Blog Flash: Sealing the Alliance

Disclaimer: This fictional story is meant for adults only: 18+. It contains highly sexual themes, many of which may not even be possible. For adults, enjoy!

Author’s Note: This Blog Flash is Pt2 of my fan fiction trilogy involving Sarah Kerrigan the Queen of Blades and other themes from the StarCraft Series, which are owned by Blizzard Entertainment. No personal profit or infringement intended.  I should again mention that I have no material knowledge of the plot of Legacy of the Void (StarCraft II Pt3), where this is logically set. I am merely bouncing off plot threads continued in Pt2 Heart of the Swarm. So *spoilers*!  Enjoy!

Blog Flash: Sealing the Alliance

Surely, you can’t be serious about this, Jim!” the almost too young ship’s captain exclaimed in the science lab.

“I am serious, Matt,” he said quietly.

“Look, I know how you feel about her, but this can’t be necessary. She enacted her vengeance, which was to our benefit and Zeratul’s! The Queen of Bl …”

“Sarah,” Jim corrected.

Sarah has pledged her allegiance to us and Zaratul to help save us all from the darkness out there.” Matt actually was quite conflicted over working with Sarah Kerrigan, who for all intents and purposes is the greatly feared Zerg Swarm. However, she was powerful enough to have destroyed them months ago, and consistently proves herself by working with them instead.

“You don’t know her like I do, Matt. The old Queen of Blades is long dead, and she’s much more like the old Sarah now, in spite of being more Zerg than she was before …” She was a closet nymphomaniac, to use a blunt understatement. “I just need to remind her of that.”

“I don’t know … semen may not affect her as much as we might think. She is far more powerful now than she ever was … Besides, it was only a freak accident that we ever found out that Terran Semen can exhibit a small degree of influence over a Zerg Organism!”

They glanced over to the awkwardly quiet, nerdy Dr. Stetmann, who refused eye contact.

Matt sighed, and said, “I’m not gonna stop you. She probably already knows, and would have already made moves to prevent it … Just be careful, sir. We lost you once before …”

Jim met with Sarah the Queen of Blades at the new Terran Base on Char. She had her own structure on the base designed to make dealings far more agreeable with Terrans and the Zeratul led Protoss. It was necessary, because of the great deal of discomfort involved with working side by side with the Zerg instead of killing them on site. That’s not to mention how many Sarah killed in her old paths of conquering and later vengeance. It was a past she wanted to answer for, if only to sooth her aching soul, while current matters were somehow more important.

“You look, err, better, Sarah …” he said with a touch of nervousness, before the large doors locked on the inside behind him. She unsurprisingly had quite a bit of control over her appearance. She looked far more Terran than she did the last time they met days ago, making her look more like a twistedly sexy, naked Amazon Warrior. On the surface at least, she now lacked the tough Zerg skin-armor with sharp bone spires, and her purplish skin was now smooth and silken all over her voluptuous, super efficient, muscle bound body. Even those odd bone heels were gone, making her feet all but normal in Human eyes. Her face was far less green, too, even lacking the glowing purple veins, while her eyes mostly lacked their all too familiar psionic fire. Her hair was still tentacle-like, while she still had those bone wings. She was luckily positioned on her large chair in a way that made those wings blend in with her odd hair.

“Well, if you’re gonna fuck me, Jim, I thought I’d be a little more ascetically pleasing for you … Even though I learned to love my new look quite quickly,” her voice echoed in his head in its dark sultriness.

“You know, I’ve always wondered about the wings, Sarah. Never exactly saw you fly with them …” he said coyly, having seen them used as potent weapons. He has even seen her fly, while he always assumed it was just out of her psionic power.

She stood up, and walked over to him. Her height was now quite intimidating to the otherwise tall Jim, only amplified by her bone wings. She lightly stroked his cheek with her long nails, well, claws, which were so tough and sharp that he knew they could be used to kill in seconds, but she didn’t break his skin. It was to both prove that she meant no harm, and that she truly wanted him again.

She stated in as minimal a psi-echo as she could, “Don’t worry, Jim, infestation isn’t sexually transmitted … unless I want it to be … I wanted you to come to me like this. Don’t you understand? You’re one of the few things I want, and I need you as you are. Remind me of what I really love the most!”

