Blog Unbound: A Distant Shadow

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This is the concluding story of Supernatural Unbound Volume I. Blog Unbound was not originally planned to have an overarching narrative, but naturally formed into three distinct narratives, including Supernatural. This story takes heavy inspiration from a dream, and as I came to realize while writing this and the rest of the Supernatural Mythos, that dream bled into other stories in the Mythos. Other inspiration comes from the psychological horror film Jacob’s Ladder. A Distant Shadow follows a young woman in the last days of her high school life, and begins to see and feel things she doesn’t want to understand … Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

A Distant Shadow

Rachel was a popular, unassuming, held back woman reaching the end of her high school life. Even as an honors student, her parents and teachers claimed she was holding herself back. Perhaps they were right, she concluded, but she had no real focus yet in life. She assumed college would help her with that.

At the very least, the fiery redhead was putting a serious effort into her honors ecology course project. She may not have had a focus in life, but doing poorly had never been an option. The school’s video camera was mounted and just about ready to go when a shadow in the distance caught her eye.

The green, knoll laden area was public land with a healthy trail system in the wooded parts, so seeing others in the area was not unusual. However, there was something about the distant image that bothered her in ways she could not understand. She quickly decided to not worry about it unless the person comes closer. She had a project to complete!

* * * *

Jessica sat quietly against a tree with her tablet. Her inhumanly good vision picked up an attractive redhead in the distance. There seemed to be something about her, but Jessica decided that it was likely just a healthy yet untapped sexuality. As a Wraith of Lust, Jessica had no trouble sensing such elements in Humans. But unlike any other Wraith of Lust, she preferred protecting them instead of killing them. She learned to embrace the love still within her, and went from there, becoming a legendary Hunter not long after.

She looked through an article on the Mercantile Circle, a year old case whose epilogue she still followed and was an active player. The Circle were a group of more than wealthy individuals, who also happened to be Human eating monsters. Well, they chose to be that way, and the one that didn’t want to be a monster anymore, Lina Valdez, tipped off some Hunters about them. Jessica controversially let Lina live, being a fan of second chances for the deserving. She personally helped Lina with the police without her immediate knowledge.

Obviously, the police investigated the one known Circle survivor poised to inherit a large estate! What Hunters lack in funding, they gain in wit. Lina was most impressed and thankful when she learned of the aid money couldn’t buy. She is now not only poised for marriage, but also a career in ecology. She is fascinated with the relationship between parasitic and symbiotic interactions for obvious reasons. Jessica can and has asked for aid from Lina on succeeding cases, and while she was always very helpful, the rather private Lina doesn’t want to consult regularly.

There was also another, “unofficial” member of the Circle to survive: the sister of Lina’s fiancé. She was transformed as part of a rare and twisted ritual to make her entire family part of the Circle. Lina ensured that Laura would not transform her brother, and may never hurt anything now. That was the act that allowed Lina’s second chance. The three are very close now, but Lina will always be haunted by her past. However, she found a degree of redemption for herself in Jessica’s last case. Many died, yes, but Lina saved most of the small town through her actions.

Jessica’s phone suddenly rang. It was her very Human lover and fellow Hunter Brandon. She concentrated on her false flesh to ensure the phone, which seemed to hate Wraiths all of a sudden, would respond to her finger. “Hey, Human, what’d you come up with?” She was ready to help him at a moment’s notice.

“Not too much yet. I mean, there’s about every possible sign for Demons here, but they’re keeping a very low profile. Other than the odd sulfur Demon fart, they seem to be in the same boat as us. How ‘bout you, Jen?”

“Not much either yet. There’s this girl in her late teens off in the distance. Oddly enticing, but probably nothing.”

Enticing? Didn’t we fuck last night?”

“If you only knew how many closet nymphos there are out there!” she teased. “If that girl opens up in college, well, she’s gonna have a lot of fun.”

Hmm … You sure you wanna keep those special instincts in the back burner, Jess? This does seem like the perfect case for them.”

