Blog Unbound: The Antique

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story continues the Supernatural Unbound Mythos. This is not the first story involving a mysterious idol with otherworldly elements, but it should function as its own take on the concept. The story follows a still attractive, middle aged woman finding herself in a lull in life. Her job as an accountant at the local auctioneer was lucrative yet unfulfilling. Everything changed when an inexplicably enticing antique caught her eye. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Antique

Farrah woke up that morning with a quiet grunt. Hitting forty-five was a turning point, and not the most positive. She ended the ultimately loveless marriage with Jack smoothly, keeping the house in the deal. They were good at compromise, but not much else by the end. Farrah took herself a new job as an accountant at a local antique auctioneer. She worked there part time for years, being a certified accountant, and her boss liked her enough to provide the promotion to Finance Chief, which was one of a few positions directly under the Vice President of Finance.

It seemed fine on the surface, but there seemed so little to her life now. She wanted more, while she knew that was unlikely. Indeed, she wasn’t even trying to find a new guy. Growing wrinkles, less taught body, graying hair under the dark dye. Farrah knew that idealistic twenty-five year old was long gone. Farrah decided she needed to live with that.

Watching the new acquisitions being untapped and prepared for auction was the one thing she always liked about her office. While others set the start price, she was still a part of the process. It was her job to keep track of the pricing, insurance, purchase price, and what that all meant for taxes. She didn’t have to be, but she was always with the appraisers and researchers.

One object truly peaked her interest today. It was an undated and extremely old bronze idol. The appraiser Jennifer said, “This one was as much a coup as headache! It was donated by a cousin of the prior owner, who died in a fire set by his own son. Long, fucked up story short, very little is immediately known about it. The cousin was the one that got everything as the next-of-kin. One of the researchers was looking into the possibility that it is related to a little known, long past Asmodeus cult, dating it to a remarkable thousand years old.”

Farrah couldn’t stop staring at it. It fascinated her, it excited her. It was all so inexplicable, but not quite unprecedented. It would not be the first time an object excited her. Yet, it was never to this degree, while there was almost sexual arousal underlying.

“Can I pick it up?” Farrah asked breathlessly.

She handed over some disposable gloves. “Sure.”

Farrah held the surprisingly heavy, foot tall object close to her face. It was primarily feminine, while having odd elements of masculinity, almost defining a new form of eroticism. The hair was long, flowing with the body. The legs were muscular yet shapely like a female. The stomach was a very masculine six pack. The ass was full and distinctly feminine. The crotch had a bulge partially obscured by one of its legs, suggesting either a penis or vagina. The chest similarly suggested either masculine muscle or firm female breasts. The feminine face was falsely angelic, with a bone structure suggesting masculinity.

“Almost sexy …” Farrah breathed, now distinctly aroused.

“If you say so, Farrah!” She chuckled. “Well, won’t be put up in a while, I think. Just not enough on it yet for a base price.”

Farrah eventually went back to her office to eat her lunch. She just couldn’t stop thinking about that damn idol!

Halfway through her chicken salad, she found herself fantasizing about it. In her mind’s eye, a life sized version of it walked into her office. A massive, erect penis pointed at her menacingly, while the bronzed skin was almost scaly. Now naked and feeling years younger in her arousal, she leaned back on her chair, legs open wide.

The seven foot tall creature walked over to her, and violently rammed it’s twenty inch member inside her. It felt so painfully deep that it seemed to be piercing her very soul. She orgasmed loudly at every painful thrust, as the creature blew fiery cum into her very being. Its massive tits enticingly swayed.  She loved it. No, she LUSTED it! The lust of it was overwhelming. It was so damn good! She wanted to …

“Farrah?” a familiar voice called in the distance.

Farrah suddenly opened her eyes from the apparent, wild dream, fully clothed. She was rather flushed.

“Sorry to wake you!” her boss Robbert Carlyle said lightly. “Looked like a nice deep sleep.”

“Oh, sorry … You know I never doze off like that …” she breathed. The dream felt too real.

“Don’t worry about it, Farrah! You do half the work around here anyway.” He looked at her, and said honestly, “Don’t tell Human Resources I said this, but you look great!”

“Uhh, thanks …”

“Look, I know you’ve been through too much. I’m just happy you seem to be getting over it.” The man was always genuinely good to her.

“Yeah, Robbie, I am. I guess it makes me sleepy!” She smiled. “So, what is it?”