The powerful, feminine being tore off the anxious Jim’s clothes, and forced him to the hard floor. “Tell me if I get a little too rough,” she stated with an odd smile, suggesting the protest would do little good in her reborn hunger for sex.

She then kissed him forcibly, swirling her large tongue in his mouth. Her spit was different, thicker than any Terran. It didn’t taste bad. Indeed, it was all but tasteless. The kiss was simply unlike any he had with her prior to her transformation. It was all ironically better and more lustful. ‘I held myself back as a Terran, Jim,’ her voice echoed in his head. ‘I don’t hold back anymore!’

In all the excitement, Jim barely realized how aroused he actually was. Before he knew it, his throbbing cock was deep inside a juicy snatch unlike any he ever knew. It was somehow tight and small, in spite of her taller stature. The only way he could describe it is that it was ribbed for his and her pleasure. While she humped him wildly, he began to feel pleasurable heat waves ripple around his member, while the walls of her hole seemed to subtly vibrate in tandem. It was so good and perfect that Jim came prematurely inside her.

“You can’t get rid of me that easy!” she exclaimed playfully.

Her pussy then expertly reawakened his softening member with well timed vibrations and heat waves. She moaned and cooed wildly, while she humped him hard on her knees. She suddenly came loudly, while her pussy expertly ensured he did, too.

Sarah leaned down to him, and had him suck off her sweet tasting index finger and long finger nail. “Careful, Jim,” she echoed playfully, “they’re not generating poison right now, but they are razor sharp!” She slowly removed her finger, and moved it down his already sweating body, scraping the sharp nail on his skin without cutting. Once her soft, strong hand reached his half stiffened cock, she teasingly began to jerk him off. “I’m gonna suck you off, and eat your cum. Then, I’m gonna have you fuck my ass!” she said excitedly, her voice loudly echoing in his head.

She probably always knew what he would enjoy the most if she sucked him off, but she never did that as a Terran. The way her large tongue swirled, the way she bobbed her head, the way she inhaled in the right moments, the way her hand aided, he was in pure ecstasy. He barely wanted to admit that the feel of her thick, slimy spit actually brought him beyond ecstasy! The fact that he didn’t cum too soon was a miracle to him, until he realized it was that very spit slowing him down to increase the amount of cum destined to be expelled. ‘You always were a quick one, Jim!’ her voice echoed in his head. He soon exploded into the hungry Queen, who mind numbingly milked out more cum than he thought he could ever produce.

Looking up to him, licking cum off her full lips with a lustful smile, he saw as much the Terran Sara as the Zerg Queen. She crawled onto all fours with her tight ass before him, and exclaimed lightly, “Well, Jim? The Queen awaits!”

He was admittedly a little weirded out to see the self styled Queen of Blades in such a position. Indeed, he never saw her look submissive in any way before. Yet, he really did wanna fuck her up the ass, which was ironic considering he never actively considered doing that to her when she was still Terran.

Jim repositioned himself before her ass. He lightly chuckled at how he was not surprised to see thick, lubricating juices leak from that tailor made ass, which was technically large though proportionate with the rest of the alien Amazon. He stroked himself a bit, feeling her very feminine ass, before easily sliding himself into the perfect, tight hole. It was like fucking her perfectly adapted pussy all over again, except that she moaned and growled like a wild animal. “HARDER!” she growled, echoing almost painfully in his head. He obliged. HE OBLIGED! After an eternity of animalistic pleasure, they soon came together wildly, loudly. The lights violently flickered at the same time.

They lay next to each other on the hard floor. Jim was totally out of breath and completely spent, while Sara seemed ready for more. She lightly stroked his heaving chest on her side with her long, sharp claws. “Not what you expected, was that, Jim?” she laughed. Her voice barely echoed in his head. “My Zerg are only now affected by Terran Cum, because I now embrace all that I am to be more than what I am. Nothing is suppressed anymore, including my love of passion!” She leaned down and passionately kissed him, her thick spit so plentiful then that it slowly leaked from their mouths. “Rest up, Jim. I heard once that a good fuck improves the aim before battle!”

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