Blog Unbound: The Darkness Inside

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and graphic content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This is a highly experimental story on my part. While it is very much my style at it’s heart, this story explores far darker themes than the majority of my work. Considerable inspiration is taken from subdued supernatural horror stories. The story follows a shy woman starting her sophomore year at her university. Beginning in a moment she will not know until it’s too late, her world darkly transforms around her. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Darkness Inside

“Oh, there you are, Jessie!” Her friend led Lana led her inside. She had wavy black hair and eyes, olive skin, almost but not quite voluptuous. Jessie looked so close to her brown haired friend that others sometimes assumed they were sisters, while Jessie was more athletically built. She was a former cheerleader, after all!

“Is Linda here yet?” Jessie asked. Linda was really Lana’s friend, who she met the year before. Jessie didn’t know Linda very well (Lana and Jessie were friends since middle school), while Lana hit it off well enough with Linda, who was not known to make friends easily. In spite of her antisocial nature, Linda was a perky, subtly ditzy blonde, who was on track to be the most attractive biochemist in history!

“She was here earlier. Went out to buy her books for the semester.”

The three of them were heading into their sophomore year at Henderston State University. Go Hawks! Or some such. Anyway, Jessie and Lana didn’t want to live in the dorms anymore. They found an older place designed for three to six tenants at the end of their freshman year. The landlord said the prior residents were about to graduate, and wanted to again rent the place to university students. He was an emeritus professor of anthropology at Henderston. Linda grudgingly agreed to be the third, if only because she didn’t want to live in the dorms either.

* * * *

Jessie and Lana went out to celebrate. They asked if Linda was interested in joining them, but she didn’t want to be a third wheel. They soon found themselves at the popular Students Welcome Pub. The theme was obvious and cheesy, but it really was the only bar in the small town that openly called to the college students.

The two shared a row of shots, making themselves more than tipsy. Jessie ordered a glass of water to chase the cheap whisky down.

Shit! See those guys over there? …” Lana observed to Jessie.

Jessie nodded.

“Let’s go!” Lana was always the sociable one.

“Nah! I’m comfortable.” Jessie was seeing someone, more or less. Jack was her boyfriend, but they weren’t living together yet. That secretly bugged her now, because her new place could more than accommodate him, too

“You’re so cute when you’re acting shy!” She playfully hugged and kissed the socially awkward Jessie. “Don’t worry, Jess! I’m still a one woman kind of woman,” she smiled playfully. Lana was indeed bisexual, and even though she was no virgin to either genders, Lana was not completely joking. While friends for many years, Lana developed a surprise crush on her best friend when they roomed together last year, and was not sexually active with women since. Lana was ultimately open about it, while Jessie was always accepting of her close friend. Though Jessie was straight, the revelation did bring them closer together, transforming the crush into deep sisterly love. No secrets from body to mind.

Lana pranced over to the drunken men, while Jessie ordered a beer. “Maybe I wish I was bi like her,” she muttered toward her mingling friend across the noisy room. “We would blow Jack’s mind away!”

A dark, obscured figure sitting at the other end of the bar appeared in the corner of Jessie’s eye. She drunkenly turned her head, and only saw other colorful patrons in her blurred vision. “Guess I’m a lightweight!” she muttered …

* * * *

Jessie slowly opened her bleary eyes. She was lying in her warm bed. Stretching, she realized something was utterly off. While unsurprisingly barefoot, she was in her shirt and jeans from the night before. She always wore some kind of night clothes! Even more confusing, she couldn’t remember anything after starting on her beer. This never happened to her before, and she didn’t know what to think.

Adrenaline shooting through her, she shot out of bed, slipped into her flip flops, and went downstairs. She caught Lana on her laptop at the breakfast nook.

“Oh, morning, Jess!” She glanced at the clock. “Half past eleven. You made it by half an hour!”

“Eleven-thirty?” she chimed in disbelief, feeling her somewhat achy head. “How drunk did I get last night?”

“Actually, not much more than me, babe,” she looked at her somewhat inquisitively. “Got a guy’s number, and when I walked back to you, well, you said you weren’t feeling great. I decided we should call it a night,” she shrugged.

Lightweight!” Jessie cooed, sitting next to Lana.

“Yeah, I gotta get you drunk more, Jess,” she said seductively as a joke.

“Yeah … I don’t remember coming home last night, Lana. It’s like someone slipped me something. I woke up in these clothes!” Jessie’s confusion seemed to go deeper than just her lost hours.

Humph … If someone did, I guess I saved you,” she said with a loving smile.

“Oh, there you are!” Linda called to Jessie, grabbing a cup for some water. “How’s the hangover, Jess?” She was trying very hard to be nice to the woman she now lived with, but she never liked anyone at first.

“Not bad, Linda! Don’t drink a lot, so I drank too much. Our party was over before I knew it.”

Linda put on her best “pleasant” smile, drank her water, and walked out.

“Still doesn’t like me,” Jessie observed. “I’ve known her as long as you!”

“Eh, give her time, Jess. She agreed to live with us, right? She’s as shy and awkward as you. She just, well, gets frustrated by it. Couldn’t find a logical reason to hate me, and she won’t find one with you. Trust me, she wants to like you. Just don’t force her.”

