off by the less than archaic name given.

“You want a Demon inside you, a Demon to corrupt you, a Demon to make you a Living Demon.”

“Well, is that all possible?” she asked academically.

Sure, but a Living Demon is very rare. I only know of one, but she became something else almost right away. That is the trouble with that species: there must be a purpose to the transformation. However, that purpose can make the Living Demon a stepping stone, rather than conclusion. You clearly have a purpose, but lets go over the details … You want to become an immortal Demon Succubus. Even rarer as a subspecies of the Living Demon. No rape and pillage, just fucking and corrupting at the heart. Would you also like the virus as well?”

Ava smirked, and almost said yes. However, she wanted to moderate whatever this was. “Well, not exactly. I’m not that epic! I think … Yes, how about a good fucking from me would instill the fictional virus’ effects. No contagion. Nothing for anyone to spread, as only I am capable of making the changes through fucking. A single fuck won’t cause any permanent physical changes. It would merely be an extension of the sexual corruption a Demonic Succubus inflicts. So, the changes — faster if I feed on the soul as well, would come out of continuous fucking, feeding.”

The possessed Witch nodded. “Easily done, my dear. Now, we already have the parameters fully laid out in your mind. Here is how I will make this work for you. You will make a Deal with me. I will follow the terms of the Deal with the parameters clearly laid out by you. There will be no fine print; that is not my style for those that want specific things.”

“Won’t that Deal damn me to Hell?” she asked sarcastically.

“Not the Deal itself. As all Deals are different, I cannot always accept a soul as payment in the traditional sense. Regardless, it all depends on what you do after. Plus, as an immortal, you can still be killed, but I’ll say that is unlikely.” There was a subtle incoherence to her words, like a shifty salesmen working on quota and commission.

“What is the payment for the Deal you’re offering?” She was genuinely curious.

The darkened women chuckled deeply. “Demonic Deals aren’t all that simple. You can reverse them, and even defend yourself upon death over some of them. You know, selfless acts! For you, I won’t need your soul to drag to Hell for demonization, as I will do that here.”

“I don’t understand …”

“You would allow me to make you a Living Demon! I won’t have to drag your soul anywhere. This is simply worth my time, because I am making another Demon. All I need is permission to do what you ask.”

“Well, I can’t see a better way to learn all this shit!”

“Nor can I!”

“Let’s do this! You have my permission.” Ava really didn’t believe any of it, but was loving the usable experience. Thus, the permission was truth out of her willingness to learn.

“How Lovecraftian! I get to break down a rational mind.”

The room suddenly went black. For the first time in the whole session, she felt genuine fear and discomfort. She felt utterly naked. The darkness somehow felt alive, and smothered her exposed self. She couldn’t breath. It was as if the darkness was forcing its way into her. Instinctually, she felt the urge to fight back, yet she had no idea how. At the same time, she knew she was powerless against it. The black void began to implode with her at the center. All the darkness could do was fall into her body, her soul. She then remembered the permission she gave to the Demon, and instinct changed its mind. Without any conscious control, Ava opened her very being …

The room was suddenly back to its dim orange lighting. Cherry looked at Ava curiously with her now normal eyes.

“Well …” Ava breathed, feeling normalcy fall back into place. “That was a hell of a show!”

Indeed,” she smirked. “Did you get everything you needed, Ava?”

“Yeah!” she answered excitedly. “Everything I was looking for …”

Pleased with her “research,” Ava shook hands with the self described Witch, and left …

* * * *

Ava was looking over the scripts on the couch with a new eye that evening. She planned to read more books on demonology, but felt there wasn’t anymore to learn there after the “demonic” events she experienced. She convinced herself it was all show, while truly pleased at how much it taught her. Almost conflicting, yes, but that was what she wanted. As an actor, affecting fiction as reality was her profession.

Her boyfriend Ron suddenly walked into the living room. “Shit, you look really beautiful!”

“Thanks!” She was wearing a tight blouse, short green shorts, and flip flops. “Can’t say I was trying, Ron! How’d the shoot go today?”

“Eh, all right. The director’s finally finding his way with the thing. So, we’ll see how it goes …”


“Probably.” He always hated that, especially how it gummed up his personal schedule. “I don’t know what it is, but you look really amazing, baby …” He leaned down, and gave her a deep kiss.

An idea suddenly crossed her mind. “Hey, this may sound crazy, Rob, but I wanna do some foreplay!”

