Blog Unbound: The Mercantile Circle

Disclaimer: This adult short story is a work of fiction. It is meant for those eighteen and older. There is sexual and fantastical content. All characters are eighteen or older. Though there are inspirations from other fictional sources, any similarity to real people, live or no, is merely coincidental.

Author’s Note: This story continues the Supernatural Unbound Mythos. It is inspired by the fantastically and beautifully grotesque film Society, which itself is an attack on the parasitic high society. Circle is more grounded in emotion and realism within its mythos. Ultimately, this may be one of the weirdest stories I’ve written. The story follows Jason, whose father made his family wealthy almost overnight. His father is now slowly wooing his way into the elite local club the Mercantile Circle. Such money and power changed Jason very little, though, but his sister embraced it joyously. With his new girlfriend, life became different yet stable for Jason. However, some doors wealth unlocks are not what they seem. Enjoy!

Unbound Edition: eBook

The Mercantile Circle

My family was unconventional. Well, unconventional in that my father struck both oil and gold in his mobile applications company. Universal Mobile Distributors provided services for mobile app developers to navigate the saturated mobile app market, and made money by receiving an agreed upon percentage of sales if the app was successful. It was mostly legal jargon to me, and all I knew was that we were middle class one day and upper class the next.

The change was akin to a culture shock. Everyone at the public school looked at me differently, including my friends, while the family social circles had deeper and deeper pockets. They were now working to gain membership to the local and prestigious Mercantile Circle, which was notorious for rarely even taking new members. I almost agreed to spend my senior year in high school in a private school, but eventually realized that, even though my friends saw me differently, most of them remained as friends. We all realized that I didn’t change; it was only the family bank account.

One amazing thing that did happen, though, was a new girlfriend of that deep pocketed social class. Though an upper class pompousness bled through at times, Lina wasn’t really like the family that bred her. She only flaunted the deep pockets at parties, which she was avoiding of late. She wanted more than just cocktail parties and prearranged futures. It was apparently related to why she gravitated toward me at my parents’ meet-and-greet cocktail party six months ago. While my now Ivy League sister worked to embrace the upper class, I kept my distance, not really knowing what to make of it. And there Lina was, breaking the ice by “buying” me a drink. I got the impression she was just curious about me at the time — seeing if I really was separate from the others at heart, but I was instantly in love! Oh, the awkward stuttering and rambling from my nervousness!

The tall woman had wavy, dark brown hair, hazel eyes, C-cup breasts, and size seven feet. OK, maybe it wasn’t completely love I felt at first, but it became love for me when we talked. Her dry whit would always caught me off guard! I at first thought she would be my gateway into the high-class life, but it turned out that I was her gateway into something different. It only seemed like she was my gateway to others, and we were fine with that. We made life a little easier for us both for our different reasons.

One thing that started bugging me lately was how we did not yet make love. It wasn’t all I wanted, but going out with a woman as beautiful as she led to wetter dreams than I cared to admit. She was naturally seductive, so it was odd at times. She was very good at avoiding it otherwise, saying that she wanted the moment to be right for us. That requirement was about the only cliche I ever saw out of her!

Graduation came and went, and I was preparing to go off to college, the same one Lina went to for the past year. It was Ivy League, but like her, I wasn’t just going to do what little it took for a C.

What was concerning me was my sister. She had changed so much since I last saw her a month ago. I didn’t know if my parents noticed, because she only acted differently with me. She was almost … seductive …

I was playing some old video game when Laura walked into the room. My sister was objectively an attractive blonde with blue eyes and well kept body. She wore a form fitting, pink dress, which went from her chest to her knees.

“Where are you off to, Laura?” I asked curiously.

“Cocktail party at Luke’s,” she said with a more than pleasant smile. She leaned onto the couch in a way that fully exposed her healthy cleavage.

“He’s in that Circle, right?

“Mercantile Circle!” she corrected with a pompousness that was tinged with what almost sounded like seduction. “Luke says if I keep up socially with him and the rest I’ll be in before any of us.”

“Looks like they have quite the dress code!” I teased. I usually just wore a T-shirt and jeans. The rich really had no dress codes anymore, but still would dress well for social occasions.

“Thanks!” she said with full tongue. “Zip me up, Jason?”

