Blog Flash: About the Night Before

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: About the Night Before


My beautiful wife went to see her uncle the night before. They had not seen each other since she was a small child, and had almost completely forgotten about him. I didn’t go with her for reasons I didn’t understand. It did not bother me that much (it can be hard to like the spouses family), so I let her go without much concern. Still to my frustration, she was completely unwilling to tell me about the surprise meeting since she came back tonight.

The room was lit only by the light of my tablet computer. I was lying in bed skimming the internet on my tablet, when my beautiful brunette with painted blue eyes walked into the room in her black lace nightgown.

“Oh, hey!” I greeted breathlessly. I always patted myself on the back for wooing a model, and she always was amused by that!

“Hey,” she greeted back with a deep tone I never heard for her before. She crawled onto the bed next to me, and took away the tablet, darkening the room

She began to grope and kiss me in ways more hungry than I ever knew. “Hey, wait,” I breathed, pushing the woman in heat back. “You still haven’t told me about that uncle!”

On top of me she answered grumbly, “He’s a rich, suck up old man, who wanted to reach out to his only family … Now, when are you more interested in men?”

She resumed her hungry gropings and kissings, removing my clothes. This was somewhat unusual sexual behavior from her, and that was why I was able to resist at first. However, that resistance was a distant memory once she was humping my solid cock naked on top of me. She humped me in such a hungry way that I almost didn’t recognize her!

We kissed wildly, wetly, while I groped her from head to wrinkly, soft soles, before she solely concentrated on my neck. I can’t say I didn’t like new behavior at first. Her soft lips and wet tongue were welcome anywhere on my body. It was when she started to playfully nibble that I started to not like it as much. Still, I went with the kinkiness, as she has in the past with me.

Suddenly, she bit my neck so hard that I automatically pushed her away. I felt my neck in shock to see it was bleeding. “What the fuck’s gotten into you!” I exclaimed breathlessly.

She took my hand with a hungry look in her eyes and open mouth. “You wanted to know about the night before …” She hungrily, sexily sucked my blood off my fingers, and continued, “My uncle accepted me into the family, as I will do to you!” In the moonlight within the room, I saw fangs descend in her mouth, before she plunged her pleasure filled pincers into my already bleeding neck …

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