Blog Unbound: The Fresh Scent

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is my first Blog Unbound story. Like will be the case for future stories under the Unbound Banner, it started as a shorter Blog Flash, but grew much larger. This closely follows the plot of an unusual yet coherent dream I had, while expanding upon it. The story follows a regular private detective with big ambition suddenly protecting a mysterious woman from murderous Vampires. Enjoy!

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The Fresh Scent

I sat quietly looking out my window onto the modest Providence, Rhode Island, skyline. Quiet rain hypnotically fell down the window. There was so much more I had yet to accomplish, but was patient. As a private detective, my mind was easily distracted by cheating spouses and less than savory business executives.

My intercom suddenly buzzed.

“Yeah, Bob?” I answered my secretary.

“A woman is hear to consult with you: Jessica Blake. She’s unscheduled, Jack.”

Most of my clients came unannounced like that. Gave a nice element of surprise! “Yeah, uhh, just send her in.”

A fascinating woman walked into my office. She was fairly tall and athletically built. Her layered, dyed blonde hair was cut short. There was genuine fear and confusion in her deep, dark blue eyes. “Please have a seat, Ms Blake,” I offered. “What can I do for you?”

Breathing shallow yet deep, she answered, “I’m, I’m not sure …”

I could see from her fairly conservative attire and overall appearance that this was not her normal self. This woman was normally strong and independent. There was an intangible spark within her that I didn’t think even she understood, but it was an integral part of her strong and independent nature. While she possibly worked as an administrative assistant, I surmised Jessica would be incredibly skilled at that or whatever she chose. Her coming to me about something chilling her so much likely meant she was very smart and calculated. I’m not exactly at the top of the yellow pages, while I wasn’t a cop for the past five years.

“What is the problem?” I asked professionally.

“Unfamiliar faces …” she breathed. “Cars behind me for too long.”

“Is there someone you pissed off at some point? An ex perhaps? A boss?” The answer was probably “no,” but I needed her to start explaining.

“You’re trying to figure me out aren’t you, detective? I don’t know what’s going on. I have’t pissed anyone off! I should go to the cops, but … I felt safer talking with someone outside it all, I guess …”

“Outside what?”

“I’m really not sure … These people — usually the same ones — they watch me at night …”

“Could you give a physical description. Maybe a car, a jacket?”

“I’ve tried to confront them, but every time I get closer, they’re gone! I thought I was going nuts. They could’ve been in my head. Then, one of them dropped something after I came out to confront one. A wallet …” She removed a small leather wallet wrapped in a plastic baggie from her purse, and placed on my desk.

Curious, I dumped the item on my desk, and opened it with my pen. “Blood …”

“That’s when I knew I was in trouble … I prayed I would find an ID in it to show to the cops, but there was only cash and that dried blood …”

My mind was churning with possibilities, some of which not within the norm. “I’m not sure what’s happening with you, yet, but I’m going to find out!”

“Thank you!” she said with a teary eye. “I don’t have much. I’m just a full time secretary. I’ll pay you anything …”

“Since you may be in danger, we don’t need to talk about that until this is all over. There’s a possibility I want to look into first. Do you mind coming with me?”

She shook her head “no” with a big smile …

We were soon in the finished basement of Lloyd Lane’s house. It was a kind of command center for him and his team: the dark and short Lisa Burns, the tall blonde Dr. Jason Skellington, and the inquisitive and vibrant Dr. Laura Drake. Computers and various technical equipment lay around. An “I Want to Believe” poster was on the wall behind Lloyd’s desk. It was a legacy of their less than knowledgable past.

“First of all, still no job openings, Jack! Secondly, what can I do for you and her?” he smiled. I merely consult with them occasionally. If I discovered them ten years ago, right when they were starting out, I’d be a part of his crew today. However, it did not take them long to learn that they didn’t want others to see what they hunt. Their original leader Rob Banning learned that with them right before he chocked to death on his own blood. That Thousand Yard Stare of warriors bled through in their weaker moments.

“Why would people stalk a woman only during the night, and have a wallet with blood on it?”

He leaned back on his creaky old chair, and deeply sighed. A similar look of discomfort fell upon the others. “In any other time, I would say she pissed someone off good, but …”


“Does she have to hang around? I don’t think she wants to hear what I’m about to say.”

Jessica leaned over to Lloyd, and pleaded, “Tell me, please!”

Lloyd was taken aback, looking into her eyes. “There’s a lot more to you isn’t there? … There is a brood of Vampires now living somewhere in the city. The cops are tracking them through disappearances and blood drained bodies, but have no idea what they’re really after.”

Jessica stood up straight. “Vampires? What the hell are you talking about? Some nut jobs that, like, drink virgin blood? I’m no virgin!”

