Blog Unbound: Of Lust

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and taboo content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the Italian horror film The Church, and specifically it’s brief yet breathless homage to Boris Vellejo’s painting Demon Lover. The first part of this story went exactly as planned, while that was essentially going to be the story, but it essentially unbound itself from the Blog Flash construct. An interesting and apparently little used concept hit me for the first time, making this story a bit deeper than expected. It ads to the organically growing Unbound Mythos in ways I didn’t expect. Echoes of this story are likely to appear in future Unbound Tales. The story follows Lindsey, who recently met a mysterious man, while she finds herself changing in profound ways. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

Of Lust

A little drunk, Lindsey stumbled into her apartment with her boyfriend. She didn’t know what future she had with him. They only recently met by chance in the subway. However, he excited her in a way she never thought possible. They haven’t even had sex yet! What amazed her was how different he made her feel. She wasn’t actually sure if she loved him, while she was now incredibly forward and, well, showy. She now enjoyed showing herself off to the world, and to her amazement, she loved when the world looked back. It was so exhilarating to her now when someone looked down her ample cleavage or long legs! Back at the dance club, her pussy actually grew moist at the thought of others noticing her appearance: black high heels, red fishnet stockings, leather skirt so short and tight it failed to cover her ass, a black bra-top, and black leather jacket.

Even more remarkably, Lindsey loved walking around her apartment naked, while making sure the curtains were wide open. At one point she actually masturbated while standing at the window! Indeed, she pleasured herself all the time now, including to rough, hardcore porn. She once assumed it would make her sick to watch a woman eat a man’s cum off her feet, but it actually drove her wild!

Still, it was hard to attribute such personality revelations to a man she just met, let alone a man that made no suggestion of doing such lustful things.

She tossed off her heels and jacket, and they sat on the couch. “Yah know, Jack, I dunno much about you!”

“Not much to tell, but I’m older than you think.”

“Oh?” she asked, batting her blue eyes. She slapped her sore, stockinged feet on his lap, and he deeply started to rub.

“Well, first let me say, though I can, that lying isn’t in my nature … as a Demon of Lust.”

“What?” she asked cynically, mind already a little mushy from the foot worship.

“I was Human once, a very long time ago, and I eventually found myself in hell for things now irrelevant. I was transformed over millennia, in your context. My even older Demon Master decided to make me a specialized Demon not unlike it: a Demon of Lust. I am essentially a keeper and master of Succubi and Incubi, but in practice, I simply go out and find certain people.”

“OK …?”

“For my on selfish desires, I go out and find people that are susceptible to lust more than others. My presence showed you certainly are! It’s all been you, you know. It is only my presence that makes you realize what’s within you.”

“This has gotta be some kind of joke! … Fuck, you’re so good with feet!”

“You know the truth. Lust is a powerful part of you. Lying is not in the nature of lust.”

The hands turned her once sore feet into blobs of pleasure. Placing them in his mouth, lustful waves of passion flew though her. “Fuck, it is true, isn’t it? You are of lust, and you wake up the lust in me …”

“Now, the choice is yours, my dear. Like many before you, you may ask me to leave now. If you allow me to stay, what I will do is finally do more than wake up what’s within you. We will make lust. In so doing, your lust will grow so much larger than anything else that is you. Your lust will consume you, and will destroy all the love you have.” He placed her tingling feet back on the floor.

It was all true, she impossibly knew. It all felt so amazing, freeing, but loosing all the love within her was more than concerning. That loss was the dark sacrifice. “What will happen when I can no longer love?”

“Well, the enhanced lust fills that void, as it will overwhelm all that is you. Think about how you feel when you masturbate to a woman eating cum, or how it felt when I rubbed your feet. That will replace what love feels like.”

“I would instead feel lust toward my own mother?” she asked in dark revelation.

“Of course. That’s how it works.”

“I’m not even bi …”

“Once lust consumes you, even your DNA will be affected. You will be … omnisexual, for lack of better words. And I should also mention, feigning a salesman, that lust is not just of sex at the levels you would experience. Lust for power, for example. Lust will become an integral part of ambition, as lust will be an integral part of who you are. You will be rather unhinged. If you want that, it will be yours.”