* * * *

Jessica and Jack were on the couch lovingly making out. It was Jack’s first time in the place, and Jessica was more than hinting for him to move in with her. On Jessica’s part, she was more passionate than usual. The two assumed it was part of pushing him closer to her. Classes started the next day, so they didn’t think they had time for more than a deep kiss. Yet, it was wonderful as always. They might as well have been making love.

“I love you so much,” Jessica said breathily.

“I love you, too … Fuck … You’re too perfect …”

She blinked at him questioningly.

He sighed deeply. “You’re everything I ever wanted, Jessica. That’s why I’m afraid to move in with you. It’s so irrational. It’s like a part of me thinks I’ll loose you if I get any closer …”

“You can’t loose me, Jack,” she said tenderly. “Take the step for me. It will be better than either of us dreamed.”

“Fine …” They embraced tightly …

In a pitch black room, Jessica felt hands lustfully feeling her body, pleasuring her in ways she never thought possible. The hands made her feel like her whole body was sensitized. Insane pleasure coursed through her body. Their was nothing but the lustful pleasure consuming her, making her one with it. Soon, the hands were gone, and her body merely seethed in epic orgasm.

ERRRGUHHH,” Jessica sudden screamed in orgasm, jutting up in her bed.

Jessica!?” Jack called next to her.

Hot sweat poured down her body, while she tried to catch her breath.

“Are you all right?”

“Uh … I’m fine. Just a dream …”

“Did you just cum?” he asked in disbelief, knowing how she looked and smelled after sex. They simply were sleeping together, though.

“I … I guess I did! Never had a wet dream like that before …”

“Better that kind of scream than some professor running after you for a late paper … with a sharp red pen!” he joked, a little aroused. They lightly kissed, and fell back to sleep

* * * *

The first day of classes started as expected for Jessica. She received syllabi; found out which books she had to replace. It was not until her last afternoon class when her mind started to wonder.

Her eyes found there way to the slim, brown haired Julie. She didn’t know her very well. Julie was wearing a purple tube top, short shorts, and flip flops. Certainly not athletic like Jessie, but gorgeous nonetheless. She studied the woman’s body from head to toe dangling a flip flop.

This was a beautiful woman, Jessie found herself understanding more fully than she ever did in her life. ‘A body made for sex,’ Jessie suddenly thought aberrantly. ‘What?’ she thought. ‘Why would I think that? … Well, she IS beautiful. Nothing wrong with admitting that!’

Jessie found herself almost being hypnotized by the dangling flip flop. In her mind’s eye, Jessie saw herself walk over to the passive Julie. No one else was in the room. Jessie went to her knees, and removed the hanging footwear. She found herself sniffing and rubbing the sweet foot. Licking from silken heal to toe, Julie deeply cooed, “Lana will be so glad you came around!”

“Fuck yeah!” Jessie cooed. She then found herself sucking off the whole, silken size nine like a cock, shoving as much in as she could. Julie moaned in compliment. The more Jessie thrust, the more of the foot she shoved into her head. She could almost feel the bottom of the ankle touching her stretch lips, while the toes were pushing up against the back of her throat. Not even a hint of a gag!

Jessie somehow angled it upwards, pushing the foot in yet further. Waves of pleasure flowed through them. Jessie’s was only able to grunt, everything being blocked. Indeed, she wasn’t breathing, but that didn’t matter. All that did was having the foot so deep that her lips encircled Julie’s ankle! And soon, it was, but at an orgasmic cost. The foot impaled her brain, while they both exploded in orgasm!

In that moment, Jessie came to her senses. She didn’t orgasm outside the apparent daydream, but it felt like she did. Julie was blissfully unaware of the fantasy that transpired. The class soon ended, and Jessie tried to process what happened …

* * * *

“You all right, babe?” Lana asked Jessie concerned. She was eating a sandwich, while reading her music history book.

“I dunno, Lana. I feel confused; a little strange.”

“Got a cold already?”

“It’s not that … Today I …”


Jessie sat next to her friend, and answered, “I had a daydream in my last class …”

OK … What’s so strange about that?” She compassionately put her hand on Jessie’s firm hip.

“It was sexual.”

“OK, interesting …”

“Uh … with another woman.”

Come on, Jess! You got me, you can laugh now!”

“I’m serious, Lana … You know Julie, right?”

“Ah, yeah, she is very pretty, but you don’t want women!”

“In the daydream I did, Lana. I sucked off her foot. I mean, really sucked it off! I shoved it so deep that the whole bottom rested on the back of my throat. It went into my brain. I loved it! I came … I …” She was breathing deep, and almost drooling. “I think … I’m horny, Lana …”

“Um, Jessie,” she breathed, bewildered. “Maybe you should just eat something. The workload’s hitting you or somethin’. Call up Jack. You two don’t spend enough time together. Go for a run while it’s still light?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think I will. I guess I just needed to get that out. So fucked up! You wanna join me?” 

Lana never kept up with her after even a quarter of a mile, but she enjoyed running with her on occasion with her. Plus, helping Jessie feel better will always be top priority. “Sure.”

* * * *

Linda was sleeping soundly in bed when something pushed her to consciousness. Her bleary eyes slowly focussing in the dark room, a feminine image came out of the blur. Heart jumping, she slapped on the light.