He walked over, and placed a folder on her desk. “We got a difficult item. It is a likely very old idol, but we have little on it.”

She opened the folder to see the Idol that was essentially just making lust with her. “Oh, yeah, I saw it earlier. Looked interesting.”

“An interesting headache! We obviously need to take out insurance on the thing, but there’s so little to tell them about it. That folder is all we have on it so far. I … have a good feeling about this one, so I want to make sure it’s well insured.” There was something subtly different about his cadence, but then again, it may simply be out of a possibly high value of the antique. No matter how nice he was to others, Robert was secretly greedy.

“I’ll do what I can. Hell, they may wanna see the thing personally if I’m pushing them to put a lot of money behind it.”

“Do what you gotta do! I consider this item a priority. If it really is pushing the thousand year mark, we may get quite a hefty sum at its auction …”

Farrah liked the idea of personally showing their insurance people the idol, so she had one of the conservators wrap it up for her. It somehow just made sense that she should have it on her person in case they ask for it. She brought it home with her that day.

She placed the package on her kitchen island, and made herself some tea. The idol was really the only thing on her mind. She needed to see it, feel it, smell it, taste it. Beyond her own better judgement, she brought it to her bedroom, and carefully unwrapped it on her end table. She licked it, felt it, took in it with senses, and put it down to simply see. Materially, it was what one would expect from bronze, yet she felt something deeper. Her body was coming alive with sexual passion.

Beyond all rational thought, she pulled off her clothes, and began to masturbate on the bed to the aged object. The more she pleasured herself the more lively she felt. The more lively she felt, the more she pleasured herself. She felt herself grow younger, stronger the more she gave into the lustful pleasure. Farrah could no longer deny how much she yearned for her youthful vigor!

“FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!” Farrah screamed darkly in her wild orgasm.

Farrah lay back for a few breathless moments before coming to a shocking revelation. Her arms, legs, and breast were now firmer, younger. She jumped out of bed to look at herself in the bedroom’s tall mirror.

“Fuck …” was all she could say. She looked and felt almost ten years younger! At the same time, she looked somewhat more muscular, athletic that she did in her mid to late thirties. Even all the dye in her hair was gone, revealing her silken, raven black hair. She then shook her head, and quietly said to herself, “I want more. Another ten less years, and I’ll really be happy …”

“Oh, that is more than possible,” a dark voice said behind her.

In the mirror, Farrah saw the idol grow into the seven foot monster of her dreams. She quickly turned to see it casually sitting on her bed, sexy legs crossed. Lustfully, she wanted that massive impaler back inside her.

“What are you?” she breathed though the lust.

It smirked. “That is difficult to answer with understood terms … Some may call me a demigod, while others would call me a Demon. Neither are true. I was created by Demon Master Asmodeus in a related manner to it. However, while Asmodeus was actually Human once, I was never anything but myself. I am a conscious incarnation of lust.”

“You’re here to corrupt my soul for Hell?”

“Not exactly, Human. There’s no war for supremacy, not anymore, while the universe balances itself, more or less. A millennia will teach you that! Still, my purpose in life is to remake others in the image of lust. All up to you, though, while only certain people are susceptible directly. I nudged to the best of my ability to bring us to this moment.”

“What about your prior owner?”

“I miscalculated with the son, Farrah. He was open to lust, but he was naturally embracing other dark facets of his psyche long before. My influences unhinged him in ways I didn’t expect. Shit, who said I was perfect! Similar issue with that cult a thousand years ago.”

“You could be lying to me. You give me a taste, and tell me things that don’t sound bad on my end …”

“I am of lust not lies!” it said flatly, fully enunciating with its alluring lips. “Yes, dear Farrah, I did give you a good taste of what I can do for you. It is now up to you if you want to go further. If you do, you must devote yourself to lust in a manner similar to how Demon Master Asmodeus was transformed, and how Asmodeus transformed others in Hell.”

“You know I want to say yes, but what is this catch you’re alluding to?”

“Your wish is to not only be twenty-five forever, lustful Farrah, but also to feel pleasure perfectly forever …”

It was right. That was why she was so depressed, but refused to admit that truth. She missed how good sex was, while being forty-five and single lessened her chances for good sex with another. Whatever that really meant, it was true.

The being of lust continued, “So, Farrah, the best way I know how to do that is to make you a Demonic Succubus. You won’t have love within you; you won’t be Human. Technically, you may be twenty-five, but you will be physically transformed: you know, wings, pointy ears, catlike eyes, tail, red scaly skin, horns, powerful muscles, claws, fangs, forked tongue. Baser, sexual instincts will be quite strong of course. You’ll have mental powers, too, and project a ‘normal’ image into other’s minds. Or even better, make them lust over you in your true form!”

