Blog Flash: Monogamous

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This is a fan fiction of the fantasy-noir Lost Girl, which is owned and produced by Prodigy Pictures and Shaw Media. No personal profit or infringement intended. It is primarily based off current plot threads, and just about every ad poster for the show. Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Monogamous

Bo deservingly lay on the couch within her quiet, run down home. She wore her usual black attire: shirt, leather pants, socks etc. Her tight attire, as always, showed off her slim yet athletic physique, only amplified by her dark eyes, porcelain skin, and pitch black hair. A second glass of red wine was cradled by her hands over her chest. She had no intention of frying brain cells that night, and just wanted, needed to quietly unwind.

Her close friend Kenzi was away for the night to see Hale, who wasn’t Human like her (though he looked it). They were closer than either could yet admit openly. Though she was not solitary by nature, Bo enjoyed embracing her solitary moments, when she had them. Such personal contradictions never bothered her, while they conveniently confused others, who didn’t know more than the fact that she was a Succubus.

Bo probably saved the whole world though her exploits, but that was never what she thought about in her quiet moments. More than anything, she thought about the “break” she was having with the very Human medical scientist Lauren. It felt like an eternity since Lauren admitted she needed to reset herself somehow. Bo was more than aware that she was too much for her sexually, and was not necessarily surprised that Lauren needed to rethink that fact. A fact Lauren once tolerated so much that they agreed Bo could feed on others when necessary. However, Bo’s weakness always lay in the emotions of love.

Bo’s thoughts easily progressed to her other past love Dyson, who could handle her sexual needs a bit better, because he was a Lycanthrope or wolf. He loved her so much that he sacrificed his love for her and everything else so that she could survive her unbalanced mother. He gained it back thanks to Kenzi, while Bo was not aware of that until long after she and Lauren became lovers.

Though the thought of loving them both at once would cross her mind, Bo forced herself to be monogamous. It all came from an obsessive need to be herself, even if that meant resisting the well known needs of any Succubus. Plus, Lauren and Dyson were far from friends, and Bo was perhaps the only reason the two ever talked without clawing at each other out of jealousy via Bo.

Bo let out a long sigh, and placed the half drunk glass on the table next to her. She closed her eyes …

The slim blonde Lauren and the strongly gruff Dyson were finishing up their shots of whiskey at the local Dal Riata Pub where all other humanoids — “Fae” — could walk freely regardless of outlook. Lauren could be there, because she was officially Dyson’s guest. She worked for a local Fae leader until her disastrous sabbatical.

The two became on and off drinking buddies the day Lauren began her “break” from Bo, who was not yet fully aware of this. Dyson was too good at heart not to help Lauren in that weak moment, and along with alcoholic help, they finally broke down whatever weakly created animosity they had between them. That’s not to mention she essentially saved his live recently! Indeed, the second night of their drinking led to them making out in an effort to “recreate” Bo’s mind numbing kiss back at Lauren’s apartment. They failed horribly, of course, but it was the best kiss either had not counting Bo’s. They were too drunk to remember their “failed” kiss, while they agreed not to drink as much again the next day, wondering why they were both in her apartment …

“Your tabs are getting a bit high these days,” the short statured Trick, a Light Fae Elder, bartender, Dal owner, and more, asked worriedly, while picking up their empty glasses. “You two don’t want any more, do you?”

“No,” Lauren answered with an odd smile. “We’re done for the night, Trick,” Dyson continued slyly. He continued coyly, “You need the cash to pay for all that work you did on this place, right?”

Trick looked at the two curiously. They really hated each other for too long. He was glad the animosity seemed gone, his granddaughter Bo loving them both, but … “What are you two doing?” he asked them.

“We’ll see, Trick” Dyson answered, looking over to Lauren with an equally as curious smile.

Bo was in that dark, transitional place before the often overwhelming world of dreams faded into its false existence, before she heard a nock at the door. Groggily, grumpily, she walked over. Her jaw dropped seeing who was at her doorstep!

“Lauren, Dyson? … Am I dreaming?” she asked breathlessly, awkwardly. She was admittedly hungry in her very special way. This would not be the first time she had a lucid, hungry wet dream with one or both of them …

“What do you think, Bo?” Lauren slurred subtly, before her and Dyson started to make out with her tag team style. She could taste and smell the alcohol on them, while they were not all that drunk. Indeed, Dyson merely seemed tipsy!

Bo soon found herself back on her couch with them, before she pushed the two away, in spite of herself. “You know I’m monogamous! What’s going on, guys?” she asked through her breathless hunger.