I shrugged, and walked around to her. Her rather alluring perfume caught my senses the moment she put her healthy back to me. Oh, God, I was aroused by her, I was aroused by my sister! Suppressing the aberrant feeling, I zipped her as requested. I then noticed an odd moistness on her back. It almost seemed to move. Without thinking, I touched it. The moisture felt oddly good on my skin.

“Jason?” she asked with an almost false casualness.

I quickly lowered my hand. “Nothing … Must still be a little wet from your shower!”

“Oh, I’ll dry up!” she said, before turning around. She leaned back onto the couch in a way that could only be described as seductive. “Thanks! See ya’ later, bro!”

My sister suddenly kissed me full on the lips, and almost skipped out of the room. I sat back onto the couch, heart racing. There was no denying my pants were holding back a full erection. I again forced the abnormal feelings into the back of my mind.

I felt very groggy. Indeed, I felt a bit groggy all day from not sleeping well last night. The changes in my sister kept my mind running, and getting ready to go to college with Lina all finally started to overwhelm me. I could no longer rationally make any guesses on my future anymore. My life was had become unpredictable rapids …

I was at the beach on an almost blindingly bright day. Only my sister and I were there. She was wearing a sexy pink bikini.

“Time for more, Jason,” she requested, laying back.

Smiling, I grabbed the sunblock, and began to rub the thick, white goo all over her firm tummy. She less than subtly lifted and pressed her stomach into my hand. Lost in incestuous lust, I leaned over and began to make out with her. My hand fell into her soft, warm pussy, pushing her panties down. She removed her top, and my other hand began to grope her perfect breasts with fully erect nipples.

Soon, I mounted my sister, and thrust much cock into her wet, hot vagina. Her skin grew oddly moist, as her back was earlier. It only made her more fuckable! I thrust harder, causing us to moan and coo like wild animals, for there was no love in this. Our wild screams grew, and we finally exploded in passion …

I suddenly awoke on the couch, wet from both cum and sweat. Did I just have a wet dream involving my sister? I sat up breathless. Too much of me was all right with that that incestuous dream.

My phone suddenly buzzed. It was a text from Lina about dinner tonight. I texted back to confirm, and that I was heading over now …

Lina and I went to a local grill in very casual attire. Of course, Lina could make a burlap sack look sexy! So, her T-shirt, short shorts, and flip-flops caught more than just my eyes. Ironically, I kept thinking about my sister, especially the wet dream. It took all my effort to deny the definite arousal the incestuous thoughts gave me.

We were munching on some half decent burgers when Lina finally asked. “You seem distracted tonight. What’s up?”

“It’s kinda awkward, Lina …” I answered quietly.

A look of concern washed over her well proportioned face. “What is?”

“Um … It’s my sister …”

Lina’s eyes went wide before she apparently composed herself. “Go on …”

“She’s been different since she came back from college. This may sound completely crazy, but I think she’s … trying to seduce me.”

“You’re a crazy perv!” she said sarcastically, while playfully nudging my shin with her sexy toes.

There was always something so disarming about Lina’s sarcasm. I started to feel better. “You’re probably right, Lina!” I laughed. “I’ve been so stressed over getting ready for college that she’s probably just joking around to make me feel better. Just taking it the wrong way, I guess.”

She smiled pleasantly. “Hey, come here.”

I knew that cue well, and leaned over for a loving smooch …

I found myself in Lina’s bedroom a while later. We were making out like we never made out before. “Is the time finally right?” I asked lightly.

“Don’t ruin it!” she exclaimed with a big smile.

We then slowly removed our clothes, falling onto the bed. I honestly didn’t know what to expect form her. We never really talked about our sexual experience, but I was sure she was more experienced than I was. Her motions indeed suggested experience beyond me, while there was still something different about them.

Lina kissed and licked at the same time, as her hands groped hungrily. I soon found myself beneath her, and before I knew it, she was hungrily, lovingly thrusting intro me. I could barely breath properly, the pleasure she gave us both so perfect. I guess she did choose the right moment!

I soon found myself kissing and licking and groping along with her. Though far from off putting, I began to notice her body grow warmer and moister. I actually found myself loving it; though, I had no idea why. At the same time, I realized how wonderful she smelled.

She then lifted herself to her knees, and slowly thrust, her warm snatch growing warmer and more pleasurable. At the same time, she groped my body with her now very moist hands. Indeed, her whole body was growing hot and wet. It wasn’t normal, but it all felt too good to put thought into that.

