Blog Flash: Clouded Future

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This Blog Flash is Pt3 of my fan fiction trilogy involving Sarah Kerrigan the Queen of Blades and other themes from the StarCraft Series, which are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. No personal profit or infringement intended.  I should again mention that I have no material knowledge of the plot of Legacy of the Void (StarCraft II Pt3), where this is logically set. I am merely bouncing off plot threads continued in Pt2 Heart of the Swarm. So *spoilers*!  Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Clouded Future


“That’s what you called me down here for, Stetmann!” Jim exclaimed frustratedly.

“Well, yeah …” he barely stated in his nasally tones. The brilliant yet awkward scientist was very much intimidated by Jim, who he conversely greatly admired. Regardless, he always used science as a way of pushing himself forward. “I, I know it’s an odd request to ask for a sample, but Sarah Kerrigan’s DNA structure must be unlike anything we’ve ever seen. She can alter her appearance! We already know her psionic abilities may make her a match for the ones that created or recreated the Zerg and Protoss as we know them. She’s also already recreated Zerg yet again!” His scientific arousal was perhaps as off the scale as Sarah’s psionic abilities.

“Calm down, Stetmann!” he requested, rather amused by his excitement. Regardless, his secretly revived relationship with Sarah, known only to a few others, was strange, and he was not sure about its implications. Both Jim and Sarah were very much aware that their relationship is frustratingly far from normal. He sighed, and said, “You already have a sample of her saliva from me you got from that physical you tricked me into. And, let me be the first to tell yah, doc: it made her a little upset at the both of us!” They met the day before. He was expecting yet more sex, until he saw she was in her true, more intimidatingly alien form. They both knew he needed more time to recover from their last encounter. He was not as young as he used to be, while she was now all but an eternal goddess. “As you already know, Stetmann, you don’t wanna to see her more than just upset these days! Anyway, you should just ask her yourself. She just might say yes.” The suggestion was for both their sakes. For as long as Jim knew her, Sarah always hated it when people talked behind her back, and that dislike was far stronger than ever.

“I, uhh … I dunno …” he barely said looking down to the metal grating. He was like a teen with a bad crush on his English teacher. Much of that at least stemmed from his inimitable scientific curiosity.

Jim friendlily put his hand on the awkward man’s shoulder, and requested, “Take a cold shower, Stetmann. I’ll see yah tomorrow …”


“The answer is no,” Sarah stated the moment Jim walked into her specially made Terran Compound on Char. Her voice echoed in his head, albeit far less than it could. Obviously expecting him, she was in her far more appealing “compromise form”: very light green facial skin tone, smoothed purplish body skin, glowing veins all but covered, etc. Her tentacle-like hair and large bone wings were things she apparently could not part with for even a moment. When she used her psionic abilities to their fullest in battle, her face often had a light purple tone that he liked better, but she rightly thought the light green wouldn’t be a problem, anyway.

“What?” he asked confused, uncomfortably. Though he could only love her — he had his drunken flip out session about her fully reclaiming mastery over the Zerg Swarm months ago — he still felt discomfort around her at times. Indeed, he was the one that dethroned her forcibly, and after she became the evolved Queen of Blades, she gave him that power again willingly in that emotionally devastating moment within that destroyed prison.

“Tell Stetmann he has to find other samples,” she said almost cynically, while the large yet perfectly proportioned Sarah walked over to him. She put her long clawed hands and arms around him, and continued, “I don’t even let my Stetmann wrap his claws around me. He wants to taste my DNA even more!” Sarah embraced him tightly with her full lips. Her slimy spit ironically enhancing the eroticism of her motions like before. “He’s always welcome to say hello, Jim,” she said with a sly smile.

“I dunno … I think he’s afraid you’d be too much for him!” he stated through her thick spit permeating his mouth. There was nothing of the Zerg Virus in the juices, even though Sarah was obviously Zerg now, albeit one powerful enough to possibly rip apart worlds! The compounds in the juices were not more toxic than old fashioned aspirin.