“I’m sure you’re not!” Lloyd breathed, looking her over. His girlfriend Lisa looked at him angrily. Briefly serving in the Marines, she was as much a weapons expert as the was an alpha. It was her love for Lloyd and loyalty to Rob that made her merely second in command. Lloyd continued, “Vampires will consume whatever blood they can get! They’re scavengers as much as hunters. They can consume the blood of any mammal, but Human provides the best nourishment. They are even more dangerous than those movies suggest. They are merely nocturnal. Sunlight cannot give them much more than a minor burn; the older they are the more devastating their powers over the mind become. Once those upper and lower fangs sink into your flesh, they can hold on until you bleed out, or suck you dry in moments. Their venom will heal you, if they let you live. However, that either means they want to slowly bleed you dry — venom prolonging the torture, or transform you into one of them. They transform very few, though. Adult females can bear natural born Vampires for decades, and that is a reason why they are normally matriarchal.”

“What does that mean for me?” Jessica pleaded.

“I don’t know … They don’t normally encircle someone for days. They’ll grab a dunk guy from a bar, and feed on him soon after. But …”

“Yeah?” Jessica breathed.

“They haven’t nabbed anyone for a couple days that we know of. They’re still here, I’m sure of it.” He looked her over again, seeing the same mysterious spark I did yet more clearly. “Tell me, what’s so special about you?”

Jessica looked confused and uncomfortable. “Nothing, I guess … I got a crappy job to pay the bills until I find something better. I’m really a historical archivist by education.”

“You live alone?” Lloyd asked.

“Yeah … Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my share of relationships … I don’t understand all this. Even if I believed Vampires existed, what the fuck would they want with me?”

“I’m not sure if they want her …” Laura jumped into the conversation. She was a master at reading people — almost as good as myself, while her doctorate in Psychology more than proved her brilliance. “People like us learn to see the unusual very quickly. You are more unusual than you think you are. There is something in you that we see. We need to know what that is. The Vampires certainly see it.”

“What’s inside me?” she asked in terror.

Jason walked up to her. “I’m a doctor by trade. Boring these days!” He smirked. “Would you mind a full examination? It’s more than possible you have some underlying blood disorder that peaked their interests. If that’s the case, I may be able to treat that. It’s a first step.”

She smiled wearily, shaking her head, “I don’t know … As long as it’s private, I guess …”

“Don’t worry, I’m on a sabbatical, but we can still do the full work up at my office …”

Jessica went through the full examination, including blood work. It was dusk by the time I brought her back to Lloyd’s house.

She sat on the couch, and asked me, “What’s to stop them from coming here? I’ll laugh if you tell me they gotta be invited!”

“They don’t have to be invited, I don’t think!” I said lightly. For supernatural things, I’m more an expert on ghostly phenomena. My degrees were in Criminal Justice and Psychology (Parapsychology was a concentration). “You saw that big light they put up outside. From what I understand, they are highly photosensitive. Nocturnal! It’s not much, but it should tell them we know what they are.”

“A good bullet should take them out, too,” Lisa said, walking into the living room. “They are simply more immune to fatal injury. Contrary to popular belief, they are very much alive. Their vital signs, besides brain activity, are all but nonexistent until they feed.”

“How do you know all this?” Jessica asked.

“Old books, and from a not so bad Vampire,” she said gruffly. “Not all are evil, but most. We found her, err, Bianca munching on a Human in her bedroom. We thought she was going to kill him, but had no intention of that. You see, catching a Vampire feeding tends to lead to the instant death of the victim. Not that time. He was not victim. Apparently, he allowed her to feed on him. He tried to protect her, too, from us. They’re lovers, if you can believe that! She stockpiles ostrich blood …”

“Well, why don’t you get her here?” I recommended. “She could tell us right away what’s up with Jessica.”

“Lloyd’s been in contact with her ever since we discovered Vampires in the city. The problem is she’s over in Colorado. She’s gonna be here tomorrow at the earliest, but strategically we can’t wait for her to establish why our Vamps are eyeing your client. Then, there’s the fact that she’s uncomfortable with us killing her own kind.”

“Why are you all so sure these people watching me are Vampires?” Jessica shook her head.

“Assuming the worst is in a Hunter’s nature,” she answered bluntly. “Besides, what else would wanna stalk you? You are very beautiful woman, but you said it yourself, you have no enemies.”

Reaching under her shirt, Jessica scratched the taped gauze on her upper arm from the blood test. “Maybe I do. It would make more sense than all of this … You call yourself Hunters?”

“Yeah …” She sat on the coffee table before us, legs rather splayed. “More a calling than a profession. We all have some kind of boring day job to pay the bills. Our group at least. Like we told Jack four years ago, this calling finds you, especially if you’re looking for it. Jack isn’t really one of us. He secretly prefers finding a rich man’s wife cheating on her husband with the young woman housekeeper. Fucking her hard up the ass with a strap on. Seriously, true story! Me and this crew were some ignorant ghost hunters in the beginning, and now … we know what really is going on. I’d love to get out of it, but I can’t. A tour in Iraq is nothing compared to what we face. Once the game finds you, there’s no escape.” With a wearily blank stare, she looked past us into nothingness.