While still slowly thrusting, she leaned back down for a deep loving kiss, which was gloriously normal. She then moved her arm behind my head. The moment was so euphoric that I barely noticed how it felt like her arm under me kept moving onward, as I her suddenly more passionate coos went over my head. She was so damn hot and wet!

I then felt her humid hand pet my cheek. With my half opened eyes, the visual seemed all wrong. Her left hand almost passively lay next to my head, but what could only be her right hand seemed wrapped around the back of her head. The next revelation made even less sense though the mind numbing pleasure: Her right arm was also wrapped behind my head.

Waah?” I barely blurted.

“Now’s not the time for questions, Luke,” she whispered hungrily.

Inexplicably, the pleasure suddenly grew, as did Lina’s warm moistness. She then orgasmically twisted her torso around not only keeping her hips firmly mounted over my member, but also in a way that wrapped her arm further around us. She bent backwards, for lack of a better description, and continued to make out with me. She rubbed her wet back onto my heaving chest, while I found myself groping her breasts from above. All the moisture was from her, while I was utterly soaked. Through the intense pleasure, I realized her super-humid body felt oddly malleable, while only she seemed to utilize that trait. I almost but not quite was able to actually force my hands into her swaying boobs, whether it really was something I wanted to do. The pleasure was building fast. Lina was already in apparent, continuous orgasm from the implausible contorting and stretching, while I could not hold by my own orgasm much longer. She increased the loving passion of her motions, and I found myself exploding into the woman I never knew as well as I thought!

Out of delirious confusion, I pulled myself out of the demoniac tangle, and slipped down to the floor, leaning on the bed. I was utterly wiped out. Only adrenaline kept me awake. The pleasurable goo from my very different girlfriend was slowly dissolving.

“Aids in both feeding and heat fueled morphing!” she said with a joyous laugh.

I quickly turned my head to see her upside down head next to me. She was bent backwards at more than a ninety degree angle.


“That juice all over you,” she said flatly.

What the fuck is going on!?” I blurted, feeling utterly worn out. My legs were probably jelly, and it was likely I was going to parked were I was for a little longer.

She laughed oddly, and answered, “Fucking things up!” The implausibly contorted Lina was slowly shifting back into how she started. In a single motion that merely confused my mushy mind, she slid down, folding under herself, and sat next to me at the foot of the bed. Her goo was already dissolving off of her as well.

“What … What are you?”

She kissed me lovingly. “We sometimes call ourselves ‘Wasps’ as joke: White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, who chose to be parasitic. Close to the truth …”

“You’re Spanish-Scottish …?”

Yeah. We really need to figure out a better name!” She turned deadly serious, more serious than I ever knew her to be. “I’m not Human. You saw that; you feel that. I’m not a Succubus, but I did just feed on you. We don’t need to feed on Humans much — you were my first in six months, but the Circle represents the most decadent and corrupt of my race. We hold parties twice a month, including one or more Humans as the main dish. I used to relish those orgies, but they sicken me now …”

“I don’t understand …” I said, just starting to catch my breath.

She placed her loving hand on my cheek. “I am ending the Circle!” she growled. “I tipped off Hunters to the next orgy, which is tonight.”

“Why betray your own race?” I believed her, but I was utterly overwhelmed.

“I’m just betraying the worst of us! We don’t need to be so parasitic. The more I fed and fucked with the rest of them, the less joy I felt. It’s always murder. We can love, but they choose not to. I can see no better option, no matter how terrible it sounds. Then, I fell in love with you, and saving you and your family may be the one good thing on my soul tonight …”

“What are you getting at, Lina?” I asked nervously, not wanting to admit I knew the answer.

“Your sister was transformed into one of us. Typical procedure. She’ll seduce you, transform you, and do the same with your parents with your help. Thus, you become new members of the Mercantile Circle! Most are not Human originally, though. I was born this way.”

“What’s next?” That was the moment I realized how much trust she cultivated in me. She never really lied, and merely waited for the right moment to tell me certain serious things.

She smiled disarmingly. “I need to touch your mind. Normally, this is only done as a prelude to transformation or as mates. After your sister transformed you, you were to be my mate, assuming you agreed, but I won’t transform you. Instead, I will place in your mind something that should wake up your sister, when you give into her tonight.”

I went wide eyed.

“We are among the best seducers. Did so little to make you forget your sister for a few hours. I know she has all but one you over, and planned to have you come to the orgy tonight as a new man! Well, I don’t think either of us want that … We can’t make your sister Human again, but we can make her realize she has a choice. We can make her closer to the woman she was. Are you ready, Jason?”

