Blog Unbound: The Costume Party

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: What would a celebration of Halloween be without a costume party? This story follows Jack, who found himself drunk at his own Halloween party. He eventually meets a woman dressed as a Genie. Long synopsis short, wishes can come true. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Costume Party

Jack quietly sat in the kitchen away from everyone. Yes, it was his Halloween party, but he wasn’t much of a partier. It was the idea of his old college roommate, who wanted an excuse for a make-shift reunion. Jack was enjoying himself — multiple beers in, but he just needed a moment to himself. He placed his moist pumpkin mask on the table.

A woman he saw earlier suddenly walked into the room. He never met her before, but assumed she was someone’s girlfriend. She had dark hair, and the build of a sexy dancer. She was dressed in a purple bikini (top and bottom), matching heals, and loose see through skirt.

Drunkenly admiring the lithe woman, he blurted, “I’m Jack. So what are you supposed to be?”

“I’m Leola, a Genie pretending to be a Human dressed as a Genie,” she said with a happy smile.

“Do you think that’s layered enough?”

She shrugged. “I’ve done sillier.”

Jack chuckled.

“I’m not lying, though,” she stated. “I like Halloween, as do a lot of humanoids. Spend all year trying to play nice, and we get this one night out of the year to have some real fun!”

“What, you’re gonna eat someone or somethin’?” He was playing along. As a shy guy, his expanses between girlfriends were longer than most, while he hated to waste an opportunity with such a forward woman.

“You really have no idea what a Genie’s supposed to be, do you?” she said lightly.

“Who does?” he exclaimed.

She smiled toothily. “We eat whatever you eat. No magic lamp. No barriers to a realm of evil to break down. And baring the occasional nut-job, we really just like to have some fun sometimes.”


“Especially on Halloween, I like to crash a random party, and find a quiet guy that may want to enact some wild fantasies.”

“Three Wishes, right?”

Leola nodded. “Three’s a good round number. No limits really, but more than that, most found, were just excessive. However, I do like to grant one extra as a taste, and I may decide to stick around for more, if you come to understand me and my power. The taste must be simple like changing the style of your mask or wallet.”

“Sober me up?” Jack forwarded.

She nodded with a ponderous smile. “Sure, why not?”

“Then I Wish to be sober, Leola!” Jack was having to much fun with what he thought was just, well, fun.”

She shrugged. “Granted.”

He slowly felt the drunken haze dissolve into nothingness. It was as if his metabolism went into overdrive for a few moments. Everything sharpened, including his mind. “Holy, frack!”

“Pretty cool, right?” she smiled.

“So much for a little roleplaying!”

“I am roleplaying!” she corrected. “You think I normally dress like this, Jack? I work at an ad agency.”

“Right … So just three more.”

“Yup! Should go without saying, but the one thing Aladdin’s Genie got right was no Wishing for more Wishes. Of course, I’m not really compelled to grant anything. I have final say in what is granted. Agreed?”

“Sure! This is wild.”

Leona parked herself on the table before him, leaned down, and said, “And we haven’t even started yet.”

Jack’s heart fluttered at the closeness of such a gorgeous being. The most perverted part of his mind screamed to him. “Make me a hot lesbian capable of seducing every female here.”

She smirked, having an idea where it may go. “Granted.”

Jack suddenly felt very strange. His innards started to change, rearrange. Much of his testosterone was converting into estrogen. It didn’t hurt, Leona saw to that, but he was unable to move. The hair on his head slightly lengthened and became more silken, his body hair withered into his softening skin. Breasts suddenly began to grow, while his cock and balls receded, becoming a distinct vagina. Her tummy flattened and tightened, as her ass firmed and rounded. Hips and legs became more shapely. She grew hazy and blacked out for a few moments.

“Shall I call you Jacqueline, Jack?” Leona asked, clearly proud of her work.

The sexy being slowly came into focus. “I … don’t know …” She suddenly touched her changed throat, her voice now huskily feminine. “Uh … Jackie?”

“OK,” Leona agreed, observing the new woman in great expectation.