“What is going on? Why can’t you escape from it?” Jessica asked innocently.

Lisa laughed sarcastically. “There’s more than just Vampires out there! Ghosts, sure. Grumpy old demigods, of course. There’s a gray area — Bianca is proof of that, but we train ourselves to assume evil. Anyway, once you turn yourself into a protector of humanity, all those dark things out there can find you that much more easily. So, staying ahead of them becomes necessary for survival.”

“Well, err, the first rule of survival is to eat, right?” Jessica put forward awkwardly.

“Yeah!” Lisa agreed with a chuckle.

“No, seriously, Lisa, I’m actually a little hungry …”

Lisa was eating a turkey sandwich with Jessica when Jason finally walked inside the house. He quickly walked down to the basement to find me and the others.

“What’d find on her, doc?” I asked. I received a background check from an old cop friend a few minutes before, and was about to open it on my phone.

He put the folder on the table, and said seriously, “Nothing much. She is physically fit without any apparent issues, in my opinion. I wish all my patients were as healthy as her! Here’s were things start to get interesting. Her blood pressure is quite low. Now quite hypotension, in my opinion, but something to keep in mind.”

“That doesn’t sound very strange,” I stated.

“No, not at all … If it wasn’t for what we found in her blood work, I wouldn’t have mentioned the blood pressure. Like with her blood pressure, all her numbers are on the low side or off somehow, but still not quite off enough to worry. Then, there was what the tech realized …”

“What did he realize?” Jessica said behind us angrily, arms crossed. “Isn’t it illegal to discuss a patient’s records with others?” she asked sarcastically.

I walked up to her. “I’m sorry, we should’ve called you down here …”

“Yeah, you should’ve …” She walked over to the desk, and asked Jason, “What did the tech realize?”

“He, uhh, he couldn’t tell what your blood type was.”

“What? How is that possible?”

“Do you know your blood type off the top of your head?”

“No … but a lot of people don’t.”

“True … Also, blood type is not something that’s really part of the test. My tech didn’t expect to not know, though.”

“Some rare, unusual blood type?” I asked.

“I guess it’s possible!” the doctor answered. “Four are known, but I would not discount the possibility of genetic mutation … Jessica, when was the last time you saw a doctor?”

“I, ah … You know, I don’t remember! I know I must have …”

“Strange,” Jason said, looking her over. “Do you have a regular doctor? Do you remember your childhood doctor?”

“I don’t remember much from my childhood …” she said distantly. “I don’t have a regular doctor.”

“Really?” Jason asked rhetorically. “That aside, having an unknown blood type could explain her lab results. Definitely can explain why Vamps are curious about her! I asked my tech to look into it further, and call me up as soon as he can.”

“Are you sure he’s safe?” Lloyd asked.

“He’s one of us. That’s why I hired him.”

“Thanks for telling us!” Lloyd chided.

“Never came up!” he smirked. “So …”

The doorbell suddenly rang. “I’ll see who it is,” Lloyd stated.

“I’ll back you up, baby,” Lisa volunteered …

“Yes, how can we help you? Nice sunglasses,” we heard. The bright outside light was visible down the basement steps. Making late dusk seem almost like day.

“The woman. What have you learned about her?” The male voice was deep and venomous.

“Woman? Lisa? Well, she can beat me up, no problem!”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Hunter! Our Mistress is … interested.”

“What does she find so interesting about her?”

“She … smells different … She is different.”

“Interesting. Perhaps your Mistress and I could talk about this face to face. Your address?”

We heard a quick, guttural laugh. “You fulfill your reputation quite well, Hunter Lloyd! No matter, plans have changed. It is why I’m here. Our Mistress would like to see her alone.” I realized Jessica was holding me tight at that.

“And do what?”

“That is between the woman and our Mistress. Will you give her over freely? I did not come alone.”

“You should know the answer to that. You must be quite young to not see my mind all that well. Why don’t you have the Matriarch come here herself? I prefer not speaking to nameless henchmen.”

Silence … “Fine … I will speak to her.”

The door slammed closed.

“It’s all right now,” Lloyd called down the steps. I could hear subtle unease in his tone.

We walked up to him. Lisa was holding him up mentally and physically.

“Well?” I asked.

“I bought us time,” Lloyd answered, looking a bit pale. “I called his bluff. Looks like they want her unharmed. They do not want to risk harming her by fighting their way through … For now.”

“When will they be back?” Jessica breathed, still holding me tight. Seeing such a strong woman so broken down broke my heart.