I was so overwhelmed. My sister was not only no longer Human, but also really did want to fuck my brains out! The love of my life also wasn’t Human, and planned to betray her people. I could only see one path for myself: “Let’s do this!”

She placed both hands on the sides of my head. “You will know everything I know, or at least understand it. If you never want to speak to me again, Jason, I will understand. Just save your family with my gift …”

Lina pulled me in for the deepest kiss of my life. Her hot tongue stretched to the back of my throat. Before I could gag, her tongue melted through the back of my throat, and attached itself to my spine. The feeling was not of pain, but of a feeling lacking a word. I could feel her, her body, her thoughts, her love, her regrets. Soon, the sum of her knowledge fell into my mind. While not quite a jumble, my Human mind could not processes it completely, but there were clear memories of loving moments with me. Full transformation after would likely decompile it all fully. Ultimately, there was total understanding, as promised.

The love of my life is a monster. No, she was a monster. She joyously fucked and consumed the screaming Humans, while fucking her friends and family in that wild and pliable way. She ripped some hapless Humans apart from the inside out! The joy did indeed fade over time, while she accessed ancient blood memories detailing their symbiotic origins. In time, she could not even bring herself to the orgies. While it was unusual, it was not something that concerned them greatly, mostly because she still attended the “normal” gatherings. Plus, feeding did not require and orgy. Their disregard was from how most were psychopaths, as she almost became. Now, she wanted it all to end …

I found myself collapsing to the floor on disconnect. My head felt like it was going to split wide open! She quickly grabbed hold me be, while the pain subsided, “I’m so sorry, Jason! I had no idea it would hurt you like that …”

“Only because you didn’t transform me!” I growled through clenched teeth. Looking at the loving face, I could see the monster she was. I wanted to hate her now! A murderer of both Humans and her own kind.


“I can’t hate you …” I said angrily.

“I’ll loath for the both of us …”

I walked into my home anxiously. Letting my sister seduce me was an almost unbelievable thought. The reality was that she was a beautiful woman, who could happily seduce anyone she wanted. That just happened to be me at the moment. What oddly eased my nerves was the fact that she wasn’t that little girl or even healthy teen I remembered. My sister was now a woman I barely knew. We were to be two consenting adults.

My sister quietly napped on the living room couch. She was wearing her teal robe and apparently nothing else. It lacked the belt, so it just hung open, revealing her alluring pussy and long legs. This was an utterly beautiful woman. It no longer mattered that she used to be that precocious teen, who was my sister. All my nervousness faded away. Now, I would just wait for her to come to me, so that I may cum in her.

I sat on the armrest, and lightly stroked her silken hair.

She slowly opened her eyes with a seductive smile. “Hey, Jason.”

“Hear anything from mom and dad, Laura?”

“They’ll be back early tomorrow morning …” She slowly licked her alluring lips, and continued deeply, “Just us.” She slowly sat up, while her lovely boob escaped her robe.

I did not hide the fact that I was hungrily looking her over, and I could tell that excited her. “Want anything, big sis?” I asked, heart racing.

She looked at me with a confirming and hungry smile, glancing at my tented pants. “You, little-big bro.”

She pulled me down to her, and we began to make out. “I couldn’t resist you anymore!” I exclaimed honestly.

“I’ve wanted to FUCK you since I got back home!” she lustfully growled.

In a perplexing motion, I found myself beneath my sister. She threw away her robe, and helped me remove my clothes. We audibly grunted on penetration. She thrust widely in our ecstasy, hungrily groping me with her lands like Lina did. Laura was feeding on me, but the ecstasy made that a nonissue.

Her body grew warm and moist, allowing her to better feed and stretch her arms completely around me, while she stretched her right leg over past my head. Her scent, I now knew came from that moistness, was glorious. Her position was shocking, but utter pleasure for us for different reasons. The orgasmic nature of it for her was blatant. The morphing and stretching was often orgasmic for her new race, while the otherwise impossible position had me in at depth and angle no Human can imagine.

Holy, fuck!” I exclaimed.

She leaned down to me effortlessly, and admitted almost maniacally, “Been through some changes, Jason!” She licked my face with an elongated tongue. “Squirt that tasty juice inside me, and than I will teach you how to really come inside me!”