Jackie began to realize a confidence she never felt as a man, looking at the sexy Genie. Not only did she want her, but she finally felt like such a thing was easy to achieve. “You really tweaked my mind, Leona,” she stated deeply, licking her full lips. “You must be quite a genius to alter a physical form like this.”

Leona too a deep breath, already being won over. “I’m older than you think, Jackie. Sometimes it’s just an allusion, but in your case, you are a woman.”

“Not as beautiful as you, powerful Leona,” Jackie stated, starting to actively test the new skills of seduction. “Genies clearly gain beauty as they gain wisdom.”

Leona opened her legs, revealing a wet spot on her bottom’s crotch. She slowly licked her lips, and stated with equal seduction, “I’m older and wiser than you can imagine, Jackie.” She leaned down, and continued breathily, “Oh, the pleasure’s I can show you …”

Brushing her lips against hers, Jackie continued, “Instill that wisdom of pleasure onto this open vessel, great Genie.”

They began to make out hungrily, madly. Leona almost leaped onto the woman’s lap. In a poof, they were in Jackie’s bedroom naked. They explored their naked bodies with their naked bodies. Jackie expertly copied and elaborated everything the wise Genie enacted, learning to worship from head to toes. Soon, the women simply understood their sexual desires, and Jackie merely learned by doing.

With lust and love, they widely ground their wet pussies and fingered their asses, occasional kissing deeply. They soon hit a perfect stride, simply gliding on the pleasure. In a loud, perfect explosion, they came in their feminine glory.

Jackie lay back amazed. Sex was never so good, while as a woman, she might as well had just lost her lesbian virginity. Leona then stood on her knees next to Jackie’s head. A strapless dildo forcibly grew out of her dripping crotch. It grew to seven or eight inches!

Jackie went wide eyed.

“I’m teaching you how to fuck, as you wanted. Don’t worry, Jackie, you still have two more Wishes! This is just for fun!”

“What are you gonna do with that thing?” Jackie asked nervously.

Leona crawled on top of her on her hands and knees, and stated, “This!”

“Oh, fuck!” Jackie cooed the moment Leona penetrated.

Leona thrust with great love and passion. It wasn’t that it was better than the crotch grinding and anal fingering; it was just very different. Jackie used to be the one with a dick, and now that fake one was inside her, the pleasure was as different as mind blowing. If Jackie ever became Jack again, this would be the way to make love with a woman. The invasion of Jackie’s pussy felt absolutely right. It was so perfect that all Jackie could do was cum. They kissed lovingly.

Leona smiled almost deviously, and Jackie suddenly found herself on her hands and knees in a poof. “Don’t worry, Jackie! You know it’s well lubed.”

Jackie suddenly let out a loud grunt at the passionate anal invasion. Her thrusts felt like perfection personified as pleasure.

Leona leaned down, and asked, “Do you like it?”

“UH’HUH! I love it!” Jackie cooed.

“You’d love this even more as a man!”

“I think so!” Jackie confessed. She almost could not believe how well the Genie could make love with a woman!

Leona rubbed and fingered Jackie’s wet pussy. “That’s how you do it. And don’t forget to listen to your own body’s reactions.”

At that, Jackie rubbed and fingered herself, gloriously enhancing the pleasure. Her body did indeed tell her how to worship even better, and the pleasure came close to doubling. The pleasure grew beyond Jackie’s compression, and the both came at almost the same time in a powerful scream of an orgasm.

Jackie lay back breathlessly and mindlessly. Not only did Jackie learn what it felt like when a man fucked a woman, but also how to do it better than any other experience.

The Genie then lay on her side next to Jackie. “Good teacher?”

“The best!”

“If you like being a lesbian, I should be able to make that permanent for you, if you Wish. It takes a lot of energy to do anything permanently, if it can be made permanent!”

Jackie thought hard about her offer. It was all so new and different as the other gender, but … “Nah, let me change back. Besides, don’t wanna waste a Wish on something I’d regret!”

“Good!” she smiled happily. “I like it when a Human puts real thought into what they want.”

“My next Wish is for there to be no consequences for the night. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much, but assuming things are gonna get weird, I don’t want any surprises tomorrow.”

She nodded. “Granted! … Do you want to request the third now or later?”