Dyson and Lauren looked at each other almost deviously, and answered in quick succession.

Dyson: “I’ve reminded you before your kind isn’t exactly monogamous!”

Lauren: “You can’t tell me you never wanted me with you every time you had another, when we were together!”

Their hands and lips were all over the amazed, hungry, sandwiched Succubus. Assuming it must all be a dream, she let herself become lost within it. Bo then returned their affections, flashing her eyes powerful blue on impulse from the excitement. The other two noticed, and smiled happily at each other, before they forcibly worked to strip Bo naked.

Bo’s shirt ripped off, while she playfully wiggled away. Happily standing before them in a single black sock, her bra was half off with her rock-solid tummy showing beneath, while her tight pants were fully unzipped. With a deeply seductive smile, she impulsively flashed her eyes blue, and beckoned with her index finger.

Bo then scurried up to her large bed excitedly. She lay down, and breathed almost erratically from what was probably about to happen. Seconds later, her two lovers walked into the room. Bo smiled largely, seeing their minds go numb at the sight of the ready Succubus. They quickly stripped, and crawled onto the bed. At the bottom, Dyson worshiped her silken feet, after slowly removing her pants and last sock. At the top, Lauren pulled off Bo’s bra, and wildly groped and sucked her perfect breasts. Well, Bo’s body tended to become another’s perfection for obvious reasons!

The over excited Succubus then pushed Lauren to her back, and hungrily ground her soaked pussy. Dyson kissed his way up the toned legs and back of his image of perfection. They soon began to make out from behind, while she sucked out a large swath of Sexual Energy from the wolf she loved. Liking to play fair sometimes, Bo then made out with the wanting Lauren. Bo only took a small sip from the Human she loved equally, but its pleasurable affect was equal.

Feeling his solid cock on Bo’s tight ass, Dyson impulsively shoved it up her tight asshole. It was a gamble on his part, never having done that with her before, but he doubted there was much Bo didn’t like of sex.

Dyson moaned and grunted like the wild wolf they knew he was, while Bo looked behind to him in happy amazement. “Oh, SHIT! Why didn’t we do that before!” Bo cooed, happily being fucked up the ass for the first time in her life. They quickly found a perfect stride with their grinding and humping. The passions grew and grew, while Bo’s eyes stayed blue throughout it all. Her breathing was deep and passionate. They all soon screamed in glorious orgasm, with Bo absorbing every ounce of their excreted passions.

Bo flipped to her back, before Lauren and Dyson happily made out with her at the same time. She drank a final swath of Energy from them at once. Tiredly, they cuddled up on each side of her, and let themselves pass out. Looking at them both with a pleased and loving smile, Bo closed her eyes …

The sisterly Kenzi happily walked into hers and Bo’s house. The baby blue eyed brunette was attractive in her own right, but she was a Human standing next to a Succubus. Still, she often liked being invisible standing next to Bo. Her chameleon tendencies were most apparent through her almost comically vast array of wigs. She quickly noticed Bo’s torn shirt next to the couch, and smirked. “Oh, Bobo, hope it wasn’t too rough!”

Kenzi began to make her way to Bo’s room, bat in hand, partly to see if Bo’s night was more steamy than of defensive. Assuming it was the former, she knew better, if only because Bo sometimes became a little grumpy if Kenzi bothered her while she was with someone. Still, Kenzi was the little sister Bo never had, and as such, Kenzi liked to both aid and playfully tease.

While she was walking up, thoughts of the times she first saw Dyson and later Lauren in the bathroom after they spent a night with Bo crossed her mind. Not sure why, it didn’t bother her then. It should have, though. Kenzi’s jaw dropped, as did the bat, to the unexpected sight of a sandwiched Bo in the bed …

Bo opened her eyes to see the returned Kenzi. “Hey, Kenz! How’s Hale?”

“Bo …?”

Bo looked to her sides to see the naked Lauren and Dyson slowly awaking. “It wasn’t a dream …” Bo said quietly to herself.

“Oh, hi, Kenzi,” Lauren said with a happy smile. “Toothpaste still in that footlocker?” Dyson asked almost casually with the same smile as Lauren.

“You OK, Kenzi?” Bo asked, knowing it was exactly what it looked like.

Kenzi closed the door behind her in mindless shock, and walked down to the downstairs couch. Her feeling was similar to the one she had when she accidentally caught her parents having sex more than a decade ago. She eventually said to herself, “Yeah, saw that coming …”

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  1. As an American I don’t come across many people who have ever even heard of “Lost Girl”, so I am glad to say I was not disappointed by this story!

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