“Why would I need to go through all that to just fuck as a twenty-something?” Her eyes were affixed on the massive, erect member. It was practically a miracle she didn’t consume it with any hungry orifice already!

“You require sex to feel amazing every time without avail, dear Human, and for it all to last forever. That requires the power to heal from the endorphin explosion and to control the pleasure itself. All forms of Succubi can do that, and I am only capable of transforming another into the demonic variant. All Succubi, by the way, have a shelf life of as long as they are willing to feed.”

Farrah smirked. “Would I still consider myself sexy as a Succubus?” There it was, in its purity, she finally realized, what the being of lust saw in her: selfish desire. That was what ultimately destroyed her marriage, and all of her sexual relationships. She just never admitted that to herself. Yet, she had no hatred toward that element of herself.

“Oh, Human, you’ll lust for yourself almost as much as any Human would lust for you! You’ll be able to fly while fucking yourself with your own tail!” It knew it all but had her. There was little more amusing to it when convincing came out of pure truth.

Yes, fuck it! Let’s do this!” Mouth watering, and lustfully began to attack the throbbing member.

The being passionately stoked her hair with its feminine hand. “This will be a ritual without all that silly pomp, my apprentice. First, you must become a Living Demon, a powerful stepping stone to many things.”

Farrah was already lost, forcing the member down her throat. She painfully forced her jaw to dislocate to do it, but didn’t give a fuck.

“You must completely reject love, my Human, so that I can fully corrupt you with lust.”

Bobbing her head up and down, dick deep down her throat, she looked up to it. The being knew exactly what she was asking, in lieu of speech.

“The only thing you truly love anymore is your daughter, my Farrah. So, you must fuck your own daughter. There must be no love in it. In fact, it would be best to at least attempt to destroy the love your daughter has for you. If she’s anything like you, I can nudge her along. There is even a possibility of something quite twisted you can do with her once I make you a Succubus, provided your daughter agrees.”

The entire member began to explode with hot, dark cum, leaking out her nose and mouth. It didn’t need to be corrupting in that moment, for Farrah was going down that path on her own accord. She knew is was wrong, even disgusting to do what was proposed, but she truly wanted to be that young, lustful monster forever …

Farrah called up her twenty year old daughter Sarah up to ask her over for an impromptu dinner. Sarah was done with classes for the day at her university, and had no other plans. It was months since they talked on the phone, and almost a year since they last saw each other. There was an awkward tenseness with Sarah since the divorce, and that was why they started to drift apart. However, Farrah knew she could use that to her advantage, considering she didn’t want love between them anymore.

“Wow, mom, you look great!” the blonde Sarah complimented. She looked very much like her mother at that age, not counting the dirty blonde hair, which she lightened, and green instead of brown eyes.

“Thanks! Found something that really works!” She considered lying to her, but lying was not in the nature of lust. Remarkably, Farrah was incredibly attracted to her own sexy daughter, obviously thanks to the idol. There was no love in the sexual attraction, while the love in her was telling her how wrong it was. So, Farrah began to actively suppress that love.

After dinner, they were finishing up the bottle of wine on the couch. Farrah offered, “I got a crazy idea, Sarah. Lets have a serious, adult conversation. Nothing held back.”

“Um, OK!” She was enjoying the evening.

“How’s the sex life?”

Sarah laughed shyly. “Well … OK … I was seeing a guy up until a month ago. We did have sex a few times. To be honest, it was my first times. Well, the first time was meh, I guess, but I did really enjoy it afterward. Before that and after …”

“Masturbation?” her mother asked lightly.

“Yeah, actually … I guess porn’s a bit of a vice. Not that a lot of it is woman friendly …” She laughed. “Never thought I’d talk about masturbating with my mother!”

“Social lube!” she joked, holding up her near empty glass. “But, yeah, they got some crazy shit out there: incest, spanking …”

“You watch porn, too, mom?”

“Eh, not that much, but enough to get the idea!” She smirked, and offered. “Hey, wanna turn this into a game?”

“OK,” she shrugged.

“Lets see, I state a lustful sex act, you elaborate on it, so forth. The winner is the last one to elaborate. The reward is a surprise! I’ll start with kissing.”

“OK … Kissing and ass cupping!” Sarah was having a little too much fun already.