“OK …” He agreed, amazed. Perhaps out of how they were both actors, neither even considered foreplay. Yet, he never could say no to her when it came to sex. “What do yah have in mind? You wanna practice your new role?”

“Not exactly … I wanna model for you. I’ll slowly get nude, and we’ll eventually have sex.”

“I thought you hated modeling …” he observed bewildered. “You always hated how it objectified you. That’s why you quit that, right?”

“I guess, but I just wanna do something weird and almost taboo. I … I want you to … objectify me. I wanna know what it feels like for you to objectify me, and just fuck me for my body.”

“All right. This is gonna be weird! I guess I’ll use my cell’s …”

“Great!” she interrupted. “Just don’t send the pics anywhere!” she half-joked. “I gotta warn you how passive I got whenever I modeled. That was the job. That training will probably kick in. You’ll have to tell me what you want.”

“Uh … Just stay right there. The lighting actually is pretty great.”

Ron slipped out his phone, and started to take picture of his gorgeous girlfriend. “That’s great! Just ask casual, babe. Keep flipping pages.”

She did so with a falsely content smile. That mask barely hid how much she was already hating the session. Yet, she wanted it. She wanted a weirdly erotic encounter. Through the disgust, Ava began to feel something she never thought possible in that situation: arousal. There were going to screw their brains out, and all that disgust guided her to that fact.

Rob enjoyed the session in ways he didn’t expect. For the first time, he felt lust toward Ava. He liked it, but it was a strange at first.

“Great, babe. Now, lay back and relax … GREAT!” He truly enjoyed manipulating her. “Undo those blouse and pants buttons. Fuck you are hot!”

Every time she felt disgust for being controlled, Ava thought about the hot, angry sex it was to become. It made Ava’s pussy grow warm, as Rob’s solid cock pressed against his jeans.

“Open that blouse; lightly touch your breasts,” he said deeply. In the heat of the moment, Rob no longer saw Ava as the woman he loved. Now, Ava was just a sex object to him for both ogling and fucking. “Drop off those flip flips … Yeah … Amazing! Squeeze those tits, and rub that pussy.”

She rubbed her hot pussy and firm breast through her black underwear hard to better escape the disgust. One can only transfer negative feeling so much!

“Fucking get naked!” he growled. Sure, Rob has seen her naked many times, be he had yet to see her naked as a sex object. He was almost feeling impatient to see a nude sex bomb!

She did so with a fake but convincing smile.

“Fuck yourself,” he ordered, snapping away.

Ava rubbed her silken soles on the felt armrest, as she buried her hand into her humid pussy. Her free hand squeezed her firm breasts, occasionally venturing elsewhere. She moaned and grunted almost angrily, failing to hide how much she hated herself for enjoying it so much, and hating Jack for objectifying her.

Fuck yeah! I can tell you like this, slut.” He never spoke to any woman like that before. There would have been amazement with himself, if he wasn’t so damn lost in the moment. “Cum for the camera. Then I’ll fuck you.” He had no urge to fuck “Ava”; he just wanted to fuck the “hot thing” before him. The lust was pure.

Sweet sweat dripping down her brow, the angered, fully objectified Ava exploded in the most primal orgasm of her life.

In the mind numbing afterglow, Ava saw the remarkable lust in Rob’s eyes. If this wasn’t what she inexplicably asked of him at the start of whatever this was, she would have smacked him. Rob put down his phone, and removed his clothes faster than she ever saw. His healthy cock visibly throbbed in anticipation, as her soaked pussy twitched in its own.

Ava wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. She’d never been “fucked” before. She’d only ever “made love” with others. What was about …

Rob rammed his throbbing cock into Ava’s wet pussy, mounting her a moment before. It was wild and rough, too rough. He cared nothing for her pleasure, only satisfying his own. She grunted loudly, primally, while she started to enjoy it. It was all so different, so remarkable for both. It was all lust: She already pleasured herself to orgasm, so it was his turn to pleasure himself to orgasm. Thus, they were making lust long before it was fully understood.

“Yeah, FUCK ME, ROB!” she screamed in utter lust.

Errguh! So GOOD!” he growled. “UUUHGUHH …” he grunted, blasting more cum into her than he thought possible. His body shuddered.

Lust satisfied, they kissed lovingly, breathing deep. To Ava’s confusion, the kiss seemed almost alien at first, but the feeling passed.