“There’s no way to know. If we’re lucky, Bianca, our Vampire friend, will be here to discuss the situation before they come knocking again.” Lloyd sighed deeply. “Until then, we have a very safe place for Jessica. Follow me.”

With the others dispersing to the houses entrances, Lloyd led us back down to the basement. We soon found ourselves in front of an old, tall dresser. He pulled it back to reveal a large metal door. He spun the wheel on it, and exclaimed, “Bomb shelter!”

Behind, we climbed down the ladder to a rather comfortable looking room, albeit a bit cramped. The walls were light blue with an image of a window painted on the far end. There was a double bed laying on the left, while a table, chair, and older fridge stood on the right.

“I’ll start bringing some supplies down,” Lloyd stated.

Jessica grabbed my wrist with her strong hands, and requested, glassy eyed, “Stay with me.”

“Of course …”

We quietly sat on the bed listening to a staticky news show. Lloyd and Co finished putting some supplies in the old fridge about half an hour ago, and I locked the door from the inside.

“What good will that door do if they just come for me?” she quietly asked, holding my hand.

I sighed, and answered, “The truth … From what I know about Vampires, probably very little. They are strong enough to rip you limb from limb without much effort. We’re in good hands, though. My friends learned everything the hard way already. If those Vamps start jumping down, I’m an excellent shot, too.”

She kissed me on the lips. “Thank you for not lying to me … All I wanted to hear is that you’ll help me to your last breath, and you don’t even know me …”

Jessica came back with a deeper, more passionate kiss. It was perfection, and went beyond that the moment our tongues lovingly explored each other’s mouths. We fell onto the creaky bed, kissing and groping with great need. Our clothes quickly flew off in a barely controlled need for one another.

I entered her warm, perfect pussy, and grunted more than she. On our sides, we slowly, lovingly thrust into each other’s. We stared deep into out eyes whenever our eyes weren’t rolling back into out heads. My hands explored her body from short silken hair to the soft wrinkled soles of her feet. Our breathing was deep and true.

Our moans and coos soon grew louder and louder. I could feel how strong the athletic woman was in her gropes and nibbles, as I could feel her flexing muscles with my own kneading hands. She was stronger than me, and probably didn’t realize it! Soon, we couldn’t hold out any longer, and let ourselves explode almost into oblivion in our true orgasm.

We fell asleep in our arms …

Though it wasn’t clear at first in the shelter, we slept the whole night. After dressing ourselves, we cautiously made our way back upstairs.

We saw everyone in the living room discussing strategy. I sat hip to hip with Jessica on the couch. Jessica was visibly developing strong feelings for me, and I suppose I was feeling the same way toward her. I never processed my own strong emotions well, though.

Laura observed, “You two look like you slept surprisingly well down there!”

“You can help yourselves to what we have in the kitchen, if you’re hungry. Bianca will be here in an hour or so from the airport.” Lloyd continued awkwardly, “She’s gonna be a little grumpy, I think, it being day. So, you know, be nice …”

Not long after, the doorbell rang. Lloyd went to answer it, and came back with a strikingly voluptuous brunette in dark attire. Her hair was long and black, while her exposed pale skin was somewhat reddened. She wore thick sunglass, a purple tight tube top, black leather jacket, form fitting black pants, and comfortable sneakers. Her suitcase sat in the main hall.

She instantly looked to Jessica, and asked amazed, “What are you?”

“Uhh, this is Bianca, Jessica, Jack …” Lloyd barely introduced.

“I don’t know what you mean, Bianca!” Jessica answered confused.

“Of course other Vampires are after you, Jessica,” Bianca stated, walking up to Jessica. She removed her sunglasses, revealing her rich, light green eyes with pupils shrinking to small dots in the natural light of day. “You don’t have a known blood type, do you?”

“Apparently not …”

“They have to find out what you are, Jessica. Fuck, I wanna find out what you are!” Bianca exclaimed. “From what the good doctor here was telling me and thinking, you appear Human, but you know those tests were off somehow …”

Jason’s phone buzzed, and he answered, “I was wondering when those results were coming! Great timing. I’ll put you on speaker, Bob!”

“Err,” we heard through the phone, “like I told Jason last night, Jessica does not have a known blood type. I didn’t believe that, so I did more intricate testing to see her blood type. Her type is best described as ABO. It’s like a mix of all of them. A kind of super AB. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m not a geneticist, but my opinion is that this previously unknown type is related to how her other results were all off. She’s obviously exceedingly strong and healthy.”

“But, what does that all mean?” Jessica asked frustratedly.

“I don’t know. I’m sorry … I can try to get someone to sequence her DNA today, but I can’t risk having her blood around for much longer. The scent for a Vampire is obviously blatant, and it is too much of a risk keeping it around. I need to go, but I’ll get back to you if I find out more …” The call ended.