“Ass cupping, nipple nibbling …”

“Hmm … Nipple nibbling, asshole fingering …” Sarah continued.

“Asshole fingering, laying along my lap …”

Sarah rose a surprised eyebrow, but was competitive enough to continue. “Laying along your lap, spanked until yours!” She was amazed with herself, never even thinking about spanking before.

Farrah smiled lustfully, completely suppressing any love she felt for her daughter. “Wow! You really got into this, Sarah. I guess you win.”

“What did I win?” She was genuinely curious.

“You said it yourself, Sarah. Now, bare your ass, and lay across your mother’s lap,” Farrah said seriously with a hint of excitement. She gave an undeniable commanding look at her daughter.

Sarah was truly taken aback, especially at the fact that she was doing as ordered. She anxiously lay across her mother’s warm lap. Farrah lightly felt her daughter’s tight ass with her fingertips. She then gave her a firm slap. “Ugh … What the FUCK, mom?” Sarah called shocked at both the act and how she didn’t hate it. Farrah then slapped even harder. “MY GOD, MOM!” Slap, SLAP, SLAP! “Holy, FUCK, mom!” she screamed in shock. The slapping soon became hard and relentless. “OH, FUCK, FUCK! … Erguh … MOM, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” None of it made any sense to Sarah, let alone how she wasn’t trying to pull herself away from her “rewarding” mother. She did win that game after all …

“… OH FUCK YEAH, MOM!  … HO SHIT, I’M STARTIN’ TO LIKE IT …” The harsh slaps slowly turned into waves of pleasure up her body. “FUCK, MOMMY! SPANK ME RAW. YOU FUCKING KNOW I DESERVE IT! OH, SHIT, HARDER, OH, HARDER, MOMMY! … AHGUR … UGH …” Sarah’s mind slowly turned to mush at the now orgasmic waves of pleasure. There was no love in the slapping, yet Sarah really liked it! She somehow understood the pure lust of it. Drool soon leaked from her thoughtless head.

Farrah brought her daughter back up to her. Looking into the amazed Sarah’s eyes, Farrah could still feel love for her, and that love was screaming at her to stop. Yet, that scream wasn’t as loud as the lust she felt toward her. After everything, Farrah didn’t want to look back. It was time to commit that dark act of incest to destroy all the love she felt for Sarah.

Farrah began to wildly make out with her breathless daughter. Sarah couldn’t believe how receptive to she was to the incestuous acts she was performing with her own mother. She all but knew that an outside force was nudging her to feel such great lust toward her own mother. Yet, Sarah was OK with that. She always loved pleasure so much that she held herself back out of a fear of loosing control over herself. Now, all she wanted to do was loose control, as she secretly wanted for so long. She laughed happily at how she cared little if the sexual attraction to her own mother was out of an attraction to lust itself or lust rewriting her very DNA. A little bit of both, as the idol knew.

“What’s so funny, baby?” Farrah asked curiously.

“This!” Sarah exclaimed joyously. “This is fucking amazing!”

“Mommy needs your help.”


“Mommy wants to become a lustful beast. Fuck your mommy! Fuck her with all the lust in you!”

“Fuck yeah, mommy!” Sarah exclaimed, realizing how much lust has grown within her. She now felt so little love, but she let lust overpower any discomfort.

They scurried to the bedroom, ripping off their clothes. Farrah practically threw her willing daughter to the bed, and leaped on top of her. They widely ground their pussies together in the devastating act of incestuous lust. Moaning, cooing, writhing in great pleasure. The foot tall idol happily watched, sitting on the end table. It no longer needed to nudge.

Farrah wanted, needed to cum more than Sarah. She could sense that was what would destroy her love, making her Demon. Sarah was really just along for the amazing ride, not yet fully aware of what was transpiring. Still, Sarah’s own love was being severely diminished through the act.

They weren’t pacing themselves, but they were both coming to a fast hard orgasm. All but at the same time, the incestuous lusters screamed in a more than mind destroying orgasm. For Farrah, it was even more profound than that. She could feel all love within her vaporize at the explosion of lust. Her eyes turned into deep onyx stones, as her very soul became corrupted by lust.

“Mommy!?” Sarah called in shock.

Eyes turning back to “normal,” Farrah looked down on her shocked daughter. She smiled darkly, feeling no love toward her. Lust filled that void. “Thank you, Sarah. You did well. Your mommy is now a Demon.”