Jackie just knew what she had to do. “Before I put this one together, may a Wish have multiple elements?”

She shrugged, “Sure, why not?”

“I Wish for everyone to become their costume and be horny for an orgy.”

“An orgy? You just wanna fuck me more don’t you?” she asked teasingly.

“Your sexual wisdom is unmatchable,” Jackie stated breathily.

“MEEE-yow!” the sexy Genie cooed. She took Jackie’s hand, and stated, “ Follow me.”

They walked back to the doorway of the large living room, which was where all the other partiers were at the moment.

“I wanted you to see what your Wish will do from beginning to end. As for your Wish, Jackie, it is granted!”

The lights flickered. The demeanor of everyone in the room changed from enjoyment to bewilderment.

“Unfortunately, most here didn’t have much imagination or ambition in costuming,” the Genie explained. “So, most will just get horny for the coming orgy, and in some cases, what they become will merely be an illusion. I have some limitations!”

All those in the room not dressed as anything in particular or as something like a pumpkin, simply sat where they were, looking mesmerized. The few that stood out were far more interesting. The dark haired Lana leaned on a chair, eyes rolling into the back of her head. She suddenly started to chug her drink, but she quickly learned it wasn’t what she really needed. Throwing the cup away, she started to bare her teeth in almost a snarl. Her fake upper and lower vampire fangs blatant. Then, the fake fangs seemed to move on their own. It was soon apparent that it was the teeth behind pushing them out. The false fangs eventually fell to the floor, replaced by real upper and lower fangs.

Vampire …?” Jackie breathed.

Real and hungry for sex and blood,” she replied with a proud smirk. She also pointed out two others now a Vampire.

Another woman, Shannon, sat on the couch acting very strange. At first, Jackie thought she was just being tweaked for the coming orgy, but there was clearly more happing. The woman had jet black hair with red highlights. She wore a black leather jacket, matching blouse, fishnet stockings, and matching high boots. Her black nails slowly grew, no, they were being pushed out by real black claws. Her eyes went wide, showing off her yellow contact lenses, which I somehow didn’t notice until now. Almost the moment I saw them, she removed the lenses, revealing her irises were now the same bright yellow. She began to look around the room, hungry for sex.

“What is she?” Jackie had now idea what she was dressed as.

“Demon of Lust. Illusion, of course! I think only Demons can make Humans into Demons!”

Another woman, Lucy, began to look around hungrily, seductively, but without any outward changes. She mostly wore black leather attire, reminding Jackie of a supernatural-noir TV series with a title just beyond her memory.

“A Succubus of the non-demonic variety. Real, more or less, in this case. They can change their appearance, but look just like Humans otherwise. I suppose she had the right idea when she put together her costume!”

The olive skinned and raven haired Tanya suddenly fell to the floor on all fours. She ripped off her cheap, gray feline costume with her now long, retractable claws, while her fingers were already slightly shortened, giving the subtle appearance of paws. Her back feet or paws elongated, while the rest of her legs logically compensated for the change. Her eyes became catlike slits, and her ears elongated and pointed. Her jawline slightly extended, making her nose into a distinct snout. At the same time, her teeth sharpened, revealing distinct fangs. A long tail then sprouted from the base of her spine. And finally, her smooth skin developed a gray tabby texturing like a master painter went over it. The well kept thicket around her crotch was now distinctly furry, though. She loudly purred, while hungrily licking her lips.

“Meow!” Leola teased toward Jackie.

The redheaded Jennifer suddenly caught Jackie’s eyes. She was breathing deeply, leaning on the wall. She wore red latex stockings and matching attire. The almost wild woman started to throw off all her clothes except for the latex stocking and underwear. The latex grew visibly tighter, and became flush with her now equally as glossy skin. Then, her shimmering skin shifted to the same red as her rubber attire, making the whole body shimmer as rubber.

“You’re quite the artist!”

“Thank you, Jackie! Nothing quite like pushing the boundaries of a Wish. She’s the horny Latex Queen … I’d say they’re ready for that orgy now!”