Bianca sat on a gushy chair, and rubbed her weary eyes, sunglasses hanging from her pinky. “There isn’t much I can do for you now. I gotta sleep … I remember where the guest room is …” She walked out of the room and up the stairs …

The day was long. The crew prepared the house for a siege, with defenses set up at all the windows and entrances.

“You guys really are humanity’s defenders …” Jessica said to Lloyd, who stood before the living room window. The sunset was near. She was holding my hand tightly.

“Generally … It gets complicated sometimes,” Lloyd clarified, subtly looking past us. “Bianca will fight with us if she must, and we’ll defend her. Basically, we just fight evil, and take whatever allies we can get. I’m sure Lisa moaned more than enough at you.” He smiled barely. “Bianca is far from evil. Vampires often see themselves as above us, and that’s why most kill so … happily. But, Vampires are loosing their war against Hunters, while modern local law enforcement is certainly no help to them. Some Vampires, like in Bianca’s case, forced themselves to change for the sake of survival and more. Some, not enough, are deciding to live more symbiotically, killing only if they must, as Bianca explained. Most Hunters will back off if they prove themselves, and we may never even find them! No trail of missing or dead …”

Dusk finally came after the painfully long day. Bianca came down the creaky steps, while Lisa sat at the window, fidgeting with her large bowie knife. She walked into the room, and looked through the peep hole of the boarded up window. She sneered, showing her sharp, white, retracted fang. “There not here yet, but I’m sure they’ll be here soon,” she stated to Jessica and I. “You should get down to the shelter …”

Bianca walked to the kitchen, and removed a steak from the fridge. After poking a hole in the corner of the plastic wrapping, she poured the cold cow blood down her throat. There was no grimace, but it was clearly not her favorite fuel source.

She suddenly answered her buzzing phone, walking back into the living room. “Hey, Robby …” She sat on the staircase. “Yeah, I choked down some steak juice … I have no idea what’s up with her! … I may. It’s all right. These Vampires are only giving more reason for our favorite Hunters to slaughter them. I don’t think they don’t deserve eternity. Maybe I don’t either … How many times do I have to say it! They let me live! I am honor bound to keep showing them that I renounced the foolishness … I don’t think I really care anymore what makes this woman so special, but she doesn’t deserve this … Malum! I call you later!” She pocketed her phone. “She’s here … Tell Lloyd I’m speaking to her myself.”

She slapped on her sunglasses, and opened the door with a defiant smile. The light was painful for a Human!

“What do you morons want with her, Matriarch?” Bianca growled. Jessica held me tight.

“You know …” a strong female voice answered. “Are you really willing to kill your own kind to defend Humans and that woman?”

“I don’t defend them. I defend myself … from foolishness. Don’t you understand? They will kill even more easily now that you’re here!”

“I see what you’ve done!” the Matriarch suddenly exclaimed in vile anger. “I will make you pay. Defend yourself, rebel!” The powerful female Vampire leapt onto Bianca. They fell to the floor, trying to rip each other throats out. I could somehow see in Bianca’s eyes that she was trying to fight the Matriarch mentally as well. I pulled out my pistol, and fired at the virulent Vampire. The bullet went straight through the Matriarch’s shoulder. A rare miss, in the heat of the terrifying moment.

Upper and lower fangs out, she leapt at me from across the room, and sank her fangs into my soft neck, falling hard onto the wood floor. I grunted loudly in more fear than pain. Vampire Venom effectively dulls the nerves. I couldn’t push her off!

Lisa jumped onto the Matriarch, and stabbed her right through the neck. The Vampire jumped off of me, flinging Lisa backwards. Several gunshots sounded from another end of the house. The Matriarch held her leaking neck tightly, her just feeding on me ensured she would just barely survive the stabbing.

Suddenly, another Vampire flew through the boarded window in a great crash, grabbing the terrified Jessica. Holding my still bleeding neck, I shot at and missed the strong male. The Matriarch jumped me from behind, but I was just barely able to twist myself to fatally shoot the female through the heart. I threw the dead beast off me, before seeing Jessica was long gone.

I turned around to see Bianca ripping the throat out of another Vampire with her fangs fully exposed. Flesh fell from her blood soaked hand, while blood soaked into her clothes. The sight shook me to my very core. “His thoughts were dirtier than his actions,” she subtly lisped in her defensive dark joke. She retracted her fangs. “My kind is never this bold …”

The others ran into the room, guns blazing.

“She’s gone! She’s fucking gone!” I exclaimed with a tear escaping. In the heat of the moment, I cared little how my wound already stopped bleeding thanks to the Vampire Venom …

In the basement, we were desperately trying to find the Vampire Brood’s base in the city, based on the prior detective work. Police came earlier to investigate the multiple shots fired. Instead of Lloyd or I having to call a friend in the department, Bianca used her power over the mind to make them think a registered gun accidentally went off during a cleaning. There was no question.