Demon?” No matter how surprised, Sarah oddly was all right with that, if only because her own love was diminished as much as her mother’s was when they met earlier.

“Yes, very good, Sarah,” the now towering idol proclaimed to them. “Your reward, Sarah, shall be to witness your mother become a Demonic Succubus. Then whatever happens next is up to both of you.”

“I’m ready,” Farrah stated with utter certainty.

“All you need to do, Living Demon,” it stated, “is to let your Demonic Lust become a part of every other part of you. Link it to joy, anger, wants, needs, et cetera. As a Living Demon, your now Demonized Soul is as connected with your body as it was before the corruption. With lust a part of all that you are, your soul will transform you accordingly.”

On all fours over her daughter, Farrah closed her eyes, visualizing every emotion, every memory she could. She applied her powerful lust to it all: how an experience would be done differently, how lust would influence her joy. Soon, her lust did the job on it’s own, flowing, connecting with every part of her being.

Her eyes felt strange, and she tightly held them shut for a moment before jutting them open.

“Holy shit, mommy!” Sarah exclaimed.

Farrah’s eyes were now catlike with black slits and yellow coloring. She could see more of the world than she ever thought possible, including how horny and lustful others were. Suddenly, her whole body began to transform from the inside out, all but at the same time. She growled loudly and writhed, feeling every bit of it. Her already reduced age easily reduced by ten further years at least. Her ears pointed, as her teeth sharpened to fangs (she could now derive passion through blood if she wished) and nails grew into small black talons. Her skin turned a deep red with subtle scales. Incredible musculature quickly developed, making her look like the sexiest fitness freak in history. A long fleshy tail grew as an extension of her spine, perfect for whatever kind of fucking she wished to do with it. Massive wings sprouted out from her shoulder blades. Tongue forked, and she slithered it, tasting the air. Literally topping everything off, distinct yet almost tasteful horns sprouted at the top of her forehead.

“Mommy, you are hot! … Literally!” Sarah observed. Her apparent mother ran at a higher temperature now, radiating a bit more heat, which itself influenced lust as did her new pheromones.

“Thank you, baby …” Farrah resonated, teasing her daughter’s pussy with her new tail.

“Oh, fuck me with your tail, mommy!” she requested excitedly.

Lustfully smiling, Farrah obliged. She easily shoved her thick tail deep into her daughters wet pussy. She thrust it in and out forcibly, lusting the how it felt in the snatch.

“Oh, mommy, yeah!” Sarah cooed darkly. She grasped at the sheets with one hand, and at her mother’s tail with the other. The tail was better than any cock, while the pleasure it created was perfection. “Mommy, yeah … So good … yeah … Oh, oh …ERR … UHH … MOMMY, YEAH …” she screamed in orgasm.

Her daughter’s lustful, orgasmic energy flew into her, inflicting a powerfully unique orgasm. She fell onto the bed next to her daughter wide eyed. Farrah now understood that this was her food, this was her life. It was hard to say if she was addicted, but it really didn’t matter.

“You are very interesting, Sarah,” the idol observed. “Even now, you still have love within you.”

“I’m not exactly feeding on it …” Sarah breathed, unsure if she felt any love toward her mother anymore.

“Still, tasty Sarah, I’ve seen people loose their minds deciding to embrace diminished love. It is very difficult to fully restore it … Do you want to be like your mother, Sarah?”

Sarah looked at her Succubus mother now laying next to her, curious about her daughter’s response. “I … I do. I want was to be just like her.”

“Why?” the idol asked, hoping for a very particular answer.

“To be honest, it’s so selfish. I guess it was selfish for her, too. I don’t want to get any older! This kind of sex is more than I ever dreamed. Besides, the look in my mother’s eyes when she fed on my orgasm was breathtaking. I want to experience that, too … perhaps forever …”

“You are very much like your mother, albeit with more love in you.”

“So, I need to become a Demon first, right?” Sarah asked with very subtle discomfort. The love still in her was still perceptible.

“Not necessarily, dear Sarah.”

The idol had their complete attention.

“If you, Sarah, follow the standard ritual, you would only be mother and daughter in memory only. The transformation obviously alters your DNA, and your DNA is already altered somewhat. However, because you are still Human, Sarah, you both still hold plenty of the same genes. If you are both willing, Farrah’s womb would welcome you back with open arms. Her demonized womb is not capable of anything but remaking its former occupant in the mother’s new form.”

“My womb is bigger on the inside?” Farrah subtly chuckled.