Laura’s pussy began to do things no Human could. It felt as if a hand was inside her stroking me. Ironically, that’s probably exactly what was happening. Shifting my head slightly, I could see she shoved one hand through her ass. When hot and aroused, it was as shocking as it was remarkable how her species can morph themselves! The objective awe of a formed hand inside her was soon dwarfed by the massive load I blew into her.

My sister’s juices were now thick and dripping off onto me. She was at that level of heat and moisture where she could do anything with her body. I knew she had other plans.

Brushing her wet lips against my ear she whispered, “Wanna know a secret?”

“Sure …?” I answered amazed.

“I’m pretty amazed I just made my own brother cum inside my pussy, while giving him a hand job within my pussy!”

You’re amazed!?” I said, feeling wiped out. Two women fed on me tonight!

“Haven’t been Human for only a month! You’re even the first Human I’ve fed on.” Joyously, she shifted herself so we were face to face. She instinctually rubbed her thick goo into my pores to feed just that much more deeply. In time, that goo could be used dissolve me, no matter how good it felt at this moment. “Now, I teach you everything, Jason, and make you just like your big sister.”

This was it. Soon, we will both find out if Lina’s mental gift would really work. I wasn’t even sure what it was, but that might matter little soon.

Laura began to kiss me deeply, elongating her wet tongue to the back of my throat. The moment her tongue penetrated my spine through the back of my neck, my sister’s mind overwhelmed my own. Like with Lina, only understanding was fully achieved. Laura truly did want to embrace everything that wealth had to offer. She wanted to prove that happiness could be bought. While our parents were not particularly aggressive in joining the social elite, Laura was. None of us knew how desperately she wanted to join them, while she did not yet know what the Circle really was.

One memory had some clarity. It was the night she was transformed. She was invited to a cocktail party hosted by Luke’s parents. Luke said it was to be more than that, explaining that they were going to grant her provisional membership to the Circle, while she would be the one to grant membership to her family. The catch was that she could not tell anyone yet.

At first, Lina found herself disappointed in the party. Her impression was that she would be a guest of honor, but it just seemed like another cocktail party. Then, Luke invited her upstairs.

“Wasn’t I supposed becoming a member, or something?” Laura asked subtly annoyed.

“Yes and yes, Laura,” he assured. “But, the induction isn’t what you’re thinking. Are you ready to be a part of the Circle, no matter what that means?”

“Yes, of course!” An unmentioned second thought was out of how he cryptically phrased the question.

“You are sure?” he asked, observing her.

Yes … Yes, I am, Luke,” she confirmed. This was what she wanted, and assumed she was willing to deal with whatever that meant.


To her surprise, Jason began to hungrily make out with her. Fucking a guy she kinda liked to be a part of the Circle was something that didn’t bother her. She always assumed the Mercantile Circle had more eccentricities than they admitted.

They were soon naked on the bed. Jason quickly grew hot and moist and well scented, somehow enhancing the pleasure. He started to wrap around her in ways that made no physical sense, but she assumed something was slipped in her drink as part of the induction. So, she went with it, embracing the weirdness. The way his cock inexplicably moved within her warm pussy brought her close to orgasm quickly. The pleasure grew and grew, until she exploded in mind numbing orgasm.

Luke began to kiss her deeply. So deeply that she felt his tongue move to the back of her throat. It then penetrated, and connected with her spine, in her utter shock. Though that would not process in my mind, Luke’s mind connected with my sister’s. I knew he dumped everything into her still Human mind, experiencing that now for the second time!

The inhuman man then began to wrap himself around her completely for his own pleasure, melting himself around her. At his will, Luke began to pump the domineering genes of his race into her through his tongue. She soon began to transform from the inside out. Her organs melted into the rest of her, as did her bones. Almost everything within meshed together into a single, living substance, held solid by average, regular humanoid body temperature. A new circulatory system finally began to form. It resembled a Human’s, while it would also provide the multipurpose, sweat-like goo through her still extant pores.

Other parts of her were not completely melted way like her Human organs. Her brain changed, becoming capable of significant plasticity, and integrating more intimately with the rest of her. She found herself feeling and thinking little at that point, but that wasn’t for lack of nerves. Her reforming brain was rewiring itself, already decompiling the knowledge given to her. The whole of her nervous system was not only gaining plasticity, but also becoming more intricate. Other things, like tear generation, remained extant, but were also given the capability of plasticity. Her skin followed that same transformative path, becoming temporarily loose and partially melted in appearance. However, her eyes represented one of the few elements of her that were not significantly altered, albeit being tweaked to function with her transforming nervous system.