JESSIE!?” Linda called in shock.

Jessie was just standing there with her eyes half open in her pajama pants and night shirt. She looked almost lustful and hungry. Her head slightly tilted. In Jessie’s dreamworld she was wildly scissoring the orgasmic woman under the bright moonlight. Linda was putty in her will. Whatever Jessie wanted, Linda provided.

“What the fuck!?”

Jessie blinked, while her head straightened. “Wha …? Linda?”

“Jessie? Are you all right?” she asked, more pissed than concerned.

“I, uh, how did I get here?” She shook her head, the fading dream all but real.

“Sleepwalk much?”

No … But, I guess, I just did … Sorry, Linda, I’ll just go back to my room …”


“Yeah, Linda?”

“Close the door behind you.”

Jessie soon found herself back into her dark room on the floor above. She felt both confused and disappointed. The bed was empty. Jack had to run home that night to help his parents out with their car. They were only an hour or so away, but he planned to stay at home for the night. She sighed, and crawled back into her bed …

* * * *

That morning, Jack surprised Jessie with all his things. He was moving in with her. Yes, he agreed to it the other day — he was practically living there already, but no official date was set. Linda was keeping her distance from Jessie, still weirded out from the night before, but Lana helped them out. He still had to tell the school’s Residential Services Department (“the RSD”) that he moved out of the dorms, but he didn’t care enough to rush. Besides, the joy in Jessie’s face could distract a eunuch!

After lunch, Jack and Jessie sat on the living room couch. Lana intentionally gave them some time alone.

Jessie kissed him happily. “You don’t know what this means to me, Jack!”

“I got a good idea! … My stomach’s twisting, but I’m excited, too.”

Jessie began to make out with him with more passion than he knew from her. He responded in kind. Though she loved him greatly, Jessie felt something toward him that would have shocked her outside the moment: lust. She felt utter lust toward him, and finding themselves naked did nothing to help the matter.

Humping the amazed Jack on her knees, Jessie felt more pleasure than she thought possible. The mix of love and lust blew her mind. She could not deny how amazing it was! Her oddly off state of mind made her embrace of the alternate feeling possible. She wanted sex more than she realized since her wet night and day dreams! The pleasure!

“YES!” she screamed. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

“Wow, I like this!” Jack exclaimed.

Jessie humped him harder and harder. Neither wanted to extend the pleasure any longer. All they wanted was the coming point of passion. ‘PERFECT!’ Jessie screamed in her mind. And soon, they both exploded loudly into each other …

* * * *

Jessie found herself sitting quietly on the couch where she had insane sex with Jack hours before. He went to class, as did Lana, while Jessie needed to go to her own in an hour or so. She didn’t feel right. Lust toward Jack? The sex was amazing, yes, but it wasn’t even close to normal. Something was wrong with her. It was like some kind of darkness deep inside. She thought she may have been sick. Yet, what bug makes the host lust?

Linda was walking down the hall, and saw Jessie. She ground her teeth, walking into the room.

“Oh, hey, Linda,” Jessie greeted pleasantly.

She sighed. “That sleepwalking weird me out …”

“Yeah, I sorry about that, Linda. Never happened to me before …”

Linda sat next to her somewhat awkwardly. “Look, you know I’m not good with people, but … we’re under the same roof. I’m over whatever that was!”

‘This is my chance,’ Jessie suddenly thought. ‘What? … To make her my friend. Yeah …’

“So, I don’t know if we’ll be friends, but that doesn’t matter …”

“Lana’s been my friend for a long time. All her friends are mine, too. So, we are friends, Linda.” The statements seemed slightly out of character for Jessie, while there was nothing false about them.

Linda blinked a couple of times. “Yeah, I guess we are friends.” The hugged tightly in confirmation.

“Didn’t know you were secretly that easy, Linda!” Jessie smirked, sensing sexual undertones.

“Uh … maybe I am … secretly …” Linda said oddly.

Now,’ Jessie suddenly thought. ‘Yeah, I’m gonna continue the joke. Such an antisocial, but I broke through!’ She said out loud, “Your secret’s safe with me, Linda. Since you admitted how easy you are to me, looks like that makes you mine with benefits!”

“Done with classes for the day, Jess, wanna seal the deal?” she asked with a smile.

“Sure!” Jessie chuckled, only then realizing the odd way she phrased her request.

Linda suddenly locked lips locked lips with the surprised Jessie. At first it was strange for Jessie to be making out with a woman, but the lust of it was undeniable. Her blonde hair was so soft, while her skin softer. “I wanna see you naked!” Jessie suddenly cooed. She knew how strange it was to say that, but didn’t care.

“Of course! Whatever you say, Jessie,” she said happily. She quickly stripped bare.

Holy fuck! I had no idea you took that good care of yourself, Linda!” Jessie observed.

“I work out more than you, Jessie! Track team back in high school.” She was quite proud of her highly toned body.

Almost just as a test, Jessie stated, “I guess it’s time to make out with my pussy ‘till I cum!”

“Of course, Jessie!” Almost in a single motion, Linda pulled off Jessie’s pants and panties, and practically buried herself into the wanting pussy.