“I’m too much for you, Jim!” Sarah quickly brought Jim to the other side of the room. Well, she all but carried him to the large bed!

Practically thrown onto his back, Jim witnessed a second set of clothes turned to shreds. Sarah soon mounted him, and began to hump wildly on her knees. Her large, firm breasts would have moved in time if she didn’t grope them so excitedly, while she rolled her eyes back into her head and sharply arched her back from the clear ecstasy. Her pussy made him shudder from its perfectly timed vibrations and heat waves. At the same time, the thick juices his cock was absorbing, along with the slimy spit he was already digesting, were slowing down his passion building so he would not explode into her too soon. She obviously refined it since the first time a couple days ago, because he definitely came prematurely during the start of their first escapade.

Jim began to drool from the seemingly endless ecstasy. It was becoming too much for him, while his mind just wasn’t working well enough in that moment to process that. He moaned and grunted, while she screamed wildly with her loud psionic echo. They were finding themselves in a kind of epic bliss only they knew existed. Sarah then screamed loudly in orgasm, burning out the lights in the room, while likely making the whole Zerg Swarm shudder in a way they did not know how to handle. Jim exploded into her a split second later in his own mind numbing, mother load of a climax.

After a moment of reveling in the pleasure, she realized how spent Jim was beneath her. She leaned down toward him, and asked with a touch of worry, “Are you OK, Jim?”

His breathing was fast and deep. “Yeah, darlin’ … Ain’t, ain’t nothin‘ to it …”

She kissed him tenderly, and said, “Sorry, I know I pushed you too hard, Jim. It’s a nasty habit from my job …”


Jim woke up from a deep, dreamless sleep. Sarah’s room was dark, but at the end of the bed, he could make out her distinctive outline, which struck fear into billions, including him once. It almost looked like she was trying to sob, but seemed unable to do so. She caught up with herself on far too many sleepless nights.

It was upon the insistence of the wizened Protoss Zeratul that he brought her back to humanity, thereby freeing her to do as she wished again. While the Swarm was always her destiny, her will is now forever her own, ensuring that the Zerg could never again be tools of destruction. Yet, her destructive past under lost influences, and a Terran life she once yearned for, weighed far too heavily on her soul. He crawled over to her, and placed his hand on her shoulder. “Sarah?”

“I can’t see anything past the dark thing we are destined to meet …” her voice quietly echoed in his head. “You wanna know why I’m helping all of you, forcing the very nature of the Zerg to change to serve this alliance. I want to stand and face the consequences of all the destruction I have caused, almost as much as I want you — I couldn’t renounce love forever, but there’s always something preventing judgement. It doesn’t matter anyway; I am irredeemable …”

“Sarah, you’re not making any sense.”

“I am … All I can hope for is a quiet walk into the void after you and that dark thing are long gone. Helping you ensures at least that hope … I don’t care that I am a monster in the eyes of billions; that was my choice the second time, fueled by utter rage from the path that tyrant Mengsk threw me on. It was what I had to do, but I still need you to keep that gun to my head, to pull the trigger when you finally loose your faith in me … Now that Mengsk is long dead by my hand and you’re perfectly alive, my rage is now fueled by utter self loathing …” Her face shook in her hands.

“Well, maybe I could ask Tosh to help us out on that!” he awkwardly joked, poorly using a smart yet highly independent minded assassin as a punch line.

Sarah quickly turned her head, and with great psionic fire in her eyes and voice, she growled through clenched teeth, “Don’t joke about that!”

The scream in his head actually hurt, while his spine tingled. “I’m sorry …” he whispered. Her sense of humor was not what it once was, regardless of how bad his joke was.

“I am so fucking tired of the rage …” Her psionic fire slowly faded, before she slowly curled up around him protectively with her arms and legs. Her bone wing completed the makeshift protective cocoon. Jim would have been uncomfortable with the visual if he didn’t feel a great trust toward her. She kissed his cheek, and quietly said, “The only thing I will have left in the void will be the memory of you …”

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