Blog Flash: A Walk at Dusk

I prepared myself for my walk at dusk, as I often do,
It was a clear day with few clouds, as it was now,
Though temperature would not be frigid, I still grabbed my trench coat,
The walk, as always, brought me to the scenic places of my town,
The leaves were just turning on this early autumn day,
Soon, the world will look bare and dead,
Humans will feel that same need to sleep through the season
Like their animal and plant brethren,
Ahead I saw a young couple quietly sitting on a park bench,
They were holding each other close,
Their eyes closed,
Their lips met
As quietly as it was lovingly,
I silently stood before them for a long time
Before they realized I was their witness,
They looked at me, a slim yet full chested woman, in confusion,
They could not see my face, for it was shadowed
By a long brimmed hat,
I undid the loosely tied belt of my long coat,
And placed each hand each side,
In a flash, I pulled my coat open
For them to see the beauty of my naked form,
Their eyes went wide, and their jaws dropped,
I felt utter joy!

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