“That … was something else!” Rob exclaimed. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he felt different toward her. Not accepting the difference, there was no rational explanation for it. “I love you, Ava.”

“I love you, too, Rob.” She gave him a good smooch. She, too, felt different toward Rob, but admitted it, somewhat. It was like their love was tainted with lust, and she wasn’t sure if this was a bad thing. They did do something very different sexually with each other. Obviously, that would have some kind of profound affect, though! “How’d the picture come out?” she finally asked.

“Oh …” He looked oddly sheepish, grabbing his phone.

They reviewed the images. Objectively, they were truly remarkable. Ava looked beyond beautiful from casual start to erotic finish.

“This … may be my best shoot,” she said quietly.


She nodded amazed. The lust derived from it actually made her like having those pictures done. Everything changed out of that revelation. Maybe, just maybe … “Yes.”


“I think I could be OK with modeling again.”

“But, you always hated it,” he said confused.

“You’ll be my photographer. We’ll always fuck after or during. It’ll all be art, and we’ll get some extra money out of it.”

“I, I guess … You hate being objectified …”

She smirked. “Yes … but I want to do this anyway. I just never came like that before …”

“I guess. Sure, why not? Do you wanna sell these?”

“No. They’re for you. Put it in you porn collection, and jerk off to me. Seriously, that’s the point of them: me as a sex object. You know what? I think you should replace all that porn with me, and jerk off to me. You know all the work I’ve done! I know it sounds kinda weird, but if you’re gonna to do all those objectifying picture of me, you might as well get used to me sexually objectified.”

“Weird, but I can’t say no to that!”

* * * *

The next day, Rob was researching professional cameras. His photography course several years ago in college was a helpful start to this project, but it was several years stale.

Thinking about Ava and the crazy sex they had, Rob found himself growing rather horny. It was the kind of taboo schoolboy horny, hoping his parents wouldn’t come into his room while jerking off. It was exacerbated by about how Ava seriously wanted him to masturbate to her.

Shaking his head at going with the old school horniness, Ron plugged in his phone, and transferred to photo session to his porno drive. He always felt awkward about having one, especially after Ava found out about it. An awkward story! The conclusion was that she was only unhappy about not being told about it, and let him keep it “for now.” Anyway, he rationalized Ava wanting to become a part of that drive as a kind of out for him. The jerk off drive stays, but with only media of Ava. Strange, yes, but far less so with only his girlfriend on there.

Rob highlighted all other data on the drive, and trashed it. He then set his laptop to start permanently erasing it all (more than 500gb worth!). At the same time, he set of folders in a related way to how it was: general pics, clips, fetishistic. As for the latter folder, Rob alway had a mild foot fetish, which Ava used for good foot rubs, while he was always open to alternative things sexually. That curiosity always aided in their sex life, and enabled him to enjoy the new sexual play.

After tossing all of Ava’s pictures into their folder, he set the pictures up in a slide show, and freed his ballooning cock. He starting whacking off hard to the sexual being calling herself Ava. It was strange at first, but Ava was simply hot! She was so damn sexy. Like a porcelain doll come to life for the purpose of pleasure. Maybe he didn’t fully understand it before, but he understood how he was feeling toward her now: lust. Yes, he felt a powerful lust toward her. It felt so damn good. How many men and women were pleasuring themselves to her at that moment, he wondered. Images and videos of the sex bomb were everywhere on the internet.

Just thinking about finding and jerking off to more of her brought him so close. So close …

Oh, what’s happening here, Rob?” Ava asked from behind teasingly.

Rob turned his head to see the image of his desire. She wore a gushy white robe and rubber flip flops. She glowed with sexuality.

Ava was amazed to see the animal look back on his face, but found herself more than happy to see it again. “Tell me what you want me to do right now, Rob.”

Rob quickly swiveled his chair, hand still on his cock, stroking on automatic. “Humph … Take that fucking robe off; suck me off,” he grunted.

“OK, but only if I kiss you open mouthed after you cum in my mouth. We’ll share your cum.” Ava wasn’t exactly sure why she made such a sick deal, but had no intention of going back on it.

“Fuck yeah!” he answered impulsively, even though eating his own cum should have been repulsive.

Ava dropped her robe, and sensually walked over. She went to her knees, spread his legs, and slowly inserted the pre-cum covered member into her humid mouth. Rob grunted almost as wildly as she. Ava sucked him off before as part of a birthday wish, but she didn’t enjoy it all that much. Now, she couldn’t enjoy it more!

