Blog Flash: The Dawn

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual and graphic themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is part two of my Night and Day trilogy, which started with The Demon, and will conclude with The Anna Drake. The Dawn functions as a narrative bridge between the two. Enjoy!

The Dawn

I woke up at dawn that morning a half an hour before my alarm, moist from a very wet dream. My job as an Assistant Production Designer came to me rather suddenly. I met this amazing woman Ava Mendez a month ago. As an actor, Ava had connections in the industry, and easily found me a job. It overlaps a lot with my education, but I set it up so the part time job gave me course credits. I think about Ava whenever I’m not with her.

Ava’s feet were shoved deep in my pussy and mouth the other night, while I madly fingered my ass … My mind often flashed to our sexual escapades. I’m not the same Casey I was a month ago. The more Ava and I fuck, the more I change.

I walked naked to my shower. I rarely wore anything to bed anymore. The lights briefly blinded me, before I turned the shower knob. While the water warmed, I looked at my tired self in the mirror above the sink.

Ava’s strap on dildo plunged deep into my ass. I grunted loudly in pleasure through her forceful thrusts. She fingered my dripping pussy at the same time …

I blinked, coming out of the vivid memory, and walked into the hot shower. I lathered my taught body with great want. Yes, I lust for myself now. Ava did that to me. Indeed, the more we fuck, the less love I seem to feel. At the same time, I feel more and more powerful as a person. YES, YES! I’m top of my class, I fuck myself like a champion, I’m all but leading production design! I’m so fucking good and forward that I already signed a contract to work on the upcoming Succubus Anna Drake series over at Big Box.

Oh, God, my nipples are already so hard! I squatted down to better finger my ass at the same time. My whole fists easily found themselves inside both holes. I kept thinking about Ava’s slim, powerful body intertwined with my own. We’re both so fucking hot! While I now lust for myself, my lust for her is beyond anything I ever knew.

I lust for the Ava Mendez, the actor that made a deal with Demon to become a Succubus! The Succubus, whose signature is permanently scarred on my inner thigh from her powerful bite. The Succubus, who is corrupting me. The Succubus, who is transforming me into something new. Seeing the last of my body hair silently fall down the drain, I knew my transformation is all but complete. OH, God. OH, MY FUCK! I’M CUMING!

Soon, my lust for all shall corrupt my very being …

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