“It is, and I’m not! I’ll work to keep tabs on her. Not a big town. Still, Asmodeus is obviously not acting as anyone expects, assuming the Master is here. It might take more than instinct to understand what’s happening here …”

* * * *

Rachel walked over to her boyfriend’s car in the park’s small parking lot. He hopped out of the car to help Rachel out with her things, but first snuck in a deep smooch. His balls were a swelling blue thanks to the super-alluring girlfriend, who wanted to “wait for the right moment.” Still, he was handling his hormones for the moment.

“Get everything you needed? … Hey, you look a little spooked, Rachel.”

“Oh, I’m fine, Rick. I got everything. Thought I saw a ghost, but it was just someone hanging out on the other side of the park!”

“Oh, probably got spooked by you!” he joked.

In the car across the lot, Rachel noticed a man just sitting in the driver’s seat watching them. It wasn’t the same figure she say earlier, she somehow knew. Yet, whoever it was, gave her a distinct fear and anxiety. There was something so dark about this person, darkness was an understatement. “… Let’s just go …”

Rachel felt off for the rest of the day, and it was more than feeling spooked. Her parents were away, but the project kept her mind off the odd feeling …

I walked into my own party. The ancient, apartment-like room had odd hues of red and gold, while the lighting filtered in through dark windows. No one knew the real reason why I chose to make such a gathering, but we were all about enjoying ourselves in the worst of ways. To maintain a guise of normality, I chose to assign some of the “veterans” to new arrivals, who found themselves “awaking” at this party.

With a lustful smile I looked over to the reddened corner with the gushy couch. The two were brother and sister, and the brother just arrived. They indeed looked very much alike, both with fair hair and brown eyes. It was so rare for siblings to come together at this point here, especially to the same Domain. The sister came first for something not particularly dire, as was the case for many in this more fun Domain. Then, the brother came for related reasons. The two were never close before, yet more similar than either knew. So, with the sister fully indoctrinated already, I personally assigned the sister to indoctrinate her brother. I remember how surprised and excited she was! I remember a time when I found it interesting how variable indoctrination was, as time was so malleable here.

“So where are we?” he asked. “I think I drank too much or something …”

She smiled almost hungrily with her full lips, and answered cryptically, “You’ll know soon …”

“You … you look really good …” he said amazed, not really wanting to admit he thought his own sister looked sexy.

“Thank you. I wanted to look good for my brother,” she said honestly. She wore a revealing, tight black dress, with black stockings and black leather boots. Her body, as it appeared, was now flawless, and physically ready for anything. In the current lighting and attire, her brother could only sense the improvements.

“You party like this all the time here?”

She smiled seductively, and answered cryptically, “No, but once they place grows on you, it’s quite fun!” She then tightly, possessively, lustfully hugged her confused brother.

“You smell really good …” he breathed, not wanting to admit how her raw sexuality was affecting him.

Not wanting to hold back any longer, she forcibly began to make out with her resisting brother. Her grip was too tight for him to push away, much to his confusion. She reached into his pants, and felt his already solid member. She then said darkly, “Your favorite toy knows what you really want.”

“What the fuck? This is incest!” he exclaimed through the lustful arousal.

“I know!” she confirmed excitedly. “Come on, it’s just fucking, and I’m not letting you go until I CUM.”

“Holy shit!” he exclaimed, feeling his sister’s hot pleasure mound grinding against his. That, and the sudden blackness of her eyes

They continued to make out, but even more tightly. He was giving into his sister’s incestuous advances, under the assumption that they were both drunk or dreaming. A one time thing, he further assumed. He began to feel his sister’s body for the first time. Fuck, he loved her firm ass! She then forced him down onto the couch, pulled off her dress, and buried his face between her fuller than ever breasts. Suddenly, the brother realized his pants her gone, and a moment later his sister thrust her hips into her solid cock.

“You dick feels so good, bro!” she exclaimed, humping wildly.