“Oh, FUCK yeah, Linda!” Jessie exclaimed in happy surprise. “You’re such a fucking slut!”

Linda suddenly looked up to Jessie, and clarified, “The smartest slut ever!” She quickly resumed her passionate, lustful consumption.

Jessie loudly moaned and cooed, embracing the lust of it more than she did with Jack. She groped her firm tits under her shirt, making the nipples happily erect, while she tightly wrapped her legs around Linda’s head. In explosion of lust and passion, Jessie screamed in orgasm.

“Come on up, Linda! I wanna eat my cum off your face,” Jessie said darkly.

Linda arose, and Jessie lustfully lapped up the salty juices … 

* * * *

“I can’t stop thinking about what we did earlier, Jess! Never made love like that before …” Jack exclaimed. They were eating a late lunch at the kitchen table. Linda and Lana were at class, as Jessie just returned from hers.

“Maybe it wasn’t love …” Jessie said both ponderously and deeply. She wasn’t quite sure how that was meant to come out. She kept thinking about what happened between her and Linda, feeling conflicted.

He laughed.

Allowing the odd conflict fade, an idea for something she never did before crossed her mind. Seeing no harm, she decided to enact it. Jessie slipped out of her flip flops, and started to rub Jack’s crotch through his jeans.

Woah! What’re you doin’, Jess?” he breathed, seriously enjoying the attention.

“Being impulsive!” Jessie cooed. With dexterity she never knew she had, Jessie unzipped his pants with her toes, and pulled down his jeans and underwear.

With a dark, lustful smile, Jessie began to stroke his ballooning cock with her soft, wrinkled arches. Passionately, she moved her feet up and down with the perfect pressure. It was as if she did it a thousand times. She was a savant! The feel of a cock between her feet was a pleasure that numbed her mind, while she rubbed her excited breasts under her shirt. There was no love in her actions, and she could not help but embrace it somehow. Jack grunted loudly, while Jessie almost growled in her pleasure, now enhanced by rubbing her own moist pussy.

Time seemed to slow in the lust she was creating. Jack was lost in the new form of pleasure as Jessie stroked. Yet, he was merely lost in pleasure, while Jessie was lost in lust. She soon realized that they were making lust. As such, it did not matter if they came together, and might be even more pure if they didn’t. The only things that mattered were them enjoying the passion and cumming hard. ‘This is better than making love!’ she cooed in her head, before growling out loud, “This is FUCKING awesome!”

At the revelation, Jessie stopped naturally pacing herself, and rubbed his cock harder, more passionately. Her firm calves and thighs visibly flexed. Jack grunted ever so loudly. He suddenly came so hard his balls hurt. Hot cum spewed all over her deflowered feet. Automatically, she licked the salty slime off them, further embracing the lust of it in her erratic breaths.

Jack leaned back, trying to catch his breath. “That WAS awesome, Jess!” he grunted. “We should do more shit like that!”

“Definitely,” she agreed, before lapping up the last gray blobs on her feet and ankles. “OK … Fuck me up the ass!” she more than suggested. Jessie was utterly warped by the lust.

Really, Jess?” he asked amazed, while fully willing.

Fuck, yeah, Jack!” she cooed darkly. Throwing off her shorts and panties, Jessie leaned onto the table, ass open wide. “Fuck my ass here and now, you shit!”

Oh, of course, Jessie!” he stated, oddly enjoying the dirty talk and more. He stood up. “Should I get some lube?”

“Doesn’t fucking matter, Jack Off!” she screamed. “Deflower this cunt’s fucking ass, mother fucker!”

“Of course!” he exclaimed, jerking himself off to awaken his member.

Jack then thrust his solid member into her tiny asshole with a strong grunt. Jessie screamed loudly at the painful intrusion, grabbing the edges of the table tightly. ‘Hang in there,’ she said in her head. ‘This will feel awesome in a moment! Remember your first time, Jessie.’

After a few powerful thrusts from Jack, her apparent prediction came true. The pain slowly subsided, only to be replaced by intense pleasure. “Oh, my fuck!she growled darkly. “Don’t hold back, Jack! Be dirty, you shit! I want you to talk to me like you don’t even love me. Erguh, umph. Make me believe you only fuck me because I’m hot!”

Obliging, he began to spank her firm ass cheeks at random intervals. “You like it so hard, don’t you, bitch!” he exclaimed. SLAP! “You deserve nothing less, SLUT!”

“OH, FUCK, yeah!” she cooed in agreement, encouragement.

“I’m gonna slap you ass raw!” he yelled.

“Do it, Jack! Fuck!”

“You were always just a cheerleader slut to me!” he screamed at her with a hard slap. All he was saying were lies, more or less. He didn’t mean any of it, but the heat of the moment made it flow freely, while they sounded like truth. “I only ever pretended to love you. I only started dating you because I thought you were simply fuckable, you fucking bitch! A pathetically stupid cheerleader that was so bad at it she quit! Anything you’re good at it is a fucking lie, except for fucking, you dirty piece of shit.” Slap, slap, SLAP.  “Ever since you got tits you fucked your teachers for good grades; you fucked your pathetic cheerleading coach and fellow cheerleaders just to stay on the squad. You’d fuck anyone and anything, you sick cunt! You’re too stupid a cunt to know any better.” He slapped her ass so hard she felt the energy ride up her body like a sick orgasm. “YOU’RE JUST A WHORE!” Jack screamed, cumming hard into her ass. He leaned downward toward her head. “I’m, I’m really sorry, Jessie … I didn’t mean any of that, baby. I love you,” he said feeling incredibly bad about himself.