Seconds later, Rob blew a massive load into Ava’s mouth with a deep, guttural grunt. Unlike her neutral feeling before, she really enjoyed the taste of his cum! She made sure he was completely milked, resisting the incredible need to swallow, and quickly stood up to make out with the wanting Rob. They moved the salty, gooey juice with their tongues, moaning happily. Rob certainly did feel a moment of revulsion, but it quickly passed thanks to both Ava’s intense sensuality and cum not tasting bad with oddly musty flavor.

Swallowing happily, they leaned back, and smiled at each other in both love and lust. Rob fully admitted to himself that he now felt lust toward the woman he loved. It didn’t bother him, though. She was gorgeous, and clearly felt the same way toward him. He saw a blob of his cum dripping down her chin, and slowly licked it off her silky skin.

“I never thought I could feel lust toward the woman I love,” he said amazed.

“Well, I’m the hottest thing you know!” she teased.

They laughed.

“Let’s explore this, Rob. I mean, I’m already gonna be your personal model that you’re gonna fuck every session. So, let’s put it all together. No limits.”


* * * *

Ava was driving to a porn and fetish shop about an hour from home when she received a text from her agent that the first table readings for her show were coming up next week. With all the research, she didn’t realize how soon production was to be. It almost seemed like they were rushing production, but she was one of the last to be cast.

Parking in front of The Pleasure Basement, Ava realized there were no paparazzi there. She chuckled at the irony of it: “Ava Veranada fetish freak?” Amazing headline for a career making picture, but this was completely out of character for her, while she was better at ducking the renegade photographers than most. The trip was for research and modeling, but that wasn’t a good headline.

She casually walked into the mid sized building. A goth dressed woman sat texting on her phone behind the counter. No one else was visible. Her name tag said her name was Casey. Her skin was about a light as Las Angeles would allow, being lightly tanned. She wore all black attire: tight T-shirt, jean skirt, black stockings, and low cut leather boots. Her already dark hair was dyed black, while her nails matched.

Knowing the clerk might tweet she was there the moment she had a chance, Ava quickly walked up to her. “Hi, Casey,” she greeted casually. “I don’t normally come to places like this. Maybe, you could give me some advice.”

Casey looked up to the customer with her deep green eyes. Her eyes went wide. “… Ava Mendez?” she chimed.

“Yeah … Casey, I’m actually studying for a role for that coming supernatural series, I’m sure you know something about it! I want to keep me being here quiet. I don’t wanna go on all the talk shows just to talk about that ‘Fetish Freak’ article!”

“Oh, of course, Ava!” She pocked her phone. “What can I do for you?”

‘A devoted fan! I’d bet she’d fuck me at a moment’s notice!’ she thought aberrantly. “The role has the character doing, well, a lot of weird lustful stuff. Possessed by a Demon that brings out that kind of thing.”

Casey shot up happily, and started to show Ava around. They had an array of pornographic DVDs and “vintage” VHS, a variety of dildos and sex toys, books (fiction and academic), latex clothing, and just about everything else. They used their space well!

Still, Ava found herself less and less interested in the products. Her eyes kept exploring Casey’s body. Firm yet full ass, long legs, flat stomach, D-cup breasts. Casey wasn’t an athlete, but she was very healthy.

“How old are you, Casey?” Ava impulsively asked.

What? Oh, twenty-three. Thought I was younger?” he chuckled.

“No. Just curious. You know, research. What brought you to this shop?”

“I dunno. Needed a summer job. I’m studying filmmaking.”


“They got a better name for it, but that’s most of it. I wanna be a director.”

“That path can work. Maybe I could see if there’s some internship or job at the studio I’m working with right now. Won’t be for a couple months, but I could look into it for you.” This wasn’t the first time she helped a young upstart. Ava always wished she was discovered long before she did modeling.

“That would be awesome! Thank you!” She hugged Ava tightly.

The smell, the feel of the sexy woman pressed tightly against her aroused Ava more than she ever thought possible. It wasn’t that Ava was a bisexual; it was out of the lust they could make. They both had bodies made for fucking, and it would be a shame to waste that opportunity, she thought. Lost in the moment, Ava asked, “I wanna try some things on with your help. Is there a dressing room?”

Still in Ava’s strong arms, Casey answered, “No, not really …”

“A back room perhaps. I wanna try on a double sided dildo. I need to know if it will properly fit in all my holes. I want you to help me with that, Casey.”