She indeed felt conflicted, and understood how someone could say no. “Would the lust in me now still be so alive if I ask you to leave?”

“Of course! That’s all you. Only my pride will be hurt.” He smiled jokingly, “OK, that’s a lie! You’ll still be wonderfully lustful. Like I said, you’ll still be masturbating at the window if I leave.”

So much of Lindsey wanted to say yes, as so much of her wanted to cut her losses with what she already gained. Yet, it wasn’t like she ever had much luck in love, perhaps because of all the lust once hiding within her. One of the best relationships of her life was with the Demon next to her, and she was now sure it was not of love. It sounded strange in the moment, but once lust consumed her, feeling lust toward family and friends probably would feel normal, good. She was, perhaps, still conflicted with the choice she was about to proclaim. “Fuck it! Fuck love! Let’s do this, Demon!”

A dark, lust filled smile painted his face. “Rip off all your clothes, literally, while I change into something more comfortable.”

Shaking her head with a smile at the insanity of everything, she placed her stockinged feet one the edge of the coffee table. She leaned down and ripped the right side apart at her toes. Grabbing hold of both dangling ends, she wildly tore it open up her leg in only a couple forceful strides. The tearing cry of the fabric tingled her pussy and made her very mind moan. She disdainfully tossed the destroyed fabric away.

She looked down to her left foot, and happily licking her lips, she grabbed it, bringing it to her open mouth. She grasped the tip of it at her big toe with her bright teeth, and yanked backward. The fabric vainly cried in pain while it was mercilessly ripped apart and thrown aside

Drooling at the wild pleasure of her actions, she stood, feeling her silken pink panties. She chucked at the irony of this being one of the few times she wore panties since she met that Demon. Still, the lusty ripping added to her fun! Essentially feeling her firm but full ass, she grasped the hopeless article. The fabric screamed loudly, bringing her to the brink of orgasm.

Lindsey then grasped the tight shirt over her chest with both hands, and brutally yanked it open in a loud, screaming tear. It was so fun and pleasurable, she breathed deeply and touched herself like she was just widely fucked.

“Come to me, Lindsey,” a deep, resonating voice beckoned.

Drool dripping off her chin, Lindsey turned to the naked Demon. Unsurprisingly, he looked completely different, save for the face. He was now green and imposing with massive wings. His hands were long and pointed like some kind of gargoyle. Most significantly, his massively erect member was large enough to impress the legendary Ron Jeremy!

Looking up and down the well endowed Demon hungrily, she walked forward into the dark being’s embrace. She felt the massive member teasing her dripping pussy, and slowly thrust her hips forward. The deeper she went, the more powerful the mind destroying waves of pleasure became. No, they weren’t just mind destroying; they were lust enhancing! As such, she began to painfully feel the love within her dying.

“Oh, my fucking God! What’s happening!” she cried.

“What you agreed to, my dear. It’s too late to stop! Embrace your lust, and the feel of dying love will be as meaningless as love itself!”

A large hand grasped Lindsey’s ass, and pushed her body the rest of the way around the loveless member. The massive wings encased her in a cocoon of darkness. Lindsey screamed loudly in pain and pleasure. The pain of dying love threatened to overwhelm her mind, yet the path away from such pain was clear. She quickly embraced the lustful pleasure growing within her, and soon the death cry of love became the birth cry of lust victorious! The orgasm of pure lust lasted eternally in the cocoon. The lust consumed her very soul.

Then, the wings faded away. Lindsey’s vision was blurred from tears of ultimate pleasure, while the light was too bright to open them quickly. She put her hand on the Demon’s apparently silken shoulder, trying to catch her breath. The memory of love was there, but she strangely didn’t miss it. She suddenly laughed deeply, realizing how she didn’t feel all that different without love. It was only then she realized how strong her lust always was in her life.

Looking downward, her eyes slowly focused on their intertwined crotches. Something changed. The Demon’s skin was no longer green, and now was a light tan. The wings or any outward sign of demonism were gone. Most surprisingly, a real dick wasn’t inside her now. It was … a massive strap-on dildo? Lindsey slowly panned upward passed a taught stomach, firm breasts much like hers, and a beautiful face with blue eyes and long black hair. She knew this woman! Yet, this woman looked far younger than last she saw her, while the lustful look in her eyes and smile was never something expected from her.