“Don’t stop fucking my ass until I cum, you fucking lying piece of shit, Jack!” she screamed. Jessie could feel how red her was becoming from the violent attention.

“Of course, Jessie!” he exclaimed, resuming his thrusts. His member quickly reinflated, while his own cum now provided slimy lubricant.

“OH, fuck!” she growled. “I had no idea you were such a lying piece of shit!” Like Jack, she was letting the “dirty talk” flow freely. The dirty lies enhanced the lust! “You think I’m a whore? I haven’t fucked anyone since we started dating! But, we almost never fuck, and do you know why, you fucking rat? Your useless, tiny cock almost never makes me cum. I have to fake it nearly every mother fuckin’ time. So God damned inadequate! Every time you fuck me I think of someone else!”

“Who do fucking think of, you lying whore?” he grunted angrily, thrusting harder. His cum slowly escaping during his mad thrusts.

From then on she was no longer felt like she was lying. “Right now, I’m thinking about Linda fucking me in the ass with a monstrous strap on!” The image of Linda doing so with great lust invaded her mind’s eye. “Oh, fuck, erguh, she’s the smartest slut ever! So damn hot. The slut will do whatever I say! She’s mine.” Drool fell from her lips, while she moaned in dark pleasure. “I can see Lana going on her hands in knees in front of me. Oh, shit!” Jessie visualized accordingly. “She’s been in love with me for so long, and now she’s pressing her ass onto my face! Right now, I’m not sure how much I love you anymore, but I love her! Her ass tastes so damn good … Oh, fuck … yeah … Oh, God … ERRRGUHAAAAAA!” she screamed in mind numbing orgasm before Jack came in her tight ass a second time.

Jessie sat on her sore ass next to the breathless, amazed Jack. Her ass felt quite full, but licked holding all that cum in there.

She kissed him, and said playfully, “I think were even with the lying insults!”

Good! That was crazy …” He still felt utterly horrible toward both himself and her.

“I did like it … You did, too, Jack.” An idea crossed her mind. “I’m gonna lay down across your lap so you can spank my ass more. I want you to think about everything I did that made you angry. I want you to spank my ass both out of anger and lust, Jack! I know this will make me cum.” She excitedly lay across is lap. Her ass looked rather red already, while thick cum leaked from the hole.

“OK … Yeah, you do have the best ass in history,” he said roughly.  “But … you made me lie to you!”

SLAP! She came loudly in lustful pleasure, while nearly all the cum escaped from her ass. It wasn’t the mind blowing orgasm she just had, but it was indeed memorable. She almost couldn’t believe she was feeling lust toward his genuine anger!

“You made me feel terrible about myself!”

SLAP! “OH FUCK!” she came.

“I hated the lies you said to me!”


“You’re getting off on this! What the fuck is wrong with you!”


“You liked how terrible those things we said were!”


“I really am fucking pissed at you for all we just said!”


“I hated liking the cruel insults as much as you do!”


“I don’t even think you were completely lying the whole time!”


“Why did you make me lie so much!”


“I believed what I was saying in the moment!


“Why are you so evil all of a sudden!”


“I don’t want you to be an evil bitch!”


“I hate you more than I love you now! How could you do that to us!”

SLAP! ORGASM! “Show me how much I made you hate me, Jack,” she deeply growled. “Let it out. Spank me until you can’t!”

With eyes reddening, he spanked her wildly out of both hatred and love. Jessie fell into an orgasmic oblivion …

Jack and Jessie stood at the door. They deeply kissed. “You gonna be all right, Jess?”

She lightly felt her very sore ass through her shorts, and said, “Yeah, I’ll be fine, Jack.”

“That was some crazy shit, Jess!” he said truthfully. “I mean, in the moment I hated some of it, but by the end, that was the best sex ever! Pleasure, violent catharsis. Where the fuck did you get the idea for all that?”

“I honestly have no idea, Jack!” she said truthfully. After all that, her feelings were now quite different toward him. She wasn’t yet sure how much love she still felt toward him, but there was so much lust still. Remarkably, she happily embraced that. At the same time, she could see in his eyes that he secretly still harbored some hatred toward her.

“Well, let’s not make a habit of getting that extreme. That roller coaster of emotion was enough for a long time!”

“Yeah, sure,” she shrugged. “My pretty ass is pretty sore.

They made out deeply, while Jessie finally realized she felt little to no love for him after all they just did. Jack left for class with an amazed yet ponderous smile …

* * * *

Jessie took a rather uneventful shower not long after Jack left. After, she walked over to her tall mirror in her bedroom. She only wore a towel and flip flops.

Looking at herself, she tried to process the last couple days. “Jack wasn’t lying when he wondered what was wrong with me …” she breathed to herself. “Something is wrong. All this cursing, lesbian fantasies, making Linda my friend with benefits, whatever the fuck that was with poor Jack … Are my eyes darker?

