Today in Spam!

Spam! Post: New Transformations Latexica Submitted: 9/27/2014 Info: A series of comments from a Multiple names were used including BoUWIzpooG, MmVZKhwybX, AhMUWduaqR, and further spasmodic titles. Or should I say spamsmodic! Little to no text beside scam sites, which I willfully omit here. I guess likes latex transformation stories!

Today in Spam! 9 19 2014

Post: New Transformations Latexica Submitted: 9/19/2014 Text: As the wound heals, inspect for signs of infection including increased pain, redness and fluid around the cut. A high body temperature is also a sign of infection. If a wound seems infected, let the victim rest. Physical activity can spread the infection. If infection develops, seek the... Continue Reading →

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