Casey had a slightly confused look on her face, while she quickly realized that she had no will to say no to the actor holding her. “OK … We’ll grab a dildo on our way to the back room. The boss isn’t here today, so I can get away with closing for lunch.”

Ava kissed her deeply, lustfully in thanks, with Casey returning the favor. Ava kissed a woman before on film, but this was a first for Casey, who really liked it. Casey then scurried down the quiet aisles, grabbed a pink monster, set up the “will return” sign at the front, and locked the door. She scurried back to show the customer the back room.

Ava lustfully, hungrily began to make out with the receptive Casey. The lust of the kiss was overwhelming. It drove her as wild as the excited Casey!

They pulled off their clothes wildly, impulsively, revealing their healthy, gorgeous bodies. After making out using their entire bodies, Ava almost threw Casey onto the musty couch. Ava took the shiny black dildo, and deepthroated it wildly, drool quickly dripping down the rubbery thing. Casey watched the lustful scene jaw dropped. Slightly smirking even with the dildo down her throat, Ava grasped the member, and thrust the opposite end it down the throat of the surprised Casey, who gagged briefly before wildly blowing it away. Drool flowed freely.

Ava then pulled their heads together, forcing the rubber member deep down their throats. Neither could breath, but it didn’t matter, feeling their lips collide. They briefly made out as best they could with the flexing member deep inside them, before pulling back. Massive wads of drool escaped their mouths with the member. They gasped for air at the same time.

Ava lay back, and forced the black thing into her tight, wet pussy. She audibly growled in her great, uncontrollable lust. “Let’s scissor, Casey!” Ava growled.

Without hesitation, Casey moved herself in toward the wild Ava, who forced the dildo into her virgin pussy, obliterating her hymen. Casey at first grimaced in pain, but the more they thrust with the dildo within, the more she was overwhelmed with pleasure. They thrust wildly, moaning and grunting like animals, dildo disappearing between their kissing pussy lips.

Ava’s eyes caught Casey’s sexy size sevens, and growled, “Black polish … ERRR-guh. I wonder if they taste like licorice!” She quickly shoved the foot down her mouth, thrusting it like the dildo. It didn’t taste like licorice — indeed, only her big toes had the polish, but its silken feel and subtly salty taste blew her lust filled mind. At first it was all the lust of it that took her, but soon, she found it to be utterly delicious!

“WOW … Oh GAH … No one’s ever sucked my feet before! So fucking good!” Casey cooed.

Ava pulled out what her mind was starting to see as food, and a thick blob of spit trailed. “Suck my feet, too, Casey. I, ERGUA, I know they’re delicious!”

Soon, they were both licking and sucking their feet widely, wetly, making them thrust their hips harder. While Casey was enjoying the foot like a crazed fetishist, Ava was finding herself lustfully hungry for the foot flesh. She was actually fully open to eating every morsel of the foot from flesh to bone, but she quickly decided that eating it would mean she could never enjoy it again. She chose a compromise of lust. “I KNOW you like biting, Casey!”

Ava bared down on the somehow untouched, dry heal with her mouth, tongue, and teeth, breathing in the mouth watering scent. She bit the heel hard, making Casey moan passionately, before dragging her teeth and tongue. Like and expert, Ava picked up and consumed the dry skin joyously. The act was inhuman, but Ava didn’t feel Human right then with the all consuming lust. She moved up the sole to the toes, and began to nibble at the big toe’s flesh. She nibbled at the corners until skin was liberated, while never quite taking enough to draw blood. She soon moved to the other toes without polish. The lust blinded woman liberated yet more skin with great passion and hunger, while chewing off chunks of toenail. They soon switched feet, enjoying the twisting dildo within them, and they resumed their respective foot attention. Ava moaned like she was a wild animal in heat eating the bits of the woman’s foot. Casey of course did her fair share of biting, but never consumed like Ava.

Ava soon found herself in a powerful orgasm, filled with hungry drool. Casey looked surprised, not having cum yet herself. “Just keep fucking yourself on me until you cum, Casey!” Ava growled in her afterglow. Casey did so, cuming a few moments later.

Breathless and not yet satisfied for reasons she did not yet fully understand, Ava pulled herself away, removing the well used dildo. Putting the wet dildo in her mouth to suck off the cum, she crawled on top of the overwhelmed Casey, who automatically opened her mouth. They sucked off the dildo until there was nothing left but the rubbery taste.