Suddenly, I realized someone grabbing my hips from behind, while dancing to the loud music. I quickly turned to see the face of the impetuously forward woman. It was a now lust hungry woman, who had some trouble adjusting a while ago, and I stepped in briefly to nudge her on the right rack. She wanted to thank me properly. I wanted to let her.

She forcibly yet playfully spun me around, and held me by the waist. I found my upper body being flung up and down as my tight ass ground against the sultry pussy in the wild, erotic dance. Tingles of pleasure flowed throughout my body. We moaned gloriously. A meaty reptilian tail then slithered up from between my legs, while she slapped my ass with sharp claws. I groped the tail, while rubbing it on my bare crotch. She then thrust her tail into my dripping, tight snatch, forcing it open wide. I moaned and cooed as wildly as she, while it grew deeper and deeper into me. It quickly ripped its way through my waist and chest until the tip peaked out through my lips. My body became one long, hyper-sensitive pussy cavern from crotch to mouth, as her tail was one long sensitive member. We moaned and cooed wildly in our mind blowing lust. I soon found myself in a perpetual orgasm, as the tail began to twitch and spasm within me. The tail lifted me up straight, as my eyes rolled into the back of my head from the pleasure. Without warning, the tail thrust its way past my lips, and exploded with thick feminine juices all over my face …

Rachel suddenly woke up that Saturday morning in a cold sweat, while her pussy was hot and moist. She never remembered her dreams, but she always could tell if they were erotic. At the same time, it had been years since such a dream. Ironically, she was always rather chaste. It wasn’t that she was a prude, but she honestly did not want sexual passion just yet.

Still, she found herself strangely horny, but was no masturbator. It was like there was something inside her she was not sure she wanted to let out. She decided to go out for a walk or something to clear her head. It was an exciting by stressful time, high school graduation, and she assumed that was starting to bother her …

Rachel found herself thumbing through some dresses at the local department store when she jumped around on impulse. A store associate had just walked up to her.

“Oh, sorry to disturb you, ma’am,” the dark man apologized with a formality as odd as his accent. It sounded vaguely Eastern European, but she could not place it. His name was Andrew, according to the lanyard. “Are you finding everything you are looking for?”

“Err … Just browsing,” she answered uncomfortably.

There was something else about him she could not place. It was like there was something deep down within him, and she all but could tell what that was. When he turned to go elsewhere, a chill rand down her spine. It seemed his eyes darkened in the last second of her view, as the turn had a dark wispiness to it no one else seemed to notice. He walked up to a sexy female customer in a tight red dress. While they talked, an odd flash came to her, possibly from the dream she could not seriously remember. Something about two siblings on a couch.

Almost the moment the image faded, the two looked back to her inquisitively. They walked toward her.

“It is you?” the woman asked deeply with the same accent as the employee next to her.

“What?” she breathed, feeling as if she could somehow answer that.

“Would you mind coming with us?” Andrew asked.

“Why? … No, I can’t,” Rachel answered oddly.

“Are you sure about this?” the woman asked the man. “You have been wrong before …”

“If it is indeed she hiding in there,” the man answered, “We may have to go deep …”

They reached out toward Rachel, who did not know whether to run or scream. She felt confused. It was as if she knew what they were talking about, but had no idea what that meant.

A sexy redheaded woman suddenly walked up to them. Rachel could somehow feel how different she was from anyone else there, more different than the two dark beings before them. “Excuse me,” she said almost sarcastically.

The two looked over to her. “You!?” they chimed in unison in great discomfort.

Somehow, Rachel knew this somehow wispy woman could not be harmed by them, and the two, while not really afraid, were utterly powerless next to this woman.

The erotically charged woman took Rachel’s arm, and said, “I’m Jessica. Come on, Rachel, we need to talk.”

They quickly made their way to an empty stockroom. The would-be kidnappers did not follow, to Rachel’s relief. Something about Jessica’s touch made her heart flutter with desire.

“They were after you. Why?” Jessica asked almost rhetorically.

“I’m … I’m not sure,” she blurted. “I feel so strange …” There was something so familiar about this woman, who she somehow knew was not Human. That familiarity harkened to something deep within her. Something she was not sure if she wanted to understand.

