Blog Flash: Laura’s Ass

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Blog Flash: Laura’s Ass


By eighteen, Laura was well aware that there was something different about her ass. Yes, it was a tight teen ass of a sexy beach blonde, but it was more than that. Even though she was a downright sexily slim woman, her ass was always the focus. Her doctor was one of the few that didn’t just talk about her ass! It originally did frustrate her all the back to middle school, but she was somehow starting to understand it herself.

Just a week before, she kissed her boyfriend goodnight, well, it was more like a wet make out session with him groping her ass at her front door! Looking at herself in her tall mirror, she finally decided she had enough, and wanted to see for herself why her ass was so special. She pulled off her pants, and examined her ass through the mirror. She smirked, and muttered, “It is a great ass …” Laura has seen more than a few at the beach! In that moment, she realized how asses stuck in her memory more than anything else, especially women’s asses.

She started to lightly feel her ass cheeks, before straight up groping them. “OK, that does feel good, but I knew that!” she said to herself. The more she groped her cheeks, the more excited she became toward it. She already had groped her ass more than she let anyone before, and began to wonder why she never let it go that far before!

Suddenly, Laura began to feel a warmth in her crotch, but surprisingly she felt a greater warmth in her asshole. Without thinking, she began to rub the little hole. She moaned and shuddered at how good it felt. She had masturbated before, to her disappointment, but rubbing her asshole somehow felt better! Laura couldn’t believe it!

She fell to her knees on her carpeted floor, and supporting herself with one hand, she began to wildly rub and finger her asshole. Laura grunted and cooed like a wild animal. She never knew a greater ecstasy before. Her ass was the key, yes, it was always the key! In her intense pleasure, she didn’t even realize that it was excreting juices not unlike her pussy would. At the moment she hit the plateau of her true ecstasy, her mind rewired itself to her ass and other’s. All that was the most sexual of her was there, and it was glorious! She soon came so loudly in orgasm that she strained her voice …

Laura was lightly feeling and admiring her glorious ass, while casually lying naked on her floor, when her mother Jen walked into the room. Jen was a still attractive, thirty-eight year old brunette. She was wearing an almost form fitting, blue dress. The bottom end barely past her still perfect ass. Laura would have wanted to fuck that ass if it weren’t her mother’s!

“Mom!” Laura exclaimed, sitting up. She was not as embarrassed as she thought she should be.

Jen sat on the floor before her, and smiled. “Just about when I found out, too, Laura!”

“What?” she asked out of breath.

“Most of the women on my side of the family are a little … different. Most of us are bisexual, but most importantly, we also have very special asses. As you finally figured out, I’m guessing, our asses are our true pleasure centers. But even more remarkable is how our asses affect others. I know you’ve noticed. Whoever fucks that ass first will be yours forever. I don’t really understand it, but you know how your dad and me were high school sweethearts. After I found out everything, well, the rest is obvious. He had to fuck my vagina, sadly, when we decided to have you.” She laughed oddly. “Our asses can still mesmerize others long after that, though! Hell, you know how your cousin Jessica and her husband are swingers!”

Laura should have been in total shock. Yet, she wasn’t. After, she thought long and hard if she wanted to loose her virginity to her boyfriend, more than she ever had before. The encounter would inevitably lead to her ass, and they would become inseparable.

So, she decided to spend that Saturday with only him, in the hopes of finding out if she was ready. It ended up being a one long ass tease, though. She could not help it, regardless, her mind now so geared in that way. She wore a tight pink T-shirt, matching pink flip flops, and tight jean shorts so small they didn’t fully cover her ass.

Her mother let her borrow her thong swim suit for the beach. Her boyfriend was forcibly rubbing suntan lotion and his drool all over her ass under the hot sun soon after. “ERRROOO … Come on up here, I gotta talk to you.”

He did so, even though it must have been mentally painful. “What is it?” he asked, looking beyond arousal.

“Do you love me?”

“I … I do … love you …” he barely said truthfully.

“I’m ready,” she said, with and aroused smile.

He looked beyond excitement …


They were soon making out like crazy, while Laura’s boyfriend’s hands were practically glued to her ass. Their clothes fell away in the excitement long before they reached her bed. To her surprise, he penetrated her warm pussy. It didn’t feel bad not long after he popped her cherry, luckily, but she knew it would always be hard for her to cum that way. Still, they both knew what hole they wanted penetrated the most, but he caved to social norms, albeit barely with his finger finding its way to her asshole.

“I, oooh, I love your finger in my ass!” she exclaimed.

“Yeah?” he asked while he started to hump harder. “I love your ass!”

“OOO, OOO, two fingers!” she cooed, feeling a little awkward on her back (she did always sleep on her side or stomach). “Woah, woo, do you wanna know what, err, I really want you do?”


“I want you to fuck my virgin ass! OOOO … Can you do that for me?”

“Yes … YES!” he exclaimed.

She then went to all fours before him, and he quickly repositioned himself. Laura quickly realized how natural the position was, while feeling exceedingly excited. Indeed, her ass was already dripping. “Is that normal?” he asked confused at the site of her ass juices. She answered, “For me … I’ll explain everything once you fuck my ass!”

He then rammed his throbbing cock into her moist ass. Laura began to moan and coo like a wild animal, while he unabashedly humped her true hole. “Oh, YEAH!” she growled. “FUCK my ASSSSSS!” Laura found herself in an even greater ecstasy then when she fucked her own as earlier. This was it. This was the best way for her pleasure, as it was now for her boyfriend, thanks to her. When they came together in glorious orgasm, they knew they’d be together forever …

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