Ava put the dildo on the table next to them, and said on impulse, “Not bad for your first time?”

“… Amazing …”

“Good … Just remember, Casey, you can’t get it that good with mere love. Lust is the key. No timing, just fucking. If your own lover can’t give you the right amount of lust, you’ll have my number …” Ava then began to understand her hunger for feet: it was really a hunger for Casey, the woman with which she just made lust. “Now, before I make a big purchase here, I wanna give you a very special autograph. It’s for you and only you. I know you will like receiving it as much as having it.”

Ava licked and kissed her way down Casey’s heaving body, drooling. She could smell the blood coursing through them woman’s veins. She soon found her way to Casey’s inner thigh, slick from pussy juice and sweat. Unlike with the foot, Ava was not going to hold back. She bit the thigh hard, so hard she broke the skin. Her teeth just sank in once the skin gave away. Casey moaned loudly with joy overriding obvious pain. The woman’s salty, hot blood poured into Ava’s hungry mouth through tingling teeth. She joyously drank, almost tasting the lust they created just before. Ava never felt so inhuman, but it all felt so right to her that she didn’t want to be Human. Having her fill, she grabbed their panties, and pulled back, holding the wound with the undergarments.

Teeth red from the blood, Ava stated, “Let’s wrap you up, Casey, then you can help me finish shopping …”

* * * *

After reading a text from Rob about buying a professional digital camera, Ava sat quietly starring at the paper bags on her coffee table. One filled with dildos, latex, and lube from the adult shop, and the other filled with stockings, hose, and other various lingerie from the local mall. The taste of Casey’s salty blood lingered in memory. Something was wrong. The lust, the clothes, the photography, the blood. She was supposed to be studying not method acting. She thought back to the woman she thought pretended to be a Demon for the customer’s benefit. Ava never seriously believed in anything related to the occult, growing up in a pragmatic, agnostic home. Belief was just not a major part of her psyche. Yet, that Deal with a Demon was coming to fruition. She needed to know the truth …

Ava barged into the Witch Cherry Underwood’s home and workplace. The Witch quietly sat in her library sipping a brandy, waiting her next scheduled client. There was a slight surprise on her face, but she otherwise looked calm.

Underwood stood. “I didn’t expect to see you again, Ms Mendez. I have some time before my next client, would you like a drink?”

“What’s happening to me?” she growled impulsively, noticing how attractive the Witch was. Matching her eyes, Cherry wore a dark blouse with a matching skirt. She was rather voluptuous and healthy. The firelight enhanced her dark beauty.

“All that is happening to you is what you asked for,” she said straightly.

“What do you mean?”

“You already know, but still refuse to understand.” She turned to her ancient books lit by fire. They were almost alive in the way they permeated all senses. She took a deep breath, and continued, “Demonic Deals are far rarer than most pretend. Human Will is capable of just about anything. But sometimes, Humans limit themselves, and choose outside means of understanding.”

“Are you suggesting I’m making myself a Succubus by my own will?”

She turned back to her guest, and smiled slyly. “No. What I am saying, Ava, is that you could have with the right knowledge.”

“This doesn’t make any sense! There are no Demons.”

“Perhaps there is truth to that, my dear.” She turned to the fire. “There are no Demons in the traditionally accepted sense of which I know. All were Human once, whether they remember or not.” She turned back to Ava, and continued sternly, “As they were once Human, they hold the will to do almost anything, but are fully aware of that. A Deal with a Demon is a dangerous a cheat.”

“So you let this happen to me? You let me make a Deal with some Human twisted by Hell?”

Slightly angered, she answered, “You’re leading yourself astray! You were the first of all my clients to make a Deal with Demon I summoned. You said you were merely doing research into demonology, and I aided. You don’t specifically blame your TV for arousing you late at night, do you? The Deal you made with that Demon now within you had little to do with me. My actions as a Medium are defensible!”

Ava understood what the Witch was trying to tell her, and found herself calming. “I don’t want to believe any of this …” she said, gritting her white teeth.

“There in lies a weakness in humanity: belief. Not only do differences in belief lead to death and destruction, but also false confidence. In your case of disbelief, it still led to the latter, your disbelief forcing you to come to an understanding at all costs. I, for one, believe and disbelieve in nothing. All I know is what I have read and what I have proven materially. Belief and disbelief are dangerous paths.”