“That old fallout shelter is a good place to look,” Bianca suggested. “No sun, easily defended single entrance.”

I rubbed my healing neck, still feeling the venom in me. It didn’t exactly hurt. Indeed, it felt rather good! I was literally being cleaned out.

“Bianca?” I called.

“You’ll be fine, Jack,” she reassured. “You’re a lucky Human! Most that get Vampire Venom in them don’t live to admit how good it feels, how it cleans you out. The bite and venom alone won’t transform you. Just don’t drink any Human blood for a day, and if you do, don’t drink any Vampire Blood!”

“There’s also that recently abandoned shopping center. Err, Liza Flower Corner,” Lloyd stated, working to keep focus.

“Make your list of possible locations, Lloyd, and we’ll search each one tonight,” Bianca ordered.

“You were a warrior weren’t you?” I asked Bianca amazed.

“A long time ago, when swords and crossbows were popular,” she confirmed. “As I’m sure Lisa would agree, war hasn’t changed much. Such a waste of blood …”

We searched an old warehouse and derelict hotel before making our way to the old fallout shelter. We were all very vigilant. Lloyd, as confirmed by Bianca, stated a new Matriarch likely took the helm already (there was often an Under Matriarch impatiently preparing to take over). Plus, they can function leaderless if needed. Bianca admitted she was once an Under Matriarch, which was a position that ironically led her to the path of becoming a better Vampire. She always refused to elaborate, apparently.

Bianca suddenly sniffed the air. “They’re here. I was right.”

“Can you detect Jessica?” Lloyd asked.

“Yes, but very faint. I only smell her lingering traces from outside the bunker. If she’s alive, she’s deep inside, and in a dreamless sleep … They know we’re here.”

It wasn’t a good plan, but it was our only option: go in through the front as one. Bianca easily broke through the door. Well, she made it look easy.

We slowly made our way down the dark steps. Lisa switched on the light on her bayonet fitted rifle. We all had a weapon and light, save for Bianca. The moment fanged foes were revealed in the darkness, we started firing. One, two, three, Vampires down. It wasn’t fast enough. One suddenly forced me to the ground. Before the dripping fangs sank into my neck, Bianca pulled him off, and ripped out his throat with her own fang laden mouth. She angrily spit the Vampire’s flesh and blood out.

A moment after she helped me to my feet, another Vampire came at Bianca. She stared into the suddenly terrified Vampire’s eyes, and exclaimed, “Submit to me, you weak fool!” That Vampire’s resolve visibly melted away.

I ran up to her, but before I fired at Bianca’s victim, she spat, “She’s of no threat! Move forward, Human!”

“You are even older than I thought!” I exclaimed.

“Not old enough!” Bianca corrected, before physically pushing me ahead.

We killed one after another, Bianca occasionally melting the minds of the younger or just killing them with her hands and fanged mouth. She hated every moment of it, while she was only fighting defensively, in contrast to us. She blatantly refused to initiate combat. This was her compromise with herself: save as many of her kind as she could from us and themselves, while only killing in self defense.

Suddenly, their new Matriarch stood ahead of us, her remaining brood standing behind.

“Do you like the taste of your own kind, Bianca?” the Vampire Matriarch taunted in the dark shadows. I could barely make her out, while her size was artificially amplified by how the Vampires behind instinctually bowed to her.

“Where is she!?” I screamed.

“Right behind me,” she answered bluntly.

I drew my gun angrily, but before I pulled the trigger, Bianca pushed my hands down.

“I am older than you,” Bianca stated defiantly, walking up to the tall Mistress.

“Not by much!”

They stared deep into each other’s souls. Their fanged mouths clenched. An invisible battle raged between them. Bianca walked closer, and grabbed the other Vampire’s head, forcing her to her knees.

“What … is in you?” the Vampire Matriarch sputtered. I could just barely make out blood leaking from the Mistress’ nose, eyes, ears and mouth.

“Heart!” Bianca screamed into all our minds.

The Vampire Matriarch fell to the ground, utterly defeated and dying. Bianca slowly caught her breath. I barely made out that her eyes were reddened from tears of pain, while she quickly wiped away escaped blood from her nose. The remaining Vampires of the brood visibly bowed to her. “No … Live eternity as yourselves …” Bianca growled.

The message clearly received, they walked out of the bunker with their lives.

“What did you do to them?” I asked uncomfortably.

“I gave them a new lease on existence,” she answered quietly. “Let them choose to be something more …”

I looked over to the others. Even in the dark, I could see that they never saw Bianca do anything like that before. Looking into Bianca’s eyes, I realized that we witnessed her crush a Matriarch’s mind and disbanded a brood just as she must have in her last moments as an Under Matriarch. The psychological toll was too tall, but she saved many Vampires both times.