She shook her head at the last question, assuming it was a trick of the low light. She removed her towel to examine her essentially abused ass. It was bright red and sensitive to the touch, while she avoided touching it in the shower. An odd feeling melted through her. She somehow saw it as a kind of trophy for sexual conquest. She was … proud of herself.

After a brief, stinging touch with her fingernails, she slapped the tight, swollen ass hard. “EVIL GIRL!” she cooed in the mini-orgasm. Jessie groped her raw ass, and slowly worked her middle finger inside the hole, catching much of it in the mirror. “I’m so fucking hot!”

With the aid of the mirror she found herself anally masturbating to herself. “I’m becoming such and evil slut!” she cooed, groping her tit with her other hand. “I even lust for myself!” She spanked, cumming yet again.

It was in that moment, starring at her finger deep in her tight red asshole through the mirror, that she realized she didn’t like the spanking purely. What she was truly enjoying was the dark lust derived out of it. She groped her raw ass with a lustful smile.

“Look at you, Jessie,” she said to herself angrily, slowly fingering her asshole. “What are you becoming? You just made Linda your lust buddy, and neither of you are supposed to like women! What about that fucked up shit you pulled with Jack? You know he still feels horrible about himself. You stabbed your love for each other in the heart! And you know what? You like all that somehow! You like this, too. Saying how fucking bad you now are to yourself in the mirror. And you know what, self? You deserve to be spanked more, harder as much as you want it!” She spat, “SICK BITCH!”

Finger wiggling deep in her asshole, Jessie began to spank herself with great passion. Externally, it was violent, and looked completely psychotic. Yet, Jessie found herself in a powerful orgasmic bliss she could not deny. Though her tears and screams looked of intense pain, they were of epic pleasure.

Her well toned legs eventually gave out, and she fell to her knees. She was breathing deeply and erratically. An undeniable darkness was within her, she was now sure of it. It had grown so much … “You just fingered and spanked yourself into oblivion, slut! It really was fucking awesome …”

On her knees, Jessie again fingered her sore asshole as widely as she growled in lust filled pleasure. She groped her lust making body from head to toes, and began to rub her dripping pussy. In tandem, she inserted more fingers in both holes, forcing them wider than they should. Soon, Jessie was wildly fisting herself doubly. There was nothing she could do but embrace the lustful ecstasy. Staring straight into her dark eyes, Jessie screamed loudly in orgasm. She licked herself through the mirror like a hungry animal …

* * * *

Jessie woke up naked on the wood floor. It was dusk. Her ass was no longer sore, or even red. It somehow healed in her sleep. Her mind was awash with confusion, while she dressed herself. There was enough clarity after all the orgasms and sleep that she was finally able to think clearly. None of it made any sense, especially how undeniably good it felt to her. She walked out of her room to find Lana.

Lana was such a perfect friend. They did indeed love each other, even if Jessie could not reciprocate that in the way Lana really wanted. It was still a great risk. Jessie fell into that dark lust too easily, and feared she would pull Lana into it like she had with Jack and Linda. Yet, Lana may have been Jessie’s last chance for help.

With a big sigh of relief, Jessie saw Lana lying on the couch barefoot. She was reading a book for class. The gorgeous woman wore a tight T-shirt and short shorts. Jessie’s pussy grew moist just looking at her. With great concentration, Jessie kept herself from falling back into the sexual madness.

“Oh, hey, Jessie!” she greeted, sitting up to make room for the woman she deeply loved.

Jessie sat down, and rubbed her eyes.

“What’s the matter, Jessie?” she asked, putting her arm around her.

“Something’s wrong with me, Lana … I need help!” Jessie said at the edge of tears.

Anything, baby! Tell me what’s wrong. I can drive you to the hospital right now.”

“They can’t help me. I don’t know if anyone can … Something dark is inside me. A kind of dark lust.”

What? Don’t tell me you’re taking drugs!” Lana could see her friend falling apart, but didn’t understand what she was saying. “Tell me from the beginning.”

“I’m not completely sure when it started, Lana. I had this crazy wet dream the other night. Then, I had this fetish fantasy with the woman from class. I told you about that day dream at least …”

“I still don’t understand that one …” she shook her head.

‘I deserve to be fucking spanked even more for that alone!’ she automatically said in her mind. She gained composure. “I had sex with Linda …”


“More like, she fucked me. I don’t know how exactly. I just told her to fucking do it. She admitted she didn’t hate me. And then, a ‘friends with benefits’ joke popped out. She didn’t take it as a joke! She ate out my pussy, and I liked it!”

“This doesn’t make any sense, Jessie!”

“There’s more, Lana. Jack and I fucked to oblivion with both my ass and pussy. I even made him hate me. We spewed sick, disgusting insults at each other. The fact that most were damn lies amplified how horrible they were. I let him spank my ass. Eventually, I just made him spank me out of how much I made him hate me. I came to like it so much that I started to cum at every fucking slap. He slapped my ass so much, so hard. He let as much hate out as he could, but it still taints his love for me. I’m not even sure how much I love him anymore after that. Lust filled that void …”

Linda was speechless.