Ava fell onto the chair before the fire, rubbing her eyes. In the blackened vision she could feel the darkness inside her, as if it was passively saying, “Hello, my friend.” She looked up to the self assured Witch. “You’re not Human are you …”

“No, well, a subspecies, to use contemporary terms. We have access to power theoretical physicists still dream of. We’re not immortal, but I am far older than you think.” She sat on the chair opposite her client.

Ava deeply sighed. “I have always been an opportunist. That’s a secret I even kept from myself … I want to ask you how old you really are, but I find myself not caring. I think the Deal has moved forward enough that I can no longer renounce it. I’ve already done dark things … I didn’t just want to play a Demonic Succubus, I wanted to be one. I thought that was impossible, so when I had a chance to become one, even though I didn’t see it as real, I accepted. And you know what? I can’t find a reason to regret it!”

The Witch looked utterly fascinated. Like all Witches, they were synonymous to scientists, who studied the secrets of the Multiverse. “Well, when you finish your transformation, I would enjoy seeing you again, provided you leave me alive.”

Ava nodded darkly, accepting all that was happening to her. “We will definitely meet again …”

* * * *

Ava was undressing in her bedroom. Her plan was to surprise Rob, and do a kinky fetish shoot. Though the Demon within her was passively corrupting her, Ava now wanted to actively move the process along. She embraced the inevitable, which is what she wanted all among: Succubus. She trusted her already corrupted instincts. Love was no longer to be a part of her life.

Rob casually walked into the living room, tripod and camera in hand, and his jaw dropped. Ava sat cross legged on the couch. She wore all black: latex stockings covered with tight jeans, latex panties, tight latex dress, and latex gloves.

“Photogenic?” Ava teased.

He nodded, quickly setting up the tripod and freeing the camera. He didn’t plan on doing a shoot right then, but this was not an opportunity to pass up!

The moment the camera was mounted he started taking pictures. He knew he should have calibrated the camera for at least white balance, but post processing software made that less important to him. Besides, she was ready for a shoot right then!

“That’s great.” He snapped away. “You’re relaxing, but ready for anything. You wanna attract others in that outfit … Awesome!” Rob was already incredibly aroused, and found himself ready to order anything. “Touch yourself … A little more lightly … Oh, yeah, baby.”

Ava felt hatred toward the man she loved for objectifying her again. Yet, like before, this was what she wanted. “Fuck, you’re body’s so awesome!” he cooed. Ava now understood exactly why she wanted this: to destroy their love. Her corrupted instinct made that clear. The seed of lust was already planted, consuming their love, and she could literally see it growing under Rob’s pants.

“Fucking yes!” he exclaimed. “Now, slowly take those pants off. Yeah! Keep everything else on, and just fuck yourself for the camera. Don’t hold back. Don’t hide how this makes you feel. Let it all out by fucking yourself.”

Her mask melted away, revealing her disgust and arousal. She completely hated him for doing this. Rob was taken aback. The look was real, and ripped out his heart. “Fuck! I didn’t realize … But it makes you look even hotter!”

With all the disgust, hatred, and lust in her, Ava attacked her wet pussy with one hand, and violently kneaded her boobs with the other. It was hot and intense, almost like sex right after an argument, but yet more extreme. She lust for herself and rob at the same time. The shiny rubber loudly creaked at the action.

Rob removed the camera from the tripod, and started to take one handed closeups of the lust filled action. His other hand freed his throbbing member, and stroked wildly. Rob somehow knew this was the farthest from making love, while he found himself enjoying it more. For them both, the pleasure was never so intense via love. In that revelation, Rob suddenly came all over Ava’s latex covered chest.

Rob’s mind was mush, and Ava yelled, “Fucking eat it all, you piece of shit, Rob!”

He did so happily, loving the rubbery taste her attire added. Ava screamed in orgasm at the same time. Everything changed for her at that moment of true lust. The hatred toward Rob dissipated. Lust filled her thoughts. Out of the lust, she was joyous that she created lust through the pictures. That was why she always hated modeling: there was no love in it. Now, she could barely even feel love, while she now felt none toward the man licking his own cum off her chest.

“Do you love me anymore, Rob?” Ava asked seriously.

“I … No. I feel no love for you now. After that terrible look you gave me … That’s the simple answer.” Rob was amazed with himself. In a way, he still felt some latent love toward his ex-girlfriends, and felt as much love within him as he ever did.