“MOM?” she blurted. Part of the amazement was in how she truly felt lust toward her, and would greatly enjoy fucking the woman. After her mother and father divorced, Lindsey convinced herself that the marriage wasn’t loveless, but maybe it was after all …

“Yes, Lindsey. I am your mother.”

“I don’t understand! Are you joking again for my own pleasure, Demon?”

Holding Lindsey’s tight hips firmly, the now female Demon lightly thrust. “This is no joke, baby. I told you: I am of lust not lies. I just never told you everything, while I certainly, finally told you almost everything earlier! I simply masked the lust I emit until you met me in that false male form.”

“… Oh, FUCK, that feels good … I’m not your only daughter, am I?” she asked, starting to accept an unexpected reality. It insanely all began to make sense. The clearly loveless marriage of her mother and father; never knowing her maternal grandparents; never really knowing her mother; all the lust Lindsey had but never understood.

Her mother began to thrust a bit harder. “I’ve had many through the centuries by Human fathers. About half agree to take the step you’ve taken, and you may choose to go even further, my Lindsey!”

“Oh, mommy …” she began to thrust in time with her gorgeous demonic mother. “ERGH! … I’m half Demon? What does this mean?”

“Not half, my daughter, not anymore. By letting demonic lust kill your human love, you let yourself become a Living Demon. The lust in you was always fueled by your demonic heritage, and you chose to embrace it, to my great joy! All specialized Demons can make Living Demons, if they wish, while it’s not the only way to create one.”

Lindsey forced her mother to the floor, and began to thrust hard on the massive, impaling dildo. “I lust you, mommy! I always have, but repressed it,” she growled in deep tones she only now had. She lustfully sucked on her mother’s suddenly lactating tits. The full bodied milk turbo charged the pleasure.

“I know, my dear … UMMM … All my daughters do, whether they admitted it or not! … Oh, you’re so good with tits! … And, there’s one last thing I never told you, my demonized daughter. While I can rule all Succubi and Incubi, I can also make my daughters into Succubi. You’re one step away, baby.”

Though listening intently to her mother, Lindsey kept feeding on the endless supply of milk, while groping her mother’s taut body roughly. She thrust wildly into the woman she secretly always wanted to fuck. “Oh, mommy, I’ve dreamed of this!” she cooed with her mouth full of tit and milk.

Ummm, mommy lusts how you suck her boobies as an adult! … Most agree to become a Dominic Succubus after becoming a full Demon. The few that didn’t simply wanted to live a life of lust, while apparently wanting to live in Hell for an eternity … Oh, fuck, baby! Nibble, NIBBLE! … If you choose to go the final step to become a Succubus, you will live forever with your mother and sisters. The only catch is you will never be able to say no to me once in that final form. My word will be absolute.”

Lindsey brought her face up to her mother’s, milk leaking from her mouth dripped onto her mother’s face. There was no love in her mother’s blue jewels, as there was no love in Lindsey’s. There was only lust. She began to make out with her mother, mouth full of milk, while she thrust with strength so powerfull the floorboards began to buckle.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, baby! Feels so good. Now, FUCKING FIST YOUR DEMON MOTHER’S ASS!” she screamed in a powerful, resonating growl, while rolling their quivering bodies to their sides

She did so, while her mother violently began to fist hers. They moaned and growled loudly in the lust like the inhuman Demons they were. There was no timing. They were making lust! The pleasure was selfishly only for themselves. Orgasms came and went like a room full of chiming, out of sync clocks. Eventually, after who knows how long, they ceased their lustful celebration. The realm of the living had some rules even they could not deny.

“Thank you, mommy,” she blurted breathlessly with sweat smothering her body. “I lust you with all that I am …”

“I lust you, too, baby …” she breathed through sweat. “I’m not of pride, but I feel it now toward you.”

“I will become a Succubus for you, mommy. I need more than just a lifetime of lust! But … I just wanna spend a little time as a lustful Demon. Or maybe, I just wanna say no to you at least once before I can’t.”

“No problem, baby. You are amazing the way you play with choice like that. You just made me lust you even more …

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