“After was just as fucking crazy. I lusted over myself in front of my mirror. I spanked and fingered my ass so damn hard, while I actively insulted myself. I felt amazing, but I know how wrong it all was …”

“I’m not sure what happing, but you are different. The way you’re looking at me; the way you’re speaking to me …”

“Are you still in love with me?” Jessie interrupted on desperate impulse.

“I … Yes, Jessie. You know I’m in love with you. Let me help you,” she said truly, empathically holding Jessie’s arm.

“I think we have to make love!”

“What, Jess!?”

“I’m having trouble feeling love,” Jessie just realized. “I still feel love toward you, barely, and I know you feel love toward me. Please, Lana, make love to me so I can feel love!”

Though utterly confused, Lana stood, and extended her hand, “OK … anything to help you. Let’s make love, Jessie.”

With a big smile, Jessie took Lana’s soft hand. Lana guided her to her bedroom. They slowly sat on Lana’s bed, and began to lovingly make out. 

“I love you so damn much, Jessie! You don’t know how hard it’s been to love someone who would never make love to me …” she said truly. Lana felt subtly selfish coming to make love with Jessie this way, even though Jessie requested it.

“I don’t know what I am anymore, Lana, but I need your love now! Save me …”

They removed their clothes, and Lana slowly lay Jessie down. “You’re so beautiful, Jessie …” she said longingly, lightly feeling down Jessie’s taught body.

“As are you, Lana …”

They kissed so deeply their souls practically touched. Thighs pressed against warm pussies, Lana thrust with all the love she could give. Jessie felt overwhelmed with love. She let herself fall into it, trying to forget the insane lust overtaking her. They ground for what felt like ages amongst the love they were making. Soon, they came in a powerful orgasm filled with great love …

They starred deep into each other, while lightly touching their naked bodies. There was no need to speak. They new how much they loved each other.

Jessie suddenly sniffed Lana. “You smell really good, Lana …”

“Thanks, Jessie. You don’t smell half bad yourself!” She lightly kissed the lover she always wanted.

“No … I mean … delicious,” Jessie clarified, slightly drooling.

“What are you talking about, baby?” Lana’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. Jessie’s already dark irises turned pitch black. “Jessie, your eyes!”

“It’s becoming clear to me, what I need to do,” she said, remarkably sure of herself. “I need to drink the blood of a true love to truly be saved, Lana.” Jessie could practically see the blood coursing through Lana’s veins. She was so hungry for it that it took all her effort to not bite her right then. 

“I don’t know …”

“It is what I have to do. You love me, Lana.”

“I love you more than anything! My blood is yours, Jessie,” she agreed, not completely sure why.

Knowing Lana kept a sharp pocket knife in her end table, Jessie took and opened it. She tightly grasped Lana’s forearm, and slapped a vein to life. In a quick motion, Jessie pierced the vein, and started to drink deliciously saltily blood, dropping the knife. It just flowed out, the hot liquid. 

After several large gulps of Lana’s love filled blood, Jessie pulled herself away feeling right and wrong at the same time. She writhed and cooed in mind twisting pain and pleasures, eyes rolled back into her head. Jessie knew the truth in that moment: the darkness inside tricked her! All that love and blood was needed to complete her transformation. Her soul screamed in agony, while it twisted and darkened into something else. A dark shadow overwhelmed her eyes.

Jessie …” Lana breathed in woozy shock. “Your eyes just became onyx stones!”

Jessie forcibly took Lana’s arm, and lapped up the escaping blood. The wound miraculously healed. “The darkness in me is now me. I am now a Demon.”

What!? How?” Lana was as confused as she was woozy.

“I don’t know exactly … Maybe you could SPANK the answer out of me!” she requested with a subtle growl. “This Demon slut likes to be spanked raw!”

Jessie walked over to the gushy chair at the other side of the room, and sat with her long legs draped across the arm. In reverence to her new self, she breathed deep and closed her eyes …

In the darkness, Jessie began to make out a nude feminine form. She slowly came to realize that it looked very much like her except with a long, dark past hanging over her.

Amazing!” the dark woman exclaimed.

“What? Who the fuck are you?” Jessie growled.

“A Demon, like you. I am that darkness that corrupted your soul.”


“To save myself, while I can still be saved. There are different levels of Demon, to explain in Human terms. I am stage two: I can still remember what it feels like to be Human, but I cannot feel it anymore. Tell me, Jessie, how do you feel?”

“I … feel great lust and passion within me. I want fuck and corrupt …”

“Yes …?”

“I still feel love,” she finished, thinking of Lana. “Barely …”

Good. Stage one. Love is that last spark of humanity. Many souls loose it almost right away, but you weren’t exactly damned when I found you.”

“But, why the fuck did you do this to me!?” Jessie screamed, feeling anger more powerfully than she would as a Human.

“Why not you? I made a mistake centuries ago, and made a deal with a Demon to save my sister from sickness. As Hell converted me into the dark thing before you, I learned of a way to escape. I’m sure there are others, but this was all I could find in my limited time. Once I forget how it felt to be Human, I would be a Demon forever. Anyway, what I learned was a ritual. If I entered a Human and not take full control, then the soul within would be corrupted. But, rape and pillage is kinda a Demon’s thing. It was almost impossible to resist, but full control would more or less preserve the resident soul. So, I pushed you along in specific ways in night and day dreams, a thought word, access to my power over the mind, but it was more you than you may want to admit. You practically destroyed your love for Jack, you turned Linda into your personal slut, and you gave into the love with Lana you would never have otherwise. Then, the blood of your greatest love: Lana. I made you into a Living Demon, either destined for Hell or something far more profound. You are twisted in very specific ways.”