“Are you all right, Rachel?” Jessica asked curiously. She could feel something powerful stirring in the young woman. ‘Could this really be Asmodeus?’ she thought to herself. ‘She is not at all acting like a Demon Master …’

“When I look at you, I see … something else,” she breathed. “What are you, Jessica?”

“I am a Wraith of Lust that loves too much. What are you, Rachel?” Jessica stood ready for anything. Even a Demon Master could not kill her, probably, but the power of a Master was far beyond her own. They’ve just been around for so long that they know almost everything, far beyond the knowledge Jessica already had.

“I …” she blurted. “There’s something inside me!” she growled darkly. “No … It’s not inside me … It’s me!”


“A Wraith of Lust … Your kind was created to be the perfect soldier of lust, but that isn’t what happened …”

Now, Jessica felt it. The power of a Demon Master bleeding though this young woman. She sensed the Demonic Lust before, but this was beyond that. Yet, something was very different. There was love, but no Demon Master could have such a thing. “What’s happening to you, Rachel?”

Rachel looked up with teeth clenched, and growled. “Yes, I am Asmodeus, the Demon Master of Lust! … That means I may have failed!”

Failed? What’s happening!? How is there love in you?” Jessica asked confused and scared.

Rachel suddenly touched Jessica’s cheek, and destabilized her flesh form on that spot, briefly moving her fingers through Jessica’s dark wispiness.

Jessica grunted in lustful pleasure at the powerful touch. At the same time, she realized that she would never bow to Asmodeus-Rachel, even if Jessica never cultivated her love. There was an odd comfort in that revelation. The hand moved away, flesh quickly reforming.

“I’m so glad it was you to remind me, Jessica,” she growled, holding back the epic lust within her. “Full circle … So many millennia ago, the first Succubi were created by me out of some of my most promising disciples, who were the first true Demons of Lust after me. None truly bowed to me, as all Demonic Succubi leave in time, beyond my control somehow. Perhaps half of them eventually learned how to shed their demonism out of shear rebelliousness, becoming a subspecies of humanoids that occasionally bred with Humans. They made themselves a force not of Demonic Lust, and even created the rituals to transform a Demon of Lust directly into a non-demonic Succubus, a ritual I failed to bury.

“I and others could not understand how such a thing could happen, as other demonic beings followed similar paths … I still sought to create the perfect soldier of lust. I theorized that some Demonic Succubi correctly saw a chance to regain the love they lost, no longer a pure Demon. I went on to twist some of the newest souls under my purview, aiming to burying their love. The need to find love would not be there, knowing on the deepest of unconscious levels that it was still there to a small degree. Wraiths, as you know well, are almost between a ghost and Demon. The ability to hold a humanoid form was quite the feat to create! Yet, none stayed at my side. A Wraith of Lust is not even demonic, so they are just that much less controllable. Oh, yes, they fuck Humans to death and occasionally transform another, but they were beyond me. I’m surprised it took so long for a Wraith of Lust to learn how to become such a loving being …”

“You said I was full circle …” Jessica observed.

“Yes, you are. After my failure with the wraiths, I spent much of my time trying to understand what went wrong. I came to realize that there is a balance in all things, no matter how uneven it can be. So, no matter what I did, good and evil would balance itself somewhat. The independent minded Succubi splitting into two species; the Wraiths choosing to just wonder the Earth as the lustful beings they are. And now you, Jessica, the first loving Wraith of many, I am sure. Doubt slowly overcame me after my revelation. I learned how little I was, and came to miss my humanity again. After almost endless searching, I found a near impossible ritual that could make me Human again. It entailed committing an act of both selfishness and selflessness. I left Hell, as so many Demons do, and eventually found a stillborn child (or about to be). By Possessing the empty child the contradicting act led to innocent Rachel. That double edged act allowed for me to passively absorb love in the first few moments of life, while suppressing lust. Memories of my long past faded within the first year, and if I lived without the demonism for about two decades, I would have been truly Human again. A soul truly cleansed of Demonic Lust. If you and they were here even a year from now, this might have worked …”

“I’m so sorry …” Jessica said lovingly.

