Blog Flash Friday!

This friday will finally have the next Blog Flash! This one is called Sensations. Its structured a bit differently from most of my work. Synopsis: A researcher comes across an ancient amulet. Tags: Mind Control, Transformation   In other news, things should start picking up here again. There should be some Archive reviews this week. I... Continue Reading →

Roleplaying in the Amazon!

Rolplaying is now also available at Amazon for their Kindle! As it is on Smashwords, this Unbound Story is free. Having worked out smoothly, the following stories will appear on Amazon in the near future: The Demoniac Method (An Unbound Story) The Darkness Inside (An Unbound Story) The Tome of Passions (Individual Books I-VII) The Tome of Passions: An Anthology of Weird Erotica* *Includes... Continue Reading →

Amazon distribution

In the near future, I'll be putting the Unbound Stories (aka Blog Unbound at Smashwords) on Amazon, and then move on to the Tome of Passions. After some thought, Blog Flash Compendia will remain exclusive to Smashwords. Regardless, all free titles will ultimately continue as such; however, Amazon adds a level of red tape to that, not being... Continue Reading →

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