Her remade body soon solidified, visually mimicking the original. The reborn Laura soon found herself lying on the bed, her mind rebooting from the fever dream of her transformation. Everything felt new and different. Yet, the outside world looked the same, due to virtually unchanged eyes. Within, a micromanaging awareness of her body soon became clear to her. It was out of her now exceedingly intricate nervous system. She was breathing without lungs, her remade body processing it without them, as it would do with Human food. She felt what seemed like a heartbeat, but knew it really wasn’t anymore. The feel of the pulsing flow of her new circulatory system was beyond words with the veins and arteries themselves doing the pumping. She just lay in Luke’s twisted embrace after a while, not yet sure how to process or feel it all.

Luke did feel some disappointment, lightly releasing her onto the bed. He wanted Laura to be his mate, she knew, but she gave no indication she wanted the same. It was unsurprising. It was a big change he just put her through, and he knew from touching her mind that she is far from ready to settle down.

Casually, Luke’s sexy, redheaded sister walked into the room. “Hey, how’s the new member coming along, Lukie?”

He smiled largely. “Coming along nicely, Jen! Transformed, but still overwhelmed.”

“How cute!” she exclaimed, looking toward the slightly squirming Laura. “Perhaps a woman’s touch will help her along?”

Sure! Gotta make some rounds anyway!” The rather shallow Jason was already over his minor disappointment. If his race was civil about anything, it was in how both parties must agree on becoming life mates. He quickly got dressed, and left.

“How do you feel, Laura?” she asked, sitting next to her on the bed.

“No words …” she muttered, her implausibly unchanged voice coming from something that merely resembled vocal cords.

“I was born to this, so I always find it interesting when a Human is transformed into one of us. You obviously know everything Jason does, but knowing is very different from doing for us.”

“OK …” Laura slowly sat up.

“We need to get ourselves hot and bothered!”

She began to lustfully make out with Laura, who was amazed at being so aroused by a women. She was very much straight as a Human, but knew that mattered little now. They both became warm and moist soon enough. Jessica grasped her guest’s hand, and said, “The hotter you get, the further you can go!”

At Jessica’s will, their arms stretched outward, inflicting great pleasure in them at once. The pleasure made them even hotter and wetter. Laura grasped Jessica’s free hand, and stretched their arms around their dripping bodies.

“Holy fuck, I love this!” Laura exclaimed orgasmically.

Their bodies were all but boiling from their erotic heat, making them fully malleable. They then kissed deeply, so deeply that their tongues explored the depths of their bodies, ultimately licking their dripping pussies from the inside out. Moaning and cooing wildly, they melted into each other. All but their minds became one, not mating with or transforming the other! The double sized body soon resembled elements of both women: Jessica’s red hair, Laura’s head and boobs, an eye from each, and Jessica’s legs and feet.

In a state of utter bliss, Jessica moved them in the shared body out to the main room. Joyous members of the Circle stood waiting for them, for Laura. Always having a flair for the dramatic, my sister decided to pull herself out of the shared body through the crotch. All the apparent physical features melted away, while the crotch grew exponentially. One arm at a time, Laura pulled herself out, both woman embracing the pleasure. Soon the slimy, fully reformed Laura pulled herself out completely, as the equally as slimy Jessica reformed her body. Breathless and joyous, the room applauded their new member standing before them …

I suddenly fell to the floor with a head about to split open from pain. It slowly subsided, and I saw my beautiful, naked sister sitting before me. She was back into her “normal” shape, and her moisture was already dissipating.

“Laura?” I breathed.

“Your Lina is far more interesting than I ever knew,” she said oddly. “Well, neither of us have been to the recent orgies … for our own reasons …”

“Are you OK?”

“I dunno …” she said ponderously. “When I touched you mind, I saw everything, including what Lina put there. It was a package of how you feel as a Human, how you feel about me, and how Lina came to feel as she does.”

I sat there not knowing what to expect. I was so damn weak at that point that I considered just sleeping where I was for the night, regardless of my sister.

“You know, I still wanna fuck your brains out, Jason! I kinda love what I became. But … Lina is right. We should be symbiotic. As a Human, I was many things, but I was no parasite. No matter how much I could come to enjoy it, all that feasting was bound to catch up to us. Lina was inevitable. You can only pay so many cops before someone even notices that.” She deeply sighed into nonexistent lungs. “I was so blinded by pleasure and power. Fucking you was wonderful, but wanting to transform you and our parents to be pleasure loving parasites was too far. Fuck the Circle!”