Bianca ahead, we soon found Jessica lying silent on a metal table. Jason quickly checked her vital signs.

“She’s dead,” Bianca said sadly, breathing deep. “They couldn’t figure out what she was … So, out of some irrational fear, they poisoned her …”

“She’s right,” Jason said quietly, examining Jessica’s bare forearm with a flashlight. “An injection of some kind.”

Tears falling, I picked Jessica’s limp body, and carried her out …

We all sat quietly in Lloyd’s basement, me on the floor leaning on the desk. Jessica was brought to the nearby hospital morgue. The doctor Jason weaseled himself in to be an examiner of the body tomorrow afternoon. Bianca sat on the steps behind us brooding, warmed pig blood in hand.

“I tried too hard to keep you away from this calling, Jack,” Lloyd said quietly.

“Yeah, I understand,” I said slowly. “Of course there’s no going back after being a part of all that!”

“My ear’s always open,” Laura offered.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“You sleep … and prepare for the next battle,” Bianca answered, walking over to us.

“What made her so special, Bianca?” I asked, looking up at her. Tears flowed freely.

“We may never know …” she answered honestly.

Feeling Bianca in my mind, I passed out …

I was looking over Jessica’s naked corpse on the cold metal slab. Something was different about it, but I couldn’t tell what that was yet. The skin slowly reddened, while textured, tentacle-like protrusions formed all over her body like some partial cocoon.

Her now red eyes jutted open, and she stood, arms high. Eyes rolling back into her head, she tilted her head backwards, mouth opened wide …

I suddenly awoke on Lloyd’s living room couch. The light of the new day shown brightly through the smashed windows. I heard people in the kitchen, and walked over. Lloyd, Lisa, and Laura were there.

“Where’s Bianca?” I asked, somewhat disoriented.

“She’s down in the old bomb shelter sleeping, I think. I don’t recommend waking her!” Lloyd answered.

“Heart …”

They looked at me curiously.

“That’s what you saw in her.”

“Humph, I guess so!” Lisa exclaimed. “I’m just glad she’s on our side! I had no idea how strong she is …”

“I dreamed about Jessica,” I said quietly.

“Not surprising,” Laura stated. “What did you see?”

“Her in the morgue, I guess,” I explained. “She was transforming, coming back to life somehow.”

Lloyd stroked his chin. “Interesting … How would you explain your connection to her?”

“I …”

“You loved her, didn’t you?” Laura observed.

“I barely knew her, but yeah, I did.” I rubbed my teary eyes.

Lloyd’s cellphone buzzed. “Jason, how’s the autopsy going? … What? … I think you better just get back here …” He looked spooked. “Jessica’s body is gone. They’re at a loss at that facility at how it happened …”

Though probably not the best idea, I rushed down to the shelter, hoping Bianca was actually there.

I turned on the light to see the Vampire quietly lying over the covers with her clothes still worn. It looked like she just fell onto the bed and passed out like anyone after the stress we went through.

“Did you know that nearly every time someone opened Barnabas Collins’ coffin as he rested in that old show they were dead moments later?” Bianca said quietly, eyes closed. “You’re lucky I respect you,” she smirked, slowly opening her rich eyes.

I almost too casually sat onto the bed with her. “Jessica’s body disappeared!”

“This doesn’t make any sense.” She slowly sat up next to me, rubbing her eyes.

“Are you all right?”

“No … Only you saw, I think … What I had to do was very damaging. More so than before. I can tell you figured me out completely … I need to feed.”

“I’m guessing a little more than just steak juice.” I sighed. “If you really need some, I’m sure I can donate a little.”

Knowing I felt like I owed her my life for her help, she took my wrist, and subtly lisped, fangs fully extended, “Don’t tell the others. It’s a taboo for a Hunter to let something like me feed on them.” With no more hesitation, she plunged her fangs into my soft wrist. While I felt the four sharp uppers and lowers in me, there was no pain. Her smooth venom flowed through me. It felt almost too good feeling that stuff in me again. Could it be addicting?

After only a few good gulps, she retracted her fangs, and licked my wrist clean.

“It’s Rob, right? Is he all right with you feeding on others?” I asked uncomfortably.

“He knows what I need. A feed alone is not necessarily intimate. What’s important now is your love Jessica. You know I’m just about useless during the day, especially when I need to heal. Start searching for her without me. I will join you tonight.”

Jason and I were looking over the video feeds at the hospital that evening. Ironic and out of character for Hunters, we didn’t have to lie to achieve this: me a licensed detective, and Jason a real Medical Doctor. To our confusion, the feed just shorted out at four in the morning, and Jessica’s body was simply gone once the feed resumed.

“Have you seen anything like that, Jason?”

“Not exactly …” he answered bewildered. “Looks almost like how ghosts affect electrical equipment, but my first instinct suggests some kind of energy discharge.”