“For Sarah, it is,” the idol answered. “It’s all up to you know, Human Sara. My influence toward you both is at its end. I am merely an encyclopedia for you now.”

“Mommy does want you inside her, Sarah,” she offered in dark lust.

“… Yes, mommy, I do want you to remake me,” Sarah said truthfully.

What came next was pure instinct on Farrah’s part. She lay back, and opened her powerful legs wide. Sarah understood, looking at her mother’s wide open, wet pussy. Where else could she reenter her mother’s womb?

Sarah timidly crawled over to her mother’s calling vagina. She easily opened it wider with her hands. Though neither woman changed in size, the pussy hole obediently opened far wider than what should have been possible! Sarah took a deep, resetting sigh, and began to push herself inside head first. Though somewhat tight, for obvious reasons, the pussy muscles helped to guide her inside through the cervix. Again, neither woman changed in size. There was no Human term to describe how this was possible. It was as if Farrah’s pussy was now a black hole, and Sarah was falling into it.

Soon, Sarah was comfortably within her mother’s womb, with inexplicable space to spare. It was vary dark, but her eyes adjusted just enough to see what was happening. It was all so familiar for obvious reasons, while she knew what was about to happen would not likely be exactly like how it was the last time she was in there.

Seeing a thick liquid fill the area around her, Sarah suddenly began second guess this choice. What little love was left within her was screaming for her to escape, even though that was not likely possible. It was difficult to breath from both her sudden anxiety and now being cut off from the exit.

Her eyes suddenly caught sight of what was apparently a kind of umbilical cord forming just ahead of her stomach from the wall. It was large, red, and fleshy like her mother’s tail, except there was a distinct hole at its tip. Before she could react, it penetrated her stomach through the navel. She grunted loudly, feeling it plug into her stomach. It quickly began to pump a warm mix of nutrients and transformative fluids into her. She lightly put her hands around it, the situation impossible to change. She slowly calmed.

Warm, comforting liquid soon engulfed Sarah, forcing her to hold her breath. Her eyes then caught a second cord forming in front of her head. It was different from the one already plugged into her. Its end almost looked like a kind of breathing mask, which made sense. It placed itself around her nose and mouth, purging and sealing itself from the liquid. Yet, she still couldn’t breath.

She then felt multiple tentacles force their way into her mouth. Two flew down her throat, and into her lungs, regularly pumping air in and out of them. Another plugged right into her nervous system at the top of her spine, while another plugged right into her brain. All combined, the cords would efficiently transform her into a Demonic Succubus like her mother. She soon found herself falling into a deep sleep filled with an endless barrage of lustful images of her mother and others to quickly complete her soul’s lust filled corruption …

“I can feel her in there … I can hear her mind …” Farrah felt her inexplicably flat, muscular stomach. It almost looked like love, the way she touched herself, but it was really the feeling that there was someone in there should could not wait to see and fuck again.

“As expected,” the idol stated.

“How long?”

“One to three days, Succubus. Variable. However, feeding on a Human may quicken your daughter’s transformation. You can practically be her with your mental powers and simple voice mimicking.”

“You look like a viable fuck …?”

“Not really. You feed on humanoids now, Farrah. I am but an incarnation of lust. I’d taste great to you, but it would be a hallow experience …”

“What’s next for you?” she asked the idol, lightly stoking her stomach.

“Might as well have me sold to the highest bitter, my Farrah. With any luck, that person’s want will have been fueled by lust. I’ll be fine. We’ll have a goodby fuck, I’m sure …”

The next day, Farrah sat in her office putting together information for the insurance company. The idol quietly stood at the top of her desk. One drawback to her new existence, at least for now, was that she needed to pretend to still be depressed, middle aged Farrah in public. Well, maybe not depressed, while putting out the image of a sexy MILF. Another was that she had to keep stating to other’s that Sarah was with her for the weekend. It wasn’t exactly a lie, so it didn’t bother her.

She closed her eyes to feel her daughter, whose soul was now utterly corrupted by lust. While still there, barely, love was nearly destroyed. Sarah physically changed very little so far: slightly pointed ears, nubs where horns will be, a stubby tail, and nubs for the soon to sprout wings were about it externally. Internally, all genes from her father, other than a few that dictated appearance, were being erased and replaced by her mother’s Demonic Succubus genes. Technically, Sarah was genetically becoming more a sister than daughter, while daughter was still an accurate description.

Robbie nocked on her door, and walked into the room. “How’s that insurance coming, Farrah?”