Laura shifted over to me, and gave me a tight hug. She pecked me on the cheek, and quietly said, “I’m sorry, Jason …”

Lina sat against a tree, hearing the dark screams of her people from the mansion below, regretting she wasn’t with them as punishment for the betrayal. The Hunters were winning. How could they not? Lina’s kind was physically vulnerable during sex and feeding, due to all the wild stretching and contorting. A seasoned Hunter would learn that long before the ultimate fight, and was unlikely to be intimidated by anything that looked inhuman.

The horrid sounds soon subsided, and all she could do was cry. No matter how fucked up they were, they were her family. What did that make her? … A dark figure flying up to her soon caught her eye. The blue eyed shadow landed next to her, and formed into a beautiful, naked woman. Her red hair and light skin were incredibly alluring, as were her now green eyes.

Ah, a Hunter that happens to be … whatever they hell you are …” Lina stated sarcastically.

“I am Jessica, a Wraith of Lust that feels too much. I’m here to asses you.”

Feeling is precisely what I don’t want to do right now …” Lina stated, wiping the tears away. She didn’t bother to stand.

Jessica sat next to her. “It’s a gray world, Lina. Not every inhuman being is a monster. It comes down to the individual, and how they affect others. You saved your lover and his family. His powerful sister may never hurt anything now! Yet, you caused the deaths of both Humans and your own kind …”

Lina sighed deeply, tears starting to again flow, as her nose ran. “I wanted to be down there with them when you came, to die with them. I was a monster, but don’t want to be one anymore. We evolved to be symbiotic, but the worst of us …” Lina was speaking her mind, and didn’t care if it flowed in any logical way. “If you choose to kill me, I’ll thank you. I won’t kill anyone, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t. I’ll die in the knowledge that I saved my love and his family …”

Jessica gave Lina a long hard look, and finally stated, “Don’t make me regret this.”

She kissed Lina lovingly, and flew back down …

Laura and I were quietly having breakfast together. Our parents were in the living room, and were only home for the past few hours. They liked to eat breakfast there before switching on the news.

We kept smiling at each other, holding back odd chuckles. It felt like the morning after sex, because, well, it was! At the same time, we were certainly siblings. Laura was no longer Human, but she was still my sister. Lina, wherever the hell she was, is the love of my life, but my sister and I did have quite the wild night. In all her love, Lina ensured my sister and I had a happy ending, pun intended or no.

“So, you wanna fuck again sometime, Jason?” she asked curiously, quietly. OK, she was a much more sexual being than she used to be.

“We’ll leave that up to Lina,” I quietly laughed. After all that happened, I was honestly not opposed to having sex with my sister again.

She smiled like the teasing sister I always knew. “I think a threesome would be too much for you!”

My sister was right, no matter how lightly she said it. Even one of her kind was a lot to handle. Separately, two in one night was almost too much, while at the same time would be very dangerous for me. More would certainly be fatal! “I never said at the same time, you bendy perv!”

“Holy shit!” My father exclaimed in the other room. We all walked into the living room. Instead of the usual news on the stock market and idiot politicians, the news was all about a fire killing nearly every member of the influential Mercantile Circle. The only possible survivor, while not confirmed, was Lina Valdez, who was not seen attending the gathering.

Jessica and I looked at each other knowing what happened. We both wondered where Lina was, because we both knew how much she wanted to join them at the end. My sister and I were unknowingly in that post-sex afterglow, but the news brought us out of it. She looked genuinely scared. I think she saw Lina as both a guide and a sister now. My phone buzzed with a text: “I’m outside.” I quickly made my way to the front porch, my sister silently following.

Lina!?” I called. She kept an odd distance from me.

“Almost joined them before the Hunters came, but instead watched it all. Their screams will give me nightmares … A very interesting Hunter chose to let me live. All my punishment, I suppose …”

“And you want me to reject you now, Lina?”

With tears, she subtly nodded.

“I won’t.” I embraced her tightly. My motion was too quick and sudden for her to back away. Laura joined us, pecking her with thankful kisses. “Instead, the Human you love and his sister will be there for you. You saved us, so we’ll give you the forgiveness you don’t deserve. You must never kill again, Lina.”

“I never will …”

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