I glanced over to the live feed, and saw Bianca walking into the morgue. “Bianca’s awake …”

Bianca subtly sniffed the air, looking utterly bewildered. She took her cell phone out, and my phone buzzed.

“Bianca? What is it?” I answered.

“It’s nothing I’ve ever smelled or felt before …” she breathed through the phone. “It makes my blood shiver …”

“Can you tell if someone took her?”

“I don’t think so, Jack. It’s just the smell of death and whatever happened to her here … I don’t think Jessica was ever really Human, but I can’t tell you what she really was.”

“We’re up in the security office if you want to meet up with me and Jason.”

“Fine.” She ended the call …

The investigation went deep into the night. It was fruitless. Jessica existed, yes, but her body was nowhere to be found. Even worse, her blood sample was destroyed before her DNA was sequenced. Per Bianca’s recommendation, I went home to rest …

My apartment was dark, perhaps darker than usual this dark knight. My lamp switched on like it was in another universe. I slowly looked up, and my heart nearly stopped in terror! “Jessica?” I barely asked, heart racing. The woman was standing at the window dead silent, staring right at me with her now richer blue eyes. A subtly relieved smile was just barely visible. She wore a deep blue blouse, black pants, and sandals. Most surprisingly, her once dyed hair was now it’s natural, rich auburn, while shoulder length.

“What happened to you?” I barely asked.

“It’s hard to describe what happened to me in simple terms,” she answered in her stillness.

“Did they transform you?”

“No … I am their forebear. Lilith was my name so long ago, but the great weight of time twisted the meaning of that name. I like ‘Jessica’ better.” In a somehow unthreatening way, she extended her full fangs, and slowly retracted them.


“I was born to Human parents almost seven thousand years ago. Didn’t know what I was for a long time! I ate and lived like any Human then. But, blood always calls to a Vampire. It is our staple food. I killed Humans for their blood, yes, but it wasn’t worth their deaths. Vampires don’t need drink all that is in a Human to live, I learned after too long.

“Eventually, by accident, I created the first true Vampires through my venom and blood. I learned instinctually, too, that I could give birth to Vampires; though I never have. I have perfect control over my reproductive system. Anyway, I made a horrible choice then: to become solitary. The Vampires I created soon lost themselves to the blood, with too few now choosing different paths. I stupidly stayed in the shadows, trying to ignore what my children had become. Eventually, I lost myself, too. Quite literally. After almost seven thousand years, I just wanted to forget, and that’s what happened. I became Human, more or less. A good survival trick I learned long ago, but I never forgot myself before. Not remembering to hide anymore, some of my children caught my scent, not that they really knew what I was. They sensed it, though, the elders in their brood. Knowing I was something else alone terrified them. So, they pumped poison into my veins. I certainly seemed dead for a while! Then, my body reset itself. You saw, in your dream …”

“How?” I asked with a tear forming.

“We are connected in love. We should all have at least one love in our lives. Why can’t it be you and me? With your help and your friend’s, I can finally rectify the only serious mistake of my life.”

“You want to rule all Vampires?”

“No. I’m no dictator! That’s why I never ruled them. Yet, they will listen to me, because my blood exists within them. I, we will make them into something so much more. Think about it. The wisdom the Vampire race holds, but almost never uses. The venom that heals and purifies. I need them to choose for themselves what they want to be, but I can’t have most of them blindly killing any longer …”

“I guess Bianca’s been drafted …”

“Of course! She will be the archetype for all Vampires. Her inner strength is more than I ever had!”

I quickly walked up to her, and hugged her cold body tightly. “I love you so much! I’m not sure if I could’ve lived without you …”

We kissed deeply in the greatest of loving embraces. Yes, I would do anything for her, while in my own way, I didn’t care what she was. All I wanted was to be with her.

“You could be with me forever if you wish,” she offered tenderly.

“Yes, I think I can take that leap,” I breathed, “but give me time. I’m still only Human.”

“Then lets just make love, Jack! We can plan our future later.”

We slowly walked to my bed, and fell upon it. Our clothes melted away long before I entered her moist pussy. Her body was very cool to the touch, but that somehow enhanced the joy. Our motions were strong and true. Unlike before, she knew her strength, and felt my body tenderly. In similar motions, I felt up and down her taught body from silken hair to smooth soles. I loved every part of her.

We soon thrust hard into our hips. Our grunts and coos were loud and true. After a long, deep kiss, we exploded in orgasm.

Jessica then casually plunged her fangs into my willing neck. There was no pain, while the venom felt different this time. Whether it was psychological or otherwise, it was like liquid joy flowing through me. After several good gulps, she pulled out, and licked my already healing neck clean.

We cuddled lovingly, her body now warm from the feed. So much was ahead of us. A whole new future for Vampires. Yet, all I cared about was this perfect moment.

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