Blog Flash: Whispering in Her Ear

Disclaimer: This fictional quickie is for adults only (18+). It contains explicit sexual themes that, while within the realm of safe possibility, should always be consensual. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Whispering in Her Ear

The whole night I was mesmerized by her stockinged legs and feet. Their nearly inaudible swoosh, their subtle glimmer, diverted almost too much blood to my lower half. She was not necessarily the most beautiful woman I’ve dated, but she had been the first to wear stockings on the first date.

I drove her back to her apartment building, and walked with her to the door. I was sure a half decent kiss was coming to me. Instead, something came over me. A comedic line flashed out of my memory, and overwhelmed my judgement.

I whispered into her ear, “How ‘bout you jerk me off with those stockinged feet, and eat my cum off them, while I lick your pussy?”

She looked at me not in shock, but in amazement. “Wanna come upstairs?” she asked with a curious smile.

I nodded, and the nest thing I knew we were sitting on her couch sipping wine. “Look, I don’t know what came over me downstairs. We don’t have to do anything tonight,” I said awkwardly.

“Shh,” she proclaimed, while slipping out of her medium heals. She sexily repositioned herself on the couch, and too my utter amazement and joy, she began to rub my stiffening crotch through my pants with her stockinged foot. “You asked me to give you a foot job. The answer is yes, as long as you lick my pussy in return.”

I almost came right through my pants, but I kept my composure. Maybe, this was a dream … “I can’t believe this is happening!”

She laughed, while undoing my zipper. “This better not be a dream! I might wanna do this again.”

“Have you done this before?” I asked breathlessly.

She fell to her back, and happily began to rub my throbbing member with her stockinged soles. “No! I kinda like trying new things. I guess you picked that up over dinner. I don’t usually admit this on the first date, but since you admitted a lot yourself — I’m kinda addicted to sex … Gotta admit, I’m liking the feel of your dick between my arches. Next time, how ‘bout skin on skin?”

I nodded, breathing deep. “Yeah, nice and slow … Make this last, baby …”

She smiled playfully. Up and down her silken feet went. She was savant. Though, I can’t say I had too many girlfriends this, well, curious! The more she stroked, the more lost my mind became. At the same time, I felt up and down her silken, blackened legs. Right when I thought I hit some kind of stride that could last almost an eternity, I saw her lustful expression, open mouthed and sultry eyed, while intently watching her work. And then, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded in a wet mother load all over her silk lined feet.

“Wow! You really love this,” she proclaimed in happy amazement. She pulled back her skirt, revealing her tiny black panties, and stated, “Well?”

While I crawled over with a stupid grin, she flexibly brought her feet to her mouth, and hungrily ate my plentiful gift. “UMMM, wow! I’ve tasted cum before, but never off this plate!” she happily exclaimed before continuing with her meal.

Pulling her panties to the side, I found my own meal. Her well kept snatch was a comfortably humid, as it was delicious. I nibbled, I swirled my tongue, while she moaned in confirmation. It had been far too long since I ate a woman out, but I had easily found a stride with her.

“Oh, fuck, just like that … You better eat my cum, too!” she cooed.

I licked and sucked harder at that. I was nervous she might not like the change in method, but she still moaned and cooed happily. Plus, she held my head in position with her spit soaked, stocking feet!

“Oh, God, you gonna make me’cum! … ERROOO FUCK MEEEE!” she screamed in orgasm. I happily sucked up every drop of her escaped juices. It was the true start of an unexpected, very interesting life long relationship …

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