“Almost ready to fax over a proposal package for them. Then we’ll see!” Farrah looked him over stealthily, while reading his mind. Unsurprisingly, he had a serious crush on her. There was love in it, but that was irrelevant to Farrah now. At the same time, she now saw him as food. She could seduce and suck out every ounce of sustenance he could give. Killing him was a possibility, if only because she would be feeding for two. She really was a sexualized predator now, and the fact gave her joyous goosebumps. ‘No, I won’t kill him,’ she thought. ‘I’ll just make him a good food bag. Fuck, maybe I’ll marry him!’

“You look … You look even better than yesterday, Farrah!” he complimented, a little confused. “What’s the secret?”

Farrah smiled seductively, and let loose her pheromones. At the same time, she instinctually loosed a telepathic field around them, so no others would perceive what was about to happen. It felt good to flex her new telepathic muscles.

“Hu-ho …” he cooed lightheaded. “That’s … quite the perfume, Farrah …” His dick tented his slacks.

“Thank you, Robbie. I’m on a great diet, but it wouldn’t work for you …”

Farrah slowly let her physical facade down, while seductively walking to him. His eyes went wide, before she forced him to the floor and pulled down his pants. She thrust his throbbing member widely, groaning, growling at the pleasure. She essentially had the hunger of two Succubi. He suddenly came prematurely hard and fast, causing Farrah to also cum from consuming the passion. That wasn’t enough, so she loosed yet more pheromones to reawaken his passion. She rode him wildly in all her lust, grabbing his bare forearm. She plunged her sharp teeth into it, drinking the passion filled blood. Robbie painfully came yet again into the Succubus, causing her to scream with passion a moment later …

Out of breath and a little hazy, Robbie was wrapping up his punctured arm with bandages from Farrah’s first aid kit. Farrah was actively transferring as much of the food to her daughter. Impatiently wanting to complete her transformation.

“This is so fucked up …” Robbie breathed … “I don’t wanna believe you’re some kind of Succubus …”

Farrah sat on his lap, actively trying to arouse him again. The warmth she emitted doubled her sexiness to him. “Fucked up, sure. I know you wanted me all along. Unfortunately, you missed your chance of being with me while I was still Human. That idol is a being of lust. Nudged me into a path I never knew I wanted.”

He went wide eyed. “I guess that explains why I had to let you have it! I rationalized, but it all makes sense now …”

“Good, Robbie … Now, I would like us to be together. You’ll be a bit of a food bag, of course, but I’d never consider you a slave. Enslaving others just seems lazy! I have no love to give, but as a being of lust, I guarantee pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

“Do I have much of a choice?” he asked sarcastically.

“Actually, you do! I am lustful not greedy. Like I said, I don’t wanna enslave you. It would be difficult, but I can let you go.”

“Oh, fuck … Yah, I do want you. As I’m sure you can sense, I’m not really in love with you. I thought we could fall in love if we started dating. But as I’m sure you also know, I am greedy. You were too sweet for me. You represented what I could never have, but now …”

“… I’m now what you always wanted, but never realized?” she asked, teasing his lips with her clawed index finger. He let it in his mouth, and sucked on it.

Black claw between his teeth, Robbie nodded.

“Excellent! Let’s celebrate with my ass and mouth!” she exclaimed excitedly.

Farrah then reopened his pants, and began to wildly suck him off. He moaned happily at the onslaught. Her motions, her pheromones overwhelmed his mind, causing him to cum quickly and massively down her wanting throat. Cum dripping down her cheeks, she came gloriously in the feed. He finally began to feel the life draining nature of sex with her, but was sure she would know when to stop.

Even though he was in a hazy afterglow, his dick didn’t deflate! Soon, the hungry Succubus mounted the throbbing member with her ass. She thrust her entire body around it in a lustful waves of passion. This time she moved herself in more controlled ways, while holding back her pheromones, in order to enhance the continued meal without killing him. Feeding for two! After several minutes of almost painful pleasure, Jack exploded into her ass, which absorbed every drop of cum. Farrah’s own confirming orgasm was long and powerful.

Still anally mounted, Farrah felt her stomach with great joy. Her daughter was transforming quickly now. Nubs became horns, a tale, and wings, while her reddening body became more voluptuous and muscular.

Seeing her actions, Jack barely asked in shock, “Did I just …?”