“So, what’s next?” Jessie was far more curious than pissed at the Demon that facilitated her transformation.

“You agree to Fuse with me. Demons can merge and split at will. We’re just utterly evil and twisted spirits. However, this ritual allows for a permanent Fusion. You are still alive! I remember love; you still feel love. Yet, you embraced all that lust and passion. I’m surprised you haven’t yet figured out what we would become: a Succubus.”

“That’s just another evil creature!” Jessie growled.

“Not the type we would become. We would become the kind of pure love, lust, and passion. All Succubi can eat a soul, but the kind we would become really just feeds on sex: Love, lust, and passion, like I said!”

“Will all that love I lost come back?” Jessie asked, feeling a deep longing for all the humanity she lost.

Most, but I cannot guarantee all. Regardless, we would not be a Demon.”

“So, how does this Fusion work?”

“You’ll like this, Ms Lust! It all makes so much sense. For this ritual, we fuck here, now, and let ourselves melt into each other. We let ourselves be one equally. Any dominance of past personalities would be a clever lie. As you are alive, a new soul will be born. It’s just math: two negatives may create a positive. Our darknesses will annihilate themselves. It will alter the living body to desire love, lust, and passion for sustenance. We may live as one for thousands of years, and maybe, just maybe salvation would be there at the end.”

Jessie wetly licked her lips, and stated sultrily, “Lets fuck!”

With all the lust within her, Jessie grabbed hold of her fellow Demon. They embraced tightly. Jessie’s fellow Demon intentionally fell passive, while they fell to the dreamed bed. While Jessie ground wildly, she occasionally ate large chucks off the very darkness that transformed her. With some of the other already within her, Jessie knew exactly what was to come next. 

Jessie actively rubbed her feet onto the dark woman’s legs, and let them fall into hers until their legs and feet were merged. The pleasure of it was devastating, feeling each other’s pleasure. The dark being under Jessie moved her arms out to the sides, palms upward. Jessie placed her palms on the others, intertwining their fingers, and they melted into each other, arms naturally following suit. Feeling their torsos and chests becoming one, they then kissed beyond the depths of any living being.

All their memories lumped together in perfect chronological order. They could see the demonic deal as easily as the high school graduation. They could see the ailing sister make a miraculous recovery as easily as Lana admitting her true feelings one drunken night in the freshman dorm. It soon no longer mattered who’s memories were whose. They were both twisted beings seeking escape and salvation before it was too late. In that orgasmic moment, they were one …

* * * *

I, Jessie, slowly opened my eyes. “Jessie” was the most logical name for myself, considering how my outward appearance was all but the same as the woman it referenced.

“I … I don’t know … She just passed out a few minutes ago!” The kimono clad Lana frantically said on the other side of the room through her cell phone. “She hasn’t been feeling right for the last couple days!” Her back was turned toward me.

Still completely naked in a truly improved body, I silently walked up to the frantic woman. I quickly came to understand the differences, no matter how subtle. The black hair was somehow darker and sleeker, my eyes had white again but with black irises, the skin was flawless like an airbrushed picture of a model, the lips were subtly fuller and redder, and the already distinct muscles were more efficient.

I casually took the phone from the surprised Lana. Into the phone, I stated, “I’m the one she’s talking about. I’m fine now.”

“… Uhh, are you sure ma’am, we can still send and ambulance,” the 911 woman offered. “A police officer may stop by anyway.”

“Whatever you have to do. It’s been a … stressful last couple of days. Lana just cares too much. That’s why she’s so easy to love.”

“OK, well, I’m glad you’re feeling better, ma’am! Goodby.” The call ended.

I put the phone down. Looking at Lana, I could feel a great love for her, and felt it in ways almost impossible to explain. Yes, most if not all love returned to this body, but it was different somehow. As a Succubus, my deep love for her was enhanced by lust. And as a Succubus, we could make love in any way: spanking, anal, feet, scissoring, dildo, grinding, and all the rest. There was no true evil in it, as it was only true fact. It was all who I was now, and saw no reason to deny that.

“What happened to you, Jessie!?” she pleaded, teary eyed. She wrapped her hands tightly on my firm forearms.

“I’ll explain it better later, Lana, when I find the right words,” I answered lovingly, pulling her toward me. “But right now, I’ll say this: I’m no longer the woman you fell in love with, but she is a part of who I am. Yes, I became a Living Demon with the help of another Demon within me, but together, we became a Succubus. I will always love you. Your love made this transformation possible. I love you in ways no Human ever could.”

Succubus?” she asked confused. Her whirlwind of emotion seemed to have no end.

Not quite what you’re thinking,” I said, literally reading her mind. “My future is more my own than it ever was. I want to share that with you, my Lana.” I grabbed hold of her, and we kissed tightly, deeply, passionately, and lovingly with hint of lust. Lana cooed, melting in my arms …

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