“It’s all right …” she grunted. “Who tasked you to find me?”


She smirked through the clear rising lust. “Of course … The old General’ll leave me alone unless I call upon him. Will love to hear of my failed stratagem …”

“What happens now?”

“You awoke me first, so I won’t be pulled back to Hell right away …” She thought for a few moments, digging through the near limitless array of arcane knowledge coming back to her. “Yes … There is still a chance for me, maybe. Not quite a Living Demon of Lust — the ritual thus far made that impossible, but I might be close enough. If I’m lucky, I might still be able to save the love cultivated in me before it is consumed by my ancient Demonic Lust. Love will not conquer all, but I must absorb it from another.”

“Is there anything I can do?”

“Yes, Jessica, but not by fucking me. Bring me to the one Human that might truly love me …”

* * * *

“Hey, Rachel, come on in. What’s the matter?”

They walked inside the otherwise empty house. Though she was sure he wasn’t from the start, Rachel-Asmodeus was relieved that Rick was not Demon. “Do you love me?”

“What?” he responded amazed. He was not the most expressive person in those matters.

“Do you love me, Rick?” she asked almost desperately.

“Yeah, I love you, Rachel,” he forced honestly. That was actually the first time he admitted such a thing to anyone, and was glad it was for Rachel.

Rachel-Asmodeus grabbed hold of him, and kissed him deeply with everything she had. “Make love to me. Please …”

Their clothes melted away. They tried to make their way to the bedroom, but the couch became the necessary substitute. Rick somewhat awkwardly made his way, this being his first time, but nature really can make up for lack of experience. He found his way inside her, barely keeping composure at the awesome perfection of her mound of pleasure.

Though it barely registered in the glorious joy of the moment, Rick noticed how passive his love was being. He always assumed she would be much more, well, active, while this passive mode did not seem all that natural. Still, he chalked it up to neither knowing what to do empirically, so different sexual mode would likely come later.

“Oh, my fuck, Rick. You really do love me …” she blurted, feeling his love cascade onto her.

“I love you so much …” he blurted through the pleasure.

He thrust slowly, passionately, only wanting her to cum. She wanted them to make love, so she deserved all he could give. He felt like there was something even more driving that feeling, need. It was like she hungered for his love. And, that was OK, because he never loved anyone more. He thrust and thrust, feeling the loving passions build … And Rachel-Asmodeus finally came with Rick a moment later in an orgasm of pure, passionate love.

To Rick’s chock and confusion, Rachel-Asmodeus kept cumming! Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her teeth clenched, as her fist tightened. Something was happening, and neither had really knew what that was. Rachel-Asmodeus could feel her very DNA being rewritten in ways unprecedented, as the forcibly destroyed Demonic Lust left a deep gash in her soul. Her nails slightly lengthened, and became a bright gold color. Her skin became flawless and all but rubberlike. Her canines ever so subtly grew longer and sharper. Her eyes then rolled down to meet the shocked gaze of her love, and that gaze became more pronounced when her deep green eyes dissolved into a burning gold.

“What the fuck!?” Rick breathed.

“Indeed …” the new Rachel answered. “I’ll explain it all later, but I truly understand now. A Demon Master does not deserve to regain humanity. I am something new: like a Succubus, but not at all. The deep scar forming in my cleansed soul may give me access to more power than I ever had … My punishment is and always was eternity, but my reprieve is to feel love again …”

Rick looked on in utter confusion, while the love that intricately connected them now gave him deep comfort …

* * * *

While driving with Brandon at her side, her phone suddenly buzzed in the center console. Brandon picked it up, and said, “It’s a text …”

“What does it say?” she asked with some apprehension.

Now I understand as you, Jessica. An end is but a new beginning,” he recited. “What does that mean?”

“It means the future is uncertain, but that’s OK,” she answered. “Just look at me.” Jessica smiled, and looked toward Jason and then the phone …


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