“No, you didn’t impregnate me! No one can. It’s my daughter Sarah inside me. After I seduced her, she wanted to become just like her mother. So, had her climb right in! The only thing my uterus can do anymore. She’ll be reborn within the hour. Come home with me, and help me give birth to my daughter again.”

All he could do was nod. He was overwhelmed, but not as much as he would be if he actually imprecated her …

The Succubus lay on her bed, legs open wide and breathing deeply.

“So, what do I do, Farrah?”

She licked her full lips. “I can lie like this for a while, or you could fuck me now to give me the last burst of fuel for Sarah’s transformation.”

“OK!” he said amazed, removing his clothes. The break was just long enough for him recover a little. He quickly thrust his dick inside the hungry Succubus.

“Oh, fuck, yeah! … Think about my daughter, Jack. Think about how much you wanted to fuck her the day you met her! We’ll be so close genetically that she’ll be like my daughter and sister. Imagine us all in a sweaty mass of lust … FUCK yessss,” she slithered her forked tongue. “Don’t fucking hold back, you greedy shit. Fuck me, FUCK ME!” she darkly screamed. Jack came wildly moments later, deflating his balls. He nearly passed out, but barely stayed conscious, if only out of twisted curiosity.

“Oh, fuck, she’s awake. She’s turning!” She cooed, throwing Jack off.

Sarah knew it was time to leave the comfortable first home. Turning around now completely, she pulled the umbilical cords out of her, and began to claw her way out, excited to fuck her mother as a Succubus. Her mother’s powerful muscles aided the descent.

Soon, Sarah’s red, black clawed had head began to emerge, pulling a powerful body behind it. Her natural blonde hair erotically contrasting with her Succubus skin. Massive wings wrapped around her like a cocoon. Being full size, the pussy stretch beyond all rational limit. Pushing herself out further, the stretch might as well have been impossible. Jack looked on in total shock, while Farrah watched in lustful joy.

The Succubus Sarah soon pulled herself completely out of her mother, completely covered with her mother’s shiny, uterine slime. With so little of her father’s DNA left in her, she looked almost exactly like her Succubus mother, save for the sleek dirty blonde hair. The slimy Succubus crawled on top of her mother, and began to roughly grind her crotch on her mother’s. Jack could only watch in amazement.

“Hey, mommy!” she greeted darkly, happily brandishing her fangs. They stared into their demonically catlike eyes. They remembered the love they once felt for each other, but it felt like a distant memory. Lust was all they felt for each other now, as lust was who they were.

“Hey, baby!” Farrah replied.

“Your daughter’s hungry, mommy. Can I eat you a little?” Her mother remaking her into a Demonic Succubus from within connected them profoundly. While her will was technically her own, Farrah will always now trump Sarah’s own will.

Farrah nodded, squeezing her ample breasts, now filling with milk.

Sarah moved downward, continuing to grind her pussy on her mother’s firm hip. She then plunged her sharp teeth into her mother’s ample breast. Fresh breast milk and blood poured down her throat in a cocktail of dark lust. It was simply raw energy for the reborn being. Sarah eventually, bloodily made out with her demonic mother, who lustfully felt her daughter’s silken wings.

Jack’s heart skipped a beat when the terrifyingly alluring Succubi turned to him. He was utterly mesmerized by the sight of two Succubi feeding off each other, and now had no idea what to expect.

Sarah hungrily licked her lips, and requested, “Can I eat him, mommy?”

“Just a good fuck, I think, baby. Looks like my greedy boss is gonna be your new father!”

Jack went wide eyed, but that assumption seemed like the logical progression. Besides, he may not have been filled with lust like them, but had always been filled with greed. Having them both was an offer he could never refuse. He smirked, and said deeply, “Come to daddy, Sarah.”

Sarah looked at him hungrily, and leapt at him with her new agility, forcing him to the floor. His throbbing member naturally fell into the pussy of lust. The hungry Succubus rode him with a wild vigor, pleasurably shocking him by shoving her tail in his ass. Ensuring her new stepfather and food bag would survive her, Sarah was much more controlled than it seemed.

Jack more than enjoyed how she looked, smelled, and tasted almost exactly like her mother now. The sweet young girl he once met was truly reborn into something very different. Yet, it was impossibly still Sarah. Through the relentless onslaught, Jack realized that she merely embraced a side of herself she rarely touched. He was sure she would’ve agreed to fucking him without much effort prior, but the age difference was a culturally learned barrier, which was meaningless now. He suddenly came hard into the hungry Demon, who came moments later, drooling all over him …

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