“Go on …”

“I’m in lust with you!” he exclaimed in amazement. “I feel more drawn to you than any woman I’ve known, but I no longer feel love for you. I don’t wanna fuck any other woman unless you’re there. And you know what’s the most remarkable thing? I didn’t wanna love any other woman, because of how much I loved you. Even now, I still don’t want any other women. My lust for you is more powerful than any love I ever knew.”

“That’s very good,” Ava said darkly. “What I am becoming is not of love.”


“The first and longest step is to become a Living Demon. There’s a Demon passively within me. That allows it to corrupt me from the very core. An active possession would more or less save me from corruption, probably. Once the initial transformation is complete, I will be capable of becoming a Demonic Succubus. I suspect whatever remaining love left within me will be consumed by lust, but I’ll find out for sure soon!”

“I shouldn’t believe you — completely crazy, but I do,” he said. “It’s strange. My lust for you makes me incapable of finding any fault in your words. I am truly in lust with you, and will always be at your side.”

Smiling lustfully at him, Ava started to hear his heart thumping. She sniffed deep, and her mouth watered. It was the scent of his blood, the blood of the man that truly lusted her. The blood of the shopkeeper merely accelerated and clarified her transformation, for that woman did not truly lust for Ava. “Now, I must drink your blood to finish this part of the ritual.”

“It’s all yours!”

Ava pulled his pocket knife out from his discarded pants. She made a quick incision on the vein opposite the elbow, and began to drink. The taste of lust permeated the salty juice, while it flowed freely down her throat. She could feel her humanity withering. She then threw Rob to the floor, and ripped off her rubber-wear, growling loudly. The lust filled blood worked to finally finish her demonic corruption, initially fueled buy the passive Demon within her. Her body was aflame with lust and darkness, while her eyes almost painfully turned and haunting milky white, obliquely symbolizing the ultimate goal.

Holding his arm, Rob witnessed the almost subtle transformation, seeing it was mostly within her being. “Ava?” he barely called, woozy.

Ava quickly turned her head, near colorless eyes shaking him to the core. “I cannot explain how amazing this feels, my lust!” she cooed deeply. “This will feel even more remarkable soon!” She looked away, and exclaimed, “Penny! What’s next, you fucking bitch!”

One of Eva’s eyes turned black, and the Demon Penny said roughly through her, “Amazing eyes, Ava! So rare not to be onyx.”

“Will they stay that way?”

“Of course, you’ll still be a Demon, you stupid slut!”

“Well, what’s next?”

“I fuck you from within, as you renounce all the love left within you. We’ll always be connected from this, but I will only return at your desire.” The blackness in one eye faded back to the milk.

Ava’s arms suddenly flew behind her head like someone was holding them down, and she started to thrust her hips and grunt wildly. It felt as if a massive cock plowed into her pussy, impaling her brutally. It was almost too much at first, but the pure lust of it turned the onslaught into pure pleasure. She thrust and grunted insanely, actively renouncing all the love she had left, and embracing lust to fill the void. At that, she felt the invisible Demon cock spew its burning, dark seed into her. Her milky eyes imperceptibly rolled into the back of heard. The lust and passion of the seed invaded her very being, making her drool hungrily.  The dark seed forced her body and soul to process the lust and passion for the first time.

Starting at her very corrupted soul, an orgasm began to form unlike any she ever knew. She sensed it was a kind of confirmation of consummation. Her body then exploded in epic orgasmic lust …

Ava opened her now “normal” eyes, which she could change to their demonic white at will, while automatically changing on orgasm. Rob was walking back into the room with his arm self wrapped, and looked a bit pale from the blood loss.

“Ava …” he breathed, “I’m glad your eyes are back to normal …”

“I can switch them back whenever I feel like it,” she clarified teasingly. Ava felt rather free, partly because her Demon friend was no longer within her.

“Come here, let me see that arm, Rob.” She felt no love for him or anything, while he was the lust of her life now. As a Succubus, she needed him to be healthy for a strong sex life.

He walked over without hesitation, suspecting what she was about to do. He couldn’t wait to find out about what she became, even though that meant him learning how her sexual corruption would physically transform him! “Here … Do you want more blood, or will you heal it?”

Hmm … I can only derive sustenance from blood if just fucked, but a good fuck is really all I need, my Rob.” Ava unwrapped his arm, revealing the open wound she created. She slowly ran her tongue across it, healing the wound. She just understood all that she was now. Ava laughed to herself, and exclaimed, “I’m gonna get so much praise for that fucking miniseries!”

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