By the time the two walked into the room, clothes were already forgotten, and groping and kissing already started. Inhibitions were gone, while most were coming to understand that. Jackie soon found herself in the groping embrace of one of the Vampires. It was the darker skinned Janet, not that their names mattered anymore. While they forcibly ground their moistening pussies, Janet hungrily, seductively slobbered all over Jackie’s neck. At the point of glorious orgasm, Janet plunged her virgin fangs into Jackie’s plump neck. To Jackie surprise, the puncturing did not hurt at all. Instead, it felt like Janet created two little pussies in a permanent state of squirting orgasm.

Leola actively worked her way through the growing passions to have her personal creation: The Latex Queen. The rubbery woman had just cum from the wild sixty-nine with the catwoman, whose textured tongue moved like a snake’s. The catwoman moved to have a Vampire, and Leola filled the void. They quickly found themselves in a wild scissor, sucking each other’s feet. The Queen was as flexible as the rubber she was, and midway through the sexual onslaught, she repositioned herself into an alternative sixty-nine. The rubbery woman mounted the Genie’s hungry mouth, while bending backward toward the hungrier pussy. They writhed in utter pleasure, feeling one another’s quivering bodies. Leola could not get enough of the rubber skin she created! It was as rubbery as it was silken. Their consuming grew more and more aggressive until they exploded in orgasm.

Jackie eventually, orgasmically found herself with the gorging and gorgeous Succubus. They scissored wildly, fingering their asses like they were trying to strike oil. The pleasure was overwhelming. They cooed, as their bodies convulsed. Their was only pleasure and passion, for that was what the Succubus most desired. The frenzy of sexual ecstasy grew atomic, and finally ignited loudly.

The Genie soon made her way to the Demon of Lust. They quickly began to make out, bodies tightly pressed, with more lust than Leola ever felt. Leola then flipped the horny Demon downward, positioning herself as big spoon on her side, and grew out a massive strapless dildo. Hungrily nibbling her ear, Leola thrust the rubber cock into the lust filled Demon’s ass. Leola thrust wildly, violently knowing she could not hurt the wanting demon. Their grunts were almost terrifying, especially the Demon’s. Leola loved and lusted it, while the Demon purely lusted it. Their orgasms shook windows.

In a daze of pleasure, Jackie eventually found herself spooning the catwoman. Jackie worshiped the other’s furry wet crotch, as the catwoman worshiped the other’s smooth wet crotch. It was simple yet excitedly erotic. Their hands fell deeper and deeper into their humid love mounds. Not wanting to hold back the ultimate moment of pleasure, they let themselves explode in unison …

The orgy continued through that Halloween night. Yet, none cared about the passage of time. The only thing that mattered was the pleasure …

Jack woke up quietly in bed by the light of the morning sun. He glanced at the clock: 9:30am. That was about when he pulled out of bed when not using an alarm.

“A dream?” he asked quietly to himself. How could anything about the night before have been real?

A gorgeous, naked woman suddenly rolled over next to him, lovingly draping her arm over his chest. “Nope!”

“Uhh …” he breathed in amazement. “Leola … I guess everything is back to normal … The guests?”

She smiled with a subtle, playful laugh. “All home, and perfectly themselves again. No consequences, remember, Jack?”

“Do they … remember …?”

“Not really, Jack. They should all remember a hell of a party, but not that they became masters of sex or anything.” She smirked ponderously, and continued, “I suspect, though, that Lucy actually is a non demonic Succubus, but doesn’t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“One of the few things that can override a granted Wish: reality. She left last night still looking hungry, when the rest were moving out like a old fashioned Voodoo Zombies! Many natural born Succubi are like that at first: the assumption of humanity. Those genes may lay dormant for a couple generations if a Succubus mates with a Human, waiting to be awaken by something. Even if Lucy doesn’t remember a damn thing about last night, that doesn’t change how my power allowed her to consume sexual passion for the first time. I believe I woke her genes up! She’s about to embark on a wonderful path of orgasmic self discovery!”

“… You stayed with me …” Jack thought out loud, more interested in the woman laying next to him in that moment.

Leona smiled lovingly. “I like you. If you’ll have me, we can have more fun than you ever Wished for.”

“A thin love life to a magical one? This might be interesting!”

They kissed lovingly, joyously in each other’s arms …

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